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Voldemort was gone in seconds. No trace was left of the most evil wizard that had ever lived. It was finally over.

There was a long silence as everyone took in what had just happened; then, someone cheered and a wave of jubilance broke on the crowd. Dumbledore and Mordion set about the task of sending the Death Eaters to Azkaban while Paige and Piper made sure that everyone was all right. The students raced over to Harry, expressing their awe in choppy, half unintelligible exclamations. No one approached Sabrina—unsurprising, as she was still in her demon form. But she changed form with ease; Belthazor, apparently, now submitted to her will. She was pleased by this development, though she didn't understand what had caused it.

"Sabrina!" Hermione was upon her in seconds, worriedly examining her for wounds. "Are you hurt? Do you need Leo?"

Sabrina rolled her eyes, smiling. "I'm fine, Hermione," she said.

"That vanquish was brilliant, Sabrina," Ron said from somewhere to her right. Sabrina turned to him and tried her best to act humble.

"Well, I do try," she said.

"I was a little afraid, you know," Hermione said, touching Sabrina's shoulder lightly. "I thought that the demon might have taken over permanently."

Sabrina shook her head. "No. I think I have complete control now. I think… I think I might even be able to stop her from hurting Sirius."

"That's wonderful!" Hermione grinned and clasped her hands together. "Everything's been settled, then."

"Not quite," Sabrina replied. Glancing over, she found that Leo had cleared the crowd around Harry and was healing the few wounds that he had. She waited until he was done, then walked over to Harry. His eyes met hers; his lips quickly followed. She must have initiated the kiss, because she heard Hermione gasp slightly as she was forced to kiss Ron. Sabrina probably would have wondered if this was their first kiss, but she was enjoying her own kiss far too much to care.

As the kiss was ending, she heard a different sound: sniggering. Irritated, she looked around and located the source. "Did you just snigger, Moose?" she asked archly.

Sirius didn't respond; he just kept laughing. Phoebe, who was at his side, took his arm and said, "I wouldn't laugh, Sirius. They're giving me… ideas." With that, she kissed him.

Sabrina panicked and quickly covered her eyes. "Mom, are you insane? You'll make Belthazor—wait." She lowered her hands. Her mother was smiling, arm still around Sirius. "Hey, I don't feel like killing you, Sirius! I'm just really grossed out."

"That's right," Phoebe said cheerfully. "Now, you're subject only to your natural reluctance to see me making out with someone."

"I see. No, I don't. How did this happen?"

Sirius and Phoebe exchanged a glance, both grinning like idiots. "Do you want to tell her, or shall I?" Sirius asked Phoebe.

"Oh, I guess I'll do it," Phoebe responded and turned her gaze on Sabrina. "Sabrina, your mate protection instinct is not longer functioning."

"Well, it is," Sirius corrected her. "It's just… changed."

"Yes, you're right. That instinct has changed."

Sabrina was starting to get annoyed. "And that would be because…?"

Phoebe looked at Harry. "It's because of Harry." She slipped away from Sirius and moved closer to Sabrina. "Sabrina, you've chosen a mate. Congratulations!"

Sabrina's jaw dropped. "What?" She looked at Harry, then back at her mother, then back at Harry. He was as confused as she was. "I've done what now?"

"Chosen a mate," Phoebe repeated. "Harry, you are now Sabrina's mate. The demon in her has made a commitment to you and you alone. It's very sweet, though you'll have to keep your eyes from wandering. Demons are very possessive."

Sirius appeared at her side and chipped in an unwanted comment: "I guess we know who'll be wearing the pants in this relationship."

Sabrina's face, which was already hot, began to burn.

Phoebe poked Sirius. "Not necessary, mister. Now," she said to Harry and Sabrina, "this is a lot for right now. I'll save the complete dissertation for another day. Right now, I think we all have enough to deal with."

"Yes," Sabrina murmured in agreement, gazing at Phoenix first, then at Mordion. It was all staggering: Phoenix was Prue and Voldemort's daughter; Voldemort and the Cian Master were gone forever; and she was destined to rule the universe. She didn't yet grasp the reality of all those facts—each was immense, and she wondered if she would ever be able to handle them.

Harry squeezed her hand, and she took some comfort in the warm pressure of his hand. Taking a deep breath, she nodded. "I don't know about you three," she said, "but I think it's time to go home."

With the Cian Master dead, the field of influence lost its power, making it fairly easy to get everyone back to Hogwarts. Those who could disapparate did; those who could not were either zapped back by Sabrina and the sisters or orbed by Drew, Chris, Leo, and Wyatt. Once everyone was back, Dumbledore and the sisters took on the chaos that awaited them.

Sabrina was quite certain that every single parent was gathered in the Great Hall. Most of them were crying for Dumbledore's head to be served on a platter, and just about everyone was in hysterics. Wincing, Sabrina flicked her fingers. "What on earth are we going to do about them?" she asked the sisters.

"Don't worry about them," Vierran—she and all the Reigners were immune to her freeze—said. "We will take care of them."

Sabrina was dubious, but her thoughts were hijacked when she realized that a fair number of people weren't frozen—namely Ron, Hermione, Draco, Phoenix, Lupin, Melissa, and Tamora. Phoenix she could understand, but the others left her at a loss.

Fitela noticed her confusion. "You're all almost full-fledged Reigners," he explained. "I'm afraid they won't be influenced by your powers any longer."

Draco looked far too pleased with that for Sabrina's taste. Sabrina shot him a warning glare, then asked the Reigners, "What do you need us to do?"

"Nothing," Mordion replied. "You've done everything we needed you to."

Melissa was already weaving her way through the mass of people. Vierran went after her, saying, "I think it would be better if you went with the sisters, Melisande."

That stopped Melissa in her tracks. She turned and faced Vierran, her eyes narrowed. "Don't call me that!" she shouted. "My name is Melissa, not Melisande!"

Vierran just smiled and led her back to the sisters. "You should probably leave now."

"We won't be far," Phoebe said and led the way. Sabrina quickly unfroze Harry, Sirius, and Leo. They ended up in the Room of Requirement, as they needed to accommodate a number of people. Then, they talked. They talked about the Reigners and the battle; they talked about the Bannus and the illusion. Tamora and Melissa—or Melisande, apparently—shared what they knew about the Reigners, while eagerly soaking up details about Hogwarts and the Earth in general. At one point, Sabrina approached Phoenix, who was still at her mother's side.

"Hello, Shadow," she said, settling on the floor next to Phoenix. There was much she could have said, for there was much that they had in common. But Sabrina felt that Phoenix knew all that she had to say; she surely knew about Sabrina's father. So instead of saying that she knew how Phoenix felt—which she couldn't—she instead said, "Welcome." She hoped that was enough.

Eventually, they broke up into smaller groups, and Hermione and Sabrina dragged Draco into the Gryffindor common room. Phoenix and Ron followed. Some animosity still remained between Ron and Draco, but they got over it quickly enough. Soon, they were all talking like they were simply the Son, the Shadow, the Teacher, the Watcher, and the Follower. It was as if nothing had changed, but everything had. They shared a destiny; they were to rule the universe together. The thought was almost comical, but Sabrina couldn't bring herself to laugh.

She did smile, though, when Harry entered the room. They embraced as Draco made gagging sounds. When Chris entered the room and went over to Draco, Sabrina returned the favor.

Yes, much had changed, but change wasn't all that bad.

Somehow, the Reigners managed to subdue all the parents. No one asked, and the Reigners didn't tell. All the Hogwarts students were present, then, when Dumbledore ordered a feast. It was a pleasant affair… until dessert rolled around. For it was then that the doors to the Great Hall burst open and none other than Severus Snape strode in.

"Sevvy!" Sabrina cried and hopped up, eager to demonstrate what happy Snape was like. She raced over to him, throwing her arms around him in a big hug. It took her only a few moments to realize that something was wrong—terribly wrong.

"Do. Not. Touch. Me." Snape's voice cold, absolute zero cold. Sabrina moved away from him quickly, and upon seeing his eyes, she cowered. It didn't matter she had just battled with and defeated the Cian Master; it didn't matter that a she-Belthazor lurked within her. She cowered like her life depended on it, which it probably did. "Have you gone insane?" he went on, his voice so low that Sabrina just barely heard it.

Oh my God, he's going to kill me.

Sabrina, just freeze him! Ron urged.

Oh, duh. Sabrina obeyed, then put as much distance between herself and Snape as possible. After hyperventilating for a while, she said, "I think he's better now."

The freeze wore off, and Snape was left murderously glaring at thin air. Surprise assaulted him, but he figured out what happened quickly and looked around for Sabrina. Before he spotted her, though, he found that a number of things were wrong with this scene. He saw the unfamiliar Reigners first; then, he noticed that Lupin was seated next Paige Halliwell and Sirius Black was with Phoebe Halliwell. For once, Snape was at a loss for words.

Dumbledore came to the rescue, descending upon the ex-Potions Master and assuring him that he would explain all. He then guided Snape to the teachers' table and encouraged him to partake in the meal.

Sabrina, having recovered from the shock of that run-in, decided that she had had more than enough activity and began to look forward to a nice long sleep. She got that sleep; little did she know, a far bigger shock was awaiting her.

(Slash implied, people. Sorry.)

Everyone slept in late. It was understandable, as they had all been through so much; Draco, however, could not sleep, for the same reason. He was lounging in the Slytherin common room, brooding. His mind returned frequently to his father and what he had meant to do. It wasn't exactly something he could ever shake off or forget; he was thus left to grapple with it. He had nothing coherent to say of it. His most complete thought about it consisted of a comparison between his family and the Halliwell family: And I thought the Halliwells were messed up.

He laughed mirthlessly and continued to reflect until he could no longer stand the thought of his father. Carelessly, he swept toward the portrait hole and took to wandering the halls. The castle was quiet; Draco savored this rarity.

He knew he was being followed only when one of the portraits addressed his follower.

"Don't you ever sleep?" a disgruntled peasant woman asked. "Every morning, you're pacing these halls."

Draco turned, thinking that the woman was talking to him. Then, he saw Drew. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, slipping into his usual arrogant tone. Habits are hard to break.

Drew shrugged and leaned nonchalantly against the wall. "I wanted to get one last taste Hogwarts before I left."

Draco arched his eyebrow. "Leaving so soon?" He approached Drew, studying his stance very carefully. After a long examination, he reached his conclusion.

"I've done what I needed to."

"I see." Draco smirked suddenly. "So," he said casually, "does it work out?"

Drew eyed Draco. "Does what work out?"


Drew straightened and crossed his arms. Then, he smiled. "How did you know it was me?"

"Please. Every move you make screams Chris."

There was a short silence before future Chris spoke. "Yes," he finally said. "It does work out."

Draco waited for some details. When they did not come, he prompted, "Nothing more to add?"

"You know that I can't tell you about the future. It would mess things up." Chris paused, then added, "But even in the future that I came from, we were happy. And with all the good that's happened, I'm looking forward to going back."

"You're not going to tell anyone who you are?"

He shook his head. "There's no point." After a moment's hesitation, Chris passed his hand over his face. The glamour faded, revealing the real future Chris.

"Hmm." Draco looked him over, and then nodded in satisfaction. "Glad to see you retain your good looks."

Chris laughed. "Yeah, well I'm happy to report that you also keep your looks."

The sound of distant footsteps rang through the hall; Chris quickly changed his appearance. Grasping Draco's hand, he murmured, "Goodbye—for now." A swish of robes, and he was gone, moving quickly down the hall. Draco watched him for few minutes, musing about their future together. Those thoughts soon turned into a desire to see his Chris. Obeying that desire, Draco started toward the Gryffindor quarters.

Sabrina awoke to an unpleasant sight. It wasn't fair; it really wasn't. She had been so cozy in her bed, dreaming sweet dreams about Harry and a life without Voldemort. Salem was nowhere near her, and there was nothing to cause her any worry.

Until she opened her eyes to see that familiar chalkboard. "What is this!" she cried, sitting up.

When her mother emerged from behind the board and smiled apologetically, Sabrina knew that no good was going to come from this. "I'm sorry Sabrina," Phoebe said, pushing a few things into Sabrina's arms. "It's a rite of passage. These are the last few clues. I'm afraid that you lost quite a bit of time while we were in that illusion, so today is going to have to be family secret day." She zapped a tray of food onto Sabrina's bed. "Breakfast in bed. Isn't that nice?"

Sabrina scowled. "The last time I had breakfast in bed, I ended up spending all day at the Department of Unsubstantiated Rare Magical Occurrences."


"Never mind." Sabrina sighed. "Well, I guess I ought to get started."

"That's the spirit!"

Sabrina was so close. She had figured out nearly every piece of the puzzle. There was only one thing standing in her way: a ball of yarn.

She was pacing and had the offending clue clutched in her hand. "Every member of the Halliwell family is born with a… ball of yarn!" She waited for the confetti to drop, but it didn't. "All right. This isn't yarn; it can't be. Yarn doesn't have an e, and I need to remove an e from this word," she muttered to herself. Pausing, she examined the yarn more. "Awfully rough stuff. Wait." She wrapped part of the so-called yarn around her fingers. "This is twine!" She silently celebrated. "I've got it!" Taking a deep breath, she bellowed, "Every member of the Halliwell family is born with a twin!"

It took a moment for her to comprehend the significance of what she had just said. Her moment of realization was shared with most of the people in or near the Gryffindor quarters.


The End

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