Twist sat back in the chair, her wet hair even darker due to the fact it was wet. Water droplets slid of the ends of her hair, and onto her bare shoulders. She tapped her short painted black nails against the edge of the keyboard and looked at the screen.

Whilst she waited for it to load, she looked around her sparse apartment. She sighed, feeling the gloom that had permeated her life since she had moved to New York.

There was a thin mattress resting on a wooden box underneath the window. On it were dirty grey sheets, and a single pillow. There was also a battered old sofa pushed up against the other wall, in front of an old TV. There was a small desk, on which sat her laptop and mp3 player. Also there was a small kitchen area, which consisted of a sink, a few cupboards, a stove, and a fridge/freezer combo. There were two doors, one leading outside of the apartment and into the dirty and graffiti scrawled corridor, and the other into the small bathroom. Twist didn't like the bathroom. The bath was dirty and could never be cleaned properly, and the shower was temperamental. The toilet was the only working thing in the damned place.

She sighed, and turned her attention back to the computer screen. Her desktop had loaded. The background was a picture of her. She kept it as she didn't remember it. She had no recollection of the photo ever being taken. She couldn't remember where she was, who she was with…Or why she looked so damn happy. She stared at the picture for a moment, then logged onto the internet, and opened a fresh window.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, as she typed in the password to access her email account. Suddenly a loud knock at the door made her jump, and she quickly unfolded herself from the chair and went to the door.

Twist put her eye to the peephole and looked out. She breathed, it was only Connor. She opened the door and quickly ushered him inside. A quick glance up and down the corridor before shutting the door told her no-one was there.

"Connor! I told you not to come." Twist told him, watching him raid her fridge. "And you promised me you'd buy me more food. You know I can't leave this damned apartment. I'm going insane!" she said, kicking the edge of the sofa.

"Hey, Twist, chill. I have food." he held up several paper bags, and waved them at her.

"Finally!" she exclaimed, going over and picking a tub of ice cream out of a bag. "I'll do that later. I'd like human conversation right now." she said, grinning. She pulled out two spoons, then hoisted herself up onto the breakfast bar.

Connor smiled and shook his head. He pulled the lid off the tub of Ben and Jerry's, and took a spoon from her.

"So, how're you? Still going out with whatshername…Kelly?" Twist asked, trying to remember the name of Connor's new and ever-changing girlfriends.

"No." he answered shortly. He didn't like talking about his girlfriends, especially when he knew how Twist felt about them.

She smiled slightly, and took another spoonful of ice cream. She looked at him for a moment, then swallowed. "Connor…I want you to know that I really appreciate everything you've done for me…But I think it's time I…." she trailed off, seeing his face. She took another breath and tried again. "I can't go on like this, Con. I hate being stuck inside a crappy apartment, for fear I might get found out. I wasn't meant to live like this. And it's not good for me." Twist said, declining her head and letting her damp black fall in front of her face.

Connor put his spoon down and looked at her, a pained expression on his face. "Twist…where will you go?" he asked quietly. Through her hair he could see her smile slightly.

"I have no choice…I'll have to go to that Academy." she said. She raised her head and looked at Connor. "Don't suppose there's any chance you'd be coming with me? I could use a friend." she asked, smirking. She knew what the answer would be.

"Sorry, Twist. Too attached to the Big Apple." he grinned at her. Twist slid of the counter and hugged him.

"I'll miss you."