One by One the Souls Will Take You Over

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Summary: This is a different story that is set in a parallel universe- mainly focuses on Rogue and Gambit, set after the end of the second season. Rogue never joined the x-men, in fact she never has meet them, instead she joins the Acolytes. romyness eventually. Note: rogue has a different past in this story.

Chapter One: A Beginning

A breeze ruffled through her stripped hair she stepped out the door of Bayville International. She was known as the Rogue, no one knew her name, at least not those alive to tell the tale. It was ironic, all that they did to her only served to make her more anonymous, no one knew her, and there wasn't any record of her existence other than what she allowed. So why, you ask, was a person with no name, come to such an unknown town of Bayville, New York? A job offer would do the trick. In fact, she was supposed to meet someone here, a contact for her new job. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea who that someone would be...
Rogue glanced around trying to get her bearings; a twelve-hour flight could make anyone a little off. People jostled all around, completely obvious to anything going on around them, only intend on getting form point A to point B. Crowds always made her nervous; a simple side effect of her mutation. A large imposing man in his early twenties made his way to her, pushing his way through the crowd as though no one else was there. When he finally reached her, he paused, and close up she could tell that he was nervous. Funny how that is... someone can be so imposing on the outside, but turns out to be extremely docile once you get to know him or her. But that wasn't what it was like with the Rogue, what you see is what you get, or so she liked to tell herself.
"Are you Rogue?" the man said in a soft voice. She merrily nodded in return studying the man before her. "I am to take you to the base, where you will meet the others." He paused, looking for some sort of response from the woman before him, however, when she gave none, he continued on. "I am Piotr. Is that all of your luggage?" he questioned looking down at the one duffle bag in hand and the small leather back bag she had swung over her shoulders.
She stayed silence for a while, as though she was contemplating her answer to his question. "Nah, this is all Ah got. An' the names Rogue. So where is this base of yoahs?" She asks slowly following him out to a sleek black car. He dropped her bags in the trunk. And walked around to the driver's side.
"Just a couple of miles from here." He answered her and they climbed into the car. They drove in silence, not really knowing what to say, or in Rogue's case, not really caring.

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