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A New Life: Chapter 12

At the institute.

Hermione's dream

It is dark and she's laying on something metal and cold, maybe a table. She can't move. Her arms and legs are hurting from the tight metal that is surrounding them and tying her to whatever she's laying on. She tries to scream but doesn't hear or recognizes her voice, she tries again but no use and suddenly she's burning up. She opens her eyes but all she sees is fire. All around her, everything is going up in flames. So is she, the flames engulfs her, transforms her. She closes her eyes and saw the shape of a bird.

End of dream.

'Oh man two times in one day, I must have a knack for being knocked out' Elektra thought as she starts to wake up.

'Oh God my head, I feel like I got hit by a bludger'

She opens her eyes and notices that once again she laying in a bed in a room, she looks up only to be blinded by a bright light and of course of the first thing to come to her head

"Oh my god I'm dead" she didn't really that she said it out loud.

"No miss you're not dead, you just feel like it" she heard someone say

"What" she looks around and saw what she made out to be a blue bear, she was shocked and just kept on staring

"Glad to see you're awake, you've been out for about and hour" said the bear

"Did you just talk?" asked Hermione shocked.

"so did you, despite my appearance I at first looked human, but my mutant powers is the reason I look like this" responded the bear

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend, it's just… I'm sorry" said Hermione

"Apology accepted"

"Where am I? "Asks Elektra

"You are at the Xavier institute, my name is Dr. McCoy, and you were brought unconscious into my care about an hour ago"

"The institute, so is everybody here?"

"Yes, everyone is here"

Then there was a knock on the door and Dr. McCoy went to open it and saw kitty and Harry.

"Hey kitty, may I help you with something?"

"Hey Dr. McCoy Harry wanted to come visit his friend"

"Oh, well she just woke up I don't know if she want visitors now"

"I am sure she won't mind" then she just walked through McCoy and got inside.

"Whoa, how did you do that?" asks Elektra as they walked over to her

"I can phase through stuff and whatever or whoever I hold on to phases with me" responds kitty

"That's a really wicked power" said Elektra as she sat up in the bed.

"Thanks, I'm kitty"


"Cool, so do you like have a mutant name?" kitty asks

"Um…" then she thinks of the name john gave her and it wasn't all that bad so…


"Elektra, like electricity" kitty ask


"Ok great, that's easier than your other name so I'll just call you Elektra"

"Ok" answers Elektra.

"So did Magneto hurt you?" asks kitty

"He started to choke me but then I think john made him stop"

"Oh, so you met Pyro"


And kitty giggled

"Nice isn't he?" She asks

"Oh yeah, if by nice you mean arrogant jerk, he considers himself a god" replied Elektra

"Yup, you met him alright, but he helped you right?" she said hopefully

"Sure did, then he threatened to kill me if he got caught"

Then kitty laughs

"I think he makes his living threatening people"

Then Elektra laughs.

"So… anyway I got to go I'll see you later"


"Bye Harry don't get lost, bye Elektra".

Then she left and walked through the door. And Dr. McCoy step out and than Harry step closer to the bed where Elektra is sitting -now with her body turned to better face Harry and her legs over to the side of the bed. Harry just stood there and didn't say anything so Elektra decided to break the ice.

"So how can I help you Harry, I mean you're just standing there staring at me, do you have something to say cause if you don't, stop wasting my resting time" said Elektra rudely

She decided that if Harry was going to be a jerk than she would be also, and since she starting a new life might as well get a new attitude.

'Yeah, probably deserved that' thought Harry

"I just came to see how you were doing, with being kidnapped and all" answers Harry

"Why, did you have a change of heart all of a sudden? You're going to be nice now?" said Elektra sarcastically

"I was trying to be a friend to you and see if you were okay" says Harry a little angry at Hermione

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know being a friend meant being a jerk all of the time and screaming at people who just wants to help" said Elektra

"Well maybe if you wouldn't stick your nose in my business I wouldn't have to yell at you" said Harry raising his voice.

"You know what Harry, excuse me for being a friend, from now on it won't happen again. Now could you please get out I really don't want you in here" Said Elektra hurt by the comment

'Man I messed up again' thought Harry

"Hermione I'm sorry, I didn't mean it" said Harry

"Could you leave?" Said Elektra ignoring Harry

"Fine" he says then leaves the room

Then after he leaves the room.

'Stupid Harry and his stupid jerk attitude, yeah well I could be a jerk too, to think I spent the last five years crushing on him, stupid arse' thinks Elektra just as Dr. McCoy walks back in.

Dr. McCoy walk back to Hermione.

"Are you feeling better" he asks

"A little" she responds

"That's great, if you would like to rest some more it's okay, but Professor Xavier would like to see you" said McCoy

"Ok, could you show me where to find him?" asked Elektra

"yes of course, after you walk out the door make a left then continue to go straight ahead down the staircase and make a right and his office should be third door on your right." Said Dr McCoy

"Did you get that?" ask McCoy seeing the confuse look on Hermione's face.

"Uhhhh sure, I guess, left, down the staircase, right, third door, right?" said Elektra

"yes " responded Dr. McCoy

"Ok then I'll guess I'll go now, bye"

then she jumps off the bed and made her way toward Professor Xavier's office.

With Magneto

John and Remy walks to go tell Magneto that he is going along with the plan , all while thinking of the best way not to get caught by magneto.

They finally reach his office and Pyro decides to walk in first followed by Gambit.

"Ah, Mr. Pyro have you decided"

"yeah, I'll go back to the institute and get the girl, since its my fault they got her back"

"Ok, good choice, and it's only right that someone goes with you incase you should try something foolish… so Gambit here will accompany you" says magneto

"what? I said I'll get the girl, I don't need someone watching me, I got her before…" said Pyro

"yes, but incase something should go wrong we need someone to keep an eye out"

"I don't need a babysitter I could do it myself"

"you let her go the first time, and I don't want failure again. It's nothing personal Pyro but I trust Gambit more than I trust you, he has been here longer than you, and I want him to make sure the girl gets back here, got that?"

"yes" said Pyro

"good, Gambit you're going with john, the two of you got two months to bring the girl back, and nothing will go wrong, yes?"

"yes" answers Gambit.

"great, now you should be going" says Magneto

Pyro and Gambit walks out the door to go to their room smiling that their plan have worked.

"You still plan on telling Xavier?" Ask Gambit

"We'll see what happens when we get there, If he plans to read my mind I'll tell him, if he doesn't we got two months to decide, depends on if I like it there" Answers Pyro

"just let me know when you decide"

"sure thing"

They finally reach their room.

"how bout a game of spades"

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