When the Autobot ship landed on the Moon, it didn't take anyone long before they were out and watching as the others began there descend. They all knew it was going to be a reunion for some while for others it would be awkward. Seeing the Decepticons mingling with the Autobots as well some Decepticons weren't sure what to make of Starscream or Thrust.

Alexis watched in fascination as ships began to land on the Moon. Standing securely beside her was Starscream, he didn't want to leave her side. But when he saw Red Alert heading their way, he knew he was going to have to leave her so the science officer could tend to the girl.

"Alexis," Red Alert said. "I need to take a look at your hand. Optimus tells me that you tried to save Megatron but he refused."

Alexis nodded. "A hidden weapon appeared from his wrist and hit my hand. He knew I would jump at the reaction."

"How did you get away from the hole?" Starscream asked.

"Optimus pulled me away and then he told Rad to activate the device."

Starscream nodded and then walked away as the Autobot medic began to do his repairs on Alexis. As he walked away, he thought back to moments before when she arrived on the ship. He was quite relieved that she was safe though it was unnerving to see her curled up in Optimus Prime's arms. But he knew it was for her protection.

When Alexis had fallen into his arms, Starscream watched as Optimus walked away to make preparations of what to do next. He not only had the Autobots to think about but also the Decepticons as well.

Starscream watched for several minutes as Red Alert worked Alexis and when she was repaired, he saw Optimus Prime go up to her and wished to speak with her alone before everyone began to surround the saviors of the Transformers.

"So you deserted us."

Starscream turned to see his two brothers coming up to him. He groaned to himself at what comments were about to come out.

"I don't want to talk about it," Starscream snapped.

"You're a Decepticon deserter," Skywarp said. "How could you do that? How could leave your brothers high and dry?"

"Megatron had used me for the last time. I wasn't going to stay with the Autobots but after getting to know Alexis and that the fact that she forgave every bad thing I did, I began to see the Autobots point of view."

"And now Megatron is dead," Thundercracker said. "What do you plan to do?"

"Where ever Alexis goes, I go. I will not leave her. If she wants to stay here on Earth, I'll stay with her. That way you guys wouldn't be reminded of your traitor brother."

Starscream turned as she saw Alexis and Optimus begin speaking to each other.

"Alexis," Optimus began when he was far enough away from his men. "Is what Megatron said is what he held against you?"

Alexis lowered her head. "Yes. He figured out that Kiacudia lived within me and he demanded to know how I became a Transformer."

"When did he do this?"

"It was right when I came back from visiting the boys when you guys had called for reinforcements."

"He caught you while you were still human," he gasped.

Alexis looked at her leader and friend. "He threatened to harm my mother if I didn't show him the lake and he would have placed Starscream on the front lines."

"I wouldn't have allowed that to happen," he stated.

"Optimus you and I both know that Megatron was able to be quite resourceful when he wanted to be. I just can't believe he sacrificed himself to protect all the Transformers."

"I don't think it was the Transformers he had in mind when he damaged your hand."

"What do you mean?" Alexis looked at her repaired hand and flexed it. She could feel the circuits moving in her repaired hand.

"Alexis he wanted you to be a Decepticon. Why do you suppose that was?"

"Well…Starscream did say that someone wanted…me." She looked at Optimus with surprise.

"Exactly," Optimus answered for her. "He some how gained an attraction towards you and wanted you for himself. He once had a love but she refused him and so he killed her."

Alexis turned from her friend. She didn't want to believe that Megatron sacrificed himself to save her. That would explain why when he attacked her hand, he made sure not to hit and major circuitry.

"Optimus." A female voice called.

Optimus turned and gasped. Running towards him was someone he didn't think was part of the battle.

Alexis looked past Optimus as she saw a pink Autobot running towards him. She watched as Optimus gracefully caught her and hugged her fiercely, before he let her down and then began to speak.

"Why did you come?"

"I couldn't let you fight alone," she said. She looked past the robot she loved. "You must be the former human."

Optimus cleared his voice and then turned to Alexis. "Elita-One meet Alexandra, though most of the time we call her Alexis.

Elita-One extended her hand and shocked Alexis's hand. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you."

"I've heard a lot about you too," Alexis said. "Optimus has told me that Megatron has believed you were dead. Now you do realize that with you being here, the Decepticons will learn you did not parish in the blast."

Elita-One smiled. "All that matters is that Optimus is all right and that your world is safe."

Alexis slightly gasped and turned as other Autobots began to walk out of their ships. They were Autobots she never knew and yet here they were, risked their lives to protect her planet. Though if they didn't their planet would have been next.

"Well you must be Alexis, the one who Starscream fell in love with."

Alexis whipped her head around at the sound of he name. There standing behind her was an Autobot who looked similar like Hotshot, only his coloring was different. But directly right behind was a smaller bot, not as small as Powerglide but smaller than Hotshot, hitting the other one in the arm.

"Show some respect lad." He looked at Alexis. "Sorry about that. But Hot Rod has a tendency to shoot off at the mouth without thinking. I'm Kup." He slightly bowed to her.

Alexis slightly blushed at his display of respect. "Thank you."

"And you are," she looked at Hot Rod.


"I'm Hot Rod, brother to Hotshot."

"Brother? You mean Hotshot actually has a brother?"

"Yup." Kup looked at his supreme leader. "Optimus, Ultra Magnus wishes to speak with you before venturing out of the ship."

Optimus nodded. "Alexis why don't you introduce the boys to the others."

"Sure," she cheered. She looked around to see if she could spot Hotshot. When she did she yelled. "Hotshot!"

Hotshot turned at the sound, he smiled as she saw who was beside her.

"Where are the boys?"

"Right here," Scavenger called as he walked over from behind Hotshot with the four boys in hand.

Scavenger looked at Elita-One before looking down at the boys. "Boys, meet Elita-One, Hot Rod and Kup. This is Rad, Carlos, Fred and Billy."

"Elita-One," Carlos said. "As in Optimus's girlfriend?"

"Carlos!" Alexis snapped.

Rad looked at Alexis then at his dark friend with a big smile. "That's the Alexis I know. Ready to sound the alarm when she says your name."

Carlos smiled. "I know."

"The next time I'm human, I'm going to dunk you guys so fast you won't know what hit ya," she warned.

The boys looked at each other and chuckled. Rad was the first to sober up. "Shoot," he slightly cursed.

"What?" Alexis asked.

"It's getting late and tomorrow is the last day of school for the summer. We should get going."

"I'll go and get Springer," Scavenger suggested. "He can get you guys back down on Earth before it gets too much later."

"Yeah, we live on the other side of the planet and it's nightfall on that side," Rad said. He looked out over Scavenger's fingers and marveled at how Earth looked in space.

"It's not often we can see a spectacle view," Billy said. Not wanting to leave the sight of seeing his home planet from an Astronaut's view.

"Not to nag you guys but since we just brought up the subject about getting late…I'm wondering when we're going to eat?"

Alexis smiled as the boys groaned and shock their heads.

Scavenger looked at Fred. "You can never go a time without asking for food."

"Nope," Fred smiled.

"Let's go find Springer," Scavenger smiled. He, with the kids, walked away from the small Autobot group.

When Scavenger was gone, Hot Rod looked at Alexis, "There are many Autobots who are interested in meeting you."

"I would love to meet all you guys but right now I have to inform the Decepticons of what happened to their leader. In order to make peace someone from our side has to be the one to raise up the white flag."

Alexis walked away from the small group that formed around her. When she came up to Cyclonus and Demolisher, they were not alone. Starscream and his two brothers were also with them. Alexis took a deep breath.

"Hey guys," she said cautiously.

Thundercracker and Skywarp's jaws dropped slightly at the female bot that walked up to them. They had seen pictures of her but the pictures didn't compare to the real thing.

"Alexis," Starscream said, his optics beamed with joy. "How's your hand?"

"Better. I figure if there is to be any peace between the two factions, I thought that I would explain to them of what happened to Megatron."

"That is something I would like to know," Cyclonus grumbled.

"As you know a black hole appeared within Unicron. The hole was formed around Megatron, causing him to fall but he gripped the sides. I jumped for him to try and save his life. Optimus also tried too."

"That I knew," Cyclonus stated.

"Anyway," Alexis said slowly. "What you do not know was he told me what he really wanted from me and demanded for me to let him go. I wouldn't. So instead, a hidden weapon came out of his wrist and slice…damaged my hand, causing me to let him go. He knew I would do that because as he fell I saw him mouth the words, 'thank you'."

"Are you telling us," Thundercracker spoke. "That our great leader sacrificed himself to save us all?"

Alexis didn't want to tell them that he did it to save her. "Yes," she lied. "He knew he had the most hatred than anyone. Getting rid of himself was the only way to stop Unicron."

Optimus walked on to the bridge of the ship Ultra Magnus occupied. Standing in front of the main viewer was Ultra Magnus but he looked like was blocking something.

"Ultra Magnus?" Optimus asked.

"Sir, before this conversation begins there is someone who wishes to say a few words."

Magnus moved out of the way revealing Sideflare.

Optimus gasped, slowly going for his gun.

"Autobot leader, weapons are useless now," she said. "I have asked for an asylum. I never liked Unicron and when I found out that Sideways was not a spawn, I needed to get away. I was used a pawn.

"I was ordered before the battle begun to check to see how many ships were behind Mars. When I gave Unicron my report, I lied to him saying there was only half of what was really out there. I helped your commander to allow some of the ships to escape through my spawn brothers and sisters. When I was about to be discovered one of your men hit me from behind, only because I demanded for someone to take me out of commission so Unicron wouldn't know of my betrayal. I was placed in the brig for safety."

"So that explains why you didn't engage in the battle right away."

"Yes. Sideflare had told her spawns that she would handle my ship, but what they didn't know was that she was helping us instead of her own family. I agreed to the asylum."

"It will be hard for you to adjust in amongst the ranks," Optimus said, bringing his hands back around front, revealing he left his gun in subspace.

"Won't be any harder than watching Thrust or Starscream to adapt Thrust will be a traitor to both sides as Starscream is only traitor to the Decepticons."

"She has a point," Ultra Magnus agreed.

Optimus walked up to the slightly damaged spawn. "Will you agree to go my orders?"

"As long as they are not orders to destroy something as beautiful as Planet Earth."

Optimus smiled behind his faceplate. "Oh I should also let you both know that Sideways is still alive."

"Still alive?" Sideflare echoed. "How is that possible? Unicron had planted a destructive device."

"It was removed before it had the chance to explode, which would have taken the Autobot base."

"That explains why Unicron was a little annoyed to see that you returned from the planet unharmed."

"Come we might as well get this over with now," Optimus suggested. "Then afterwards, I'll see what Red Alert can do about your damage."

"Thanks," Sideflare said.

When all the ships were finally on the ground and the reunions were finally dealt with, Optimus stood on the opening of his ship, waiting for everyone to gather around. He could tell it was going to take a while to get the Autobots and Decepticons to work side by side but at least neither side were raising their guns.

"Autobots! Decepticons!" Optimus called out, silencing everyone. "We have come to the Moon to decide what the next course of action will be. Will we continue the long war that started on Cybertron or will we start a new life.

"Between myself, Alexis and Megatron we were able to put the final blow against Unicron. Of course we also had help from one Unicron's spawns."

Optimus turned, allowing Sideflare to be revealed. When she was completely in view he continued. "Sideflare had lied to Unicron when she reported to him of how many ships made up our Armada. She also helped Ultra Magnus in getting some of the first set of ships through the barricade.

"However, even with her help we wouldn't have been able to face the heart of Unicron if it weren't for the distractions outside. And of course you wouldn't have been able to weaken Unicron further without everyone working together."

Optimus stopped as he saw Shockwave move forward and stand beside Optimus.

"I tend to agree. As much as it's disappointing to hear…" he glared at the spawn. "That we had help it can't be as bad as what Thrust has done.

"Before Megatron had left Cybertron, he had appointed me commander of all the Decepticons and if something were to happen to him, I was to lead in his place. So whatever decision is made it will happen between Optimus Prime and myself.

"And if it's true of what the former human has said that Megatron sacrificed himself to save us all. Then I believe it's in the best interest of both factions to call a truce and sign a treaty, thus ending our long war." Shockwave turned to the Autobot leader. "Do agree to this Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots."

Optimus nodded. "Then it's settled. We will sign a treaty, ending our war. We shall work together as a team to rebuild Cybertron." Optimus walked down on to the ground, indicating that his speech was over. He looked for Red Alert and when he found him, he saw the Ariel bots were beside him and they were heading over to Alexis and Starscream who were surrounded by Starscream's brothers.

"So this is the human who became a transformer."

Everyone turned to the sound, seeing Thrust's brothers coming towards them. There was a blue and red.

"Alexis," Starscream started with a glare. "This is Dirge and Ramjet, brothers to Thrust."

"How ironic," she said. "You betrayed your brothers and Thrust betrays his."

Before anyone could retort her statement, five Transformers came up to Alexis.

"You are beautiful," the shortest one said.

"Thank you," she said with a slight blush. "And you are?"

"Where are my manners?" he said. "I'm Slingshot and this is Air Raid, Skydive, Silverbolt and Fireflight. Combined we transform into Superion."

"I was told you guys joined the fight on your own."

"Yeah," Silverbolt said. "We were on another planet, looking things through, when we were told that Optimus Prime had asked for help. We came as soon as we could."

"Why is it that you guys look like jets from Earth when you were built on Cybertron? Did you guys change your disguise after Optimus and the others came?"

"Actually," Red Alert started. "Everyone did. I believe even the Decepticons changed."

"Not all," Thundercracker grumbled. "Shockwave stayed the same."

Air Raid looked up in time to see their leader heading towards them. "So what are we to do now?"

The other Decepticons quickly moved away from the group as they saw Optimus approach the group. "We are going to set up a perimeter base in case of trouble. There will be some Decepticons who will mutiny against the treaty and could attack Earth."

"That makes sense," Red Alert agreed. "Who will get appointed in protecting Earth?"

"That will be decided between myself and Shockwave. Right now, I would like you to look at Sideflare she has some damage circuits."

"Optimus," Alexis said. "Do you think it could work to perhaps give Sideflare a different body? Where she's a spawn, her body could disappear with Unicron being gone and all."

"I tend to agree with Alexis," Starscream said. "With Sideflare having a new body, she'd be able to fit in with the group better."

Optimus looked at Red Alert for his opinion.

"It could work but I would need Ratchet's help." Red Alert fingered his chin. "Transferring Sideflare's mind will be hard and it would severe what ever abilities she has now."

"I'm sure Ratchet is here, search him out and get to work on it right away. The sooner she's fixed the better."

"Optimus, would you mind if I went down to visit my mother. I need to tell her that I'm alright and that the war is over."

Optimus placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You may leave when you're ready. But I'm sure there are still a few others who would love to meet you."

Alexis laughed. "I'm sure there is." She looked at Starscream. "Would like to come with me?"

Starscream nodded as he linked his arm with hers and began to walk away from the group. Optimus also walked away as well.

"That was strange," Fireflight said. "Seeing Optimus treat her differently than any other Autobot."

Red Alert smiled. "If you want to know," he said. "She has started to look up to Optimus like a father. She also have a sibling bond with Hotshot and Sideswipe."

"You mean Hotshot and Sideswipe are calling her sister?" Skydive asked.

Red Alert turned to the jet. "Yes. She acquired that bondage ever since the day her mother learned of us when Alexis's transformation first began. Both Hotshot and Sideswipe agreed with the sibling hood." Red Alert turned away from the group to look for Ratchet.

The Ariel bots looked at each other before shrugging, heading off in different directions. They wanted to explore the Moon. But their optics kept looking at the Earth, the planet that was just saved. They helped saved a planet that they knew nothing about except what was sent back to Cybertron. In fact it was the first time any Transformer had set foot in the solar system.

Now that the war was finally over and everyone was able to rest, they wondered how long the peace would last. There could be some Decepticons who would terror against the treaty and become their own faction. There also could end up being some Autobots who could not stand working side by side with the Decepticons and break off as well. But one thing was for sure Cybertron was now safe.

One more chapter to go and then it's complete at long last. The last chapter is more or less an epilogue, however, it's going to fair length of what my other chapters have been so it's not called 'Epilogue'. I'm all glad you have like reading as I have like writing it. The story may sound like it could continue, but I have not intentions of continuing. But that could change. IF it were to contiue, it won't come for awhile yet. I have others I need to complete before I could start a new novel.