I don't own Sailor Moon. The plot is all mine though.

Serena stalked down the street, fuming. "Think they can treat me like this and get away with it do they?" She yelled at a post. Several people stopped to stare at her. "What?" She shouted at them. They turned and scurried away. She headed to the park and sat down to think about what had happened that day.


"Darien, wait up," Serena called, running up to her boyfriend. "Serena, stop following me." Serena stopped short at Darien's harsh tone. "What's wrong?" He whirled around. "Just leave me alone, okay! It's over between us. I don't want to see you again!" With those last words he stalked off, not looking back. Serena wiped at her tears and left to find her friends, to confide in them.

When she got there the door was locked. Dead bolted to be specific. She pounded on the door. "Hello, is anyone there?" "They left a little while ago." She turned to find Chad watching her. "What?" "They went shopping, had me lock the door so no one could get in." As he spoke, a taxi pulled up and the Scouts got out, all carrying backs and chattering happily. When they saw her they stopped. The silence was almost deafening. "Hey, I have something to tell you," she began. Mina interrupted. "Actually, Serena, we have something to tell you too." She looked at the others and they nodded. "We've all thought long and hard about this," she took a deep breath. "Your out." Her eyes widened and she coughed. "Excuse me?"

"Your out. Please give us your broach." She held out her hand expectantly. Serena narrowed her eyes and tossed the broach on the ground at her feet. With one last glare she walked away. When she was far enough away, she started crying. "How could they do this to me?" she asked herself, sobbing. Then the anger came. It wasn't just anger, it was rage. She could feel it inside her, swallowing her.


Serena glared at the piece of paper that had attached itself to her leg and broken her train of thoughts. She picked it up and hastily read over it. As she read a smile crossed her face that could only be described as pure malice. "Well, well, well. Revenge certainly will be a dish best served by... me." She threw back her head and started laughing.