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As the sun rose slowly over the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado; the forests sparkled with the freshly settled morning dew, as if sprinkled with diamond dust. The small town of South Park, nestled amongst those very trees, began to come to life. The sun, having cast small shadows in the hamlet's every nook and cranny, continued it's journey skywards. A nearby rooster, awakened, cried out.

Sunrise. A routine and ordinary spectacle that, somehow, always managed to induce an amorous feeling. Many couples, for whatever reason, enjoyed to watch the sunrise together. One such couple was Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger who, for the first time ever, shared the moment - an overblown romantic gesture of Stan's own conjuration.

Stan was a pretty ordinary kid. He had an average build; with short, jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a brown jacket (with red trimmings), a pair of red gloves and blue jeans. During his time in South Park Elementary School, Stan was the captain of the South Park Cows baseball and football teams. Since then, he'd grown out of sport, and so quit the teams. He lived with his parents, Randy and Sharon, and his violent sister, Shelly. Stan's grandfather used to live with them, but died several months ago. After his death, only Wendy had been there for Stan; to comfort and console him when he was down in the dumps.

Wendy was Stan's girlfriend. She was a very attractive girl; with long, straight, jet-black hair and deep, green eyes. She was wearing a purple beret, pink coat (with dark purple trimmings), a pair of fuzzy, dark purple gloves and yellow trousers. Wendy was amongst the brightest kids in South Park, only realistically rivalled by a small few. Because of her academic success, and her responsible personality, she had held many important positions in South Park High. Wendy lived with her mother.

Stan and Wendy had a very special relationship. Even after so long together, the pair were still frantically in love; and found it incredibly difficult to keep their hands off one another. They shared just about everything, and spent most of their time together. Even when they were apart, they were always on each other's mind. Stan's entire world revolved around Wendy, as her world did around Stan. Some people call it 'true love'.

The two were sitting atop a shallow hill, barely overlooking South Park; surrounded by blossoming trees and fallen petals, which had settled on the grass like small, pink snowdrops. The sun, and the peaks over which it rose, were clearly visible in the distance. It was a picturesque scene, and it drew a sweet smile from Wendy. She sighed.

"Wow… it's so beautiful…" She spoke softly; her velvety voice, like a harmonious melody, grabbed Stan's attention and roused a besotted smile.

"Yeah…" Stan agreed, though he hadn't really been paying much attention to the sunrise. For quite some time now, he'd been gazing at Wendy.

At that very moment, a gentle summer breeze floated by and ruffled Wendy's hair playfully. She smiled, and adjusted her hair and beret. Watching her, Stan smiled from ear-to-ear and, from the outside, his heart appeared to melt. Wendy noticed this, and blushed lightly.

"Stan!" She exclaimed, still blushing. "You're supposed to be watching the sunrise, remember?"

"Huh?" Stan shook his head furiously, as if to prise his mind from it's blissful state. "I'm sorry about that." Wendy smiled, and then Stan's own smile returned. "It's really weird…" He said, gazing at the sun. Wendy looked at him, then at the sun; a little bemused.

"What is?" She asked. Stan shook his head.

"We are. I mean, our final year in High School begins today. This'll be our ninth year together." Wendy smiled, as the sweet song of the lark drifted down from the blossoming heavens hanging above them.

"Yeah, that's right. We've been through a lot together, haven't we?" She asked, though it was more of a prompt for conversation, or something more, than an actual question. Stan nodded.

"Yeah. You get people saying, 'childhood relationships never last - they just falter after a little while'. But we've been together for nine years, and we seem to be doing fine, don't we?" Stan asked, looking at Wendy. She leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek. The kiss was short, sweet and, like an entrée, it wet their appetites… suddenly, it wasn't really enough.

Stan and Wendy, staring into each other's eyes, moved together and locked lips. They kissed passionately, embracing each other; their bodies gripped by an electrifying sensation - the same the sensation the two felt every time they made-out. It felt great, and it alone was reason enough for them to kiss as often as they did.

After what seemed like forever, Stan and Wendy pulled away, just barely satisfied. Stan smiled widely, gazing dreamily into Wendy's deep emerald eyes - they sparkled like a star-spangled summer night's sky.

"Yep - we're doing just fine," Wendy said, grinning. This was obviously an understatement - the two were, and had always been, perfect together. Stan smiled widely, and lay back; gazing up at the flowering trees overhead. The sun's rays shone mildly through the cocktail of colourful leaves and petals, bathing the pair in a warm light. After a few seconds, Stan sat back up. The occasion, magical, gently drew the words from him…

"I love you, Wendy," Stan cooed softly; almost mechanically, but certainly whole-heartedly. Wendy smiled, and rested her head on Stan's shoulder. Stan put his arm around her, and began playing with her long, silky hair absentmindedly. It shimmered under the growing light of the sun, which was slowly soaring skywards.

"I love you, too, Stan." Wendy replied; her voice was as pleasant as the kiss that they'd shared only moments earlier, and as wonderful as the tender vibes in the crisp mountain air. The closing moments of the sunrise were upon the young couple, and another day in South Park loomed on the burning bronze horizon…


Elsewhere in South Park; a boy, around Stan's age, was lying in bed. He had a very similar build to Stan, though he seemed a little taller. A mop of deep, auburn hair rested on his head, almost covering his bottle green eyes. He was Kyle Brovlofski - Stan's best friend, and one quarter of South Park's Jewish community (the other three quarters being his parents and younger brother).

Kyle's bedroom was just like that of any other boy his age. It was dimly lit, as dark curtains were blocking out the sunlight like a thick fog. Unclean clothes, old magazines, school books and general rubbish littered the room, making it appear like a miniature city dump. A small alarm clock sat on Kyle's bedroom table; it read '7:44 AM'…

Suddenly, the clock began to ring, now reading '7:45 AM'. Kyle grunted, his arm flaying out and knocking the clock from the table. As it hit the floor with a crash, a battery popped out of the back, and the ringing ceased. With that, Kyle bolted upright.

"Shit!" He exclaimed, his widened, heavy eyes focussing on a small calendar, hanging up on the wall at the foot of his bed. Kyle shot out of his bed, and darted to the calendar to take a closer look. His tired eyes scanned it and, yes, it was the first day of the new school term. Kyle groaned, and slouched onto the floor. "Son of a bitch."

The transition between the lengthy holidays and the even-lengthier school term was always difficult - especially when you were attending South Park High. It was a pretty fucked-up school; the teachers were crazy, the principal was crazier and, well, it…

"Really sucks," Kyle groaned aloud; lifting his head for a moment or two, as if to call out to the whole of the town. Just then, Kyle heard footsteps as someone approached his room.

"Kyle," a voice cried, "it's nearly time for school! Get up and get ready!" It was Kyle's mother, Sheila. Kyle sighed.

"Okay, ma!" He called back, half-heartedly. As he heard his mom descending the stairs, Kyle hauled himself to his feet, and trudged across his room to his wardrobe. Yawning, he slid the door open and gazed wearily inside. With very little thought, he fished out his usual attire - an orange jacket (with light green trimmings) and a pair of dark green trousers. Kyle leaned further into the wardrobe, and rummaged through his clothes to find, and grab, a white towel. Slinging his clothes and towel over his shoulder, Kyle slid the wardrobe door shut. He walked slowly across the room, and reached for the doorknob of his bedroom door.

Kyle shielded his eyes, which were accustomed to the dim light of his bedroom, as he stepped out into the upstairs hallway. It was well-lit, and the sun shone brightly through the window. Kyle groaned, closing his bedroom door behind him. He trundled, still half-asleep, across the sea green hallway towards the bathroom, which was virtually adjacent to his own room. As he reached for the knob and turned it, Kyle lost his balance and stumbled inside. Disorientated, he turned and closed the bathroom door, locking it. He hung his clothes up on a nearby peg, and leaned over to switch the shower on. He undressed quickly, and stepped into the shower. Kyle sighed, allowing the warm water to cleanse his body and his mind; clearing his head of any thoughts of High School… for the moment, at least.

After showering, Kyle dressed and headed downstairs; feeling a little better. A stream of black smoke drifted out of the kitchen like charcoal fog, and Kyle could hear Sheila shouting frantically. The usual chaos and disorder. He chuckled to himself and pushed the kitchen door ajar, walking inside. His mother was rushing about, trying to extinguish a burning bagel. She was quite short and chunky, with a bun of auburn hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white shirt under a dark blue jacket, and a dark red skirt.

"Good morning, ma," Kyle said, smiling. His mother took a quick look at him and smiled back, still trying to distinguish the bagel.

"Hello, bubby," she said, quickly and unenthusiastically. Kyle sat down at the table, opposite his father. Gerald was quite a tall man, with brown (but greying) hair and a matching full beard. He was wearing a dark blue shirt under a pale green jacket, a pair of dark green trousers and a pink skullcap. Gerald was a lawyer and, though he wasn't particularly good, he was probably the only one in South Park; so he got a lot of business. He was reading the 'South Park Times', paying very little attention to Sheila and her attempts to stop the house going up in flames.

"So," Kyle began, "what's for breakfast?" Sheila sighed and looked up at him, as she finally doused the burning bread.

"I was baking bagels," she began, suddenly looking angry. "But SOMEONE didn't keep an eye on them!" She glared at Gerald, who looked up and shrugged dismissively. "So you'll have to make do with cereal." Kyle groaned, stood up and trudged across the kitchen to the cupboard. Opening it, he saw that it was empty. He groaned again.

"Ma," he moaned, "Ike's eaten all of the cereal again." Just then, Ike came into the room. He was Kyle's younger brother, but he was adopted and originally from Canada. He was short for his age, with a small mat of black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing his pyjamas; which were sky blue.

"I did not!" Ike protested angrily, though seemingly only half-awake. Kyle sighed.

"Okay, okay! I don't care who's eaten the cereal," he said, avoiding an unnecessary argument with his brother. He looked up at the clock, and gasped. It read '8:30 AM' - the school bus would arrive in twenty minutes. "I've gotta go to school," Kyle said. He quickly put on his light green hat (with dark green trimmings), picked up his light green gloves and gave Sheila a quick kiss. "See you later!" Kyle called, hurrying out of the house.

Kyle stepped out into the street, and the weather hit him instantly - as if he'd ran into a frozen wall of ice. It was snowing heavily, and the roads and sidewalks were hidden beneath a thick white blanket. A frosty wind roared past Kyle, almost blowing his hat from his head. He shuddered, slipping on his gloves, and started off down the street; the snow crunching beneath his heavy hiking boots.

The bus-stop wasn't too far away; ten minutes, or so. Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny had met there everyday since they were eight. And everyday, they'd take the bus to school together. Some things never changed, and this practice was one of them. Hell, even the driver, Ms Crabtree, had yet to call it a day!

Kyle continued on down the street, turning swiftly at the corner to the left. Ahead of him was a long lane, bordered on either side by clusters of snow-laden ferns. Kyle took a bite of the bagel that he'd taken earlier, then spat it out disgustedly. He threw the entire thing onto the ground and, within moments, the cinder-like bread had been buried under the snow. Kyle grumbled, and marched on. After a short while, he came to the end of the road. Turning to the left, Kyle could see the bus-stop. As expected, a few of his friends were there. He hurried to meet them.

"Hey, guys," Kyle called, eventually catching his friends.

"Hey, Jew." Cartman said, grinning. Kyle shot him an angry glance. Cartman was quite short, and bordering on obese. He had smartly-combed brown hair, and blue eyes. He was wearing the usual; a light blue hat (with yellow trimmings), red coat, brown trousers and yellow gloves. He was a spoilt brat - plain and simple. From a young age, he grew to believe that he could have whatever he wanted… so long as he was willing to whine for it. He lived with his mother, Liane. Liane was a hermaphrodite, and was actually his genetic father. His real mother was unknown.

"Hey, Kyle." Kenny said, casually, lessening the tension between Kyle and Cartman. Kenny was of average height and weight; with disorganised blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing an orange parker (minus the hood, with brown trimmings), orange trousers and brown gloves. Kenny was a poor kid, living in a semi-shack with a dysfunctional and violent family. Neither his father nor mother worked, and so Kenny had to provide for the family. He worked at the local 'J-Mart' of a weekend.

"Hey, Kenny," Kyle replied; now smiling a little. "How's it going?" Kenny shrugged.

"Okay, I guess." He replied, bluntly. Kyle, too, shrugged. He looked around, and noticed that Stan wasn't with them.

"Has anyone seen Stan, this morning?" He asked. Cartman and Kenny shook their heads. "Must've slept in, or something," Kyle figured. Cartman rolled up his sleeve, and looked at his watch.

"Well he better hurry the Hell up! The bus will be here any minute," he grunted, rolling his sleeve down again. Just then, Stan appeared at the end of the street. "Here's the hippy now," Cartman snorted.

"Hey, guys," Stan said, arriving alongside them at the bus-stop. He was wearing the same clothes as before, except that he was now wearing a blue hat (with red trimmings and a red tassel).

"Hey, Stan," Kyle said, smiling. He was relieved to see his friend, as now he wouldn't have to ride to school with Cartman. "You're later than usual," Kyle began, "did you sleep in?" Stan shook his head.

"No, I've been out." Stan explained. Kyle looked a little bemused.

"Out?" He asked, out of curiosity; though it was more of a prompt for Stan to elaborate.

"Yeah. I was out with Wendy." Cartman rolled his eyes.

"This early? You spend too much time with her, dude! You're turning into a fucking faggot!" He snorted. Stan shot him an angry glance.

"I've had a real nice start to the day; and if I weren't in such a good mood, I'd kick your ass, Cartman!" Stan growled, though quite calm.

At that very moment, a screech cut the icy air, as the school bus tore down the lane. The boys were almost forced to leap back onto the grass to avoid it, as it swerved and stopped at the bus stop. The doors slid open and revealed the driver, Ms Crabtree.

Ms Crabtree was small and fat. She had an old and haggard appearance, with messy brown hair and near-lifeless brown eyes. Her face was wrinkling, and she'd lost most of her teeth. She was wearing a dark blue sweater and brown trousers. Unbeknownst to her, a small bird had nestled in her hair. Ms Crabtree had been the Elementary School bus driver for many years, and the boys had seen very little of her after they'd left. However, she'd taken the job as High School bus driver a few years ago. She snarled, like an old dog, as the boys approached the bus.

"Good morning, Ms Crabtree!" Stan said, smiling. He really was in a good mood, otherwise he would've just climbed straight onto the bus without acknowledging Ms Crabtree (in any friendly manner, at least).

"WHAT did you say?!" Ms Crabtree yelled, causing Stan to recoil. He cleared his throat.

"I said, 'good morning, Ms Crabtree'," He repeated, this time with a little less enthusiasm.

"Get on, sit down and shut up!" She ordered, her grating voice stinging Stan's ears. He groaned, and climbed onto the bus. Kyle, Cartman and Kenny followed. The boys looked around for a place to sit, and noticed four empty seats towards the rear of the bus. Stan sat at the window, staring out dreamily. Kyle sat down next to him, and Cartman and Kenny sat down in front of them. The bus sped off for the next stop, lucky not to spin out of control on the frozen roads. Though Cartman and Kenny were talking, Stan and Kyle were sitting silently. That silence was broken, however, when…

"H-hey, fellas!" Came a cheerful voice from behind them. The two jumped, and turned around to see Butters leaning over their seat. He was a tall and thin kid, with a patch of blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and dark green pants. Butters was a really nice guy. He was quite popular with some of the other kids for his friendly, bubbly personality. He lived at home with his two parents.

"Hey, Butters," Stan and Kyle said, simultaneously. Butters smiled widely, revealing a small brace that he wore.

"I can't b-believe it's the f-first day of school already. Time sure d-does fly during the summer b-break, don't it fellas?" He asked. Stan and Kyle nodded.

"It sure does," Kyle agreed. Butters thought for a moment.

"O-okay, see you later!" He said, smiling. He dropped back to his own seat, just behind Stan and Kyle. Stan looked out of the window; and, though the heavy snow was obscuring his vision, he could see that the bus was nearing another stop. After a few more seconds, the bus screeched to a halt. The doors opened, and three other kids climbed on. Stan's countenance dropped.

At the head of the group was a tall, but slightly tubby kid. He had spiky black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a blue coat (with dark blue trimmings), dark blue trousers and a blue hat (with earflaps and a yellow tassel). He was Craig. He was an incredibly blasé character, who very rarely lost his cool. He had a strange habit of flipping people off randomly, often without any apparent reason. Craig had two other people with him.

The first kid was of average height and weight. He had dark brown hair and similarly coloured eyes. He was wearing a dark reddish-brown coat (with dark blue trimmings), dark brown trousers and dark blue gloves. His name was Clyde. Though he was, for the most part, a nice guy, Clyde often shared Craig's unpleasantness.

The second kid was a short African-American of average weight. He had short jet-black hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing a purple shirt (with a yellow 'T') and dark blue trousers. He was Token. He was a really rich kid, with two well-off parents. Though, with all due respect, they'd worked hard for their money. Ever since the fourth grade, Token had hung around with Craig and Clyde. It was fair to say that neither Stan, Kyle, Cartman nor Kenny really liked Craig and his friends; and they often argued and fought with them. Looking around, Craig spotted four empty seats across the isle from Stan and the others. He grinned as he and his friends approached them.

"How are you doing, assholes?" Craig asked, leaning over towards Stan and his friends. Stan looked back at him angrily.

"We were fine until YOU came along," he replied. Craig grinned, then sat back down in his own seat. Stan mimicked Craig's taunting, and then turned his attentions back to the window. Everything outside seemed to pass in a blur of green and white as, by this time, the bus was again speeding through South Park. There were still two stops remaining.

Meanwhile, Cartman and Kenny were still talking.

"So, how's that job, you poor piece of crap?" Cartman asked, insulting him jokingly. Kenny groaned loudly.

"If fucking sucks! I work ten hours on Saturday, five hours on Sunday; and for what? Fucking $52?! And, to make matters worse, I only keep $12 for myself!" Kenny sighed. "Yep… it sure does suck providing for the family. Sometimes I think I should just leave home - and leave my bastard parents behind me." Cartman thought for a while.

"Why don't you?" He asked. Kenny shook his head, looking out of the window at the falling snow.

"I don't know. Part of me wants to leave, but part of me knows that I can't just ignore my responsibilities…" Kenny replied, without looking from the window. Cartman stomped his foot angrily.

"Goddamn, Kenny! Providing for your family ISN'T your responsibility. You've got a dad at home who should be doing that. But what does he do, except for sit on his ass and drink scotch?!" He said, again stomping his foot for emphasis. Kenny looked over at Cartman, and now spoke with more enthusiasm.

"Yeah! You know what? Once I find a place to stay, I'm leaving home!" He announced, looking confident. Cartman grinned.

"Cool! You can stay at my place - I know my mom won't mind." He said, obviously caught up in the atmosphere. Kenny nodded.

"I might just do that. Thanks, Cartman." He said, smiling. He thought for a few moments, then began to laugh. "Oh, man! I never thought I'd EVER say 'thanks, Cartman'!" Cartman looked a little offended.

"Ay! Don't forget, your poor ass will be staying at my place, so you owe me one!" He growled. Kenny grinned.

"I won't be poor for long. After I leave home, I'll do something with myself! I'm not gonna sit by and rot like my dad is." He said. Cartman nodded.

Suddenly, the bus screeched to a stop. A few kids fell from their chairs, and groaned. The bus doors opened, and two girls climbed up onto the aisle. One was Wendy, who was wearing the same clothes as before. The other was Bebe.

Bebe was similar to Wendy in build, and almost as attractive. She had long, curly blonde hair and beautiful azure eyes that sparkled like sapphires. She was wearing a red coat (with grey trimmings), black trousers and grey gloves. Bebe was, and always had been, Wendy's best friend. She was quite bright, and had a fun personality. As a result, she was popular at school. She had been a close friend of Clyde for a long time and, after a while, the two grew on each other. By now, Bebe and Clyde were an item.

Bebe and Wendy walked down the aisle. Bebe sat down next to Clyde, who was sitting behind Craig and Token. Wendy spotted an empty seat next to Butters, passing Stan on the way.

"Hey, Stan," Wendy said, smiling. Stan looked up, and was pleased to see his girlfriend again.

"Hey, Wendy," he replied, also smiling now. Wendy continued past Stan and Kyle, and sat down next to Butters. She leaned forward and noticed Stan yawning.

"Feeling tired, Stan?" She asked. Stan smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. That's the first time I've ever gotten up at five in the morning," he said. Wendy nodded.

"Same here. It's no problem at the time, but it catches up with you." Stan smiled.

"It was well worth it, though," he said. Wendy nodded again, this time with more enthusiasm.

"It sure was," she said. Ms Crabtree turned around, and growled angrily.

"Sit down and shut up!" She roared, shaking the very earth on which she was driving. Wendy looked up at her, and shot her a nasty glance.

"I AM sitting down, you stupid bitch," she said, grinding her teeth. Ms Crabtree's eyes widened.

"WHAT did you say?!" She yelled, showing her near-toothless mouth. Wendy looked at Stan nervously, who mouthed something to her. Wendy nodded.

"I said, 'I am sitting down, but I have a bad itch'," she said. Ms Crabtree's scowl faded, and she looked appeased. She turned around, and continued to focus on the road. Wendy sighed. "Thanks Stan," she said. Stan smiled.

"No problem, babe," he said, turning around as Wendy returned to her seat.

Cartman and Kenny were still talking ahead of Stan and Kyle.

"So, as I was saying," Cartman began (or continued). "We don't have a guest room, but I suppose you can stay in my room. You'll just have to bring a sleeping bag, or something." Kenny nodded.

"Yeah. Even though my family's poor, I still have one of those," he said. He went quiet for a while, then spoke again. "Thanks again, Cartman," he said. Cartman shrugged.

"It's no problem. Just remember that, at my house, we have this little thing called 'personal hygiene'. Seeing as you're poor, you probably haven't heard of - " Cartman stopped talking when he saw Kenny shooting him an angry glance. "I was only joking Kenny, jeez!" Cartman snorted.

Just behind Cartman and Kenny, Kyle was getting a little bored. He looked over at Stan, who was looking out of the window again; though taking the occasional glance at Wendy.

"So, Stan," Kyle began, grabbing Stan's attention. "I heard that you're parents are out of town this weekend. Do you have anything planned?" Stan thought for a moment, then shrugged.

"I dunno. I can't rule anything out." He said.

"Hey, maybe you should throw a party, or something. Y'know, like Craig did last year." Kyle suggested. Stan grinned, obviously liking the idea.

"Maybe. I guess I'll think about it," he said, again looking out of the window. "Jeez, it seems like we've been on this bus for hours. How many stops have we got left?" He asked, looking back at Kyle.

"I'm not positive, but I think there's only one to go." He said. Stan nodded, and lay back in his seat, yawning. He was thrust out of his seat, however, as the bus came to another sudden stop. The door hissed, sliding open, and the final kid climbed onto the bus.

He was a little shorter than the others, but still of average weight. He had messy blond hair, and blue eyes. He was wearing a pale green shirt, improperly buttoned, and dark blue trousers. He seemed very jittery and nervous, and was carrying a flask with him. He unscrewed the lid, taking a quick sip, and sat down near the front of the bus.

"Oh, man! First day of school - way too much pressure! Argh!" He squealed, looking around anxiously.

He was Tweek, an old friend of Stan and Kyle's. His parents owned a coffee shop in town and so, from a young age, he'd drunk way too much coffee. He also got very little sleep. As a result, he was incredibly panicky and uneasy at all times.

Suddenly, the bus swerved to avoid a kid on the road, and Tweek screamed.

"Argh! Oh, Jesus! We almost crashed!" He again took a sip of his coffee, and sighed, breathing heavily. He rolled up his sleeve and looked at his watch. It read '8:55 AM'. "We're gonna be late!" He shook a little more, and looked out of the window. The snow wasn't as heavy as before, and Tweek could see quite a distance. Over a nearby hill, he spotted the rooftop of South Park High School. Tweek sighed, relieved.

A few seconds later, the bus pulled up in front of the large building. Though it was three or four times the size of South Park Elementary, South Park High was quite a similar building. To the left of the school was a sizeable gym and playing field. To the right was an enormous yard.

The doors of the bus opened, and Ms Crabtree yelled for the students to get off. They did just that and, within a short while, the bus had sped off into the snow. Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny were standing in front of the school. Stan sighed.

"Here we go again…" He said, approaching the main entrance.


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