chapter 2

When he reached the fat lady's portrait he gave the password and continued on to the boy's dormitory, when he reached the room he shared with 3 other boys he went into the bathroom(1) and went in front of the mirror and took off his robe to get a closer look at his 'arm'. When he lift took the robe off he notice that his entire right arm was gone shoulder and all.

"oh no, it must be spreading, but it's only one side right, I'm sure it will stop and go back the way it was in a minute, I'll just stay here a while, yes then I'll change back" 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 "Bloody hell, am talking to myself"

Then he started to pace the room thinking he will go back to normal (in Hogwarts? normal is overrated). Twenty-five minutes of walking round the room he goes back in front of the mirror but didn't see himself, he has disappeared completely.

"So much for going back to normal" he tried making a fist and felt his fingers but still didn't see them. "Ok so my hand is here I just can't see it, so if my hand is here then ..." he touches his chest and his face "Then my whole body's here, ok so that means I am not disappearing just invisible" 3, 2, 1 "INVISIBLE, how the fuck did I become invisible? Great, just when I need help from one of my best friends she's not talking to me cause I've been a total jackarse to her, good going Harry she'll definitely like you now... big dope" "Great I am talking to myself again"

Just than, the dormitory room door spring open and a voice start shouting.

"Harry, what happened, are you okay" Ron barged in with Hermione and Ginny.

"I am over here"

"Where" Ron asks


"You keep saying here, but you're hiding"

"Am not hiding, you just can't see cause I am invisible"

"Then take the invisibility cloak off, dim wit"

"Am not wearing the cloak, I just turned invisible somehow"

"So where are you" Ginny asks

"Over here on the chair" he takes a book that was on the chair and waves it around, and then the others see the book moving by itself and gasped

"Bloody hell Harry, you're invisible" Ron said

"I've notice" he replied

"So how did it happen" Ginny asks

"Not a clue" he answers

"Well maybe we should go get Dumbledore to help, I am sure he'll know what to do" suggest Ginny

"Yeah" Ron said agreeing

"Guess it wouldn't hurt to try" Harry says

"Um Harry maybe you should go first" Ron said


After a moment they saw the door open and knew Harry was outside, so they all started their way up Dumbledore's office (2). They continued walking until Hermione felt someone touch her shoulder and it surprised her then she felt a surge of power go throughout her body and before she knew it the person was screaming in pain, herm saw some sparks of electricity then heard a body fall on the floor. Ron and Ginny heard the screams so they went to Hermione's side and saw Harry on the floor body and all, and he looks like he's been electrocuted

"Hermione, what did you do"

"I, it wasn't, he scared me, then just fell, but I didn't do it, at least I didn't mean to, I swear"

When she finishes her sentence she heard a moan and saw that Harry was waking up

"Herm I'm sorry I made you mad, but you didn't have to barbecue me" Harry said trying to come back

"I, it wasn't, I'm sorry" she said

"wow Harry, you look smoking" Ginny said then broke down into hysterics because Harry was literally smoking from almost being shocked to death, then Ginny saw the scowl on Harry's face and immediately stopped.

"Look on the bright side Harry" Ron said

"What bright side?" he replies

"We could see you again"

"Oh yeah, so that mean I don't have to go to Dumbledore anymore"

"Guess so, c'mon let's go back to the common room so we could get ready to go dinner" Ron said

For the rest of the day Hermione avoided Harry the best she could. Now it was night and Hermione was getting ready for bed. She did everything that needed to be done and went to sleep.


She's in a room, on some kind of table but is unable to move because she is hold down by metal. The room is dark, not a bit of light every corner, every where you looked complete darkness. Then two people walked in "is she ready for the draining" "All that have to be done now is you have to step through that door". Then silence they were gone, she's alone again but now heard a single sound, a clicking of a lighter, then another voice, a new one "shoulda stayed in your magic school Sheila, woulda made things easier for us" then the voice was gone and it was silent again but the room started heating up then flames emerged, out of nowhere they just appeared and it was hot too hot, everything was burning up, then herm heard someone screaming then realized it was her, she was screaming in pain because she doesn't want to burn, didn't want to burn in hell, there were just screaming the flames raised higher more screaming then... everything just stopped.
end of dream.