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Be warned, this fic contains violence that is sometimes graphic, lemon, salty language, some Yuri, mention of nudity, and a few Pop Culture References. This is a look at a very unique romantic pairing Spike Spiegel and Older Edward. Also there is a Julia and Delicious, I mean Vicious pairing (Which is my #2 favorite!), Jet and OC, Faye and Electra.

Men are From Mars, Women are From Earth

By Kate Spiegel

Part One-Heaven is Not Enough

A Late August Night...The Bebop in Neo Manhattan Harbor.

Spike's POV

"I love you." She told me how she felt about me on a warm July night. "I love you." She said. "Edward, you're too young for me." I told her. I turn away, not wanting to bother with this school girl crush of hers. Suddenly she turns me around and hands me a rose. "Will you marry Edward?" I take it from her. "Maybe." That's what I told her. Later we watched the fireworks and I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly kissed her, I kissed Edward. I think I'm falling in love with that crazy redhead. Edward, you shouldn't have asked me that question back in July. You know I like to flirt with other women, but that's about it. I'm still looking for Julia, but haven't found her. Who needs love, all it does is get you in trouble. I have an ex-best friend mad at me because of that. But I may lose Julia again. Well, in the event that I do lose Julia, you will be the girl waiting for me. A hyperactive teenage girl, full of energy, who has a free spirit that I desire the most. I told you Ed that you are too young for me, I don't think we'll end up getting married. It must have been a joke, so I went along with it and my answer to you was maybe. I said maybe just to make you happy, so I wouldn't crush your dreams. But I guess I am warming up to you, you seem to gravitate towards me.

You always listen to me, you never listen to Faye. We eat, fish together sometimes, and you help me with certain things. We delight in teasing Faye, we both listen to the stories that Jet always seems to tell. We both take care of Ein, eventhough, I don't like Ein too much. But you screw up sometimes, I guess not all intelligent people are perfect. Well, this is what happens when you screw up. Like the time you left me alone on the ship with a parasite that was making Faye, Ein, and Jet sick. I got sick too. You were actually sleeping at the time and you ate it. It's a wonder why you didn't get sick. You should have gotten sick, it should have been your comuppance.

But then there's your good points. You helped me stop MPU from carving those lines in the Earth. Then you found Chessmaster Hex, saved an old man and his bird and brought home a great supper. But you should have turned in the assasin who was trying to kill the man. The most fun we had is when we went to clear Mike Yamada's name. You put all your hacking skills to the test and I got to do some acting. You found out about Mad Pierrot and even gave me an apple after Faye stole my orange and ate it in front of me. You care a lot about me. You are cute, strange, and underneath it all very intelligent. More intelligent than all of us. I wish I had your intelligence. But I see you as a kid, just a silly naïve kid who seems to live in her own dream world. I happen to live in a dreamworld too, look who's calling the witches cauldron black.

I'd like to see you meet someone your own age one day. Great Goddess Kwan Yin, please grant mercy on the poor guy's soul, whoever this girl takes as a husband. Because I know it won't be me or who the hell knows, maybe it will. But if she asks me again later, I'll say yes. If we ever had a future together, I'm wondering what our kids would be like? Her intelligence and free spirit, my good looks and charm, they'll probably be ultra thin, tall, and have wild hair. They'll be full of energy that's for sure.

Now my thoughts turn to Faye Valentine, expert liar and cheater. Faye and I, tend to get on each others nerves. We're always in competion with each other, an eternal struggle of the sexes. I guess I'm sort of falling for Faye or maybe it's a little passion kind of thing. There was some flirting between us when we first met. But now, I see something else, I see a beautiful woman who is a big bitch, that takes half my money, eats all the food, and dresses like a tramp. By the way, Billy Joel was right when he said, "Always a woman to me." I think Billy hit the mark on that one, that song is perfect for Faye Valentine. I think I am falling in love her. Well, I don't know, I sort of love her, but I also love Ed and Julia.

Yeah, Faye and I flirted when we first met, man, she was sexy. Well, I love her eyes, her violet hair, and her personality. Yeah, I have been known to hate women with attitude. But this woman is different, she's my equal in a way. She's a comrade. She's quick with a comeback, great with a gun. Faye is a beautiful dark haired mysterious woman who probably needs my attention right now. Yeah, why not, I want to get her between the sheets. What am I thinking, we're like cats and dogs, eternal enemies. But I have an urge for danger, I wouldn't mind sleeping with the enemy.

Time to be a bad boy Spike, Julia wouldn't care, she's probably giving Vicious the time of his life behind my back. Well, good for Julia! Faye and I, are alone tonight, Edward and Jet were out food shopping. I walk down the hall and I see her sitting on the couch. What would she do if I gave her a kiss? Would she complain or kiss me back, I wonder. I crept up behind and kissed her neck.

"Spike, what are you doing?" She whspered.

"I'm giving you a kiss." I said close to her ear.

"What do you want Lunkhead?" She hissed.

Her emerald eyes were lovely in the dimly lit living quarters. "Oh you're a frisky little wench, I like that." I looked deeply into those emerald pools. "Faye, I was wondering if we can start something."

"What?" She asked then backed away a little. "Are you asking me to sleep with you?"

"No, well, not yet. I was just wondering if you and I can have a clandestine romance that no one will know about." I told her.

She chuckled a bit. "Hey aren't you looking for DiCaprio and what about your little red haired girlfriend?"

"There is no DiCaprio, just us and as for Ed, she's too young for me." I sat beside her, actually I was lying, maybe I do have something for Edward.

"But I am really too old for you, I can be your grandmother." She joked.

I took her hand. "Faye, stop that. I'm just asking you if you will be my girlfriend?"

"No! We fight all the time and I can't stand the look of you. Your wierd green hair, your eyes, that goofy grin, and I thought you hated women with attitude?" She snapped.

"Faye, all is fair in love and war and besides, you have as many faults as I do. So we're competitive, there's nothing wrong with trying to best each other. Come on let's put our differences aside and get this out in the open. Can I be your boyfriend?" I asked her again.

Faye's face seemed flushed; "Okay lunkhead, but we'll let no one else know about this. We'll be all business in public and lovers in private."

That night was one of many nights that we spent together, we were still trying to best each other in our work. Then sometimes there would be a secret kiss here and a quick feel there. Then suddenly, we decided to make love for the first time, but Faye was hiding something from me that night.

She cast her eyes down and sighed; "Maybe we should sleep together, because I need to figure something out about myself."

"Figure out what?" I asked her.

She started to look serious. "Vicious said something about me the day that I got captured."

What did Vicious do to her that day? She hardly says anything about what happened.
Something in my heart felt concern for her. "What did Vicious say to you?"

She waved her hand. "Nevermind, it's nothing important to talk about. It's just something that I have to figure out on my own."

"Fine, let it be a big secret between you and Vicious, I don't care." I gave her a shrug.

"It's nothing Spike!" She got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen.

She came back with a bottle of wine and two full glasses, she offered me a glass and I took it. "Let the walls burn down between us." Faye said seriously.

We toasted. I took a sip, it was really sweet. We finished the whole bottle together, boy were we plastered. I gazed into her eyes, took her face in my hands, and kissed her.

Faye's POV

I knew Spike and I were close, but now we're getting closer. I turned on Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins for a romantic effect. I had offered him some wine, and we both drank the whole bottle. After the wine was gone and we were both drunk, it was time to get the show started. "Spike, this is my first time. You may think I'm a slut, but I'm actually a virgin. I never touched any man, not even that fat bastard Whitney." I said between kisses. Do I really want this from him? We started kissing, I started undressing him and he was undressing me. Was this the right thing to do?

"Then I'll make it very special for you." He said softly, soon, we were both naked. Spike whispered in my ear, the words that seemed to sound so wrong. "Faye, I love you."

Is this real, does he really love me, do I really love him? What about DiCaprio or Ed? Maybe I just want this from him, because right now, I feel a little too uncomfortable with a man. I'll give into temptation tonight, but if something happens, what will be the outcome? What if I lose him to Julia or what if Vicious was right about me, that I was gay. I need this more than ever, I need to find out what I am.

"I love you too." I said to cover up my confusion.

Spike suddenly stopped. "You said that with hesitation, are you sure that you want to do this?"

I had to give him the perfect lie. "No Spike, I do love you, I really do. I'm not lying or trying to trick you."

I laid down on the couch and he started kissing me everywhere, touching me in places that made me moan. It was ecstatic, pure bliss, but it was something that I really didn't expect, he is a great lover. Julia and those other women before her, were very lucky, he is good, but I don't feel anything with him. He's not my soulmate, but I will take tonight as something special.

"Are you ready?" He said as he straddled me.

I looked deeply into his eyes. "I need this Spike, just do it."

He slid inside and I screamed for a little while. Our lovemaking continued until we fell asleep. Then suddenly we were awakened by the sound of a ship.

"Ed and Jet are back from bringing that bounty in." I whispered.

Spike smiled, "Why don't we rest in my room Faye."

I shook my head; "No, I'd rather go back to mine."

He gave me a frown as he grabbed his clothes. "Fine, if that's what you want."
He rushed back to his cabin, probably hurt.

I grabbed my clothes and ran down to my room. Did I hear him sobbing, I must have really hurt him. I wouldn't mind staying with him for a while. I turned around and went back to his cabin.

Spike was inside, crying on his bed, I came over and embraced him."I'm sorry Spike, I didn't mean to do that to you." Maybe I should tell him what Vicious said to me. "Spike, I am going to tell you what Vicious said."

"What did he say to you that made you act so weird?" Spike whispered.

I needed to tell him the truth. "Vicious told me that I am a lesbian."

Spikes head shot up, he looked me straight in the eye. "A lesbian? Are you really a lesbian? Oh that Vicious, how does he do it? I already had 2 girlfriends except for Julia that have turned gay on me. Well, are you or aren't you?"

I shook my head as I held him closer. "I don't really know yet, maybe there is something that I want."

Spike had suddenly stopped crying. "What do you need?"

I rolled my eyes. "I don't know what I want Spike. Maybe I want a baby."

Spike frowned; "Are you feeling okay Faye? You want to have kids? Are you crazy! You know how I feel about kids Faye, but if it's what you want. Hell, it's your body, not mine, go ahead and fuck it up."

"Why are you being such a jerk Spike?" Now the lunkhead was back to his normal self. "Maybe sex would have been better if you wore a paper bag over your ugly head!" I snapped at him.

"Damn you Faye! Get the hell out my room, leave me alone for the rest of the week!" Spike snapped.

"Fine, I came in here to cheer you up, but you're being an asshole, so I'll leave." I said in a huff. "Maybe I will become a lesbian and I hope you find your precious Julia because I never want to see your face again!"

Spike was now glaring at me. "Fine, if that's what you want Faye, when I find Julia I will be gone from this ship. Hope you enjoy living with Ed, Jet, and that mutt!"

I quickly turned on my heel. "No, you don't deserve Julia! Vicious told me everything, how dare you do that to a friend who was like a brother to you! After your father was killed, you confided in him, then years after, you just stab him in the back! What kind of human being are you?"

He turned a whiter shade of pale and started screaming at me. "Stay out of my life!"

I left his room without a word, I was too tired to fight with him anymore. Suddenly, my eye caught a glimpse of Edward who was standing nearby in the hall. She was just waiting and for a second I thought I heard her snicker, that little shit.

"Faye-Faye is gay-gay!" She said in a singsong voice. "Faye-Faye had another fight with the Spike-person?"

"Shut up you stupid brat, that's none of your business!" I yelled at her, then slid into my room.

From the hall, I heard Spike's door slide open then close, Ed must have gone in to see him, and in a few minutes I heard the sound of those two laughing their heads off. They were probably laughing at my expense. I couldn't take the sound of their laughter, I want them gone from this ship. I want them to go away forever and to take that dog with them too. I slid under the covers, the laughter died down and there was silence. What was going on in there? I don't think they would be doing anything. I tried to not to worry about what was happening behind the door.

Suddenly, I heard it slide open again and I heard Ed say. "Are you all better now Spike-person? Did Ed get to cheer you up?"

Then Spike said. "Yeah, thanks Ed."

I went back to visit Spike and stood outside his door. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say those horrible things."

The only thing I heard was Spike's snoring, well, I guess, we're officially over. I walked back to my cabin and went back to bed.

A few days pass, Spike and I, are back at our usual thing. Until Halloween rolled along and we decided to have one last night together. "Everyone is safe now Spike. You did it." I said as I kissed him.

He gave me a nod. "Thanks for helping me Faye." I started to walk away, until he grabbed my arm. "Let's have one more night please." I gave him a nod and we went into his cabin.

It was a night of passion and romance, we stayed together the whole night. Then in the morning I left him, something was telling me that I had to find out who I was and about my memories. Damn you Vincent, you were about as annoying as Vicious. So I decided to join an online cult, well, actually I was looking for a bountyhead named Londes, the leader of this cult.

Vicious' POV

Mike Yamada's House...AKA Mao Yenrai, um yeah, long story...Inside Mao's house, the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge was blasting. The song was The Show Must Go On! He was doing some chores, like cleaning the house and paying his bills. Not to mention polishing all of his weapons. I held the picture of Diana in my hand and looked at it. "You have a daughter, don't you? Now you have to understand why I need to do this." I gave the picture to the man who was thought of as dead.

He nodded; "Yes, she's a sweet little girl." Mike Yamada AKA Mao Yenrai. "She looks a lot like Julia and she has your eyes, my child."

"She's pretty isn't she, Mao?" He gave me a cup of coffee and some chocolate oreos. "The High Priestess at the orphanage let me take her out for fireworks in July. That's where I saw Spike and a teenage girl, he kissed her, can you believe that. Then after the girl made a wish to have Spike with her."

"Well, that's touching, but what about that violet haired woman?" I let Mao live, because he wanted to be free of the syndicate. Free from killing and injustice.

I waved my hand; "I have feeling that she plays for the same team."

Mao nodded; "You and your "gaydar." Hey Vicious, eat the cookies one by one, don't shove them in your mouth at the same time! You'll get as big as Buddah himself! Why can't you eat healthier things? I can make you some steamed vegetables with chicken if you'd like or maybe I can make you a Cantonese dish that is to die for, eh?" He's still acting like a father to me.

He helped me out after my family was killed, so I did him a favor. "Nah, Julia is probably going to have dinner ready or something." I shrugged.

He sipped his tea. "Well, do you want to be free, so you can be with Diana and Julia? Do you want redemption?"

I need to live in freedom, so I took a stance. "Of course I want those things! I want to be with them and I want my mother's love back."

He takes my katana and looks at it. "I want you to do something. Make me a promise."

"What is it? I'll do anything!" I say.

"Anything?" He looks me in the eyes. "Those corpses have to be put down now! You hear me! They have lived far too long! They must pay for their evil ways!" He slams the sword down across the table. "Kill the elders and their cronies, that's the only way you can be set free. Do it even if you have to betray your own men. Another thing, after you get rid of them. I want you to never take another life with this weapon. Do you promise? Do we have a deal?"

I take the katana and put it back. "Yes, I will do that."

He holds out his hand and I shake it, a deal has been made, I promise never to take another human life after I leave the syndicate for good. I leave his house and head for Julia's apartment.

On my way to Julia's apartment, I stop at a store, something in the window caught my eye. It was a long red leather duster, the color of a red rose. In the language of flowers, the red rose means love.

"Miss! I want that duster!" I shouted.

"Well, at least someone is going to buy that old thing, I'm asking 1500 Woolongs." The girl said.

"Is this the same exact coat that the actor wore in the show?" The coat looked like it was in the best shape ever, well, he did change his look last season.

She shrugged; "Of course, this is The Neo Hollywood Store, you can even buy the complete outfit."

I looked at all the accessories near the coat. "I'll take it!"

"That'll be 2500 Woolongs." It was worth it.

"Sold!" Like I said, it was worth it.

I buy the long coat, along with the pair of yellow wire rims. I also bought the brown leather pants and shirt. This is perfect for my next incarnation, now what should I be after we leave the syndicate? Well, I would like to be the protector of the innocent! Yeah, I want to be Vicious the Stampede!

"Wow, I never knew that you such a big fan of the Trigun Show." The salesgirl said as she showed me to a mirror.

"Oh yeah, Vash is my favorite tv character, the funny thing is that the actor who plays him is my girlfriends father. Oh yeah, I think this will be perfect for my new job." I told her.

"Oh and what is that?" She asked me.

I turned to her and said. "I'm going to be a cowboy."

Julia's POV

I'm cleaning my apartment, I have the radio blaring, Crazy Train by Ozzy is on, cool tune.

Vicious comes in, he's wearing a red duster instead of that horrible black coat. "Hello Mr. Vash! So where did you get my dad's outfit?"

"There's a Hollywood store that sells costumes not too far from your house." He said as he removed his gloves.

I never truly had a relationship with my father, the last time I saw him was a month ago. I had told him that I was marrying Vicious. "You're marrying that son of a bitch!"

"Dad, please let me explain, Daniel has changed, he's no longer the man that he was." I told him.
I also told him that I had a surprise.

I sighed. "We need to see him one day, after all of this is over."

"So do you like my new work clothes? I'm going to be a cowboy." Vicious said as he showed off his coat.

I told him; "You better not be wearing that when you go back to work tomorrow, cowboy or those three old corpses will have you shot."

"Aww, then can I leave it at your house?" He puts his Katana on the table. "I saw Mao today. So speaking of those old corpses, I have to get rid of them, then after they're gone. I can't take another life."

I grab a bottle. "I have that sleeping potion you made, so you are going to put it on the sword, and when you cut Spike with it. It'll put him to sleep in a couple of hours. Nice plan."

Vicious grabbed the bottle. "It won't kill him, I put in enough herbs to knock him out. Remember when Spike went crazy that day at the circus. He hates clowns, because he told me that his father was killed by a man dressed up as a clown."

"Oh I remember, he was just screaming and he had a big fit. He almost burned the place to the ground, then we had to put him out. It's the same stuff. A little Chamomile won't hurt anyone." I chuckled; "Hey make sure your men have tranquilizer darts. I'll probably meet Spike at the cemetery, once I have him the plan can go on as scheduled."

Vicious takes a deep breath. "All this for a kid. But when I saw her, she was alone, no one wanted to play with her."

My thoughts turn to our daughter. "Well, all of that will change once we're free. Are you with me?" I ask him.

He nods, "Yes, I am."

I hold him in my arms, everything's going so well. "I still love you, you son of a bitch."

He nuzzled my neck. "I'm so glad that we're together again. Don't you ever leave me."

I held him tight; "I promise, I'll always be by your side Vicious and I will promise to protect you."

Spike's POV

The Bebop, stuck on Earth...Ed...You broke my heart. Faye is gone, but I have a feeling she'll be back. But you left for good, I feel rejected now. I put on the cd that Vicious made a long time ago, he sings a sad song about friends trying to find each other again. What was the title, oh yeah. Call Me, Call Me. It all started when you put that fake bounty on your father's head.

"This is father-person." You say in that silly, childish, third person act. I couldn't stand your tricks, you little witch.

"Father...?" I ask. Did you have such a thing? Jet and I were surprised. I get into a fight with your dad, then he just headbutts me. Ed why did you leave me? Why did you break your promise? I'm no longer your hero, aren't I? You're off to find your father, good luck is all I have to say. He didn't even care to stay longer. After he saw that meteor hit, he bolted. I look at your goodbye message, Jet will have to clean that up later. I don't think I can do it. Maybe I do love you, but you are so young. It's wrong. If only age wasn't a factor. I look up at the sky and the stars are beginning to come out. I'll guess I'll try it. "Please bring my Edward back, that's all I want. But I wish she would just grow up."

I still have that dried up rose that you gave me in Tharsis Park, I guess I'll keep it. Maybe I'll be buried with it, if they kill me. The elders want me dead, Vicious wants me dead. I still have that pinwheel that you gave me, I think I'll put it on the nose of the Bebop. A little something to remember you by. Will you ever come back to me? Maybe you shouldn't because maybe I won't be here. I might be with Julia or maybe I'll be gone for good, then how will you feel? How will you feel when Jet and Faye tell you that I died. Maybe it'll force you to grow up, it'll force you to learn about things, and you'll learn what pain actually is. Like the pain in my heart that you have given me. Then you'll be heartbroken and your dreams will shatter. Oh well, I'm dead anyway. But if I live do long enough, maybe I'll find you. Or maybe you'll find me, hopefully I won't be six feet under. Will you be the Princess Charming who will wake me from the dream? If only you would just grow up.

Edward's POV

Ed is off to find father-person. Ed said goodbye to Spike-Person and gave him the red pinwheel. Ed left a goodbye message on Bebop. Ed feels a little sad that she's leaving, but maybe it's for the best. Ed will miss Spike very much. I made a wish on a star one night, a very special wish. But maybe Ed will return to Bebop, if I can't find father-person. I see Ein running up to meet me. "You can't come with me, Ein. Ed is going someplace far, far away. I might not be coming back. So, Ein, you should go back home." I tell the little dog. I hear him whining, maybe I should take him with me. I look down at him. "Do you want to come with Ed?"

I look back at the Bebop, one day Spike, one day. I promise I'll return to you. But right now, Ed has to grow up. I have to find out who I am. Goodbye Spike. "Let's go, Ein!" I shout. Ein barks and we run off into the sunset. If I don't ever find what I am looking for, Spike. I'll be back for you, I promise, I'll be older and wiser, then I'll have your heart.

Julia's POV

The Madness that is Julia DiCaprio...

I'm driving down the road in my red convertible. Josh Groban's Remember When it Rained was on. I recall a moment with Spike, when I used to love him, when he decided to leave. Three years ago when he faked his death. Spike is standing in the doorway, the room is a little dark.

He says softly; "When this is over, I'm leaving the syndicate."

I look back at him. "You'll be killed."

Spike still stands there. "I'll let them say I'm dead. I'll be waiting at the graveyard. Of course I will be alive. Come with me. We'll leave here... We'll escape from this world. We'll just live a life of freedom somewhere. Just like watching a dream."

You were a dreamer, weren't you Spike? I'm sorry for breaking up the friendship between you and Vicious, but why did you love me? Was it the way I made you feel alive? Was it my beauty? It happens to be a curse, given to me by my grandfather. If I didn't have this name or this face, would you still love me? I hate the thought of leaving you again, but Spike, Vicious and I have a daughter. Not only that, I think I'm falling in love with him again since he had changed. I'm not leaving Vicious alone this time. I suddenly slipped in Vicious' cd and put on the song Rain. My god, I loved his voice. I met your friend today, what was her name? Oh yeah, Faye. She's very pretty and good with a gun too. She'd be perfect for you, but who knows, you may fall for some other. Because Vicious thinks that Faye plays for the same team.

Still, I hope you find a beautiful girl who will love you very much. Maybe it will be the young lady who made that wish on The Fourth of July. The one that Vicious and Diana spied on that night. My cell phone rings, I pull to the side of the road. "What happened?"

Vicious sobbed on the other line. "Julia! Julia, I did it. I did it Julia. They're dead, all of them! The elders are gone! Well, I just killed one of the elders, the idiots who freed me killed the other two. Mao wanted me to kill them all."

"Well, Mao can't get everything that he wants, sweetie. But you did good. I'll be seeing you very soon." I turn off the phone and head off to the cemetery.

I get to the cemetery and I wait patiently. I have my gun loaded, but I know I won't shoot him.I'll let Vicious take care of Spike. Spike arrives and I see him for the first time in a while. Time to play the part of the long lost love. This is for you grandfather. I point my gun at him. "It was raining that day."

He just stands there. "You didn't come just for the rain."

I walk up to him, the gun still in my hand. "I was supposed to kill you. That day if I had killed you I would have been free." Yes, it's true.

"So why didn't you? Why did you choose to be pursued?" He said.

I still love you, but as a friend Spike. I said sadly. "Why did you love me?" I love Vicious and Diana, they are important to me now. I put the gun down and I hold him. He's not holding me, he's being cold and distant. What the hell is wrong with him? Is he thinking of that girl? Vicious wouldn't be so distant. I whisper; "Let's just run away somewhere. Truly escape from this world and go where no one else is... Just the two of us..." Actually I'm running off with Vicious. I'm sorry that I'm going to betray you Spike, but it's time to face reality. I hated your guts when I first saw you, I don't know what possessed me to fall in love. Maybe love is just blind. We hop into my car and head towards Annie's store. Annie is dying, killed by Vicious' thugs. Sorry Annie, I cover her with my coat. Right now I have the urge to hit a certain someone. Spike grabs some artillery. "Do we need all that to run away?" I ask. Spike is very quiet. "I'm going with you, I'll be with you until the end." I tell him. Gramps would be so proud of me.

Spike tells me. "I'm sorry. I'm gonna make a bit of a scene."

Go ahead, knock yourself out, sweetheart! We go out and my convertible explodes. Vicious is going to get smacked double for this. They blew up my car, I'm seeing red right now. How in hell are we going to leave?

Spike shouts to me. "This way!" This is for my ticket out of here! I shoot the thug who blew up my car and follow Spike up to the roof. Spike tells me to get down, as he shoots another thug. Just like the actor before me, I get ready for the final act. I get up and go over to where Spike is, a thug fires and I am shot. Adieu Spiegel. I go down and Spike calls out my name, he shoots the thug. He rushes over and holds me in his arms. I say a few words and everything goes black. I don't think Grampa Leonardo could have done it better. Spike better not leave me here up on this roof though.

Spike's POV

I hold Julia in my arms and I look up into the rainy sky. She's dead, my dream is over, and the woman I love is gone. It's over, it's all over. I dreaded the day when dreaming ends. Damn you Vicious, I will kill you! I return to the Bebop and I find Jet asleep on the couch. I'm sorry that I'm doing this Jet. Jet wakes up, he sees me and I tell him that I'm hungry. He fixes me a plate of bell peppers and I eat. I never liked his cooking, but they say hunger is the best spice. After I finish my meal, I tell him a story that my father told me a long time ago. A story about a tiger striped cat. After we have a laugh, I get up to leave, he asks me if it's for the girl. I reply. "She's dead, there's nothing I can do for her."

I walk away, Faye puts her gun to my head. I can tell that she's angry and she doesn't want me to leave. Sorry Faye. I hear her voice. "Where are you going? Why are you going? You told me once... that the past didn't matter... You're the one who's tied to their past!"

I lean close to her and stare straight into her eyes. "Look at these eyes. One of them is a fake, because I lost it in an accident. Since then, I have been seeing the past in one eye, and the present in the other. I had believed that what I saw was not all of reality..."

Faye trembles, she doesn't want me to go. "Don't tell me things like that... You never told me anything about yourself! Don't tell me stuff like that now!"

Oh what, she told me that she might be gay. Calm down Spiegel, then I tell her gently. "I thought I was watching a dream that I would never awaken from. Before I knew it, the dream was all over."

I walk away from her, then she tells me that her memory came back. Which makes me stop.
Faye starts to cry, "But... nothing good came out of it. There was no place for me to return to... This was the only place I could go back to! But now...Where are you going! Why do you have to go! Are you telling me you're going to just throw your life away!

I have my reasons, I have to go. "I'm not going there to die. I'm going there to see if I really am alive." I walk away and I hear that she is firing her gun in the air. Faye, I have to go, so I can save you and Jet. So you two can be free. Goodbye Faye, I can only hope things will get better. Maybe something good will come out of this. I'm doing this to save you too Ed. Oh Ed, I'm so sorry. Goodbye.

Julia's POV

I wake up at the hospital, quietly I get up and I make my way past doctors and nurses. No one sees me. I call Vicious and ask him if Spike had arrived yet. Vicious says no.

"They killed Annie." I growled.

"I'm sorry." He said sadly.

Before I hang up, I yell at him some more. "I'm going to get a new car so we can get the hell out of Dodge. Those idiots blew up my other one!"

"I'm sorry." He whines.

"Do you want to get hit again?" I snap.

"No. Hey, Spike's here. Got to go." He says.

I turn off the phone and head outside to see if I can get a new car. There's a dealership open, I walk in and lay down some Woolongs. "Do you have any Fairlanes?"

The car salesman shakes his head. "Those are rare, you might be able to find one in a junkyard on Earth. But I have a Rambler."

My eyes lit up. "I'll take it and keep the change my good man!"

The man takes the money and throws me the keys. "Thank you miss, you really made my day!"

"You're welcome." I get into the car and drive off towards my destiny.

Spike's POV

I rush into headquarters, shooting every person I knew and hated in sight. I get into the elevator and go as far as I can. I step out and I see Shin, I ask him where Vicious is. Shin tells me he's at the top and he leads me. As we turn a corner Shin is shot. "Shin!" I kill the thug and rush over to him. "Shin!" Shin was glad that I came back and he told me to defeat Vicious. I lost one more friend, why do they have to die?

Wilcox's POV

Sir Shin has fallen and didn't I see Sir Spike? What's going on here? Everything's falling apart! There are people getting killed! I need to get Shin to a hospital and quick. He's hanging on to life, don't worry Shin. I'll save you! I happen to be very strong, so I carry him off. I rush out of the building and who do I see parked on the side of the road? It's White Cougar! I thought she was dead! I go to her.

"Miss DiCaprio, can you help me with Shin?" I pleaded.

"The name is Mrs. Hepburn now." She looks over to me. "Tharsis General is not too far from here. We have to hurry."

I wrap a towel around Shin's wound. "Why?" I ask.

She helps me get him into the car. "I'm marrying Vicious and we're going away for a while."

"Julia, why?" Shin mutters.

"We have a child and Vicious has changed his whole attitude on life. Now I'm getting you to the hospital." She said starting up the car and taking off.

We got to the hospital and she parked in front. "Are you coming Julia?" I ask as I take Shin in my arms again.

She puts on her sunglasses. "I can't, this is as far as I go Wilcox. Take Shin inside, after he has recovered, I want him to go to this place on Ganymede. There's a man named Wolf Spiegel, he'll take care of Shin. A man named Mike Yamada will take him to Ganymede. Another thing, tell no one about this. Vicious and I, need to keep it a secret for a while."

Shin whispers a name. "Nicole Spiegel."

Julia's POV

My face turned red, that was the name of Spikes long lost twin sister. Mao told me about her once, and to never to tell Spike. Spike thinks that Nicole is his cousin. Also this is the woman who had dated Vicious while we were on a break. Vicious doesn't even know that Nicole is Spike's sister, I will have to tell him though. Well now, I'm really happy that Shin has taken a fancy to the girl and he's on his way to Ganymede to see her.

"Mrs. Hepburn, are you okay?" Wilcox asked.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." I give him a nod; "Shin, after you get a little better, then you will see her. This Yamada guy will take you there." Shin passes out and I watch Wilcox take him in quickly. He will be alright, it seems like he has something to live for.

I drive away in my car to head towards my destiny and new life.

Vicious' POV

I hear the commotion outside, Spike is really making a racket. Go Spike! Go! Go Spike! Go! Um, that's not very Vash-like, isn't it? Well, I need to do a few final bad things anyway. I had already put the sleeping potion on my sword. Everything was ready now. Julia put some explosives in the walls. I just hope that I don't get killed. Once more I take a stance and make a peace sign. "Soon! I will be the protector of love and peace!" I shouted, I just hope Spike didn't hear that. Okay pretend to be evil, time to put on the mask, it's showtime.

Spike's POV

I run into the main chamber and open the door. Wait, did Vicious just say something about a protector of love and peace? I must be hearing things. The room explodes, revealing the night sky. I see Vicious stepping down from a large stairway. "So you are finally awake. I told you before, Spike... that I am the only one who can kill you."

I'm going to do you in as well. "I'll return those words back to you, Vicious."

Vicious' POV

I tell him coldly; "Either way, we were destined to end up like this."

Spike runs up the stairway and we clash weapons. You were always a great fighter, but now I think it's time we ended this. I cut Spike twice and he shoots my katana out of my hand. You were a great shot, too bad we have to put you away for a while. Things won't go the way as planned, there will be death and then rebirth. Spike puts his hand on my katana and I put my hand on the gun.

"Julia passed away... Let's end it all." He tells me.

His words make me laugh, really, I'm trying to hold it in. Goodnight sweet prince. Soon, we'll all be free! "If that's your wish." I tell him.

Spike's POV

We exchange weapons, my visions getting blurry and I'm getting tired. At the same time I shoot Vicious in the chest and Vicious slashes me in the gut. I see Vicious fall, blood is spilling
from my gut. I look up into the brightening, I recall Julia's final words.

"This is... a dream..." She says.

"Yeah... Just a bad dream..." I tell her

It is morning, I'm clutching my bleeding gut, and I descend the stairway to meet a legion of confused, baffled and surprised syndicate members. Oh, this is nice. But I'm really tired and I want to sleep, just sleep. Soon I'll be free, then I'll fly away. I smile and point my index finger at them. "Bang..." I fall, everyone I know is free, and so am I.

Vicious' POV

I watched him silently as he fell, my shoulder was killing me. He missed, thanks to my potion. He's over on the stairs, one last step to freedom, all I have to do is wait for Julia. Sorry Spike, I guess the planets of the universe were in your favor today. Today was not a good day to die.

Good, he's out like a light, I'm glad my sleepy potion worked. But there are some guys down there. Time to get scary again. "I'm alive, you fools!" I burst out laughing, pretending to be downright evil. "Drop your weapons now!" They did what they were told, good dogs! My sword was covered in tomato juice. I come down the stairs and put my foot on the fallen Spike's back. "See this blood that is dripping on my Katana! It's Spikes! Spike Spiegel is dead! I killed him and I enjoyed it too! You should have heard it, he was asking for mercy, pleading for his life. He was unarmed! Then, I just gutted him like a fish, I was laughing as I did it too! It was simply beautiful to see him bleed to death at my feet. That's right! This man here is nothing but an empty shell, drained of all life! I loved it, I loved breaking his spirit and making him cry. I killed him and he's dead!"

They all gasp. they're so afraid of me. Now it's time to save some lives. I shouted; "Get out of here! All of you, before you die! The elders had bombs placed throughout the building!"

Actually, it was Julia's doing, she put the expolsives in, you see I stole the blueprints one day when no one was looking. Then I gave them to her and she did the rest. I continued to yell; "They'll detonate soon! Get out while you still have the chance! Spike and I had a pact, if he goes I go! But I want to go in a blaze of hellfire!" The remaining men ran away. Although, I wished one of them stayed, so I can do that Uma Thurman thing where she spanks someone with a Katana. Wait, there's a youngling over there, he's about 18. "Hey Kid!" I shout; "Get over here!"

"Yes Sir Vicious?" He said nervously.

I took the boy over my knee and started spanking him with my Katana. "This is what you get for fucking around with the Yakuzas!" Suddenly I let him go. "Now run home to your mother! Don't tell a soul either!"

That feels so good! I have always wanted to do that! This is great! Mom and dad will be there soon Diana! I just have to wait for Julia. I heard a small groan under me and I take my foot off Spikes back. "You better not wake up on me baby!" I said nervously; as visions of Spike getting up and strangling me ran through my head. "Well, sorry buddy, I just got carried away there. Now, we'll have to wait for Julia, Spike. Yes, that's right, she's alive! She didn't die! As for you, my friend, we're putting you away for a while. You need to chill out, literally!" I wiped the tomato juice from my sword. Then I bent down and wiped the blood from his face and began to clean his wounds. Which seemed to be healing, this is weird. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry. But I am done with the past. I hope one day you'll meet our Diana, and then you'll understand why things have to be this way. Actually Julia, Mao, and I mde up this plan. Yes, Mao, is actually that Mike Yamada guy. I let Mao live, I'll tell you about it later. Mao helped me out after my family was thoughtlessly slaughtered in front of me. So, I'm letting you live and I refuse to kill anyone, I will never ever take another human life." I told him.

"I don't hate you anymore." I started crying over him. "I love you Spike, I want you to live. Please, live for me. Hang on Julia will be here. I chose to move on and you need to move on too. Because Diana and I saw you, that July on Freedom Day. The Priestess at the orphanage let me take her out that night to see the fireworks in Tharsis. Diana was curious, she peeked in the gazebo, I followed her. I saw everything, that girl proposing to you. You shared a kiss, which made me a bit ill. But you two looked so perfect, it would have been better if she was older. Then later, the girl wished upon a star, she wished for you. What could I do? I guess, I just wanted you to finally be loved in this weird twisted way. Stay with me Spike, don't break this girl's heart, she needs you." Then I did something that I didn't do in a while, I held him in my arms.

Julia's POV With a little flashback...

"Have a nice rest... Sucker." I mutter sarcastically to myself as I smoked, sitting on top of the back seat of my new Rambler convertible. "This is a dream..." I'm such a liar. I fell out of love with Vicious, fell in love with Spike, now I got Vicious back and he's changed. I looked at Spike one last time and closed my eyes. Those darts worked pretty well.

End of Flashback...

I faked my death, so we can be free, Vicious and I. I told Vicious to tell his men to use tranquilizer darts, so he can come for me. Spike took me to the hospital and I snuck out with no one watching. I'm good at sneaking. Spike, I loved you once, but I will never love you again. We'll just be friends.

Another flashback...

I told Vicious about Diana a while ago before all this. I couldn't keep a secret any longer. But while I was gone, I spent some time on Venus for a while before going to Callisto. Diana was born on Venus; I took her to Mars after and dropped her off at an orphanage in Neo Manhattan. I knew she would be safe there, but when I dropped her off I heard her crying. I couldn't leave her there for long so I had to find some way to get her father back. I remembered the night she was conceived, it was June of 2068. My phone was ringing off the hook. I answered it and on the other end was Vicious.

"Julia. Julia are you there?" He said softly.

"What do you want?" I snap.

"Can you come over?" He asked me innocently.

"Why?" I didn't want to be bothered.

He sounded like that lost little boy that I met years ago. "I have to be with someone right now. I ordered a pizza with everything, I got about 4 pints of Ben and Jerry's, and I am going to watch Katharine Hepburn films all night. Please come over, I need you DiCaprio. I miss him, I miss him so much. Spike is dead, he was killed in a huge fight." He started sobbing. "My best friend is dead!"

"I thought you hated him, didn't you want him dead?" I shouted.

"I don't know what the hell I want anymore Julia! Maybe I want to be out of the syndicate! Maybe I just want to be free! I am so sick and tired of everything!" He said.

"Well Spike is alive, he faked his death are you happy?" I told him.

The crying increased. "Get over here, I need to see you! Get over here or I will do something!"

Something told me to come to him, so I surrendered. "I'll be there in a few minutes." I came over to his apartment in a rush and I knocked on the door.

"Come in I've been expecting you." He said.

I come in and see him dressed in sweats and a UCONN Women's Huskies Basketball sweatshirt. His hair is a mess and it looks like he's been crying. He must have been crying over Spike, or his great Aunt Kate, the day I violated him, or maybe his mother leaving him, or maybe me. Maybe all of those factors.

I walk over to him. "Vicious, is that you?"

He poured some wine and offered me a glass. "Yes, I don't always dress like a gangster you know. If you want to know, Mr. Crackers, that bird of mine is at the vets right now. He ate something bad."

I hope it was poisonous, I hate that thing. I'm glad that it isn't here, I took the wine and sat beside him. "Which film are we going to see first?"

He took a slice of pizza. "I was thinking of The Philadelphia Story, it was her best."

I took a slice of pepperoni which was my favorite. "Sounds good to me."

We finished the pizza and ice cream, watched every film Kate Hepburn did, and had a few more glasses of wine. "I think you stayed too long, you can leave me if you want." He was a little drunk.

"Vicious." Suddenly I put down my glass and advanced towards him.

"Go, I'm not feeling too well." He whined.

I don't know if I was drunk, or maybe it's because I'm Leonardo's granddaughter, utterly irresistible.
I started kissing him, slowly laying him down on the couch. "Daniel."

Suddenly he broke free. "Please no, don't call me that name." He whined;

I took his hand and dragged him off to the bedroom, I started singing. "Heaven is not enough."

"Not tonight DiCaprio, I don't want to hear it." He pleaded;

"I want you tonight." I ran my fingers through his hair.

He started struggling; "Oh Julia, don't do this. Julia stop!"

"Shh, it's okay." I laid him down gently on the bed and kissed him. "I miss you."

"What about him?" He muttered.

"I don't care about Spike! He can stay in exile as long as he wants! I want you! I hate him and still do. I made the wrong choice, please take me back." I growled and began kissing his neck. Then, I started to nip at the tender skin.

"No, don't say that you hate him! I can't take that word anymore! Don't say that you hate him Julia! Julia stop!" He wriggled under my grip. "We're both drunk, you can't have me like this!"

"I only had a few glasses my sweet love. I want you back so badly Vicious." I whispered in his ear.

"Stop it!" He shouted.

I took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. "Give in." I said kissing him again.

"Do you love me?" He kissed me back.

"Yes, I love you. I love you my golden heart. I love you more than ever." I gazed into his eyes.

"Liar! You always lie!" He bit me on the chin. "Get off now!"

"Oh that hurt, but I enjoyed it." I pinned his arms down. "I'm not lying! I'll take you back."

"Julia you're hurting me!" He screamed.

"Surrender!" I shouted.

Vicious stopped moving. "Okay, if you let me go, I won't scream or run away."

I let go quickly. "I'm sorry." I whispered in his ear. "Let's continue, okay."

"All right." He gave in.

We undressed each other; I looked into his blue gray eyes and ran my hand through his silver hair. I started kissing him all over again. I turned on the radio and Heaven is Not Enough was playing. "It's our song."

"Yeah, I remember the first time we were together." He said softly.

We began to relive that day again. "Oh DiCaprio!" I had found his spot and made him scream. "DiCaprio! DiCaprio!"

"Vicious!" I yelled out in joy as we made love.

We continued our lovemaking and that's when I promised him that after I hunt down and kill Spike I would come back. But things changed and something wonderful happened. Diana. February 26, 2069 at my father's old summerhouse, I gave birth to Diana Juliana DiCaprio Hepburn. I stayed on Venus with Diana for a month, then we took off and went back to Mars. Back to Little Italy in Neo Manhattan, Diana will be safe here. This was the place where I was born and raised. Until my father ran off and my mother commited suicide. I dropped Diana off, then I ran, I ran as far as Callisto, so I could figure out what to do. While I was there, I met Gren, strange guy, but why was he playing the song that Daniel wrote for me? Two years pass, then I called him crying on the phone, I couldn't take it anymore. "Remember that night, we spent some time together. Heaven is Not Enough was playing and then things, you know, one thing led to another."

"What the hell are you talking about? Oh I remember, two years ago. You were drunk and you almost forced yourself on me." The voice said on the other line.

"Hey, you did give me your consent." I growled; "Well, honey, I want to see you tonight at my apartment. Be there or else!"

"Or else what?" He said sarcastically.

"Or else, I'll come over and do something really bad to you! Like how about I shove your unsheathed Katana up your ass or maybe I'll tie you to the bed, and force myself on you, without consent!" I demanded and hung up.

That night I heard a knock at my door it was Vicious. "What did you call me about? Have you found Spike? Did you kill him?"

I looked him in the eyes; they were colder than ever before. Maybe this news will turn him around so he can spare Spike's life. I lit a cigarette. "I want you to go to The Demeter Orphanage, there is a 2 year old girl named Diana there. I want you to see her."

He growled at me, the cold turning into a blazing fire. "Is she Spike's brat?"

I stomped out the cigarette and took a deep breath. I wanted to keep calm, forget it. I remember when he first found out about the affair that I had with Spike. He held the gun to my head and told me that I had to kill Spike so I could be free. Either Spike dies or we both do. Well, I don't want to die and I don't want to kill. So I just cracked! I wanted to jump him and tear him limb from limb. I took his Katana and threw it across the floor, then I frisked him all over. Checking for a Derringer, daggers, or knives. Good, he was unarmed. Suddenly, I threw him violently to the couch, pinning him down, screaming at him in frustration. "That is enough! You're making me crazy!"

This made Vicious very scared. "Julia, please stop it!" He wriggled around, then slipped out of my hold and crawled onto the floor.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him up to face me, then slapped him hard across the face. "Wake up Vicious!" I really didn't like that, but I just wanted to wake him up.

He rubbed his cheek. "You hit me!" He got up and was trying to leave.

"Don't you dare walk out on me!" I grabbed Vicious by the shoulders and pinned him against the wall and kissed him hard. I wanted to be brutal this time. I ripped open his shirt and bit his throat.

"Stop it!" He broke away a little.

"You want to leave? Well, I'm not going to let you go." I still had him pinned.

"Try to stop me!" I could see he was trembling a little.

"You're trembling. Are you afraid of me little Daniel Hepburn? Are you afraid of your sweet angel Julia? The young girl whose mother hung herself after her father ran off with another woman. What happened to you Vicious, was it Titan? Was it the affair with Spike that broke you? Is it power? No more syndicate Vicious, I own you! Your soul is mine!" I seemed to have scared him.

"No, I'm not afraid of you. You don't scare me one bit DiCaprio." He was calming himself down. "Now can you let me go?"

"I'm not letting you go yet! You don't scare me anymore either, I'm no longer afraid of you. Besides I am the one you should be afraid of. I'm crazy now, because you made me this way! Also Schizophrenia runs in my grandmothers side of the family!" I backed away, but still had him by the wrist. "Now listen to me, I am not a weak damsel in distress! I'm not some object that you two idiots can just fight over! Spike is nothing to me now! She's your kid! Yours!"

"Mine? How do you know?" He asked.

"She has your eyes and I think she's got your confidence. Look, when I dropped her off at the orphanage she started crying. She didn't want me to leave. So I was thinking that you and I could patch things up." I said calmly.

"What does that mean, if I see this kid everything will be fine." He said coming closer.

I suddenly let go of his wrist, he embraced me instead of running away. Things will be changing.
I took his face in my hands. "Go see her Vicious. If you go see her, I'll come back to you, and we can escape together. We can be free; we'll destroy the syndicate from the inside. Don't you want that?"

He looked a bit puzzled. "We can both be free?"

I nodded; "Yes, we can."

"What about Spike?" He said coldly.

"Let's not kill Spike, but I want you to take care of him. So why don't we put him away for a while." I touched his face.

"Like in a mental institution?" He joyfully asked.

"No, I was thinking of putting him to sleep." I smirked;

Maybe a nice cooling period would do him good.

"Suspended animation?" Vicious smiled. "Julia, I never seen this side of you in a while. God, you can be such a fiend. I love it when you get nuts."

"I love you." I gave him a kiss and I saw color return to his face.

He held me tight. "I love you too."

"I'm sorry that I was rough with you." I said softly. "I can be a sadist sometimes."

He put his head on my shoulder. "Apology accepted, my darling psycho. Remember, that's how our first time was like. You got mad, threw me against a wall, and gave me that black eye. I knew it was love at first sight." That night we hatched our elaborate plan that will change everything.

Back to the present time.

Stop waxing nostalgic Julia! I was watching the stars fade away into the dawn. After helping Wilcox save Shin's life. I waited for daybreak to meet Vicious. From the shadows, I watched remaining members beginning to run out of the building. I'll put the fear of god in them. I rushed to the entrance of The Red Dragon Headquarters. I wasn't afraid, they all stood there with terror in their eyes as I raised my Derringer. "Hello boys."

One of them spoke; "White Cougar?"

I gave them an evil smirk; "If any of you tell a living soul, I will hunt you down like Mad Perriot and kill every one of you! I'll even do it with a smile." Speaking of that fat balloon, I could kick his ass, literally. But it was Spike who sent that fatman to his place in Hell.

They all quivered and nodded; "As you wish, we will never tell anybody."

I put the Derringer away. "Good, now scurry away like the rats you are and become good citizens of Mars!" I shouted as they raced off.

When I came inside the headquarters I felt like I stepped into one of the rings of Hell. This was Hell and I felt like the Devil herself. There were dead bodies covered in blood, riddled with bullets. Mangled faces of people I knew. There were arms and legs separated from their bodies. Sinewy pieces of muscleand flesh, some of that flesh was roasting. There were broken body parts strewn among the debris, blood on the walls with the bullet holes. It wasn't that new to me, I'm used to it. I was an assassin, as well as a medic; I have taken and saved lives. Anyway, I knew who was responsible for this destruction. This had to be Spike's doing. "Spike what the hell have you done? You destroyed the syndicate! This is a masterpiece! Goddamn it we're free at last!" Then I felt some remorse. "Rest in peace guys, you're finally free!"

"Julia DiCaprio you get the hell up here now before we all blow up!" Vicious screamed on the speakerphone.

Well, Vicious told me that he'd be on the top floor. I can't get to the top floor because the elevator was broken. "Damn you Spike!" I walked out of the building and went through the other entrance. One that I knew of it was a secret place. "Coming my dear!" I shouted.

I go up the stairs and see Vicious bending over Spike who was out cold. Vicious calls me over, "Julia, get over here now!"

I shout over to him. "It looked like there was survivors."

Vicious looked up. "Yeah, there were but they all ran away. Well, actually I scared them away."

"Yeah and I scared them some more." I see the wound in his shoulder. "Vicious, you're hurt." I tore off a piece of my shirt and wrapped it around the wound.

Vicious grumbled, "Hey Julia, stop it. Don't worry about me. He must have been aiming for my heart, but he got my shoulder, again."

I looked around, hoping that there were no more survivors sneaking around. Trying to get a good aim at us, so they could take the syndicate for themselves. I laughed; "I thought he was a good shooter, I guess that drug we gave him threw him off balance."

I could see Vicious struggling a little, "We have to get out of here before the building goes up. By the way, I looted the safe, hacked into the computers and sent the rest of the money to a bank on Venus. Under the alias of Daniel Hepburn"

I smirked; "I love you."

"I know princess." He shrugged, "We have to live on something. It's all ours anyway, this was our syndicate. Now it's crap! I'll have to do something with this place later. We have to be quick before the authorities get here and we can't let anyone see us."

I kneeled down and wrapped Spike up in his long coat. "Let's be quick about it."

"Jules, let's get him to the hospital. Remember that little promise that I made to Mao." Vicious said as we finally lifted Spike off the stairs and put him in a blanket. We raced down to the car as fast as we can.

I touched his shoulder, "You have to get that looked at."

I saw him smirk, "Don't worry I will." I helped Vicious put Spike into the backseat of my Rambler. "Nice car."

"Thanks, my old one was blown up. This one runs better and it's faster. It also has a better security system." I'll miss my old car, but this one is really cool.

"You have such a cool car, that just makes me love you more." He said in an airhead-like voice. He was joking around. I never saw him with a sense of humor in such a long time.

I said in a drawl, "Well baby, she purrs like a kitten and drives like a dream. She also changes colors, from blue to green."

"Just like Sango! But she goes from black to pink." Vicious grabbed his cell phone. "I'll call the cryogenics wing of the hospital. He'll be in deep freeze, while we make our escape."

"I'll be driving." I said as I opened the door.

Vicious finished his call. "No, I will drive."

"You are in no condition, Daniel!" I used his real name.

"Let's just get to the damn hospital, Jujube. I don't want him to die!" He's serious about this redemption stuff.

"Aye, aye captain! Man, I hate it when you call me that." I rushed into the drivers seat slamming the door.

"How about I just keep calling you DiCaprio?" He said fastening his seatbelt. "Are the explosives in place?"

"Did it a few days ago, before the coup and I got the timers ready." I was really careful about that one. "They'll go off in 20 minutes."

He took one last glance at the silent building, a place of ill repute, eh, it we called it home.

I tore through the streets like a madwoman in my new car. "What should we tell his friends?"

He looked in the backseat. "We'll come over later to tell them about Spike's condition."

Then I remembered the reason why he changed. "After we leave the hospital, we'll get Diana and leave Mars for a while." Then I froze. "I left my coat and passport at Annie's."

Vicious took out a black coat and something else. "I have them right here."

I was relieved; "Good. Now we can get the hell off Mars."

Vicious' POV/Flashback

I remembered how it began, she asked me to go to the orphanage to see this kid of ours. The orphanage was this brownstone on the corner of 73rd and New Battery Park Avenue in Neo Manhattan. The brownstone was a little weathered, but it seemed like a decent place for children. The surrounding area wasn't too bad either, mostly small shops, bakeries, eateries, churches, apartment houses, and a lot of movie theaters. It was the little Italy section of the city. Julia grew up here in a little brick house that was next to a theater. The theater still stands, but the house became a newer part of the theater, it was Julia's father who did that. The man is very private and is a big time actor in Neo Hollywood. Besides, he wanted just to stay out of the whole thing. He wanted nothing to do with Mao or Annie or the damn syndicate.

When I got there, the women looked at me and smiled, they weren't nuns, they were priestesses. Wiccan priestesses. The high priestess who ran the orphanage came up to me, she was kind. She looked a little tough though. She was stocky and had sky blue eyes. "Can I help you sir?"

"I am here to see Diana DiCaprio." I asked.

"You mean Diana Hepburn?" The woman said.

Julia used my last name well isn't that nice. "Yes, I'm her father, I'd like to see her." I said.
I hope they will let me see her.

"She's right this way." The priestess gave me a smile and led me down a long hallway.
She stopped in front of a door and opened it into a play area where children were playing.

"Diana is over there." She pointed to a window.

I looked around and I saw the children playing together, except for one.
"When did she come here?" I asked.

The woman said softly, "She was dropped off here 2 years ago by her mother. A golden haired woman with the saddest blue eyes, she was very beautiful too. She had told me that her husband was very ill and that she couldn't provide for her. So, what did happen to you Mr. Hepburn?"

I couldn't mention the Red Dragons. So I told them that I was mentally ill. "I was very, very sick for a while, mentally sick, catatonic. I had recently awakened, it was my wife who woke me up by telling me that we have a daughter. So that's why I have to go see her. Because she gave me the reason to live again."

She points to a child by the window. "There she is and it seems that no one wants to play with her. She's always alone."

"She won't be alone for long." That is so unlike me.

"You and your wife will be picking her up soon?" She asked.

"Of course we will after we take care of a few things." Destroy syndicate, put Spike away.

"I'm happy for her. She's a very good kid; she causes no trouble and is very polite. But I think she needs her family." She stepped away.

I looked and saw a young child with long flowing blonde hair sitting at the window. From the side I can see that she's a little sad. I went over to see her, while the priestess watched. "Diana?"

She turned her head and looked at me, she was a mini Julia with my eyes. "Hi." She said in a small voice.

My heart began to soften. "I'm your father."

The little girl opened up her arms and I picked her up. "Daddy! I knew you would come, are you feeling okay now?"

I suddenly felt alive again, my life had changed, something had crossed over in me and I couldn't go back. "Oh yeah, I'm all better."

"That's good." She said.

"You look just like your mother." I told her.

She gave me a little smile. "When is mama coming, when will you pick me up from here?"
Now I know Julia will return to me.

"We'll be together soon sweetheart, very soon. Daddy and mama have to straighten a few things out. But we'll come get you, I promise Diana." I gave her a smile.

Julia woke me from that daydream. "Vicious? Vicious? Oh Danny Boy! Stop spacing out Daniel!" Julia shouted.

"What?" I hate it when she calls me Danny Boy.

"We're at the hospital. Let's get Spike out of my car, okay?" She said. Suddenly we heard an explosion; there goes the syndicate building. "Bye, bye Red Dragons!" Julia yelled;

"Julia." We heard a faint moan from the backseat.

I gasped, "I think you and your fat mouth woke him up! This plan will be ruined!"

"We have to get him in there quickly and if he wakes up, I'll knock him out and I am not fat!" She said as she grabbed his arms.

"What about that baby fat of yours?" I got his legs.

"Shut up!" Julia snapped quietly.

"Where am I?" Spike mumbled; "I'm still in pain, I thought in Heaven there is no pain. Julia, I hear you, are you with me?"

"No, I'm in Hell where I belong with my love, Vicious!" She joked;

"Damn you Julia! I hate you! Stupid DiCaprio!" Spike's mumbling got louder.

"Damn you DiCaprio! Well what should we do now Honey?" I whispered.

"Vicious, why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in Hell with Julia?" He muttered.

"Oh, that isn't fair! Why do people always want me to go to Hell! I don't want to go to stinking Hell! Hell is retarded and stupid! You know Spike, that is not nice! I was a war hero, so there, KwanYin let me in The Summerlands. Besides, there is no Hell in our religion and also I'm standing near you." Geez, I didn't like that one bit. I looked up at Julia. "Well, Miss Perfect?"

Julia rolled her eyes. "Make him pretend he's having some weird dream. He's always lost in a dream."

I stated talking like an Asian lady. "Oh Spike, my sweet little dumpling, be nice to your friend. This is Kwan Yin talking, we're on my cloud right now, I'm taking you to The Summerlands. I want you to go back to sleep, I make your pain go away. This is all a dream Spike, go back to sleep now. When you wake up the goddess of dreams will be there, she needs a new husband, but for now, you sleep. Can you do that for your sweet goddess?" I said in a sweet sounding voice and kissed him on the lips. Oh, I kissed him again, I better stop that. Before Julia thinks that I'm gay.

"Okay my sweet goddess. Tell Vicious that I am sorry." He had fallen back into sleep.

"Vicious, that's weird." Julia whispered.

"I had to think of something, besides you said weird." I told her.

We brought Spike into the Mars General Hospital E.R. "We have a 27 year old male, with multiple wounds! Name is Spike Spiegel!" Julia shouted; "I am bounty hunter Henrietta Hill and this is my husband Pegleg! We're bringing in our partner!"

"Very funny!" I rolled my eyes; "Our names are Daniel and Julia Hepburn!"

Doctors and nurses surrounded us, they asked Julia and I some questions and then we made our request. "Hello, I am Doctor Benjamin Okafor head of the cryogenics wing." The doctor came up to us.

"Hello, we're Daniel and Julia Hepburn, we are freelance bounty hunters. Spike is a very good friend, he's a hero and we need to save him! He was seriously injured in a raid; we want him to rejuvenate so his wounds can heal properly. They were bad wounds, the bountyhead had a very sharp Katana and he was slashing at me. It was horrible! The guy was a vicious maniac and I mean vicious! He was going to kill me! But my best friend Spike jumped in at the last minute and took the near fatal hit." Oh man, I am such a ham! "Can you do it?"

The doctor nodded, "Of course, but it'll take a while."

Julia and I looked at each other.

Julia said seriously; "Time doesn't matter. My husband and I are so happy that you can help us."

She called me her husband, that's so sweet.

We watched as they lowered the Spike into a glass cylinder and filled it with a blue liquid.
I whispered to Julia. "Is that what I did to him, that's gruesome, it looks like I tried to cut him in two."

She whispered back. "Ugh, Vicious, you're about as disgusting as me. Wait, he seems to be healing."

"Holy crap! It looks like something I've seen before on Titan." I remember that they were using some guy as a lab rat. It was Vincent Volaju, but how did Spike get the nanomachines?

Julia glanced at me. "Titan?"

I quickly changed the subject and told her something just to piss her off. "Oh, look at the unit on him. I never knew he was so hot, I should have slept with him instead. Although, I kissed him once, well, make that twice, and slept with his cousin."

"Stop bringing up the past!" Then she slapped me. "Shut up Vicious! You're my bitch now."

"Thank you miss, may I have another?" I joked. The cylinder was then lowered into a metal tube and that was the last we saw of him. Goodbye, my friend. Till we meet on better terms once again "We want the very best treatment." I told the doctor.

"He'll be back to normal in a few years." Okafor told me.

"His name is Spike Spiegel and please keep him in there for about, say, 14 years please." I told the nurse and she wrote it down. Hey why are my words a little slurred. I felt a little dizzy. "Oh crap."

Julia rushed to me. "What's wrong?"

"My shoulder is beginning to hurt like heck." My shoulder was acting up. We had another doctor treat the wound, I was in pain for a while and then it stopped. Julia had grabbed my coat and something fell out. "That is something that I have always wanted to give you for years."

Julia grabbed the small black velvet box. "What is this?"

"Why don't you open it?" I told her.

She opened the box and gasped at the hearts of fire cut diamond ring. "Oh Vicious, you know I hate diamonds."

That made me pout.

"Oh what the hell, I'll keep it!" She said as she admired it.

I put my shirt back on. "I'm not the greatest guy in the world."

She sighed, "Vicious, don't say that, because I'm no prize either."

I decided to ask her anyway. "Will you marry me?"

She put the diamond ring on. "Yes, I will!" I grabbed my coat, we left, and got into the car.

I put my arms around her. "Let's go get Diana and just leave Mars. Go away where no one will find us for a while."

Julia nodded and I was glad she was driving a little slower. "We'll do that, after we go to the Justice of the Peace."

"You really want to do this?" I asked.

"Yes, I want to marry you now. Then, I was thinking of going to Venus for a while. My father has a house there." She kept her eyes on the road.

"Sounds good to me." I said as we drove off. Yeah, a new life sounds great to me. "Where should we live after we get back to Mars?"

Julia smirked; "How about that ruined abandoned church on the outskirts of Neo Manhattan, near the Tharsis City line. We'll knock it all down and make it a huge mansion where we will have a huge garden, a place where stray dogs and cats can have a good home. Just what you've always wanted Vicious, but I want horses, rabbits, and carp."

Julia stopped in front of Tharsis General. "Why are we here?" I looked at the hospital.

Julia got out of the car. "We have to go see a friend."

I got out and followed her to the information desk, the attendant told her that the friend was doing fine and he was out of surgery. Julia took my hand. "Come with me."

She took me through the hospital, up to ICU and to a room. We went into the room and I couldn't believe it. I saw Shin resting in a bed.

I took his hand. "Shin, how are you?"

Shin opened his eyes; "Vicious and Julia, please tell me what's going on here?"

I sat in the chair by his bed. "Shin, Julia and I, are going away, we are leaving Mars for a while. Julia tells me that you're going to stay with Spike's Uncle and Cousin."

A man by the name of Mike Yamada will take you to Ganymede soon. Mike is a very good friend of ours, you'll find him to be a very friendly guy. He used to be a trucker, until he met a certain green haired weirdo that changed his life forever."

"Spike? What happened to Spike? Did you kill him?" He got up a little.

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Tell no one, you may want to tell Wolf and Nicole. But no one else, Spike is in cryogenic freeze, he won't be out for 14 years. Spike is alive, I spared his life."

His eyes widen; "Vicious, why?"

"I feel alive." I hug Julia. "Love has entered my life again and I got Julia back. Besides, I think Spike needs a second chance, there's this girl that's crazy about him. I saw her wish on a star and I decided to make that wish come true. Also, Julia and I have a daughter named Diana and I made a promise to this Mike Yamada guy that I would never kill another human being as long as I live."

He sighs; "That's great. Where did you meet Mike Yamada?"

I didn't want to tell him it was Mao yet. "He was a bounty hunter that almost took me in to the police one day. But we started talking about things like family and kids. Suddenly he helped me change my life when he told me about the adventure of being a cowboy. I think he's here now."

Suddenly we heard a voice behind us in the room. "Are you Mr. Shin?"

We look over and see a short Asian man. "Mike, you're here, what a surprise." Julia chuckled; "Look honey, it's Mike."

Mao Yenrai AKA Mike Yamada stepped into the room and went to Shin's bedside. "You look pretty healthy my boy. Yes, indeed."

Shin looked confused; "Mao? I thought you were dead."

Mao let out a bellowing laugh; "Oh, you know how many times I get that from my fellow bounty hunters! They all threaten to turn me in! No, my child, the infamous Mao is very much dead, I am Mike Yamada."

I patted Mao on the back. "Yeah, he's dead, but he was such a nice guy."

"Ha! The fool had it coming! That old gangster deserved it." Mao joked; "He's buried with his Playboy magazines you know."

"When am I going to Ganymede?" Shin asked;

"We're going tomorrow, but now, I think you should get some rest there son." Mao tugged Shin's cheek before leaving.

"So Mike, what should I do now? Should I become a protector of the innocent, chasing the elusive mayfly known as love?" I made a stance.

"Vicious, you know, I think you would make a great bounty hunter. You always seem to get the job done. " He looked at his watch. "I must be off my friends so I can look good for the ceremony. Julia take good care of Vicious! Don't let him eat too much junk food, especially those damn donuts! Also, take care of Diana, she seems like a good kid!" He said as he walked out the door. "See you guys at the wedding!"

"Shin we have to go, we're getting married in a few minutes!" Julia said as she took my wrist.

"You'll be in good hands Shin, farewell." I said as she dragged me out the door.

"We'll meet again on Ganymede! Goodbye Daniel Hepburn! Goodbye Julia DiCaprio!" Shin said as we left the room.

We got to the orphanage that afternoon after we had changed into some new clothes and had something to eat. We held hands as we entered the orphanage. The High Priestess came to greet us. "Mr. and Mrs. Hepburn, are you here to pick up Diana?"

Julia nodded; "Yes, we called late this morning and told you we'll be here to get her."

"Here she comes." The priestess stepped aside as a young priestess walked with Diana down a hallway.

The young priestess let go of her hand and Diana ran towards us with tears in her eyes. "Mama! Daddy!"

I reached out to Diana and she jumped into my arms. "See we kept our promise." I told her.

We walked out of the orphanage; we hopped into the car and grabbed Mao Yenrai at home. We would need him as a witness for our small wedding. Mao was happy. "I am so glad that you two have gotten back together. I'm glad that you didn't kill Spike, glad that Shin is alive, and it's so nice to meet Diana for the first time. Don't worry about anything; I have a house on Venus where you three can stay. Julia, don't stay at your dad's house, mine is bigger. I'll also take care of the former headquarters while you're gone. I'll take care of the funerals, even for those three bastards. I'll have them cremated, then the ashes will be tossed onto Husband Hill. Oh nevermind, they're nothing but ashes anyway since Julia blew the building up."

I thought of the place called Husband Hill. Spike and I made up our own Urban Legend about it. Husband Hill was notorious for angry wives, after they killed their husbands, they would shower the ashes on the hill. "Nope, my men hauled the bodies away and dumped them in the Martian Sea near Thasis Harbor."

"Well, I'll give those sons of bitches a decent going away present." Mao continued; "You can do anything you want with the land after everything clears. Because that is your property my boy and I want you to do something special with it. I'll have a Buddhist Monk and a Wiccan Priestess bless the place to clear the negativity. They'll do the same thing after you tear down the church ruins, by the way, I'll help you guys with the grounds."

"Well, I was thinking of doing something good with The Red Dragons Syndicate Building site. Maybe I'll have a museum built there." I said.

Mao crossed his arms; "If you are going to open a museum, what are you going to fill it with?"

"I don't know, I'll think it'll be a science museum or maybe something on Earth History. You know, a place where we can remember the planet where humans first came from."

The Justice of the Peace came in and the wedding began. "You Daniel Hepburn take Julia DiCaprio to be your wife?"

"I do." I said.

Then he asked Julia. "Do you Julia DiCaprio take Daniel Hepburn to be your husband?"

Julia looked to me and smiled; "I do."

He finished it by saying. "By the power invested in me, the Planet of Mars and The Sol System, you are now wife and husband, you can kiss the bride."

Julia and I kissed, the past was gone and we were back in the present, looking towards the future. After the I do's, I began to walk away. Mao just watched me for a moment, our eyes met, he knew what I was going to do. Then he walked off, he had to go back home anyway.

Julia asked me. "Vicious, where are you going?"

I stopped and gave Julia a kiss and Diana a hug; "I said that I was a bounty hunter, well, I'm going to get that job and become the greatest bounty hunter who ever lived."

I walked up the stairs to the I.S.S.P. area. I went over to the attendant at the desk. "Excuse me, sir."

The attendant looked up at me. "Yes?"

"My name is Daniel Houghton Hepburn and I want to become a bounty hunter." I gave him an ID with my real name.

I took the test, while Julia came up with Diana. After I finished, Julia took the test and we both passed.

Mao's POV

I drove down the street to Annie's Place, the cops were already there. I came up to one of the officers and asked if Annie was still in there. The officer shook his head and told me that she was at the morgue. I told the officer that I needed to get something inside. I came into the store, it was a mess, all bullet riddled. I went to the counter and picked up the picture. It was of me, Annie, and Wolfgang, before his death. I decided to take it with me and snuck off. I drove to Tharsis General Hospital. I saw Annie one last time, and now I am stuck with one more dead friend and a big fat funeral bill. I tell the hospital that I'll take care of Annie and her things. The store, it might as well, become a flower shop, the wife always wanted one. The apartments where those three kids grew up in, I'll take care of too, yeah, come to good old Mao, he'll take care of everything. Oh yeah, I have to bury more friends and former enemies. I leave the hospital and mutter in Japanese; "Everything's going so well."

Vicious' POV

We left city hall, driving towards a transport that would take us to Venus. After we boarded the transport and sat in our seats. I took one last look at the red planet below, Julia laid her head on
my shoulder and Diana slept in her arms. I remember a dream I once had after I had met Diana. The woman in the dream said something. I think she said. "Listen to the song of life." Good words to live by. Goodbye Spike, until we meet again, and I hope it will be on more peaceful terms. Heaven is not enough, I want life, Heaven goodbye.

: That was Part One-Yeah, I changed it again. Everything is still done by different character's point of view. Creative criticism is always welcomed. Julia is a little meaner in this fic, but she'll soften later. I like Julia and I love Vicious, he was a cool bad guy. No flames or harsh criticism please. About the picture in Annie's Store, some think it may be Annie's Husband, some think it's Spike's Father. So, I made the man in the picture Spike's Father.

: Part Two-You Can't Always Get What You Want - Faye moves on with her life and embraces her new lifestyle. Jet meets the new Vicious and gets a glimpse of him and Julia in action. Edward doesn't find what she's looking for and gives up. Until something unexpected happens.