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"Come on Starscream," Thrust responded. "You were created to be a Decepticon, it's time to act like one."

Thrust was trying to convince Starscream to rejoin the Decepticons by stealing the Sky Boom Shield from the Autobots. But Starscream was skeptical. He didn't know what to do. He felt he was becoming soft from the way the Autobots work but...should that make his decision. Just because he was created to be evil and never show emotions, make him strong?

'I have to act fast. What should I do?' he asked himself. 'I already betrayed Megatron and I promised Optimus Prime that wouldn't let him down.' He suddenly had a flashback to when the kids gave him the chamois. He remembered how happy they were in giving it to him. Looking down at the cloth in his hand, he remembered Alexis.

She was a good kid with problems of her own. She went to him and told him first about her parents' argument about her moving to a new state. He remembered how upset she was when she told him.

"I haven't got all day," Trust burst.

Starscream growled and slapped Thrust in the face with the hilt of the Star Saber for his outburst but then flew away. At first Thrust was a little baffled but he watched as Starscream dove down towards the ground where the Sky Boom Shield was just thrown from Smokescreen to Jet Optimus.

"It's working," Thrust smiled. "He's getting the shield from Optimus."

As Starscream flew down towards the shield, he continued to argue with himself. 'I can't betray them. So what am I doing? I'm going after the shield from Optimus.' He got a quick glance at the kids standing at the edge of set of trees watching him. 'Damn, she's watching. Wait a minute. She told me I was her friend. Would friends really do something like this?'

Just before his hand reached the shield, he quickly turned and shouted. "I'M NOT BETRAYING THE AUTOBOTS! I'll get Megatron another way! NULL LASER CANON!"

His two canons suddenly turned to face the front as Swindle did his job. With great hast of maneuvering, he fired a shot at Thrust and squarely hit him in the chest. As he fired he twisted his body so the laser beam would hit Tidal Wave at the same time. As tall as Tidal Wave was, the shot didn't knock him down but did damage him. Sparks of live wires were clearly shown, sticking out of his arm. Thrust started to fall to the ground but not before Tidal Wave jumped into the air and caught the injured bot and warped away.

"Unbelievable," Hotshot breathed. He ran up to Starscream as the jet turned back around to land on the ground and picked up the shield. "I thought you were going to take the shield."

"I thought of it but then seen the kids. They quickly changed my mind." He turned to Optimus as Optimus separated from Jetfire. "Here," he simply said as he handed the shield to the Autobot leader.

Jetfire was too baffled to say anything.

"Starscream!" Alexis shouted as she ran from the tree line. Rad and Carlos were too stunned to move. "I thought...what...I don't understand."

Starscream bent down to the girl. "You are right. There are other ways to get Megatron without being suicidal. Honestly, I was about to leave but looking at you reminded me that you had placed a lot of trust in me and gave me a second chance when the others wanted to leave me high and dry. Besides, I made a promise and thanks to you Alexis, I'm not going to break it."

Alexis, not sure what to say, smiled.

"Let's get to the base before the Decepticons decide to attack again," Optimus suggested.

"They won't attack," Starscream said. "Megatron will be too furious that Thrust failed to persuade me to rejoin the Decepticons. He can yell at someone else's failures for once."

"Nevertheless. We should get back."

With agreement from everyone, Optimus reactivated the Warp Gate and within seconds the Autobots were at the base, out of harms way.

"Welcome to the team," Hotshot said giving Starscream a pat on the shoulder.

"I agree," Scavenger responded. "You may think the Autobots are soft but that is what makes our strength. We work as a team and when we don't, we fail."

"I have noticed that," Starscream agreed. "You function better as one group, unlike the Decepticons who are greedy and will do anything to get all the glory. I once felt that way until meeting the kids."

"Well we can't have all the credit," Rad said. "It was your decision to come to us in the first place."

"Yes, it was but it was you guys who convinced me to stay."

"Well I'm glad," Alexis said. "Guys we better get home."

"That is a good idea," Optimus agreed. "And you have school in the morning."

"And homework," Carlos finished. "Or at least I do. I hate chemistry."

"At least you didn't fail your last test," Alexis giggled.

"There goes little miss perfect again," Carlos grumbled.

Optimus laughed at Carlos's comment. "You kids want a ride home? Or will you take the Mini-Cons?"

"We'll take the Mini-Cons," Rad answered. "It's still daylight."

As the kids left, the other Autobots decided to leave the room leaving Red Alert and Optimus.

"Optimus, sir, I still say that he's falling for her," Red Alert said as he crossed his arms "Mainly because he decided to stay because of her."

"I'm starting to agree with you," Optimus answered. "But it should not happen."

"Well like it or not, it may. She changed him and for that, he's becoming a better Transformer. Alexis is a wonderful friend. But I wonder if she has any feelings for him?"

"I wouldn't doubt it. Every time she arrives, she's always asking where Starscream is. But I don't think either of them realize it." Optimus sighed. "Watching her, reminds me of Elita-One. I am starting to miss her more now."

"You could ask her to come here you know. She wanted to come with us in first place. She would more than happy come now."

"I know but Megatron doesn't know she is still alive and I want to keep it that way. Besides how do I tell the kids that there are female warriors?"

"I think, they probably assume that there is," Red Alert said as he uncrossed his arms. "Well I'm off to work on the ship. If you need me, you know where to find me."

"I'm going to go speak to Starscream."


Starscream walked into his quarters. It was a quiet room compared to the rest of the base. He turned on the light. One of the last times he came into the room, the kids were in there giving him a present.

He pondered for a few moments on the emptiness of the room. The only things in the room were a computer console and a metal slab, which used as his bed. His quarters at the lunar base were much the similar way. He had no personal objects. He knew the other Autobots had personal belongings.

Decepticons were not like that. They didn't believe in decorating a room. They believed it was a room to sleep and that was it. Starscream glanced at his wings and looked at the purple symbols. He had no right to wear the symbols anymore. He wasn't a Decepticon he was an Autobot.

"I don't need these symbols," he said as he looked at his arms. He peeled off the small symbols off his arms. When he was done, a sound chimed, indicating there was someone at his door. "Come in."

Not to his surprise it was Optimus. Optimus looked at the floor and noticed the Decepticon symbols.

"Why have them on my arms and wings when I'm no longer a Decepticon?" Starscream said when he noticed Optimus looking at the floor.

"If you want Autobot symbols, Red Alert can get some for you," Optimus said.

"I will take that under consideration. But I don't think you came here to talk about faction symbols."

"No. I came here to talk about your decision. I really thought you were about to take the shield."

"As I already said, I was going to but the kids stopped me."

"I believe there is more of a reason. I've noticed how much you are around Alexis. She is a sweet kid."

"Yeah she is," Starscream agreed. "She knows how I feel just by looking at me and that does annoy me a bit."

"I agree. She knows when something is troubling me. When she's around I feel like I can tell her anything."

"There is still much I don't know about her. But in time I will know her."

"Just as she's getting to know you." Optimus looked around the empty room. "Since you will be staying, you might want to make this room a little more roomy. Though we won't be staying forever but it will give this room a little more life."

"What does one put in a room to make it more comfortable?"

"Pictures for one," Optimus laughed. "I have a picture of the kids, the same picture that was taken at Alexis's party. I believe all the men have the same picture."

"Thanks. I'm not even sure why I even considered of taking Thrust's offer. He is a conniving weasel. He'll sometimes do anything to become the better man. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually wouldn't mind being the leader."

"Megatron does have a lot of hidden enemies in the Decepticon ranks. No one here has ever tried to mutiny against me."

"They have too much respect towards you to even think of it. I don't think I would want to try and take leadership from you."

"That is nice to know. I'll leave you now so you can get some rest."

Optimus left Starscream's quarters and walked into his own quarters. His quarters wasn't as comfortable as he wanted it to be but being in the room always calmed him down. He looked at the picture of the kids that was set on a desk. The desk had data pad files that he had Jetfire bring from Cybertron.

Optimus not realizing that he was going to be on Earth for a while, never thought of bringing them. But after contacting Jetfire to join the battle on the planet he decided it was time to get through some files that were piling up on his desk on Cybertron. The files had to deal with the battles on Cybertron, training missions that needed his approval, completed training missions and some small maintenance services. He sat at the desk and started to go over some of the training missions, which were completed.