So Many Paths, So Many Names:

So many paths, so many memories, so many friends, and so many ends...

So many path vines, So many hard times, So many tough rhyme! It makes Sarah Dagger XIII truly divine! How could I possibly define? Which one of these identities is mine?

Which of these identities truly explain, The darkness and the feel of the pain? So many of these thoughts drive me to insane! Or is my whole purpose truly in vain, Maybe there simply isn't anything to gain, For in all of them I still fall in love with Zidane!

Or maybe it wasn't just fate that lead me there, Maybe it was myself that put me in his hair, But a man like Zidane is now just so rare! Especially with the kind of love we share, The ones filled with tender, loving, care, The kind of love that makes many people just stare!

Perhaps my past doesn't matter to everyone around, I mean, look, just take a glance at what I've found, A man who loves me and friends, firm as a mound! So when reporters come to me, for something to hound, I won't tell them a peep, not even a sound!

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