One by One the Souls Will Take You Over

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Summary: This is a different story that is set in a parallel universe- mainly focusing on Rogue and Gambit, set after the end of the second season. Rogue never joined the x-men, in fact she never has meet them, instead she joins the Acolytes. romyness eventually. Note: rogue has a different past in this story. It will be explained as the story continues.


Telepathic conversations

Chapter Two: Introductions

The car turned down another side road that was even more remote then the last three she had been down, and needless to say Rogue was getting just a little bit annoyed. "Ah thought ya said it ain't far. We been drivin' for 45 minutes!"

"Da, I am sorry... I do not understand American distances yet..." Piotr said, sounding very thwarted. "Or much about America"

"Ya new heah?" Rogue questioned.

"Da." They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, before the car finally slowed down to a stop. "We are here."

*'Bout time.* Rogue got out of the car and looked around as Piotr got her bags. "Sugar, all this is, is a big metal dome. Dontcha think that is a bit cliché fo' evil villains?" Piotr just grunted, and just motioned for her to follow him.

*Gee, not one ta talk, is he? Though ah didn't take him fo' bein' a grunter...* (hehehehe the author just realized how bad you could take that line) Rogue continued to follow Piotr, as he walked strait up to the dome. He paused slightly just in front of it and hit the dome with a metallic fist. *Guess that's his power.* By the third knock, a small whole was beginning to open up in the dome. It grew until it was big enough for them to walk through it.

"Ah hope there is a better way o' getting' outta heah, 'cause ah ain't askin' fo' permission ta leave whenever ah wanna go out."

"No, there are other ways... this... is" he paused, seeming to struggle to find the correct words. "easier for now." Rogue merrily nodded in response, continuing to walk through a dimly lit metal hallway. *Damn. This Magneto guy must really like his metal.* "I am to take you to Magneto first, and then you can... get," he paused again.

"Settled in?" Rogue tried.

"Da. Settled in." Piotr said, with a wave of relief flooding over his face. He turned down a side hallway, and they continued to walk in silence until they reached a door at the end of the hallway. Piotr slowly opened the door. "Magneto? She is here."

"Lead her in." a voiced rumbled from within the room. Piotr opened the door completely allowing her to see the entire room. Rogue looked around, everything was made of entirely of metal, even the desk and the chairs. "Yes, you must be Rogue."

"An' ya thought Ah would be someone else?" Rogue questioned with a smirk prevalent on her lips for all of a second before it disappeared again into her impassive face.

Magneto seemed to stiffen slightly at that comment, but carried on as though he had never heard it. "Piotr, please put Rogue's bags in her room and then assemble the team in the common room." He said before turning back to Rogue. Piotr left silently out the door with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Please sit down. My contacts say you are the best at what you do, and I believe you will make a great asset to my team. Now, you will meet them shortly, however first I need to ask you some questions. For instance, in all my carefully done research" *Which Ah'm guessin' consisted o' ya beatin' the crap outta people.* "No one seems to know what your power is-"

"Heah is some info fo' ya Mags, Ah don't take kindly ta questions, an' ya will find out mah power soon enough, so until then, ya can just keep yoah mouth shut." Rogue stated calmly.

"Now you listen here girl..." Magneto hissed before he withered under the icy glare Rogue gave him.

"Nah, ya listen. Ah don't like no one talkin' down to me. Ah am heah under contract, so that means ya cain't treat me like one o' ya brainless lackeys. Ya will treat me with respect, or ya will get am up close an' personal view o' mah powers. An' trust me, that's only goin' ta be fun fo' one o' us. An' incase that helmet o' yoahs blocks the blood flow from ya brain, ya ain't gonna be the one havin' fun." Rogue said standing up.

Magneto wasn't used to having people talk back to him, in fact it had been years since anyone had enough nerve to even dared to do that. He smiled suddenly, "Yes I believe you will make a great asset to this team. Now lets go meet them before you retire to your room." He then motioned for Rogue to follow him as he walked out the door.

Rogue preceded to follow Mags down the hallway for several minutes before she asked, "So, the whole everythin' is made of metal, that's 'cause of yoah power, right?"

"Yes, and you know of my power?" he questioned her in return, not even glancing back as he continued to make his way down the hallway.

"Ah make it mah principle to know everythin' 'bout a person before Ah accept a job from them. Ah'm much like ya in that retrospect, 'cept Ah'm better at it than ya'll"

Magneto chose not to answer her, but instead finally made his way into a room on his left. Rogue studied the room. There was a small seating area on the left with a card table, as well as a couple of couches and a TV showing 'Rush Hour Two'. There were also scorch marks all over the walls and carpets. On the couch an orange hair boy yelled avidly at the screen, while a tanned auburn hair man with sunglasses sat chuckling at his antics. Piotr sat in the corner reading a book, and at the end of the room sat, well, what looked much like what Rogue believed Big Foot was actually like. He snarled randomly at the breeze running through the room, which was odd, since there were no windows. However, as soon as Magneto walked in the room, and jerked his head slightly, they all stood up and formed a line in front of a couch, even the breeze slowed down to show a skinny teenager with white hair. *Ain't they just such good little soldiers.*

"Rogue, I would like you to meet my son, Pietro, he has the ability to run at great speeds. He is also known as Quicksilver." Magneto stated pointing at the white haired boy. Pietro merely smiled arrogantly as though Rogue was already expect to know this. "The boy to his right is Piotr, codename Colossus, his entire body can be cover in an organic metal." Magneto continued, as Piotr gave Rogue a small nod. "The orange-haired boy is St. John, codename Pyro. He can control and manipulate the fire, but not create it." Magneto said with the scorn evident in his voice.

Pyro seemed to visibly deflate at Magneto's scorn, "Pleasure to meet you, love." Rogue just narrowed her eyes at him in response.

"The man on his right is," continued Magneto, "is Remy, codename Gambit. He is an exceptional thief, like yourself. He also has the power to charge potential energy into kinetic energy, which explodes on contact. Gambit is also an empathy."

Gambit walked right up to Rogue, "Pleased to meet you, chere." He said with a smirk, as he bent down and tried to kiss her gloved hand.

"Touch me and die Cajun." Rogue said, wiping the smirk off his face as she ripped her hand from his grip before his lips managed to touch her. Remy seemed surprise that Rogue could so easily write him off, but he sauntered back to his spot leaning against the couch, as Magneto continued on.

"And lastly, this is Sabertooth. He has a heighten sense of smell, a healing factor, and an impressive amount of strength. Everyone, this is Rogue." Magneto finished. *Didn't learn anythin' new there.*

Silence followed the end of Mags speech. The boys apparently were waiting to hear about what Rogue's power was. "So Rogue," Magneto said, breaking the silence, "what do you think of your new team?"

Rogue just looked up at Magneto and smirked. "Mags, yoah 'team' consists of a daddy's boy, a giant who can barely speak English, an insane pyromantic Aussie, an egotistical jackass-"

"Hey, that's not fair love, I'm not a jackass!" Pyro interjected.

"Make that an insane stupid pyromantic Aussie. An' lastly a giant pussy cat." There was all of two seconds worth of dead silence, before a snarl erupted from Sabertooth's mouth as he leaped towards Rogue.

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