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Sesshomaru is Mine/Abbey


Sesshomaru's Red Eyes

Chapter 31:

The Con-Artist

And the Red-Eyed Battle


"You and I carry this burden, this curse, my daughter. We are what we are, and because of that, we are meant to be solitary creatures. We were never designed to intermix with other beings. The result would only hurt them. You know this to be the truth, because of my past experiences."

"Sensei, I understand your logic, but you and I are not the same. I am different from you, and you from me. How can you possibly say that I will make the same mistakes?"

Battousi spoke in barely a whisper, but he knew that she would hear, "Did you ever tell the kitsune there is a monster dormant within you, waiting to be unleashed, just as there is for me?"

Mina lowered her head. It was true, if she became angry enough, she could change into a red-eyed monster, like what her father had been before gaining his heart. She would lose her heart as well, until she changed back.

"Your silence does little for my reassurance. Never forget, Mina, we are the condemned. At one time or another in your life, you will change. It is inevitable. For the greater good, efface all thoughts of the kitsune."

The little girl gasped. Shippou was so special to her, and now he was telling her to forget her feelings towards him? Now that she had become so mature, so too, had she become quite attached to the little fox. No, no way she could do that, not now, or ever. Then she read his mind. "I see. But that isn't even your major reason for telling me this, is it, Sensei? You think Shippou is too weak! You couldn't be more wrong!"

"So you say that you want to sign your whole life away…to the kitsune?"

Mina smiled, "I seem to remember a red-eyed dog youkai who fell in love with a human." Battousi sighed deeply out of frustration. "Sensei, I understand that your only wish is for me to have security, but you must try to understand that I'm strong enough to fend for myself. I know it may sound a bit feminist, but with these abilities I've inherited from you, I don't need a man to protect me."

Battousi bent down to his knees, so he was eye level with her. She nodded, and hugged him around the neck, burying her face into his collarbone. He lifted her up, hugging her back. "I shall think about it," he whispered.

"Arigatou, Sensei."

"But for now, I feel a notable presence just outside the barrier that I must verify."

"Come to think of it, I did feel a twinge for a second not that long ago."

"Before I go, I'll make a deal with you." Mina listened eagerly. "If you are good and do what I require of you, I shall allow you to mate with whomever you wish."

"But what if I'm…not good?"

"That won't happen, now will it?" She shook her head. "Good." After kissing his daughter on the forehead, and putting her down, departed.


Sango was worried. Rin had a nasty fever, and Sesshomaru wasn't back yet. She, Miroku, and Kagome were doing all they could to keep her comfortable, but she still insisted on seeing the Taiyoukai. Sango was reluctantly allowing InuYasha to look after Toshiro and Sakura. Every time Kagome came back from spying on him, though, she said he was doing a good job. After all, it would be good practice for him. Sango dabbed Rin's feverish forehead.

"Okaa-chan, where's Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked weakly.

"He'll be here, Rin," the taijiya answered soothingly, "Just concentrate on getting better right now, okay? Maybe…take a nap?"

Rin nodded, "Hai, Okaa-chan." She closed her eyes.

"You two can go get something to eat, I'll watch over her," she informed Kagome and Miroku.

"Are you certain, Sango?" Miroku asked.

"It'll be fine," she repeated.

"Well, if you're sure," Kagome said. She and Miroku left the room.


"There is a presence here," Battousi concluded. He was able to teleport beyond the barrier, for he had been one of the demons who added their power into it. He walked through the trees, whose branches were quivering from the light breeze. "It is futile to hide from me," he said, "Not only can I smell and hear you, but I can read your thoughts."

"That demon looks powerful. I wonder if he'll kill me on slight." The other demon giggled softly, "He's cute though." The branch she was standing on began to crack… "Oh-nooo!" The demon fell to the ground. "Ouch." She stood up and brushed herself off.

"Are you injured further?" Battousi asked.

"Further?…Oh." She looked down. 'He must have smelled the blood from this previous wound.' She answered him, "No, I don't think so." Her left shoulder to half way up her neck were covered in deep, bloody gashes. They looked a little like bite marks, and were bleeding profusely.

"How did you manage to climb a tree in such a condition?"

She was a fox demon with dark red hair that had two fox ears sticking out of it and bright, green eyes that were almond-shaped. Her skin was very pale, but she still had rosy cheeks. Her hair was tied back in a long braid that went down her back. She leaned up against the tree she fell from for support, "I could feel something powerful coming, so I followed my instincts and hid. I am in no condition to fight, especially with the presence I sensed feeling so ominous."

"You do all you can to stay alive."

"That's right. I'm not about to let anyone, or anything bring me down."

Battousi looked away, "You remind me of someone," he whispered.

"Who's that? Your mate?"

He turned his head to look directly at her. "I have no mate." There was a slightly cold bite to the way he said it.

"You've got to be joking. I just assumed from looking at you that you-" she stopped talking, blushing slightly. "My name is Lita," she concluded, not knowing what else to say in her embarrassment.

He lowered his head in respect, "I am Battousi."

"You-you're Battousi-sama?" Lita stuttered. She moved away a little bit.

"I see you have heard my name before."

"I've heard…rumors," she said fearfully, "I've heard that you killed the lords of the north and south, and that your name fits your personality." She gave off the air of an animal backed into a corner by a hunter. "Is that true?"

Battousi looked thoughtful, "I have not killed since…" He put a hand to his heart.

"Wait a second," Lita said, eyes narrowed, "You can't be him, because I heard he had red eyes."

"That once was the truth. Now, I have undergone a transformation of sorts."

Lita went up to him and squinted as she looked into his eyes, "Well, you do have some red in your eyes, just a little bit. Eh-" she blushed and took a few steps back. She cleared her throat loudly, "Gomen-nasai."

"There is no need to apologize."

"You couldn't be him," Lita decided.

"You think so, do you?"

"Well, of course. Battousi is…cruel and heartless."

"Yes, that I was, literally in fact."



"But-this is Sesshomaru-sama's land. You-I mean Battousi-sama, hates Sesshomaru-sama. Why would he be so close to his rival's castle?"

The man-slayer smirked, "I have never met one who disbelieves so much before. As for Sesshomaru, he is not a rival of mine."

She crossed her arms in defiance, immediately wincing a bit from the pain in her injured shoulder and neck, "Give me one good reason why I should believe that you're the Battousi."

He looked at her thoughtfully, "I have no need…to lie."

'Oh, he's good,' she thought, 'But I'll do him one better.'"You seem to have lost a generous amount of blood. I shall take you to rest." He politely held out his arm for her to take hold of, to escort her.

"That's very kind of you," she said, smiling weakly. Out of nowhere, she fainted. Battousi caught her.

'She wishes to fool me? I cannot be fooled, however, I shall play along.'

Lita "miraculously" came to. When she did, she blushed slightly from being in Battousi's arms, "Thank you, Battousi-sama." She fluttered her eyelashes, obviously acting."Thanks are not necessary, Lita, as long as you are sound of health." He half smiled, enjoying this little game of cat and mouse. "Are you capable of walking on your own?"

"My, what a gentleman, you mean to say that if I was not, you would carry me there yourself?"


Lita smiled mischievously again. "I am able to walk just fine, thank you." She took hold of his arm, "Lead the way, my lord."


"Mina, are you in here?" Shippou called as he peeped his head through the open library doors. He saw her sitting down at Sesshomaru's desk. One book was open in front of her, and several more were stacked to the side. Shippou gave a small sigh."Hey, Shippou," Mina said, sounding wiped out.

The kitsune was obviously concerned, "Mina, why do you always have to do that?"

She looked at him wearily, "Does it displease you?"

"Well, you just look so tired from it, that's all. I mean, don't you ever just want to go outside and play, you know, like kids do?"

"Of course I do, Shippou, but I just wish to make a name for myself, that's all."

"I think you already have, to me at least. Besides, you're just a kid, like me, and we've got plenty of time."

She smiled, "I'm happy that you think that way about me, but you just don't get it. I'm living in the overpowering shadow of my father. I want to be able to do great things too. That's why I've been studying sorcery."

"But you should concentrate on being happy." He held out his hand for her, "Come on, it's high time you got a break in. Save some time for fun in your life."

Mina blushed a little as she put her hand in his, "All right, I place myself in your capable hands, Shippou."

The two chased each other around the castle for a little while before stopping in the room that had the pit in it. They jumped down onto its fluffy pillows, and eventually had a pillow fight. Mina pretended to be knocked out by one of Shippou's hits, and when he came over to her, looking worried, she pulled him down onto the ground with her. He accidentally fell on top of her, and they landed nose-to-nose. Mina blushed and pushed him down, so she was on top of him.

"No fair," Shippou whined.

Mina responded with a smile. Her steel-gray hair brushed against his face as she bent down… "Shippou," she whispered on his lips before kissing him gently. The both of them blushed as they rubbed noses.'It's just like that dream I had, exactly like it,' Shippou thought. They hugged each other, and Mina rested her head against his chest. Shippou twitched a little, nervous at what he was trying to get the courage to say, "Mi-Mina?"

"Um-hmm?" She nuzzled into his chest.

"When we grow up, will you-will you…um, be my mate?" They both blushed at the question.

Mina lifted her head and smiled at him, "Of course I will." She rested her head on his chest again and whispered, "I love you, Shippou."

"Really?" he asked. Mina nodded. "Well, I love you too." They gave each other a big hug. "It's settled then," Shippou concluded, "When we're thirteen, we'll mate, okay?"

"Okay," she agreed, "I wish it wasn't so long away though."

"Yeah, three years will be a long time, won't it? But we'll make it."

"Uh-huh," Mina agreed, as Shippou's stomach gave a loud growl.

The kitsune's ears went red with embarrassment, "Heh, heh, I guess I must be hungry."

"Come on," she said with a smile as she pulled him up.


"Rest," Battousi stated bluntly as he pulled the covers over Lita and her newly-bandaged wounds. Food lay before her, and she ate it gratefully.

"Thank you." Lita paused for a second, not wanting to sound rude but deciding to say it anyway, "You know, this just confirms even more that you aren't Battousi, but if you want me to call you that, I shall, Battousi-sama." She smiled at him, "Not too many people would take pity on someone just because they are injured. You're very kind." With that, she drew her attention once again to her meal, eating quietly.

Battousi looked down, transfixed, staring at the pattern and texture of the sheets. He sat on the edge of the bed, his mind wandering in deep contemplation. 'Have I really become so weak? So trusting? Why do I suddenly feel the need to protect every creature that crosses my path? This cannot be part of having a real heart.'

Lita put a hand to Battousi's shoulder, knocking him out of his thoughts, "Are you alright?" she asked him, a little concerned. He nodded in response. "So," she started, "you said you didn't have a mate. That's strange."

"I have grown accustomed to it by now."

"No one has come to you and offered?"

"Why does it sound so peculiar to you?" He tilted his head in what, for him, seemed like a curious manner.

Lita bit her lip uncomfortably. "You are too sweet," she said, avoiding the question. Battousi found what she said to be quite comical, for he gave her one of his odd little half smiles. 'He's just asking to be taken advantage of,' Lita thought. There was a simple, quiet sadness about this demon, a sort of mournfulness that gave him an appeal. She could tell that he possessed a great deal of strength, not to mention poise and determination. He seemed very protective, genuine. 'He's certainly not the type of man that I would fall into the arms of,' she considered. But there was a pull, that much was for sure. A pull…to be near him.

Battousi stood up and walked over to a large wardrobe, where he pulled out a kimono. He sat it before Lita. "You must be cleaned up if you are to come with me when I go before my brother."

"Your brother?" Lita repeated puzzlingly, "Your broth- oh no." She cleared her throat nervously, "By brother, you don't mean-"

"-Sesshomaru? Hai, I do. He will want to know why I invited an outsider to come into his home. This is a storm I must weather."

"I'm so sorry," Lita began, "If I would've known that this would get you into trouble with Sesshomaru-sama-"

"-Be calm, Lita. Your fears are fruitless, he cannot harm me."

"Truly, Battousi-sama," Lita said softly, "You are that strong?"

Battousi opened the door. He stepped outside, and with his back to her, stated, "You have no idea." He closed the door and wondered with despair, 'As long as I am in this form. As long as I do not change…red eyes…my damnation.'

Suddenly, like several flashes at once, visions came to the man-slayer, one right after the other. It was so overwhelming, it surly would've brought most to their knees. Battousi's feet, however, remained firmly planted on the ground as these premonitions came to him, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head…

…Mina, his own flesh and blood, being thrown into a wall by none other than himself, as his eyes flashed an angry red…

…Sango's sobs and yells of, "No! That's not true!" as he taunted her…

…Kagome choking out, "Battousi, it wasn't supposed to be like this, not now," before she slipped from consciousness…

…Of himself, outside in the forest, softly whispering a name into the night, "Kuro..."

…And of Naraku, cackling with glee, "She's mine," followed by a sharp gasp of surprise. It sounded like the woman of whom Naraku was speaking…


Battousi's head felt like it was splitting in two as he tried to regain his composure. He shook it off as Lita opened the door. The two made their way down to the main entrance hall, with its high ceilings and polished floors, to meet Sesshomaru. There was silence the whole way there. Lita must have felt nervous. Nervous, yes, that was the word indeed.


Sesshomaru did not come in through the entrance hall. He went straight to see Rin, for he could smell the soft air of sickness mingled with the scent of his beloved charge.

Sango was at Rin's bedside, holding her hand and gently running her thumb over Rin's palm. "Sango," the Taiyoukai whispered, "Is she well?" He said it in his usual emotioness voice, but Sango, having a sort of quiet understanding with him, could tell that Sesshomaru was worried.

She looked up at him, smiling comfortingly, "Her fever is going down, and she's able to keep down a little bit of food. She's just tired, so I believe the worst of it is over. And," she continued, "if you're worried about Sakura and Toshi," she paused here, growing very fond of her new nickname for her son, "Miroku, InuYasha, and Kagome are watching them. I suspect that they too are fast asleep."

'It is unnerving how well this woman knows me,' Sesshomaru considered mentally. He sat down on the side of the bed, next to Sango. He put a hand to her shoulder, and Sango took that as a clue. She obliged him, and leaned back into his chest. Sesshomaru lowered his head slightly so that his cheek touched the hair at the back of her head. From there, he drank her in, softly inhaling her scent, calming himself.

"You seemed frustrated when you first came in," Sango pointed out, "Was your journey successful?"

"It was an uneventful experience, yes. Neglect of one's responsibilities is something that I cannot stand."

"But I gather you got your point across nonetheless."


Sango tried to sit up a little more, and he tightened his grip on her. "I told Rin I would wake her up when you returned," she explained.

"Let her rest," he breathed in her ear calmly.

She turned around slightly in his arms, and gave him a soft kiss, "I have to wake her up, Sesshomaru, I promised her I would." The Taiyoukai gave a soft little sigh of annoyance. "Arigatou," Sango said with a smile.

Sango stood up and bent over Rin, giving her a kiss on the forehead, "Rin, Otou-sama is here." Because Sango's back was to him, Sesshomaru took that opportunity to smile a little at what Sango had just said.

"Otou-sama?" Rin groaned groggily, "Sesshomaru-sama?" She sat up and rubbed her eyes with her fists.

"Hai, Rin, he's come to see you."

Rin scooted over to where Sesshomaru had been sitting in silence, and held her arms up, a sign that she wanted him to hold her. "Konnichiwa, Sesshomaru-sama!" she bellowed loudly, more like her old self.

"Rin." Sesshomaru allowed her to wrap her arms around his neck, and he held her gently as Sango looked on, smiling to herself.

"Okaa-chan has been taking really good care of me, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin said, matter-of-factly. "But I missed you a lot, Sesshomaru-sama."

"She kept calling for you," Sango clarified.

"I see…"

"But you're here now, Sesshomaru-sama, so Rin, I mean I-am happy again." Her cheeks were rosy from the slight fever that was still in her system, but Rin gave Sesshomaru one of her usual toothy grins, like always. "Oh," Rin said, remembering something, "Toshi-ototochan might walk soon, Sesshomaru-sama! He keeps trying, and he can stand up on his own. But Sakura-imoutochan has a harder time."

"Those two," Sango stated wistfully, "they're such rivals; they're always competing with each other."

"That is something I have noticed as well," Sesshomaru agreed. Then, he went stiff, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Sango's eyebrows rose as if to question him silently. Sesshomaru nodded at her, confirming that something was wrong.

Just then, Jaken came in, grin in place, "Sesshomaru-sama, you've returned once again! How was your journey, my master?" He bowed, nearly touching the floor.

"I want to come with you," Sango shot at Sesshomaru.

He nodded, "Jaken, stay with Rin." He stood up and walked to the door, Sango at his side.

"Wha? You're leaving me in charge of her once again!" he croaked.

"Jaken, do not complain," Sesshomaru stated in a finalizing sort of way.

Jaken held his head down, "Yes, Sir."

"See you later, Rin. Make sure you continue to get rest," Sango said.

"Bye, Sesshomaru-sama, bye Okaa-chan!" Rin yelled and waved at them.


Battousi knew that Sesshomaru and Sango were going to come to him, so he and Lita waited patiently in the entrance hall. 'What is Sesshomaru-sama going to do to me?' Lita thought desperately, 'And is Battousi-sama really as strong as he claims to be?'

Battousi looked at her, and held out his hand to her. She put her hand in his, slightly confused. "Quiet your mind, Lita. There is no need to fear any longer. I can assure you that I am as formidable as I boast. Especially…when I have something to protect." He took his hand away and looked towards the door he was sure Sesshomaru would enter through.

Lita was on the verge of tears, "You killed Yukio-sama, didn't you, Battousi-sama?"

"I did," he confirmed. He had indeed killed the lord of the South, the land in which his daughter would inherit.

"They thought I was spying for you, so you could kill Yukio-sama-his followers I mean. They did this to me." She motioned to her wound that had been bandaged. "You see, Yukio-sama, he used me as a…" She trailed off so her voice would break no further. Tears silently fell from her eyes and slid down her cheeks.

"I know already," Battousi said softly. He pulled her into a comforting embrace. "You are so keen on taking advantage of others, that you forget to realize…that it was you who was taken advantage of most of all."

"Battousi, you disgust me further still, if that is even possible."

Smiling slightly, Battousi let go of Lita, and faced Sesshomaru. Sango was there too, as he predicted she would be, clothed in her traditional taijiya garments. "Hello, Brother."

Just then, Kagome, InuYasha, and Miroku entered the room. They got one of the other servants to stay with Toshiro and Sakura. "Damn it, Battousi, you really piss me off! And who the hell is that!"

Lita had a small smile on her face. Never had she been in a room that had so many attractive men in it at once. "My name's Lita, but you can call me whatever you want, Cutie Pie." She had obviously shaken off the fact that she had been crying moments before, and decided to put up her usual front once again.

InuYasha blushed slightly, causing Kagome to glare at him. Miroku was looking over at Sango, smiling slightly because she had that old determined look on her face that he remembered all too well.

Lita smirked at this, "What's wrong, Monk? You got the hots for that demon slayer or something?"

Sesshomaru's cool composure faltered. His hands balled into fists, his nails digging into his palms. He took a step forward, towards Battousi and Lita. Sango put a calming hand to his shoulder, "Don't let it get to you," she whispered.

"Oh, now I see," Lita said knowingly, "Hopping back and forth between a Taiyoukai and a Houshi, are you, Taijiya? Not bad, for the looks of you, that is."

Sango didn't even wait to speak. She charged at Lita, Hiraikotsu held high above her head-

BANG! The taijiya had been knocked back by a barrier that Battousi put up at the last second. Miroku caught her before she hit the floor, because he was closer. "Are you alright?" he asked worriedly.

"Just fine," she hissed out through clenched teeth.

Lita felt like continuing after seeing how powerful Battousi's barrier was, "And you," she said, pointing at Kagome, "What are you wearing? You must be the whore of the castle, am I right?"

"Hey! Who are you to judge anyways! Battousi, why are you protecting her!" Kagome yelled out.

InuYasha, however, was a little bit angrier than Kagome was. He unsheathed Tetsusaiga, brandishing it in front of him. "Care to say something else about my mate, Wench? I haven't sharpened my blade on someone in a long time!"

"InuYasha!" Kagome scolded.

"Stay out of this, Kagome!"

The Miko sighed exasperatedly. "Osuwari," she muttered, sending InuYasha on a crash course with the floor. It cracked a little bit on impact.

Battousi looked at Sesshomaru, who stared at him back. "You wish to fight me, Brother? No, it's not even a question. Good." With no further ado, Battousi charged at Sesshomaru, constantly teleporting to change his position. Sesshomaru drew Tokijin.

Lita looked worried. Though a little bit of her worry was for Battousi, most of it was for herself. It was only a matter of time before one of them came up to her and challenged her. She had to admit, she was a horrible fighter. The only one of them she thought she'd have a chance at defeating was the girl wearing the ridiculously short outfit.

A red barrier came around Sesshomaru and Battousi. Kagome was hugging InuYasha to keep him from trying to attack the barrier, and Battousi spotted it. "That's right, Battousi," Sesshomaru uttered, "That wench loves InuYasha dearly, doesn't she?"

Something snapped in Battousi. He could feel his eyes flash from gold to red for a moment. 'No, I cannot lose control! I cannot change into that again!'

"You were a mind spirit, Battousi, and you still are nothing more than that. You may have a "heart" as you call it, but you have no soul. You are worthless, power-hungry, and most of all-unloved!"

"Sesshomaru, no!" Kagome yelled. The barrier must have been sound-proof, for the two demons inside made no indication that they heard her shouts.

"Good," Battousi growled out, "This Battousi has no need for love!" His entire body glowed red, and when it had stopped, and he opened his eyes, they were red as well. Then, Sesshomaru felt himself being thrown from the barrier, but strangely, he stopped in mid-air before hitting the wall. Battousi had taken down his barrier, and he smiled evilly at them all.

Lita cringed, "You really are the Battousi."

"Yes," he breathed out in a hiss. His eyes swept through the room. He growled softly. "Daughter…you dare to interfere?"

"I do dare," answered Mina's voice, though she was nowhere to be seen.

"Come out," Battousi commanded angrily.

"How could you, Sensei? This woman who you are protecting, she is bad. She wishes to trick us all, and she has you fooled."

"I cannot be fooled! I will not tell you again, come out. Do not make me come looking for you." Mina appeared in front of Battousi, a look of fear in her eyes. "Sensei," she bowed her head in respect."Dig a little deeper, Mina."

"I refuse to pry into other's minds as you do!" Mina retorted defensively.

Battousi let out a laugh that made Sango wince and Kagome shudder, "Oh, Daughter, you have no idea. The release, it feels wonderful to be heartless again."

"How dare you say that! It's a betrayal to your true self! Where is my father! Bring him back!"

"Mina!" InuYasha yelled. He began to run at her. He had a horrible sickening feeling that Battousi was going to attack her-

"No!" Mina shot red light at InuYasha, repelling him off a barrier like Battousi had done when Sango charged at Lita. "Don't get yourself hurt, InuYasha!"

"INUYASHA!" Battousi roared, "Always InuYasha!" Battousi's energy whip cut Mina across the collarbone.

"Battousi, stop, please stop!" Kagome yelled, tears streaking down her face.

"Feel release from your pain, Daughter! You don't need anyone as of this moment!"

BAM! Mina was slammed against the wall, and fell to the floor with a sickening plop. Somewhere far away, Naraku was watching the entire scene unfold, looking deep into Kanna's mirror. He laughed cruelly, thoroughly enjoying himself.

Mina sort of drifted back to her feet, and stared back at her father with empty pool of eyes…red eyes. "You shall pay for this scar," she hissed, pointing to her bleeding clavicle. "And you were correct, I love this release." She began to teleport randomly all over the room. Her tiny body allowed for great speed, for she was barely visible at one location before she switched to another. Sesshomaru and InuYasha were each trying to keep Sango and Kagome behind them, to protect them. Red sparks flew from both father and daughter's bodies as they fought each other. Mina managed to slash the armor on Battousi's chest into two pieces, and it fell from his body. She also made a small cut, running just below Battousi's lower lip. She, however, was much more beaten up. More than anything, Battousi had repeatedly threw her against the wall. A small bit of blood trailed from the girl's mouth.

"No! Stop it, both of you!" Kagome screamed. She finally got away from InuYasha by sitting him, and she was running…eventually ending up right in between Battousi and Mina. "Don't do this!"

Battousi smiled, revealing a fang, "I cannot attack you, Kagome," he admitted.

"Nor can I," Mina agreed.

Battousi, still smiling, faded away…

Kagome let out a sigh of relief. Mina changed back to her usual self immediately. Kagome wrapped her arms around her, "Come on, we've got to get you bandaged up."

"I'm fine."

"Mina," Kagome coaxed.

The little girl looked down, defeated, "As you wish."

"That fox demon," Miroku whispered to Sango in an undertone, "The one that Battousi was protecting, she left while those two were fighting."

"I hope I never see anything like that again," Sango said, obviously greatly bothered.


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