Sarah Dagger XIII

Summary: One young woman ponders her true identity in a series of thoughts... (Poems)

Author's Note: I don't know EVERYTHING about this game, since I only just got to the Ifa Tree, but Vivi freezes my game... So please don't flame me if I'm wrong. Thank you!

A/N: As for my reviewer, Dante Gemini, I thought about that and came up with a more intense version of the poem. You're right: It DID cut off short...

Dragon Scales does not own any of the characters in here that you see in video games. If you do, you have some issues...

Chapter One: My Name...?

At point in their lives, Everyone asks, "Who am I?" Eventually, they find their answer...

"I'm Bill, the fireman!"

"I'm Jane, the cop!"

"I'm Rick, the plumber!"

"I'm Betty, that crazy old lady who smells like fish and rotten cheese!"

But who am I?

Am I Garnet Til Alexandros the 13th, Destined to rule Alexandria, trapped by her own castle?

Am I Garnet, the stiff, proper, and curious princess who ran away from her psycho mother, even though she still has a degree of loyalty to her?

Or am I Dagger, the traveling and adventurous White Mage, just enjoying the mysterious world outside?

Am I Dagger, the girl who owns and loves Zidane's heart, the girl that he strives to protect, even with his life?

Maybe I'm Sarah, the young woman who became an orphan after a terrible sea storm that took her parents?

Am I Sarah, the summoner without her horn, kidnapped by cruel, greedy woman?

Who am I?

Am I a princess, spoiled but kind and sweet?

Am I the princess, who has never left the castle, but longs to be among her people?

Am I Garnet Til Alexandros XIII, forever burdened to be queen before I'm ready?

Who am I?

Or am I Dagger, the girl who fell in love with Zidane and saw the outside world. More than most people see in a lifetime?

Am I Dagger, the brave young woman who saves Alexandria and begins to gain a higher self- esteem?

Who am I?

Or am I Sarah, the last remaining survivor of the Summoner Tribe except for Eiko?

Am I Sarah, the Summoner without a horn, a young lady with no past and no future?

Who am I?

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