Author's Notes: The continuation of Chat With Starscream. The meaning of the main title says it all. It's all about the blooming friendship of Starscream and Alexis.

Set after the Mars mission. Starscream is confused about Alexis. Why does she want to help him? He tried to kill her. Can Starscream and Alexis become friends?

There will be some Generation 1 dealings ex: Seaspray being in love with an alien. But, of course, it's in a different time frame. I mean, even though in Generation 1 it happened while the Autobots were on Earth. Well what if some of the events happened while on Cybertron before the trip to Earth?

New Experience

"In my opinion you belong on the Autobots side," Alexis said to the injured jet. She knew that his canons were gone but when she looked up and saw the damage, it blew her away. It just wasn't the same looking at him without the canons.

"If you don't mind I would like to be left alone," he said. He stood and walked away being careful not to crush the girl at his feet.

"Hey guys look what Starscream left behind," Fred yelled to his human friends. On the other side where Starscream sat, there was a huge rock that obviously came from Mars.

Alexis ran over and picked a chunk of it off the main part. "He left it for us," she smiled.

"We should do something to thank him then," Rad offered.

"What should we do?" Carlos asked as he picked up a small piece of the rock.

"How about since he has the Star Saber, we make a chamois so he can polish the Mini-Cons," Alexis suggested.

"That's a good idea," Billy agreed. "We can all pitch in and help."

"Good. When we go home lets work on it. Each of us will sew a small section and since I'm good with the sewing machine, I'll take the five pieces and sew them together."

"Ok." They all agreed.

"Oh shoot," Rad cursed. "I promised Hotshot that I would help him find his wrench. He lost it the other day in his quarters."

"I guess to us, it will be easier to find."

"You bet, since we can get into places they can't."

"I'll join ya," Carlos said.

As the boys started to leave, Alexis stayed behind and watched them leave. She felt she should go and thank Starscream personally. When the boys were gone, she thought she was alone, until a large metal finger tapped her shoulder. She jumped, not expecting anyone.

"Whoa," Optimus said as he watched her jump. He placed his hand on the ground, as she seemed to stumble. She looked like she was going to fall into his hand.

When she had her footing, she turned to the Autobot leader. "You startled me. I thought you left already."

"No. I was about to but saw you standing here alone."

"Oh. Where's Red Alert? He was here just a bit ago."

"He's gone to fix Starscream."

"Ok, thanks." Alexis turned and walked out. She walked to the exit of the base that led outside onto the mountain. She looked out into the grassy meadow that was on the other side, opposite of her town. She sat on a rock, thinking. She didn't know how long she was sitting there until a sound of a Transformer came up behind her and had lightly touched her shoulder with a finger. This time the touch did not scare her. She turned expecting to see Optimus but it was Starscream.

"Your fixed," she said. She looked up to see it was getting dark. "I've been up here too long. I should go." She stood to leave.

"Wait." He sat down beside her. "I would like to talk to you. I don't know why I want to. I've never willingly talked to someone before."

Over by the doorway to the upper part of the base, a tall Autobot watched Alexis and Starscream. "It would seem," he quietly said to himself. "He's starting to have a changed of heart."

"If anyone can change him," another Autobot came up beside him. "It's Alexis. He seems to be more comfortable around her."

"I think you're right Red Alert." Optimus turned to his friend. "It's almost as if Starscream wants to atone for his mistakes and he's asking her for his forgiveness."

"I think it's more than that Optimus," Red Alert stated. "Look when the kids had that sleepover, Starscream stayed with them all night beside Alexis."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, I think he's falling for her."

"Is that even possible? A human and a Transformer?"

"You should know yourself anything is possible when it comes to love. For instance you and Elita-One; you two have outwitted the odds. Even that time when she was presumed dead, you never gave up. You kept looking for her even after everyone else ended the search."

"I knew she wasn't dead. I was able to feel her through the Matrix."

"Yes and after three months, you found her being held captive by Megatron. Megatron made that explosion at the base that separated the female Autobots from everyone else."

"But we're not talking about my love life, we're talking about a possible relationship that shouldn't be happening."

"Optimus, you were the one who told everyone to leave Seaspray alone when he was in love with that alien woman. And for years he was with her, and since he was able to turn himself into an organic life form, he had a family with the woman. What if Starscream and Alexis and can do the same thing?"

Optimus sighed. "Your right. But I'm worried about Alexis. She is only a child still, a girl who's turning into a woman. I have been watching the humans here and girls Alexis's age go through these mood swings and it bothers me."

"It's called puberty," Red Alert informed. "You almost seemed to be more of a concerned parent then a concerned friend."

"I know." Beneath his faceplate, Optimus smiled. "Alexis came over this morning earlier than usual. I knew the kids had no school today. When I approached her of what was bothering her, she never said anything.

"Yes, I noticed that too. I wonder what's wrong?"

"Let Hotshot or Sideswipe to be on stand by. I can see Alexis being here late again and she will need a ride home."

As Alexis and Starscream sat quietly, they never realized the Autobot commander and science officer watched them.

"Starscream," she began. "You wanted to talk to me."

"I don't know where to begin," he admitted.

"Anywhere you want. I know I want to thank you."

"For what." He looked at her a little baffled.

"For leaving that Mars rock. Fred noticed it right after you left to get fixed. How did you find it?"

"After Tidal Wave, damaged me, I fell to the ground. I found a rock and crushed it with my hand. Then I realized the rock glittered and I remembered that your three friends who wanted to go with Jetfire, wanted him to bring back something."

"Thanks anyway, it's beautiful." She pulled the rock out of pocket of her knickers. "Scientists have been trying to get to Mars for the past ten or more years now and this is the first time anything from Mars has been brought back."

"I'm glad you like it." He looked down on her and as the final rays of the sun were starting to go behind the horizon, he noticed that the light made Alexis look beautiful.

What was he thinking? He shook his head of the thought before Alexis could notice. "I was wondering," he said. "Why do you keep talking to me? I tried to kill you."

"Well like I said before, you deserve a second chance." Alexis looked away from the sunset.

Starscream noticed Alexis's mood changed quickly. "Is something wrong? You seem sad."

"My mom and dad," she said. "They are fighting more and I don't want to hear them."

"But you live with your mother. Why should hearing your father make a difference?"

"My dad is home for a vacation and he visited us this morning. Luckily there was no school today due to a flood and when they started to argue, I left and came here. When Optimus knew I was here, he asked me what was wrong but I didn't know how to tell him."

Even as he said, he couldn't believe he said it. "Well you can tell me."

"Thanks." Her voiced saddened even more. "I don't know what to do anymore. My father wants to take me with him." A small tear slipped out of her eyes and traced a line down her face. "But I don't want to go with him. I want to stay and not because of you guys but because I was raised here." More tears started to come down her face. She tried to hide the tears from Starscream but he caught her. He picked her up and placed her in his hand.

"Do you have a choice to stay or go?" he asked quietly, allowing his voice to be soothing.

"I don't know." She tried to rub the tears away but more kept coming. "I don't want to go back there."

"Well you don't have to. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

She stood in his hand and hugged his thumb as she cried. Over where Optimus and Red Alert were, they heard the sobs from Alexis and it concerned them and immediately walked over to the two. Alexis didn't even know her and Starscream were no longer alone.

"What is wrong?" Optimus asked quietly, concern flavoring his words.

"Her family," he said quickly.

Alexis turned from Starscream's thumb and looked to see the other two Autobots. She roughly rubbed at her tears, trying to control them. "I don't know...sniff...what to do."

"I told her she could stay here. She doesn't want to go home. She's afraid her father will take her away."

"Alexis," Red Alert said. "I'm sorry. Why didn't you tell us you were having some hard times with your parents."

"I didn't know how to tell you."

"That is why you have been distant today."

"I also just found out that my father is getting re-married."

"The boys have gone home, so you can have the lounge to yourself," Optimus suggested. "It's just what if there is school tomorrow?"

"I will call in sick. Thank you but I would like to stay out here a little while longer. I would like to see the last of the sunset." She finally had the tears under control.

"All right. Do you mind if I watch with you?" Optimus asked her.


All three Transformers and Alexis watched the sunset. When the sun was completely gone, both Red Alert and Optimus went inside.

Starscream knew Alexis wanted to be alone but he couldn't get the will power to put her down and retreat to the base. He, some reason, was concerned about her. And he couldn't figure out why. As dark approached, they were quiet, neither one wanting to ruin the mood.

In the distance, Alexis and Starscream could here crickets. The sound was soothing Alexis and before long she fell asleep listening to them. Starscream watched her curl up and fall asleep but he didn't want to disturb her. After awhile he decided that the cool air was not good for her. He slowly and quietly got up and went inside and proceeded to the lounge.

When getting to the lounge, Sureshock was waiting for them. He also noticed a sleeping bag was set up for Alexis. Optimus must have told Sureshock about Alexis's little problem. He gently laid her down on the sleeping bag before making himself comfortable in a corner beside her. He was going to stay with her until she woke up.

She woke around 9pm to Starscream watching her in the corner. "I must have fallen asleep. I'm sorry."

"Don't be," he said. "You were too cute to move." Wait a minute did he just use the word 'cute'? He was stunned that he called her cute.

Alexis was amused at his shocked look and started to giggle, which brought Starscream out of it. He looked at her and slightly smiled. It was nice to hear her giggle when she had cried a few hours earlier.

"I'm getting hungry." She got up and headed to the small fridge and made herself a couple sandwiches. She sat back on the sleeping bag and ate.

"You humans are a strange race."

"Well I could say the same thing about you. You survive on Energon."

"You got me there."

"Do you mind if I join you?" Hotshot asked coming into the room.

Alexis looked at Starscream. "I don't mind," he said.

Alexis's mood was finally started to look up. She went over and under a table she took out a game. "You two want to play Trivial Pursuit?"

"How do you play?" Starscream asked intrigued.

"We'll show you. Alexis you and Starscream be on a team and I'll get..."

"I'll be your partner," Optimus said.

Alexis got the board set up and prepared to play. She remembered the day her and the boys taught the Autobots how to play. Unfortunately the Autobots were too large to move the game pieces so the kids helped out on that. During the whole time, Alexis showed Starscream how to play. After awhile he got the hang of it and actually answered a few questions.

By midnight, all the Autobots were in the lounge watching the game be played and it almost seemed that Optimus and Hotshot were going to win when Alexis gave the winning answer.

"Ha, beat ya," she smiled and yawned.

"Damn," Hotshot said. "We were so close."

"Well team, we better let Alexis get some rest," Optimus commanded.

As everyone left, including Starscream, Alexis put the game away. She knew Optimus stayed behind to allow her to get in the sleeping bag.

"Good night, Alexis."

"Good night Optimus. Optimus I'm sorry for not telling you earlier what my problem was. I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Did you want to tell me now?"

"Yes, I would like that. See my father is home on vacation and this morning he visited Mom and me. Not long after arriving, Mom and him got in an argument about me. He wants to take me to Florida."

"And you don't want to go."

"No. My friends are here. You are here. But mostly I was raised here. I don't want to leave."

"Tell your parents how you feel. You need to voice your opinion when it comes to your life."

"Thanks Optimus," she said as she settled down.

When she was comfortable, Optimus dimmed the lights and left for his quarters. Alexis soon fell asleep. One thing that she could never figure out was why she was able to sleep better on the floor at the Autobot base then in her own bed at home.