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Part 6 A Father and His Son

Spike's POV

We walked back into the living room.

I looked down the massive hall. "Jet is my cabin still here?"

Jet started off towards the workshop to tend to his Bonsai. "Yes it is, Jade has been taking good care of it. Jade has his own cabin, well, it used to be Ed's before the renovations. Faye still has hers, and I have mine."

I walked off towards my room. "I'm going to see my son."

I looked at my old room, it didn't really change, and my old Bruce Lee poster was still there. It was clean, clothes were in the closet, nothing on the floor or out of place. The walls were still jade green with a little sky blue trim. I look on my dresser and I see a small blue box with gold trim. That wasn't there before, I open it up. It began playing a little song, it was a music box! "Very funny Jade." I mutter to myself as I put it back on the dresser. My eye suddenly caught the red pinwheel that Ed had given to me. Sweet, but sad memories. I put the pinwheel on the dresser. I suddenly thought of my beautiful fiance.

I left my room and went down to the end of the hall to Ed's old cabin. Jade wasn't there, I looked at the room. It was filled with pictures of Jazz Musicians, actors, basketball players both men and women, and Bruce Lee. Models of The Bebop, Swordfish II, Redtail, Hammerhead, a blue convertible car, a little white ship, a pink Caddy from 1957, a small silver starship, and Marlin, Jade's ship hovered from the ceiling. So did a model of the solar system with glow in the dark stars arranged in different constellations.

On the wall was a rainbow with a perfect blue sky. Ed had painted that, I remembered the day she came here. She had painted a rainbow on one wall, a smiley on the other, and a night sky on the ceiling. The smiley is gone, Jet must have painted it over in blue to match the sky and the ceiling remained the same.

I whisper, "Oh Rhiannon, I miss you now." I'm wondering if she's back from work? I have to give her a call later.

On one side was an Oak bunk bed. There was a desk with a computer on one side. On the desk was a holograph picture of a blonde haired girl, she looked like Julia. But her eyes were blue-gray, she had his eyes, they belonged to Vicious. But those eyes lacked the coldness, instead they were warm and friendly. That must be Diana. Then there it was, that picture that was up on Doohan's wall. Doohan, Miles, and me with that old shuttle. That was a ride, I wonder if Doohan is still around? Now where was that Jade?

I looked across the hall, there was a workout room, and it was one of those rooms that Jet wouldn't dare set foot in. But it looks pretty good with its new paint job, workout equipment and wood floor where Jade was practicing his Martial Arts. "Hello dad."

I was amazed how well trained this kid was. "Hey Jade, I see that you're becoming quite the martial artist."

I saw Jade pause, "Thanks, mom taught me everything she knew. I also learned from watching a lot of Bruce Lee movies. I've also read his books."

"I learned a lot from him too, I admire him very much. Now let's get ready, I want to see how you well you do." I said as I took my stance. We sparred for a while, he was pretty good, better than me. Then we quit after a while.

I took a quick shower, then laid down on the couch. Oh how I miss you couch! Jade was washing up, Faye was out with Electra, and Jet went off to see Ashley at a Jazz Club. I began to take a nap until I heard someone running down the hall. Jade flew into the room and flopped right into the chair. "For a second there Jade, I thought you were Ed."

He was talking a mile a minute. "Radical Edward! Miss Crazy-Swookiness! Um, You mean Rhiannon. She is so cool, she's got this awesome ship. It looks like the queen's ship from the old Star Wars prequel films. Vicious' Mom and Doohan built it just for her. She lives in this huge apartment building with a great view of Neo Manhattan."

The kid had tons of energy. "Whoa! One question at a time. I know that, I was with her last night Jade. Rhiannon has invited me to go with her to dinner and a movie premiere. She also asked me to marry her."

He arched his brow. "What did you say?"

Let him know. "I said yes."

"I knew it!" He smiled. "She has always loved you dad."

There was so much I wanted to know. "Now, tell me more about her."

He opened up the computer and started tapping away. "Well, we would visit her and she visits us often and she always came to the picnics we would have."

I was puzzled. "Picnics?"

He fidgeted with the keys on the table computer. "Yeah, everyone would get together at Tharsis Park on November 11 and June 26. We would have a picnic in the rose garden. We never gave up hope on finding you. When I was a child, I would always point to the hospital you were in. Mom would say that you weren't in there. But a few years later, Diana's Parents show up and told us you were still alive in that hospital."

I sat up on the couch. "Vicious and Julia. They were there, you were there, so was Diana, Electra, Faye, and Jet. Rhiannon was next to me when the doctors woke me up. Vicious and Julia, I can't believe what they did. Why did they care to save me?"

"They wanted you to have a better life. I heard Jade yawn. "Besides, they're doing all right. They're bounty hunters now and Vicious is pretty good at it, he's caught over 999,800 felons so far and hasn't killed a single one. He also dresses like Vash the Stampede from Trigun, which is so cool! Mom said you were a former syndicate guy before you became a bounty hunter."

Vicious, not killing people? What happened here? Did I shoot him in the shoulder or the head? And what is this stuff about dressing up like Vash the Stampede?

"I used to be an executive of The Red Dragon Syndicate. But that wasn't really my choice. So what do you want to do Jade. Do you want to be a bounty hunter?" I asked.

He looked down at me. "I do a little hunting on the side, but I do most of the computer work, and Rhiannon taught me her skills. I don't know what I want to do right now." He suddenly turned off the computer. "So when are you going to get married?"

That silly question! Be cool Spike, he's only a kid. "I don't know, I was thinking of Halloween."

"What would Rhiannon want?" He asked.

"Halloween?" I shrugged.

"Okay." He probably thinks I'm crazy. "That's Cool." He's cool with it.

I asked softly, "You know that your mother kissed Vicious."

He sat back in his seat. "Yes, she did. She says she will tell Julia, but she doesn't. I wish she could stop lying. I don't want her to lie. I know that she was the one who was always there for me, but I get tired of her sometimes. I feel like she's hiding something from me."

I understood, she was there for him, whenever he got sick or whenever something good happened to him. I admire her for that, it shows that she has matured more than I last remembered. "Jade, your mother is a very stubborn woman and whatever she's hiding, she'll tell you eventually."

Faye suddenly stepped into the room. "You two are talking about me, I told you guys I will tell her!"

I got up and went to her. "Faye, what else are you hiding?"

"Nothing." I saw that she beginning to leave. "Let me sleep on the Julia thing. I'll give you an answer in the morning!"

We watched her leave.

Jade whispered;"That was too easy dad."

Did she really mean it? "She's unpredictable Jade."

"Unpredictable as the weather on Ganymede." That's Jet's influence.

"Jade, have you met your mother's boyfriend yet?" I asked.

He shook his head; "Mom doesn't have a boyfriend."

"Your mother told me that she has someone." I asked.

Not a boyfriend, but a girlfriend?

He looked towards the hall. "You mean Electra?"

A name from my past, my eyes widened; "Electra! Electra is a lesbian?"

He shrugs; "Yeah, you knew her, she helped you guys save Mars. I sort of got those two together, I found her in the gazebo in Tharsis Park. She looked like she was having a hard time, so I started talking to her. Well, I was really young, so I guess I was talking in gibberish. Mom found me talking to her and boom, some great thing happened."

"Electra and Faye." Faye and Electra are lesbians, was this my doing?

"Mom has a girlfriend that she loves very much and that's okay with me." The kid had a very open mind, thanks to Jet.

"At least she's happy. Is she happy?" I asked him.

"Yes, she is." He got up and went to the kitchen.

I saw him come back out with a glass of milk. Not only that, he had a slice of cheesecake with him. "What's that?"

"Cheesecake." He got a slice, he better get one for me or I'll wrestle him for it.

"Is there any more?" I eyed the cheesecake, it looked like it was covered with cherries, if only they had chocolate chip or Oreo.

"You like cheesecake too, it's from Starbucks. I can't get enough of the stuff." He was about to dig into it, but stopped. "You remind me of Ein or one of Daniel's dogs."

Ein? I miss that damn dog. Also Daniel who? Daniel Houghton Hepburn? Daniel has dogs, I thought he liked big scary birds.

I got closer to it. "That's my favorite food. Yes, I love cheesecake, always did."

He put the plate in front of me. "Here, I'll get another piece for myself. Would you like anything to drink?"

I took the cheesecake. "Is there coffee left?"

"Yes." He called out from the kitchen.

"Now I know where my love of cheesecake comes from." Jade came out with a cup of coffee and slice of cake for himself.

I had to know a little bit more about Vicious. "Hey Jade, does Vicious have any birds? Like peacocks?"

He took a bite of cheesecake. "He has 4 doves, but he doesn't have any peacocks, he thinks they should stay in the wild. He had a peacock named Mr. Crackers once, but he told me that it died. He does collect a lot of stray cats and dogs. He and Julia have 12 cats, 10 dogs, 12 carp, 8 rabbits, 6 mice, 8 horses, and 100 goldfish."

I took a sip of coffee, too strong, it's from Starbucks! Gold Coast! "What does he have a zoo?"

He nodded, "Yeah you can say that and they have this huge mansion on the Neo Manhattan-Tharsis Line that looks like San Simeon in California."

"Where did they get the money?" I asked.

Looted the safe at the syndicate building probably.

He finished off his cake. "Julia inherited a huge fortune from her grandfather's estate after her father died. She found out about her ailing father from Laughing Bull and they both reconciled."

I nodded; "What happened to Laughing Bull?"

Jade drank the last of his milk. "He is very old, but still has his visions. A year after I got Marlin, I remember seeing him once and he had told me that I had a gift. He said that I was the son of Swimming Bird and Golden Coyote. He was happy to have met me, but also he said something about mom. She has a secret that she can't share with us. He gave me the name of Hjada Green Wolf, I think it suits me well. Wolves are my favorite animals"

Jade likes animals, it's Jet's influence again. Jade took the plates and brought them back to the kitchen.

What a good kid, but there was something missing to him. He really needs to meet his sister, I really want him to see her. But, why is Faye keeping it a secret and why do I feel somewhat detached myself. Last time when I saw Nicole, I felt happy, could she be my sister? I am so confused.

He suddenly came back in. "Well dad, I'm going to bed."

He gave me a hug, then I watched him leave the room. "Sweet dreams Jade."

I laid back down on the couch, the computer began to ring. Who was that, Rhiannon? Jet? Maybe he has something good for me to do. I tap one of the keys to answer it.

"Hey Jet! This is Daniel." A guy in a red coat said.

Daniel. I knew only one Daniel in my life and that was Vicious. Why the hell is he using his real name?

He continued talking. "Jade sent me some more information on Locke. I can't wait to nab this guy for what he did to me!" He sounded serious.

Jade is about as handy as Ed, I mean Rhiannon when it comes to computers. But that voice was familiar and I looked at the caller, a guy with silver hair, but he looked calmer.
"YO Hepburn!" It was Vicious.

Vicious screeched. "Frick on a brick!"

I sat up on the couch again. "You and Julia have some explaining to do."

Vicious rolled his eyes, "Not right now Spike. She's getting her beauty sleep and she gets very cranky and blood thirsty when it's interrupted. And if I'm in her path, I get smacked. She's not the angel she once was."

"Yeah, I know and she still drives like a crazed maniac." I needed to speak to him. "Can you come over? I want to know about this guy named Locke."

"No, this is my fight, Spike." Why dosen't he need my help? Why, because I screw things up? Well, I promise not to screw things up.

"Come on, you know that Rhiannon and Jade are very good with computers, they can probably locate him. Now tell me, I'm your oldest friend. What is your vendetta against this guy." Something was telling me to find out more about this guy. I needed to know more about this. Also, I needed to patch up a broken friendship.

"It's a long story. Okay, I'll meet you in an hour in the Bebop's Hangar. I will tell you everything." He told me.

I nodded and closed the transmission. For the first time I would be meeting him again, this time under friendly circumstances.

I walked out into the hangar and saw a small white ship in the night sky. It landed on the runway, it's hatch opened and there was Vicious. 14 years after the Red Dragon raid, Vicious and I were face to face, what the hell happened to him? He looked like he was at peace with everything around him.

"We'll talk in the living room." I told him.

He sat across from me on the couch. I put down two cans of soda and sat in the chair. "See if Jet has any of those Krispy Kreme donuts."

I got up, "I don't think he has any. How about cheesecake?"

"Sure." He said.

We each had a piece of cheesecake. "Now, tell me about this person you're after."

Vicious bit his lip. "William D'Arcy Erik Locke was the leader of The Dark Horse Syndicate. He killed my uncle, aunt, and cousin."

That was something he never told me about. "I never heard of them."

No wonder he was so angry. "The Red Dragons wiped them out before Mao adopted you and Locke escaped, he went underground for a very long time."

I took a sip. "I remember meeting you when I was only 10. So tell me what really happened to your family?"

Vicious paused, "My uncle was a normal working man, he never did any dealings with any syndicate. He was a doctor damn it! But one day, Locke and his men barge in. He was yelling that he had something important of his and he wanted it back. I hid in the closet, I kept the door open just a crack. His men grabbed my aunt and cousin with guns to their heads in the living room. My uncle said that he didn't have it, Locke got frustrated and shot him three times. Then, the most horrific thing happened."

Vicious began to cry, he opened himself up and told me how he became the horrible person he used to be. Vicious told me that Locke sent his men away, tied up his cousin and his aunt. Vicious watched Locke violate his aunt, then shot her in the head. He did the same thing with his cousin. After that he killed her, Vicious told me that Locke opened up the closet door and held the gun to his head. He told him coldly. "I'm not going to kill you today, you piece of garbage. But you better watch yourself, kid." After Locke was long gone, Vicious had grabbed his uncle's Katana and began to wander the streets of Mars. That's when Mao Yenrai found him and brought him in. Mao heard Vicious' story and sent out his men to dispose of The Dark Horse, but Locke and few of his men escaped and disappeared.

"I didn't kill Mao. Since Mao did me a favor, I did him one. I helped him fake his death so he could be free. His new name is Mike Yamada." He admitted.

That trucker?

I slapped my head. "I knew that was Mao, that devil! He tricked me!"

He shrugged; "Well, Mao knows how to play naive well. He's a trickster. I did kill the Van so you, Julia, and I could be free. I'm sorry about Annie, Lin, and Gren, poor Gren. But Spike I have to do this! I have to get this bastard for what he did to my family."

Mike Yamada is Mao. I can't believe I'm hearing this from him.

He left one out. "What about Shin, Vicious?"

"Oh Shin, yeah, him too." What the hell is hiding from me.

"Vicious, is Shin alive?" I asked.

He composed himself. "Yes he is, he's living with your cousin and uncle on Ganymede. Yeah, he survived, Wilcox and Julia took him to the hospital."

Vicious had finished his soda and cheesecake, he told me he had to go or he would never hear the end of it from Julia.

In the hangar, we shook hands, then I hugged him. "I missed you Vicious."

"I missed you too Spike. I have to go or Julia will kill me." He broke away and walked off.

I watched him leave, then I gazed at the Neo Manhattan skyline. Rhiannon is somewhere out there. I could see her building. I look up and I smile, hoping that she will see me.

My cellphone started ringing. "Hello?"

"I see you, cowboy." A female voice said on the other end.

"Hi honey." I looked up at the huge building, hoping she'll be there. "I see that your lights are on."

"I'm home from a day of shooting and I need a tall lanky man to give me a massage." She cooed.

"You want me to come over?" I said giving her a smile. "Well, I don't know if I should, you'll be bossing me around."

She pouted; "Please, I had a rough day and I need a certain green haired Martian to make me feel better."

"Will you wash my ship for me as payback?"

Swordfish II was only a few steps away.

"Deal." She said before hanging up.

"I'll be there my angel." I blew a kiss to where she was and ran off to Swordfish II.

I took off from the Bebop and landed on top of her building.

She came out of the hangar, we embraced and she led me inside.

A few days pass and I am dividing my time between the Bebop and Rhiannon's place.

Well, today's finally the day, Rhiannon and I, are going to our first movie premiere. I put on my usual blue suit, and I don't want to wear anything fancy. I don't think I have anything fancy. Whatever.

Faye stood in the doorway. "You're going to wear that, why can't you wear something different for a change."

"I don't feel like getting dressed up or maybe you would like to pick something out for me? Eye for the Straight Guy." I said as I saw her.

Faye crossed her arms. "Very funny, ha, ha. That blue thing will do. Blue has always been your color, it brings out your moss green hair, your weird garnet eyes, and that pale alabaster skin of yours. Besides it's good that the shoes match the jacket and the pants."

"Oh thank you my great gay fashion consultant." I said with sarcasm.

Faye gave me an evil look. "But when Oscar and award season roll around, you are going to have a hell of a time trying to find something nice. Rhiannon has keep up her reputation in Neo Hollywood and she doesn't want a husband who dresses like a slob."

"Oh shut your trap, you evil woman!" I snapped at her.

"Spike have they diagnosed you for MPS yet? You know, Male Pissiness Syndrome?" She glared at me.

I wanted to strangle her badly. "Go fuck yourself Faye! I know you have a
certain toy in there!"

"Oh you pissy male bitch! I'm glad you left me!" She turned away.

I saw Diana rush by and she had Jade by the arm. "Diana where are you going with Jade?"

"To the concert, Mr. Spiegel." Diana said sweetly.

"Di, call me Spike. Mr. Spiegel makes me feel old." I told her.

Kids today, but Diana happens to be a very polite girl.

Oh yeah, the concert.

Jade stayed in place. "The Neo Manhattan Jazz Band is playing and Diana has tickets. I told you, didn't I?"

Ahh Parenthood.

"Yeah, just make sure you don't get into trouble. Okay." Why am I so worried? I watched as my son and his girlfriend flee down the hall to the hangar.

"That boy is going to be the death of me." Faye walked away. "I'm going to take a nap Spike, we're going to have a big day tomorrow and I want to be ready. Also, I have considered to tell Julia the truth after we complete this job."

She had finally decided not to lie!

"I'm happy for you Faye." I snapped.

She smirked, "Well yeah, I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing this for Jade, so I can set a good example for him."

A name came to me. "Morgana."

Faye's eyes widened; "What was that?"

"Nothing, nevermind." I paused; "So how's Electra doing?"

"How do you know about me and Electra?" She said softly.

"Jade told me. But Faye, it's all right, you can tell me anything. We're still friends." I gave her a little smile. "Besides, I can't wait to see her again."

"Listen Spike, I was tired of men treating me like dirt, that I just changed one day." She sighed, "I found my other half, I love her and I want to be with her for eternity, I know you understand. You're not an idiot Spike."

I touch her hand; "I'll always love you as a friend."

She patted me on the shoulder, "But of course my dear, you will always be my friend. Besides, I can't hate the father of my child. Now go Cinderfella, you don't want to keep the princess waiting."

"Shrew! Back to the shadowy lair from which you slithered from!" I snapped.

"Lunkhead! You'll always be a lunkhead to me Spike!" Faye hissed at me and slid into her room, the door sealing shut.

"I hate you!" I really did mean that.

"I hate you back!" Was her response.

I headed out towards Swordfish II where I met up with Jet. "Going to Rhiannon's?"

I'm glad I didn't have to meet her on Earth.

I sighed. "Don't worry, I'll be back."

"Bring her with you tomorrow we may need her help. We're going to get Locke." He said gruffly.

"Don't worry, we'll be here." I got into the cockpit, started up the engine, and flew away.

I flew into the city. While I was on the Bebop, I called Rhiannon's Penthouse she was home and we talked for a while. I looked over at my new home and landed on the large parking platform. There was a gate at the top entrance.

I walked through the gate to meet with the doorman. "Can I help you sir?"

"It's Spike Spiegel. The lord of the manor!" I was holding a dozen roses for her that I bought at a nearby vendor.

The doorman held up his hand. "We don't let just anyone to see Miss Rhiannon."

Sigh, it must be a different doorman. "The doorman let me in last night."

I watched as he went to the attendant at a desk. "That was Glen, he was on last night. My name is Peter."

"Well Peter, I'm her boyfriend, so let me into Penthouse #19." I explained to him.

The desk attendant snapped; "Listen Peter, this is Spike, Ms. Taurasi's new
boyfriend. She knows he's here."

The doorman hung his head. "I'm sorry Lois."

Then she told me sweetly. "Spike, go on in!"

I went out into the hall where I met a female guard at the door. "I'm here to see Rhiannon."

The guard stood by the door. "Who are you?"

I played it cool. "It's Spike, Lilith, I was here last night."

"Oh, sorry about that Spike." She said. "I can be forgetful."

I looked at all the people and guards so much protection for one girl. "Whatever."

"Please come in Spike." The guard pressed a few buttons to open the door and she ushered me inside a large living room.

So this was the second floor? It's a far cry from that young girl's cabin on The Bebop. I sat down on a red velvet couch and listened to a sweet little song that was playing on a stereo. It was Nicole Kidman singing about flying away. There were oil paintings on the walls, along with a case that housed a bunch of awards. "Best actress. Best Supporting Actress in a Drama." I looked over at the mantle and I saw pictures of Ed, Ein, and an older woman with red hair. Yup, that's her mother, and there was one picture that stood out. It was old and a little worn, I took a closer look at it; it was a picture of me. I had my back against a wall and jacket undone.

Just then the door opened and my tall bewitching woman with long red gold hair and light jade green eyes entered the room. "You were expecting me. Mr. Spiegel."

She was wearing a dark green dress that matched my hair color. It made her look simply stunning. "Rhiannon!"

"Spike!" She looked happy to see me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I gave her the dozen roses. "So, tonight is that premiere of yours. When are you going to tell the galaxy about us?"

Rhiannon sat near me on the couch. "Maybe tonight, I'll announce the engagement."

My heart jumped into my throat. "Tonight."

She blushed. "Yeah. Hey, you look handsome as usual."

"Yeah, Faye was complaining about this old thing." Then I had an idea. "We have time to talk. So, tell me what happened after you left The Bebop."

"I want to tell you about my parents first?" She looked a little sad. "He was Turkish-French, she was Italian. There was not really a romance, they were married for a year, and then that was it. When he got more into his job, she quietly divorced him. I hear that Neo Hollywood divorces can be pretty messy. He got full custody of me and she was out of the picture for a while. So, after I left Bebop, I never found what I was looking for so I gave up. But mom found me, took me in, and I went with my birth name. I was miserable on Earth after I left. I was depressed and starving when she found poor Ein and me. She took care of me and taught me her craft. She's on Venus right now, doing a documentary. She took Ein with her. As you know I'm a star now, making 50-100 million a film. Forget me tell me about you. Who were your parents, all that stuff."

She wanted to know more about me. "Well, my mother's name was Megami, she was born on Venus to a Japanese Artist and an Irishman who ran a bar on Ganymede. She had dark emerald hair, deep claret eyes, and was very beautiful. My dad was a gangster whose name was Wolfgang Spiegel. He was born on Mars to a German couple who ran an art gallery. My mother and father met on Mars one day, she was at a beach, which was part of an amusement park. She saw a handsome man with chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair walk by and it was love at first sight. Nine months after, I was born. But my mother, she died in childbirth; my father took care of me until I was ten. He was killed by a guy who was dressed as a clown at a theme park. My father died protecting me and the man just laughed. Suddenly, I was later taken in by Mao Yenrai, who was a good friend of my father and the rest is history."

She got up from the couch, and grabbed my picture from the mantle. "This picture was taped to a refrigerator that I had on Earth. There was something that drew me to you."

There is something more to this girl.

I whispered. "What was it?"

I came over to her and put my arms around her slender waist.

"I thought you were the most handsomest man in the universe." She confessed. "I felt like I had met my equal."

Her scent was very alluring; I began to kiss the back of her neck. "Let's skip supper and the movie. I want to put it in you. I need you, I want you now."

"Oh Spike." She seems to be getting a little aroused. "I wish we can, but I have to be there. Oh what the hell!"

I take her in my arms and lay her down on the couch, I ravage her neck and begin to make my way down.

"Spike!" She stops me and sits up.

"Shit! I can't do it right now!" I break away from her, the feeling went from my groin to my tummy. I was hungry, as always, I cursed my stomach, there was that groaning noise again. "Would you like to do this later, I'm starving."

"My poor baby, always wants to eat." She pulls away and looks at her watch. "The limo to the Rainbow Room is here, we'll have some supper, and then we'll go to the premiere."

My stomach was growling louder; "I hope the food is good there."

She puts her arm around my waist. "It is, don't worry."

We got to the limo that took us to the restaurant.

It was an elegant place, we sit down at a table and the waiter comes up to us.

I ordered lobster and she had fish. Her eating habits have changed also.

"Spike what's the matter? Are you going to eat that lobster or you going to save it for a year?" She said with sarcasm.

Time to dredge up silly memories again.

I cracked open the lobster. "Har! Har! Funny! I was wondering why you left me that time?"

She scooped up a piece of fish and quietly chewed it. "Okay, I was a kid, I didn't know what I was doing. But I should have taken you on that mushroom adventure."

I grabbed a piece of lobster and chewed it. "The time you used us in that mad experiment. You know, I always wondered why you didn't become a scientist instead."

She sipped her wine. "Acting is in the blood, I enjoy it more."

I looked at her; she was so lovely, it's hard to believe that she was Radical Edward. "Remember when Faye went to Callisto and I went out looking for Julia. I have to tell you about that time."

She giggled, "Jade told me a funny version of it when I first met him. He said that you went after Jujube, but got Meanie instead." She paused; "Actually it was Faye and Jet who told me. I felt a little bad about Gren though, poor guy. He could have been a real talent in Neo Hollywood, even if he did have boobs."

Man that was adventure. "I hope marriage is not going to slow us down and bore us to death."

Rhiannon gave me a grin, "Don't worry, we'll have lots of fun Spike. We're staying with the Bebop, that's an adventure in itself. Hey, what's wrong?"

I smirked. "I'm thinking."

"What are you thinking about?" She asked.

I paused for a second. "Faye kissed Vicious and hasn't told Julia yet."

She stopped for a second. "Yeah, she told me about that. It's a good thing that she saved his life though, even if it was wrong."

Another thing about her. "I know about Electra."

I saw Rhiannon sigh, "Faye loves her very much."

I loved Faye as a friend now. "Faye is gay." That rhymes. "That's no surprise. Faye never had any interest in men yeah she may have flirted. But she has had her heart trampled on by every guy she met, even me. I can understand why she doesn't want to be with a man anymore. But I think I was the one who turned her gay."

Rhiannon held my hand. "Don't be like that Spike, you didn't do anything! It was her decision, you didn't make it for her."

We finished our dinner and we went to the premiere after, we were on the red carpet.

"Rhiannon, who's your date for tonight?" Mark Rather asked.

She replied, "My fiancé, Spike Spiegel."

Now the galaxy knows about us.

Reporters and photographers wouldn't leave her alone neither would the fans.

I avoided them by just being cool, but I have read about old Hollywood Stars. So I began to wave at the fans, women were swooning and men were cheering me. The excitement! The media was there! It was a spectacle, I was enjoying every minute of this. This was like the Red Dragons, but legal.

"This is what I want." I whispered.

Rhiannon glanced at me. "You like this now?"

"Yes, I do." We both waved to the crowd as a couple. "I want this!" I was beginning to crave it now.

"Okay, I'll make you a star." She said in my ear.

Then we walked into the theater and we sat in the balcony, so we could be alone. Where there was some heavy petting and some kissing during the boring scenes.

Then Rhiannon whispered; "This is so boring."

"What do you want to do?" I whispered; "We can't walk out."

"Since we're alone, take me." She said in my ear.

I lowered her to the floor, where we made love very quietly.

"Spike." She said when she saw I was frowning after we came out of the theater.

"The movie was pointless. I'm not a big fan of peiord pieces, although I did like Chicago. But your performance was great. You made me laugh, but I didn't like that love scene with that guy." I told her and offered her my arm, which she took.

"The love scene was fake, it's all make believe." That put a smile on her face. "That's what bugging you, forget it. I'm not crazy about them either. Come with me." We walked to the limo that was waiting to whisk us away to her apartment.

We sat on the couch and she laid her head on my shoulder. I began kissing her neck like before; she turned and undid my jacket. I took it off and threw it on a chair.

"Would you like some champagne?" She got up and went to the bar.

I never liked champagne, but I decided to have a glass. "Sure."

"Sorry I don't have any whiskey right now." She popped the cork and poured.

Suddenly I grabbed her. "Show me your weapons cache."

She put down her glass. "Okay, if that's your desire."

Then, something flashed before my eyes. I saw a woman with blonde hair fall, it was Julia. Thugs had hit her and I saw Diana and Jade being taken away. Suddenly it was gone and I touched my head. Damn!

She handed me a glass. "Did you feel that Spike?"

"Yes." I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She looked deeply into my eyes. "Something is not right."

I have this weird feeling now. "Something is telling me that we have to go to the Bebop."

She put her arms around me and laid her head back on my chest. "Maybe you should call them?"

I kissed her one more time, got up and grabbed my jacket. I felt like Jade's life was in danger. "Rhiannon, if you don't want to go, I will. I feel that Jade's and Diana's lives are in danger."

She got up as I went to leave. "Spike, don't go yet."

"Goodnight Rhiannon." I said as I walked out the door.

Suddenly the door opened. "Spike, tell me."

I turned and looked her in the eyes. "I saw Jade and Diana being taken away and someone hit Julia."

We sat down on the couch again. "I know where Jade gets his talents from." After I heard that I accidentally spilled champagne on Rhiannon. Could I be a telepath like my son? I knew I had these powers, but Mao stopped me from using them. "Spike, can I have your shirt?"

"Sure." She took off her dress and I gave her my shirt.

Just then there was a knock at the door. "Who's that?" She whispered.

Rhiannon got up and I followed her to the door. "We're coming!"

I listened to voice on the other side. "Spike, Rhiannon, we need your help!"

"Vicious!" Rhiannon opened the door. "Vicious, what happened?"

"Was I interrupting something?" He asked.

"No, not at all." I said running a hand through my hair.

He ran inside, he looked frantic. "Please come to The Bebop, bring Rhiannon. Locke has kidnapped Jade and Diana!"

"Spike, I'm getting changed." She knew.

"Go ahead! Give me my shirt back woman!" I snapped.

"I can locate them, but I'm in this fight too. I'm not sitting on the bench in front of Tomato this time. I want to help too." Rhiannon fled into the bedroom, she threw my shirt into the hall. I picked it up and put it back on.

"Rhiannon, hurry up!" He shouted.

It was like every parents nightmare, someone kidnapped my son. "Shit!" I loaded my Jericho. "Rhiannon, get ready we have to go get this guy now!"

Rhiannon raced out of the bedroom, dressed in a black leather tank top and black leather pants. "What are you waiting for cowboys, let's go get those kids back!" She said loading her own Jericho 941.

She rushed out the door and we followed her down the hall.

"She's one hot bounty hunter." I glanced at my oldest friend. "I love a woman who can kick ass."

"Blessed Be to that!" He said as we both rushed past the guards.

: That was Part 6. I changed the scene to make Rhiannon seem more concerned. Part 8 has been redone! Faye lives!

Part 7-Lightning Crashes Spike and the others go off to save Jade and Diana. What does Locke want from Vicious that is so important: