After the mall, Prue let Penny take a nap while she, Phoebe, Piper, and Paige played a board game.

"I miss camp!" Paige said. "Yeah me too, I can't wait until next year," Phoebe replied. "Well, what

would you girls think if I told you we were going to take a vacation?" Prue asked. "I would be really

excited!" Paige answered quickly leaning on the table. "Well, then get excited cause were going on vacation! My work is providing us with a fully paid trip to the Bahamas!" the sisters began

screaming waking up the 6 year old sleeping in the next room. Prue went and got Penny and told

her what was going on, Penny was too tired to react at the moment but that didn't last long.

2 weeks later all 5 Halliwell's were being dropped off at the airport by Andy, Prue's long time

boyfriend. "Thanks for dropping us off Andy; I'll see you in 2 weeks!" Prue kissed Andy goodbye

and they headed for the gate. Penny and Paige raced to the door with Prue chasing after them telling them not to run in the airport, while Piper stayed behind with Phoebe trying to get her to stop

dragging behind. Once they were on the plane Prue sat with Phoebe and Paige and Piper sat with Phoebe right across from them. "Prue, how high are we going to go?" Penny asked. "All the way up

past the clouds," Prue answered. "Everybody knows that Penny," Paige snapped. "No, Paige, everybody doesn't know that," Prue tried to settle the fight. Penny stuck her tongue out at Paige who tried to reach over Prue to smack her sister. "Stop it right now!" Prue raised her voice a little,

causing Paige to sit back quickly. "Ladies and gentleman please prepare for take offยด" the flight attendant came over the loud speaker.

During the flight, Prue settled many arguments between Penny and Paige while Piper and Phoebe comfortably slept across the aisle. When they arrived in the Bahamas, Penny was fast asleep; Prue

carried the 6 year old off the plane with her sisters following. The hotel that the Magazine had

booked them was huge, "wow Prue, your office hooked us up," Phoebe said. "Yeah remind me to cook your boss a meal," Piper laughed.

"Well let's check in, what do you girls want to do after that?" Prue asked heading for the check in desk. Penny began to stir, she was now in Piper's arms, "Well Penny's awake so we can do anything we want," Piper replied.

"Let the fun begin!" Phoebe exclaimed.