Wildfox: Hello my fellow readers and welcome to The Hanging. A story of everyone's favourite blader and overall guy, Kai Hiwatari! Basically, Kai's been sentenced to a life in prison for something he shouldn't have gotten in trouble for but since he had the evidence of murder in his hands, he got blamed. Please no flames, no bombs, no flamethrowers, nothing except for good reviews and a sign that says "WE LOVE YOUR STORY WILDFOX!". Thanx, thanx thanx! Oh I was asked just a little while ago if I was Alex so my answer to that is yes. Though my name is Ellen not Alex, she's kinda like everything I'm not basically. My best friend and I just decided one day that Kai needed a twin sister so we made the one and only Alex Hiwatari!

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Chapter 1: Brother in Need

Ruddy chambers, metal bars, helpless people. This was all Alex had seen for the past twenty minutes as she walked along the mouldy stone floors of the Russian prison. At every second a new soul begged her to set them free and the more she wanted to run screaming from the scene back to her home which was unfortunately almost two hours away. Once or twice she's slipped on the water covered base under her feet but quickly regained her balance thanks to the obedient security guard who led her to the awaiting cell. Not her cell of course but still a cell. The smell was of decaying flesh and with every step breathing became more and more difficult causing her eyes to water.

All the way she'd been counting troughs and at that moment had come to about twenty. They were for both drinking and bathing and the water which filled each one was limited and only refilled once a week. Rotten food lay on the floor in almost every hall that she passed through, but she had not yet seen behind the iron gates which trapped each prisoner from the rest of the world. The majority of them had not had a fare trial if any, and were spending the rest of their days behind steel on cold floors getting thinner and thinner with each passing day. Very few cells were unoccupied since this was the only prison in the country and on average it gained twelve new victims a month. Her heart ached for each and every one of them but more so for the one in which she was visiting.

Closing her eyes for a split second to stop them from watering due to the thick atmosphere, Alex tried her hardest to recall the events of the past few years. There was so much to remember, and all that seemed to cloud her mind were questions with no answers and confusion. Unsolvable confusion. It had been three years to the day since this had all started. She had been sitting under a tree with her twin brother Kai when Tala (at the time at the age of 17 with muscles even larger than her sibling's, and an ego the size of the Earth itself), came to them. Since the very day he was born, this boy had had a grudge on Kai for one simple reason. He could not have his sister. At every glimpse of Alex he wanted her more and more until it came into his mind that he would kill for her, and that meant killing her only brother and only obstacle to being happy.

He came with three others who looked to be his bodyguards. The sky had been a cloudless blue but it seemed to the two of them that it darkened with every step they took towards them.

"What do you want Tala?" Kai asked, getting up from his half lying down position to face the red haired teen.

Alex quickly followed standing at her brother's side and crossing her arms. She hated his guts and wanted more than anything to see Kai kill him.

"What do you think Hiwatari? I've come for Alex and this time I won't be leaving disappointed like always. You've protected her one too many times Kai and I'm sick of it."

Kai spat on Tala's shoe as he smirked. Alex laughed a little putting her hand on his shoulder but had failed to see the awaiting boy behind her. He grabbed her from behind putting tape over her mouth and roping her wrists binding them to each other. She screamed for help but just as Kai turned to answer, Tala hit him over the head with a bat sending him to the awaiting ground but fortunately not unconscious. As their foe went on to take Alex as his own, Kai pulled on his ankles sending him to his own level. From there it only got worse. Tala had brought a knife and several other weapons with him and used every one on Kai but near the end when he himself was quite wounded, Kai used them against their master. He hadn't meant for it to go so far but in the end several blows to the head and an open chest wound had been the end for Tala, as his friends retreated and Alex fell to the ground beside Kai.

Screaming sirens broke the silence within seconds and came directly to the victims with all equipment possible. A paramedic came to Tala's side and checked anxiously for a pulse but found none. He had died directly after the sixth blow to his skull and looking around they suspected none other than Kai who had the knife and bat in his hand to prove it. Those days there had been so many murders that trials were no longer given. The way they saw it was that whoever had the weapon was responsible. In this case they had been correct but still had not heard the whole story. It had been Tala who begun the war and Kai out of protection had finished it.

Alex had suffered no injuries so she was just simply left under the tree while the ambulance took Tala and the police car took Kai. She'd begged and begged for them to understand the cause of the situation but nobody had listened. They had only stuck to the end result that Kai killed the boy so he had to suffer the consequence of the remainder of his life in jail unless a more drastic punishment was decided.

In the end Ray had gotten her and now at the age of 19, he asked her to merry him and she had accepted. They were engaged.

Within those long three years, Alex had seen Kai only once and today was her second. She was afraid at how he would have changed in this time period. Last time he had only been in his cell for a couple of weeks so he had been the same guy in every way possible, but today she felt he would be different.

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