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Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

Chapter 3:

InuYasha and Miroku to the Rescue!


"They were here," InuYasha said. "All three of em'." InuYasha was sniffing the ground where Kagome and Sango had been just moments before.

Miroku cast a worried look all over, looking for any trace of them.

Without warning, InuYasha began to cough.

"What's wrong?" Miroku asked. He took a step towards InuYasha.

"Don't come any closer!" InuYasha barked out, "The air is thick with the smell of poison powder, Sango's poison powder."

A trace of a smile returned to Miroku's face, "I should have known she'd try to fend him off, its just like her."

InuYasha stood up on his own two feet, sniffing the air. "Their scent carries up into the air," he said.

"So, Sesshomaru's plan all along was to abduct Sango and Kagome," Miroku said wisely.

InuYasha growled angerly, "I won't be able to follow the scent for very long, it keeps going up higher and higher."

"Perhaps we should go back for Kirara-" Miroku began.

"-Don't worry, I've got cha covered!" came a voice from the sky. Shippo began dessending towards them on Kirara. Strapped to her back were Kagome's bow and arrows and Sango's boomerang. "I thought Kagome and Sango would want these," the kitsune said.

"Good thinking, Shippo." Miroku said, climbing onto the cat demon.

"InuYasha, are you coming, Kagome and Sango are in serious danger!" Shippo called impatiently.

"I told you to stay with Kaede!" InuYasha half growled.

"Well, its a good thing I did come when I did!"

"Humf, whatever you say," InuYasha whined. Now he was getting on Kirara's back. As soon as he did, Kirara took off into the air. A bit too soon, I might add, for InuYasha began to slip off, "Dammit" he said, straightening himself correctly on the cat demon's back.

"Kirara's eager to go save her master, InuYasha," Shippo explained. "Its ok, Kirara, we'll get them back soon," Shippo said as he patted Kirara's side lovingly.

'Well, at least we're on our way now,' InuYasha thought, 'Hold on, Kagome.'


"Inu...Yasha..." Kagome muttered again as she came to four hours later. "Wh- Sango?" are you awake? Do you know where we are?" Sango didn't answer, she was still asleep.

"Awake are you, human?" Sesshomaru said softly. He looked at Sango, "She inhaled more of the sleeping gas than you, I saw to it."

"Why would you do that?" Sesshomaru rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, "Because, you stupid girl, she is injured."

"Huh?" 'Wait, he doesn't want her to feel pain, don't tell me he's gone soft?'

"Miroku..." Sango murmmered, "Miroku.."

"Though I am rather anoyed with her muttering the monk's name so often," Sesshomaru said. "So, she must be his wench then?" he stated, not asked.

"She is NOT his wench! And I'm not InuYasha's either! Though Miroku did propose to her- too bad he can't stop being such a hentai." Wait, what was she doing? She didn't have to explain anything to Sesshomaru, afterall, wasn't it HE who had just kidnapped them! 'That's it, I'm not saying another word to Sesshomaru,' Kagome thought.

All of a sudden, Sango let out a loud cough, and woke up. "Oh, my head," she murmmered. Then she clamped her eyes shut and bit hard on her lip.

Sesshomaru looked down on her for a moment, and then quickly raised his eyes back up ahead of him.

"Sango," Kagome began, "How's your arm?"

Sango was in such pain that she felt like yelling back, 'Well how do you think it feels, Kagome!' but she didn't. Instead she said, "I'll be fine."

"She lies," Sesshomaru said, his eyes again on Sango.

"I do not lie, unlike you, despicable demon!" she fired back quickly.

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, but he looked away again.

"Sango," Kagome began.

"Ahead" Sesshomaru said, knodding in the distance.

Kagome and Sango turned their heads just in time to see the outline of a white castle. It was at least 6 stories high, with four turrets, each with it's own red flag perched on top. It stood like a clear becon against the setting sun, which had turned everything surrounding them to pink. Kagome wasn't sure, but she thought she could make out a few balconies on the side of the castle.

"What is that?" Kagome burst out. She had completely forgot that she wasn't supposed to be talking to Sesshomaru.

"This?" he said, "this is where I reside."

"Wow," Kagome said softly.

Sango was just staring at the castle with a dreamy expression. 'How beautiful all this is,' she thought, 'Now if only Miroku were here to share it with me, it would be perfect. Instead, this devil incarnate youkai is trying to do harm to all of us...'

'I wish InuYasha could see this,' Kagome thought, 'oh yeah, he will be, very soon, and then he'll make sure that Sesshomaru pays for everything he did!'

Sesshomaru landed silently on the ground in front of the castle. "We traveled so slowly that even InuYasha will not be far behind," he said. Then he turned his head to Rin and Jaken, "Jaken, take Rin inside the castle and stay there with her."

"Bu-but, me lord, don't you want your faithful servent to help you in battle!"

"I am not in need of your now," he said in a very final tone.

Jaken sighed heavily, "Come, Rin, do as the master commands."

"Goodbye, see you later, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin said. She turned to face Kagome and Sango, who were now sitting on the grass, "And farewell to you as well!" she said. She bowed to all three of them and left with Jaken.

"Now that Rin has left, I may do this," Sesshomaru began. He untied Sango and lifted her on her feet.

"Hey you, put Sango down!" Kagome yelled.

"Silence." Sesshomaru said simply.

For a second, Sesshomaru and Sango's eyes met. Sango was afraid of what she saw staring back at her, a shallow, empty, emotionless shell. 'What is he going to do?'

Then his eyes rested on her injured shoulder. He braced Sango against him and then took hold of her dislocated arm. Without warning, he popped the arm back into place. Sango groaned slightly, but it did feel better now.

Sango looked back up at him, "Why did you do that?"

"I was tired of seeing you wince in pain whenever you thought no one was looking," he answered.

"Oh, well then, thank you for your concern," Sango said sarcastically.

"You should be thanking me."


Sesshomaru smiled in almost a sly manner, "As you wish," he said calmly. He let go of her and her knees buckled from beneath her, causing her to fall on the ground next to Kagome. "Sleeping gas temparally numbs the legs making walking or standing impossible," he said, looking down on the both of them.

Kagome was looking out onto the horizon as though she sensed something or someone coming.

"Why you son of a-" Sango began.

"Look!" Kagome yelled out. "There they are, Sango! Do you see them! Right there!" she pointed up above their heads.

Clearly visible, Sango could see InuYasha, Miroku and Shippo, all riding on Kiara's back. 'Miroku, you've come,' she thought, 'and you even got to see that beautiful sunset.'

Sesshomaru was still looking at the approching group when he said, "You will regain complete mobility in a few moments." He put his hand on the Tokijin, ready to strike.

"KAGOME!" InuYasha yelled out.

"INUYASHA!" Kagome returned his call.

InuYasha stood up on Kirara's back and jumped off, swinging the very sword that his brother coveted the most, ready to slice him in half. "YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, SESSHOMARU!" InuYasha roared.

Miroku jumped off too when Kirara got close enough to the ground. He too began to run at Sesshomaru as fast as he could.

In one swift movement, Sesshomaru unsheithed his Tokijin, and it met Inuyasha's fabled sword with a ear splintering clang.


"AND SANGO AS WELL!" Miroku yelled almost as loudly.

"Hit a nerve, have I?" Sesshomaru said calmly. "Well, it matters not, for you shall surely die this time!" he continued with an evil smile present on his face.


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