Chapter 3: Trouble in Payon

In the morning, Rage went to the shop in Payon. He bought all the necessities he needed for the trip to Alberta. He was preparing to saddle up his Pecopeco and leave but then a bloodcurdling scream was heard.



Everyone in Payon started to panic as the Moonlight flower started to kill and destroy everyone in its path. The Warriors of the town started to defend the city against its minions. As for Rage, he looked for the Moonlight flower. Rage started to think

"This is abnormal; The Moonlight never leaves its territory..."

"This must be a work of the Dark Lord, that bastard!"

Rage went on to the Payon Dungeon only to witness the Moonlight pummeling someone to the ground bloody with its bell. He also saw countless bodies scattered with bitemarks and squashed heads. "How horrible..." Rage thought. This REALLY angered Rage and drew his sword. "Time to die Demon!" Rage quickly went for the Moonlight but it evaded its attack. The Moonlight sent its minions against Rage. The ninetails were eager to taste Rage's flesh. The ninetails tried to bite Rage's head off but got their head cut off instead as Rage performed a horizontal slash followed by...


Three heads of ninetails were cut off from their sockets. The fourth ninetail hesitantly charged as Rage intimidated it. The ninetail lunged towards Rage's leg and tried to bite it off but Rage evaded it. He then quickly slashed the back of the ninetail with ease.

"Now Demon, it is your turn..."

The Moonlight seemingly not intimidated by Rage sneered at him and was acting in a "come get me" sort of way. The Knight quickly ran towards it but it was just too fast. The Moonlight smashed its large bell onto the lower back of Rage making Rage wince in pain for a bit. With that Rage countered with multiple slashed that rendered the Moonlight weaponless as the Knight cut its bell into tiny pieces. Rage taught he was winning but the Moonlight magically summoned another bell for her use. With this, the Knight put all his strength into one blow.


All of the nearby undead were obliterated by this technique and left Moonlight flying into the tool dealer shop. Rage went to the wreckage and searched for the remains of the Moonlight Flower but it was gone. The only thing that was left was a note.

"If you are reading this, this means you are already too late in stopping the destruction of your guild. The Dark Lord has already destroyed it. Your only chance is to retrieve the remembral which can store souls and make them a new body.

-Blades Spellbinder, Mystic Arcana of Legacy

Rage was shocked in reading it. He did not understand why this letter appeared out of nowhere and why the Guild Wizard's name was on it. He only Knew that time was of the essence.

"I need to get to Alberta at once!"

The Knight needed to get to Alberta but he could not leave the people of Payon in Dismay.

"I guess I have to help them first, seeing as that wench destroyed almost half of the city. I have to follow the number 1 rule in my guild, help people first before you."

Rage gathered all the dead bodies and put them in the cemetery. A lot of people helped him and buried all the bodies in it. He saw as families cried for their lost loved ones and watched as they drop in grief.

"I will kill you Dark Lord, for making the people of this land suffer!"

With all that work done, he decided to leave but the people wanted to give something to him for saving their city.

"We want you to have this." The Blacksmith of the city gave a sword with enormous energy coming out of it that it was shining.

"What is this sword?! It glows as bright as the sun!"

"This is called Zentetsuken, the sword of the samurai 2,000 years ago in Payon. It is said that only a hero of great courage and honor can handle this sword. It will glow blue if you have a pure soul and burn your hand if you are evil.

With that much said, Rage took hold of the sowrd and watched as it glew blue and made the people stare in awe. "You have the right to wield that blade, it has chosen you as its new master."

"I thank you all." Said Rage in a gleeful manner

"Take care! Be safe on your journey!"

At exactly sunset, Rage set out for Alberta wielding the most powerful sword in Midgard, Zentetsuken.