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Back on Earth…


Sam knelt and retrieved the flashlights from her pack as she glanced around the area. Daniel was still adjusting his clothing, trying to make it stop hugging in places where it really shouldn't.

'I can't believe we have to wear these things' He complained as the rings retreated back up to the ship.

'Well I tried to object but Thor wouldn't listen' Daniel ignored Sam as he tried to work out if he could get rid of his wedgie without her noticing

'OK, so Thor said we should head in this direction' Said Major Carter, motioning for Daniel to take the lead. 'Daniel, what are you doing? Is there something wrong?' She asked, noticing Daniels unusual gait.

'Erm…No…' He replied blushing slightly. Raising an eyebrow in a manner she had unwittingly picked up off Teal'c, Sam stepped in front of him shaking her head slightly as her heavy boots sunk into the mud, making each step unusually tiring. Had she known she would be wearing what could only be referred to as a skirt; she probably would have worn different shoes…

They headed in the direction of the building looming high above the others, its inky back cladding appearing almost purple in the moonlight.

Back on Earth

General Hammond started as the all too familiar alarm sounded. 'Unregistered off world activation' boomed the androgynous voice as he hurried down to the control room.

'Do we have a GDO code?'

'No, Sir'

Suddenly the iris slid open as all lights on the base fluttered out, casting them into darkness. 'Please let it be Thor' thought George, not allowing himself to dwell on what the alternatives might be. He exhaled and gratefully allowed his body to relax as Thor entered the base. 'Thor!' he walked forward to greet their unexpected guest.

'I am afraid I bear grave news General Hammond' said Thor, unwilling to mince words. 'Major Carter and Daniel Jackson have not reported back as they were supposed to, and the scanners have verified that Eaed is dead.'

'I'm very sorry to hear that Thor, I know how important she was to your race' he said, trying to keep a civil front as he mind raced. He excused himself and returned to the control room. 'Airman' he addressed him more harshly than normal circumstances would deem necessary. 'Get SG teams 2, 8, 10 and 12-meeting in the briefing room in 20 minutes' he said curtly, his mind running through a list of actions to be taken. 'And get Colonel O'Neill on the phone' he called as he raced up the stairs to his office. Sitting in his chair he gave a silent prayer to whoever might be listening before picking up the red phone.

Carter lay on the floor. Drifting into consciousness once more, Daniels words echoed round her head again 'What if one of you died without you ever doing anything about the way you feel…' She felt herself failing again, about to slip into the darkness again, wondering if this would be the final time she ever drew breath his face flickered in front of her eyes. 'Jack' she would've spoken aloud but she had no strength left; the name reverberated through her skull. 'Jack' that was it. She couldn't take it anymore. The next time she saw him, if she ever saw him… The next time she saw him she would tell him. Her decision gave her new focus and determination. She would make it through this, and she would tell him. She would.


'What do you mean they haven't come back!?' Yelled Jack, fearing his heart had stopped.

'This is a most unfortunate turn of events' stated Teal'c, deep in thought. 'What is to be done General?' He asked, glancing at Jack as threw himself into the deep leather chair across the room.

'We're going to go get her, right? Them I mean?' called Jack, searching for reassurance and certainty whilst he berated himself for his Freudian slip.

'Of course Colonel. Four SG teams have already been sent through. They're securing the perimeter of the building and the star gate in preparation for your arrival. You have a go'

Jack shot his commanding officer a grateful glance as he ran to the gate room, closely followed by Teal'c. Hammond gave the order to fire up the gate as the two men grabbed their packs and walked to the base of the ramp. Their heavy boots clanged on the metal as Jack took a deep breath and began to mentally prepare for the worst, offering up a prayer in his desperate state before throwing himself into the event horizon.

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