know that fanfiction hates it when authors do this but this is just an author's note. I am very happy to see that I got reviews. And I haven't updated in a very long time but there is a reason. My Internet has been down since towards the middle of June. For some strange reason it just stopped connecting to the Internet. I think it may have a virus. I haven't stopped the story I just haven't been able to put one up. I am currently working on a chapter and the idea that I have for the chapter will require me to make changes to the last chapter because I don't really like the way that Hermione ran into pyro. I want to change that part so that the next chapter will be more interesting. I will try to finish and find a way to upload it hopefully before September ends. And I am hoping to get in touch with my beta, country-jillaroo because I haven't heard from her in a while. So country if you read this do you mind messaging me I have a favor to ask you. And everyone else I really am trying to have this chapter done and uploaded so bare with me. AND THANKS FOR ALL THE PRETTY REVIEWS THEY MADE ME SMILE. Am glad to see that some people are into the Hermione centric crossover thing. A/N: Oct.4 just wanted to say I changed the last bit of chapter 9 so that I can update the new chapter by next week. The ending where Hermione remet pyro is different so please read the last part of chapter 9 or the beginning of chap 10, which I will have up next week, will make no sense. Kay I'll have chap 10 up soon as possible next week bare with me please. Also,my beta seems to be MIA so anyone interested?