"I think we should have a sleepover downstairs with movies and popcorn!" Paige yelled running down the stairs. Piper helped Prue move all the blankets downstairs while Penny got all the pillows. Paige and Phoebe we're in the kitchen making the popcorn and getting pop and chips, or in Penny's case, juice and chips. Penny wasn't aloud to have pop after 10:00 because she never goes to sleep if you let her have pop that late. Paige was getting a little better with that so Prue sometimes let her have an exception. "Prue come on! The movie is starting!" Penny said dragging Prue to the TV. Penny got situated on the sofa because if she slept on the floor she was the first one to get a stiff neck. Prue slept on the other sofa and Piper, Paige, and Phoebe slept on the floor all snuggled together. The next morning, Prue was up and at the table drinking her coffee, while Piper was making breakfast. The 3 little ones we're still sleeping from a wild night of pillow fights, tickling, and movies, pop, and popcorn. "Phoebe and Paige didn't fall asleep until about 3:00 in the morning!" Piper said. "How did you know?" Prue asked. "Because, when I woke up to go the bathroom they we're still giggling and talking and that was about 2:30 and when I woke up a little later about 3:10 they had just gone to sleep," Piper said. Prue and Piper heard screaming come from the other room, and they got up to see what was happening. They saw Penny propped up on Paige and Phoebe putting ice and water down their backs. "Penny Renee," Prue said laughing. Paige had sat up and swatting Penny on the butt. "Get off me!" Paige said. "Come on Pooh bear, let them sleep, they didn't go to bed until late," Prue said picking Penny up and taking her into the kitchen. Piper smiled at her sisters as they lay back down and went to sleep. 3 hours later, the girls we're at the mall hanging out. "Sisterly weekends are fun, but I'm hungry," Paige said smiling. "You're always hungry!" Phoebe said. "I know but I just really want to eat something, can we have lunch," Paige asked her hazel eyes wide. "No Paige, we just ate about an hour ago, just wait a little bit," Prue answered. Piper and Penny we're a little ways ahead of them so they had some catching up to do