Never Again

Chapter 2

It wasn't until two months after he had told Ginny he didn't like her in an a romantic way that he realized maybe...just maybe he did like her as more than a friend.

Two days after Harry had broken Ginny's heart he asked Luna...yes Luna the Looney Lovegood out. Ginny was very surprised when Luna had approached her saying that she had said no to Harry. But Ginny knew why Luna had said no, she had felt bad because Ginny had liked him first. Well she didn't want anyone's pity. If Luna wanted to go out with Harry, she matter how much it would hurt Ginny...and oh would it hurt her.

"Luna! I think you should go out with Harry." Ginny said in the most fake enthusiastic voice she had ever used. Yet Luna seemed to fall for her happy facade. Didn't Luna know she didn't really want her to go out with Harry? That she was just trying to be nice. Couldn't Luna see the sadness in Ginny's eyes when she had told her to go out with Harry. Or had she seen Ginny's sadness, and deliberately ignored it. She had what she wanted; permission to go out with Harry even if it had been obvious Ginny didn't mean it when she had 'given her permission'.

"Thank you Ginny" she responded. She actually had the nerve to say thank you to Ginny for letting her go out with Harry. It was obsurd, and Ginny was near tears. She held them back, she was in the middle of the Great Hall and couldn't let anyone see her weakness...see her cry.

"Gotta Go Luna...bye." Ginny managed to mumble before turning and walking swiftly out of the Great Hall.

That night Luna and Harry were 'official' as the gossipers would call it. They were definitly going out, dating, going steady,what ever you wanted to call it...and Ginny was left alone. Luna had actaully listened when she had said to go out with Harry.

Luna and Harry were always together. Luna was the talker of the Harry and her would walk down the hall she would talk about randome things, and Harry would just look down on her and give her that big beautiful smile he has.

Yet there was never really that same connection between him and Luna as there had been with him and Ginny. He missed talking to Ginny. Unlike Luna, he actaully knew what Ginny was talking about. He liked Luna he really did, but then he thought of Ginny and butterflies formed in his stomach seeming to tell him something...that maybe Ginny is the 'one'. The one person who would be so right for him. Sort of like a kid and candy...perfect for eachother. If that similie were about two people Ginny would most certainly be the candy, the candy that Harry the kid could have whenever he wanted. Anytime he could just break up with Luna and go out with Ginny. Yes...Ginny would definitly be the candy.

Harry needed to tell Ginny how he felt.

He needed to find was study hall and she was no where to be found in the building. Then he remembered that Ginny and him used to spend their study period as a time to relax at their spot by hagrids hut. He found Ginny there..only instead of the bright happy girl that he knew her as...she was crying. Right when she realized Harry was there she turned around abruptly so he couldn't see the tears fall from her eyes.

"Gin.." he said placeing a hand on her shoulders. She shrugged his hand off her shoulder violently.

"Leave me alone." she screamed...she hadn't meant to be so harsh. Harry pulled back looking as if he had been stung.

"I need to talk to you."

"Fine, talk." she tried to say in her normal-casual voice..but it came out as more of a growl than anything. She was so mad, she couldn't control it...she began shaking.

"Its just" he was totally taken aback by Ginny's fierceness...he had always known her as a sweet young girl who could yes use a bat bogey hex quite efficiently, but sweet all the same."I um...I really like you Ginny and I made a mistake not telling you so before." he finished lamely.

"Go on."

"And...I...I um...I want you to give me another chance. Please." he said almost wanted to jump up and hug him right there..but she knew she couldn't. She contained emotions. Ginny was no longer the kind of girl that would let people use her and she didnt want to be, she didn't want Harry to be able to have her anytime he wanted.

"One day, Harry, many months ago I promised myself that never again would I trust someone that I care so much about, I'm sorry Harry." She stood up off the ground and embraced Harry in a warm hug...and once more looked into the depths of his emrald green eyes before turning and walking away slowly. She wanted to stay with let him like her and to like him back. But she couldn't take the chance of getting hurt, not again. So she wiped the tears from her eyes and forced herself to keep walking.

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