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So, elves were once again walking the earth. See, remember I told you that they were in for a few surprises? Well, a few may not quite cover it. But I haven't introduced myself, have I? Hello, my name is Erin Walker, and this is my story. I'm going to have to do this in a rather round about way, and since this story involves more people than just me, it may take a while. Let's start with the fact that people have spread out all over the place, and those once great places are now non-existent.

I grew up in Texas, with my cousins and best friends always around. My Mother was from Louisiana. She was raised by a woman whom I call Granmere, but is not blood related. She adopted Momma, and some folks say she's a Voodoo priestess. While I don't necessarily hold to that, she is a seer, and more than once I've gotten strange phone calls from her. Dad was a cop, killed by a kid with enough drugs runnign through his system to take down a small elephant. I was ten, and Momma was never quite right after that. I spent most of my time with my cousins Eric and Ellie Errol. They raised horses, and taught my other cousins, B.J. and Finn Steward and I how to ride.

Beej and Finn's father is Dan Thorn, the local polictician. He's always been a rat bastard, and they took their mother's maiden name when they left his house. She had died young of breast cancer. By the time the doctors caught it, it was stage four, and nothing could be done.

From preschool, we have known the other members of our little posse. Ariel Brightman has been my best friend and a sister since we were three and smooshed each others faces in the sand of the sandbox. Garrett Delvers hauled us up by our pigtails and taught us how to build sand forts. Only a few years younger than us, the manic foursome of Pip Tucker, Marty Brandywine, Frank Biggs, and Sam Gower were added to the mix.

I graduated high school early, at sixteen, and Momma died that February, leaving me the house where I still live. It's a large two story, a family inheritance, and bigger than I need, so everyone gradually moved in. We lived in relative peace and harmony, and by the time the elves showed up, Pip was a highschool senior, and the rest of us were in college, and all working at various lives weren't perfect, but they were normal, right up until that knock on the door.

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