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A New Life

Chapter 14

Hermione woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. She got up and noticed the other bed was empty.

'Rogue must already be up'

She went over to her suitcase and took out her towel.

'I need to unpack, I'll do it after my shower'

She decided to look for clothes to wear, after putting half of her clothes on the bed she decided to go with a yellow halter top, a long denim skirt with a split down the side and some slippers. She set her outfit on the bed and went into the bathroom.

With Pyro

Knock knock knock (don't you just hate sound effects, I do too but hey...)


Gambit and Pyro entered Magneto's office dressed and ready to go.

"All set to leave I see" Said Magneto

"Yes sir, How do we get there from here, I don't plan on walking" Asked Pyro

"Use your head, Steal a car or something, you've done it before" Magneto answered

"And remember, two months is all you get, after that I'll go get you and her myself. Two months from today she better be here, Understood?" asked Magneto

"Yes sir" Gambit and Pyro answered

"I expect things to go smoothly and if they don't then gambit you take the lead"

"yes sir" Answered Gambit

"Now leave. I expect you here in two months" Magneto then turns his back to them.

Pyro and Gambit leaves the office and closes the door, they continue to walk in silence until they turn a corner and run into pietro.

"How about watching where you're going asshole" said pietro

"Still mad that daddy shut you up pietro" Asked Pyro with a smirk on his face

"I don't believe all that crap you said about them taking the girl away Pyro, and when time is up and the girl is not here I'll be happy to watch the torture you go through" answered pietro smugly.

"don't mean to burst your bubble but I really don't give a shit if you believe me or not, and the girl will be here so I wouldn't get to excited if I was you." Said Pyro

"Ok, StJohn, we'll see what happens" said pietro, he walks away purposely bumping shoulders with Pyro.

Pyro gives him a scowl but then turns to look at Gambit with a smile on his face.

"I know whose car we can take"

At the Institute

Hermione stepped out the bathroom, and proceeded to get dressed. After she put on her outfit she tried to tame her wild hair. After brushing it for about 30 minutes she got it kind of straight. She was about to start putting her clothes in her closet when there was a knock on the door. She went to the door and opened it to see Rogue standing there.

"hey rogue" said Hermione

"hey, sleepyhead, you're finally up, I thought you were dead." said rogue with a smile

"I was pretty tired last night" responded Hermione getting a little offended.

"I am just kidding, Bobby wanted to go out for breakfast and Kitty and Harry are coming along, I was wondering if you wanted to join us"

"Oh... I was going to sort out my clothes, hang them up." responded Hermione.

Truth being she didn't want to be near Harry. Ever since they came it seems he is hanging around Kitty and she didn't want to be around all of her flirting. She didn't have a problem with kitty, not a problem at all. Kitty's interested in Harry and is acting towards her feelings. Something she was never able to do.

'Can't dislike her for having guts and being bold' Thought Hermione

" You can hang them up when you come back" Said Rogue

"well.. I really don't like to procrastinate, What if I don't have time when I get back then they'll stay in the suitcase for another day, I'll rather just do it now" Said Hermione really trying to get out of it.

"and I don't want to Impose on you guys"

"You're not imposing I am offering, were just going to McDonald's, and I promise to help you hang your clothes when we get back" said rogue

"c'mon Hermione, It'll be fun, I promise, plus Bobby's treating."

"Rogue... I just... truth is I hate McDonald's, their food give me stomach cramps" said Hermione running out of excuses

"Hermione that has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, why don't you want to go" said Rogue

"I don't like McDonald's" Said Hermione trying to make rogue believe her.

"Are you avoiding Harry? You didn't speak to him all yesterday, aren't the two of you friends?" asked rogue

" we are... I don't know, we got into an argument yesterday" Said Hermione not realizing she just told the truth

"So you are avoiding him, I knew you were lying," said Rogue smiling

"what did you guys argue about?"

"Something stupid and long overdue" said Hermione trying to get off topic

"I don't want to talk about it"

"well that's too bad because I do... but we can after we come back from breakfast" said rogue

"I really don't want to go, please don't make me" pleaded Hermione

"fine, do you want me to bring you something?" Asked rogue

"Um... no..." Said Hermione

"ok, a mcgriddle it is, see you later witch" And she left before Hermione can respond.

Hermione laughed at her new friend's stubbornness and closed the door. She went back to her suitcase and started to unpack her clothes. There were hangers in the closet so she continued to organized her clothes.

With Pyro and Gambit

"oh yes, this is going to be sweet" said Pyro as he gets behind the steering wheel of Pietro's car.

"Gambit thinks this is a bad Idea, Pietro will get really angry when he sees his new mustang is missing" said Gambit

"yeah well sucks for him, it's not like he paid for it, Dickhead" said pyro referring to pietro

"Besides Magneto said to steal a car right, so am just following orders"

"So how do you plan to start it, he keeps the keys with him at all times" said Gambit

"C'mon Gambit, Have you no faith in me"

He bends down with a pocketknife, and came back up and the car started up ( I've never hotwired a car so am not even going to try and explain what he did, but let's pretend he got the car started)

"well get in or am leaving without you" said Pyro to Gambit that was still standing outside

Gambit got in the car muttering something about crazy Aussies and delinquents, and they were off heading towards the Xavier institute.

With Hermione

She got all her stuffed packed and decided to go walk around the school a bit. She walked until she ended up at the game room. She saw Jubilee sitting on the couch watching cartoons so she decided to walk over.

"hey jubilee" said Hermione

"oh hey Hermione, what's up"

"nothing I was bored so I came down here, what are you watching?" asked Jubilee

"The lion King, best movie in the world"

"the lion king, I've never seen it" said Hermione

Jubilee gasped " you've never seen the lion King, Oh my gosh, what kind of childhood did you have, every kid in the world must have seen the lion king"

"Yeah well I've never seen it, am not really into T.V, I mostly read and stuff" answered Hermione

"well you are going to watch it right now, I'll start it from the beginning, it's a tape" said jubilee as she pulled Hermione onto the couch.

About 30 minutes into the movie Hermione heard the professor in her head telling her to come to the office, she didn't want to leave the movie but was kind of relieved because jubilee just started singing along with simba. She got up ready to leave.

"hey... where are you going, the movie haven't even gotten good yet" said Jubilee

"I'll watch it later, Professor Xavier told me to come see him" said Hermione

"Oh... OK, You remember the way to his office right" said jubilee

"yeah, I think so"

"ok, I'll see you later"

Then Hermione made her way towards the office. After about 3 turns she saw the big doors to his office.

'I remembered... yes'

She raised her hand to knock on the door when the professor told her to enter. She entered the office and saw him at his desk along with Scott.

"Miss Granger, Glad you're here. I have some time on my hands and I thought you would like to practice your powers, Professor Summers decided to help, so are you ready"

"yes sir" said Hermione

"ok then, follow me" The professor left his office and Scott and Hermione followed behind. He stopped in front of wall, he pressed a button and the wall opened up to be an elevator. Hermione followed Professor Summers and Professor Xavier into the Elevator and the door closed and they went down. After about a minute the doors opened again and they stepped out. The professor went forward until they reached a metal door. The professor put in a code and the doors opened up to reveal a huge white room, there were all type of metal machines around the room. She looked up and noticed a window and there was a chair behind it.

"This Miss Granger is the danger room. This is where the x-men, and my students train. The machinery around the room are weapons, they are controlled by whoever is in the control room, they are able to emit power blast from 1 to 10 in level of difficulty, also they have motion detectors which makes them good adversaries in our training"

"You have not practiced enough with your powers yet so we won't be using them, instead I want to see how far you can shoot the electricity from your hands, so we are going to do a bit of target practice. that is why professor Summers is here"

After Professor Xavier Said that Scott appeared with what looked like 50 Frisbees (can't spell) on a table.

"Our Goal for today Miss Granger is to hit all of these with the electricity radiated from your hands, It shouldn't be too hard considering you are a fast learner, remember to just concentrate. Scott will throw them in the air and you will try to hit them with your power. (1)"

"Ok" said Hermione excited about using her powers again

" Ok , then Scott you can start"

Scott threw the first Frisbee in the air and Hermione concentrated on feeling the energy flow to her fingertips like she did and his office the day before, upon seeing the energy on her fingers she pointed them toward the Frisbee and sent the energy out of her hands. She was excited seeing that it worked and she got the energy to leave her hand even though she missed the Frisbee.

"bravo Miss Granger, glad to see you remembered our lesson, let's try again but this time aim for our target.

"yes sir" replied Hermione.

After about a hour or two Hermione had succeeded in hitting most of the Frisbees, she was walking in the hall now walking to the kitchen to get something to drink since she was pretty tired. She reached the kitchen and saw that Rogue, Bobby, Kitty and Harry were back from breakfast, they were sitting around the table along with piotr, Jubilee, Ray, and Roberto. Kitty was the first to see her so she called her over.

"Hermione, there you are, come on, we got your food" said Kitty

Hermione made her way over to the table

"where were you? we've been here for like an hour" said Rogue

"I was in the danger room practicing my powers" she responded

"Ok, well here's your breakfast, but it's kind of cold" said rogue

"Thanks.." said Hermione taking the bag from her

"So how was practice" said kitty who Hermione just noticed had her head on Harry's shoulder

"It was good, I made a lot progress" she said happily,

"but it was really tiring, so I came here to rest a bit but there are no seats" finished Hermione

"Well you can just come back to the game room and finish watching the movie" said Jubilee

"Or you can seat in my lap. Best seat in the house" said Ray with a grin

"Oh pl-ease" came the reply from jubilee

"Don't be jealous because I didn't offer you to seat on lap jubes," said Ray

"jealous, yeah right, As if I would leave my sexy hunk of a boyfriend for you" said Jubilee as she leans against Piotr

"Whatever... C'mon Hermione, it's better than standing here all day" said ray with a grin on his face.

"Here Hermasa,(2) You can have my seat" Said Roberto rising from his seat.

Hermione didn't want Ray and Roberto to start arguing again but she was pretty tired.

"I don't want you to be uncomfortable because of me"

" I wont be uncomfortable, I am offering, I don't want you to stand on such pretty legs," Roberto said with a smile

Hermione turned slightly Pink, and everyone on the table was now looking at Ray who started to get angry with Roberto.

"Hey Roberto, I don't think Danielle(3), your girlfriend would appreciate you flirting with other women" Said Rogue trying to avoid an argument

"I was only offering her a seat, she clearly do not want to seat on berserker's lap, so I was saving him the humiliation of being rejected" said Roberto.

"No one asked for your opinion asshole, if she doesn't want to sit on me she'll definitely not take your seat, am sure she doesn't want to catch something"

Roberto said something and they were off arguing again.

"Wow, you've only been here since yesterday and already you have guys fighting over you, way to go Hermione" said Kitty

"uh... " said the speechless Hermione.


"jeez, you're acting like wild animals, god,"

"well he started it" said Ray

"he always has to butt in"

"She didn't want to sit on you anyway, right Hermione?" asked Roberto, and all eyes including Harry turned to Hermione

"um... The professor is calling me. Gotta go" and she left in a hurry.

Hermione sighed as she left the kitchen in her lie, she just wanted to get away. She kept on walking when she heard a voice call to her so she turned around.

"Oh it's you" she said as she faced Harry

Harry ignored her and went on

"Look, I think we should talk" said Harry

"you do, do you, well am sort of busy right now so maybe later" Said Hermione about to turn away

"You're not busy, you're just walking around I know the professor didn't call you because he just called me and told me he wanted to practice my powers" said Harry

"So am not busy, I still don't want to talk" said Hermione

"besides, There's nothing to talk about" She then turned to leave

"Well we could just talk about how you've turned into a bitch all of a sudden" Said Harry, his ever short temper unleashed.

Hermione was in shock that her once best friend would say that to her, but not shocked enough to not retaliate. She slapped Harry hard enough that the imprint of her hand was red on his face, than she turned to leave. Harry called after her but she just ignored him and kept running. She went out the doors of the institute and continued walking. She saw Kids playing Basketball and other games and she continued to walk past them until she reached the woods in front of the institute(4). Hermione ran deep into the forest finally leaning against and she let her tears fall freely. They weren't tears of sadness but anger that her best friend and crush would call her a bitch.

'I can't believe he said that to me' thought Hermione

'I have been nothing but nice to him these past months trying to help him, and he calls me a bitch' thought Hermione as she put her head in her open palms to cry.

'I don't think I've ever been so hurt'

-you have been sort of mean to him these past two days- said a voice in the back of her head

'and he's been a total jerk to me since the end of last year, he can't change all of that with a simple apology'

-well he is going through a rough time, try to be a little understanding, if not you may lose him- said her conscience once again

'Sort of late for that advice. My best friend and crush hates me' Hermione sigh

'this cannot get any worse'

Hermione was so engrossed in her thoughts that she did not hear the footsteps coming up behind her.

"you know it's not wise for a girl to be in the middle of the woods by herself with all these baddies running around"

Hermione heard a voice whispers in her ear just as a hand crept up to her neck. She didn't even have time to process who the voice belongs to as a sense of panic and fear ran through her and she released her energy as a act of defense. Hermione turns around as she hears the thud of a body falling to the floor, she stared in shock at the sight in front of her. A man with blood red hair leaning against a tree and on the floor the unconscious body of Pyro.


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2: Roberto is Brazilian. Hermasa means beautiful in Spanish, I think.

3: Danielle is not ac OC. She is from x-men evolution, the girl that was stuck in the canyon that kitty found. Try to remember.

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