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Sailor Moon Meets the Transformers


Cybertron. A completely mechanical world millions of light years away from our home planet of Earth, where a unique race of sentient robots continue to fight a civil war. A war between the forces of good and evil. The evil Decepticons, led by the tyrannical Megatron, have sworn to eliminate their sworn enemies, the peace loving Autobots. To this end, they have relentlessly pursued their adversaries from Planet Cybertron, to Planet Earth and all across the galaxy. But the Autobots and their courageous leader Optimus Prime are not so easily defeated.

Location: Autobot Space Station 3

In outer space, the Autobots continue to fight their seeming less never- ending battle against the evil Decepticons. As a precaution, the Autobots have secretly built several space stations to patrol areas in the galaxy for any attack. Unfortunately for them, the Decepticons found out a little too early.

"Wahahaha! What's the matter, Auto-bums? You're not putting up much of a fight today!" Ramjet laughed manically as he fired several cluster bombs at the Autobot station. He, Skywarp, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Thrust, and the Constructicons had been sent by Megatron to demolish the Autobot's space station near the planet Earth. Soundwave and his cassettes had learned of these events after a reconnaissance mission they had been sent on. Now it was up to the other Decepticons to do the dirty work, by eradicating the Autobots. The bots had been able to hold their own so far, but not for long. As soon as they exited off Astrotrain and Blitzwing, the Constructicons had immediately did what they always do.
Scrapper led it off first, "Constructicons, its time to combine! Transform! Phase one!" As he had said it, Scrapper, leader of the Constructicons, began to change his shape, from a green fearsome robot, to a payloader. As he changed, so did his followers, Mixmaster and Scavenger. Respectively, they transformed into a green cement truck and green digger vehicle. Hook joined in too, as he twisted his body into that of a green crane. Lastly there were the weakest links of team, Longhaul and Bonecrusher, transforming into a dump truck and a bulldozer, respectively.
As they were nearing the battle field, Scrapper yelled, "Now transform, phase two!" His body then began to straighten, as he and Mixmaster flew side by side, becoming what appeared to be two legs. Then Longhaul flew atop of them, his body bending and connecting with his partners, beginning to shape what would be a body. Then Scavenger and Bonecrusher also tightened up, growing extra features from under them. As they connected with the others, they were now two perfectly formed arms. And finally, Hook split into two connected pieces and landed on top of what had been Longhaul. Suddenly, a head appeared out of Hook's body. Now floating in space, what had been once the Constructicons, was now big green and purple titan, Devastator!
As he faced the station, he opened his large mouth and said, "Prepare to meet oblivion, Autobot germs!" He then lifted up his mighty arm, pointing his solar energy rifle at the direction of the Autobot space station, and fired.

Inside the station, every one onboard felt a great massive tremor through out the place. All the Autobots looked out as Devastator and the other Decepticons flew towards them, firing their weapons against the station's defense system. Inside the main deck were the Autobots known as Bumblebee, Bluestreak, and the mighty Dinobot leader, Grimlock.
"Slag it! What we now do? We no prepared for this." Said the Dinobot commander as he and his friends felt the shock from Devastator's blast.
Bluestreak responded, "What can we do? Devastator's blast took out the energy core of the defense barrier. And the security system will only last so long against all those 'cons. I say we try to get as many of us out of the station and report back to Prime." Bumblebee stood up and exclaimed, "But we just can't give up without a fight! Sure we may be over powered, but we've been in plenty jams like this. And we've always come out in one piece. I say we do our best!"
Grimlock smirked, "Me Grimlock like attitude, Bumblebee. He right. We not petro rabbits. We Autobots! We never give up, not even in tightest spot! Let's kick metal ass-plate!" Bluestreak looked back at monitor he was watching, "Well, you'll get your chance I guess. Three of them just got past our defenses and are now inside the station. They're heading for... Right here!" Grimlock jumped out of his seat. He then pulled out his double- barreled rocket launcher and laughed, "Well, let's give warm welcome."

"Weak, you guys are all so weak!" Skywarp growled as he fired shot after shot from his two machine guns. The Autobots in front of him fell, as the blasts ripped straight through their bodies and destroying vital circuitry, killing them all instantly. Skywarp walked up the corridors of the station, his feet crushing the fallen Autobot bodies, step by step. He then looked behind him and called, "Hey Blitzwing, Thrust! Quit screwing around! The Autobots on this level have been terminated." His two allies looked back at him, Blitzwing holding his gyro-blaster rifle and Thrust with his arm mounted concussion bomb launchers.
Thrust whined, "Don't get so testy Skywarp. We've made this far without any serious problems to deal with." He picked one of the dead Autobots heads and ripped it clean off its body. As he was playing with, Blitzwing grabbed it and squeezed hard. It crumbled into metal shrapnel and fell onto the floor. "Were not here to play games with the locals Thrust! It's our number one priority to make sure this station goes out with a bang!" He then opened a hidden compartment on his chest and took out a large, round object. "And with this timed nuclear bomb, it's gonna be a piece of oil-cake!"
Skywarp quipped, "Right. All we have to do is set this thing, chuck it into the main center and get the frag out of here! It'll explode in one cycle* and completely obliterate this place! Now let's get mov... aah!" Before Skywarp had another chance to speak, a bolt of Ion energy hit his backside, causing him to tumble into Thrust.
"Was that too much for you Skywarp?" Bluestreak asked as he continued to fire round after round of his ion-charged disperser rifle. Behind him, Grimlock and Bumblebee ran forward over Bluestreak. Bumblebee quickly transformed into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. He jumped over top of Skywarp and Thrust, and charged into Blitzwing, hoping to knock him down. Blitzwing saw the little Autobot coming and grabbed him by his front bumper. "Nice try, but no way a little runt will bring down me!" He then threw Bumblebee across the corridor and into emergency escape pod chamber. The Autobot transformed into his robot state, preparing himself for another attack by Blitzwing.

Grimlock and Bluestreak were having a struggle of their own. The Dinobot and Autobot were fighting valiantly against the concussion bombs being fired by Skywarp and Thrust. Having had enough fooling around, Grimlock leapt from the scrap iron had being using as a protective barrier and transformed. His legs fell back behind him and his chest and arms soon came down in front of him too. His extra shoulder armor fastened together and large, dinosaur head clicked onto place. Now, Grimlock had transformed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the mightiest creatures of the late Cretaceous period. He let loose a mighty roar, as he trampled off past the shots fired by the Decepticons. He swung his big, steel plated tail around, slamming Skywarp and Thrust into a wall. Grimlock looked down on the Decepticons and said, "Me Grimlock want you to meet friend, big foot!" He lifted his steel foot up over Skywarp's head, and as he was about to decapitate the Decepticon, he vanished in a bright purple light. Instead, his foot fell on top of Thrust's hand. "Owww! You're going to pay for that!" But Grimlock was wondering, "Where Decepticon go?"
"Right behind you." Grimlock turned, but only to find a large fist smashing into his muzzle. Skywarp had made use of his special teleporter to avoid Grimlock's attack and launch one of his own against the Dinobot. Bluestreak saw what had happened and then looked carefully at what was in Skywarp's other hand. It looked very familiar, a common object he and other Autobots used in past missions. He could immediately tell that it was, "A bomb!" He quickly fired several volts on ion blasts from his two shoulder mounted cannons at Skywarp. The Decepticon disappeared yet again, and reappeared behind Bluestreak. He then transformed into a F-15 Eagle jet and took off. Bluestreak ran over to Grimlock to help him up, "Come on Grimlock, we gotta hurry! Skywarp is planning to blow the station up!"

Bumblebee continued to fight on. Although he wasn't holding out too well. Blitzwing had transformed into his tank mode and was firing shot after shot at the little Autobot. He thought to himself, what am I going to do now? Blitzwing will tear up this part of the station if I don't fight, and I'll get torn apart with it! I hope the others are doing better than me. Suddenly, he was sent flying by the explosion caused by Blitzwing's turret as it blew away his steel scrap barrier. The Decepticon then transformed and grabbed Bumblebee by his head connector. "You actually thought you could beat me? Dream on!" The Decepticon laughed as he tightened his grip on Bumblebee. But that didn't mean he was finished. Bumblebee lifted up his particle beam gun in his hand, and put its barrel up against Blitzwing's chest. He then pulled the trigger, sending a blast of energy straight through the Decepticon's body. Blitzwing screamed in pain, as he felt a shocking charge through his circuits. He growled as he walked over to one of the escape pods. He opened it up and threw Bumblebee into it. "Hope you like this trip. It's going to be your last!" He then activated the pod and launched it off into space, with Bumblebee inside.

Bluestreak and Grimlock raced over as fast as they could to the main command center. If Skywarp go to activate the bomb, everyone on board would be turned into molecules of metal. As they had reached the main station, they could see Skywarp transforming back into his sleek black and purple self, holding the bomb in his hands. As he was about to place it on the computer and set it off, Grimlock opened his mouth and let loose a stream of energy at the Decepticon. Skywarp immediately jumped into the air, dodging the blast by only a few inches and landed back on the ground in front of Bluestreak. He jabbed the Autobot in his chest and teleported. Grimlock then began to survey the area for their flying adversary, but to not much avail. Suddenly, Skywarp reappeared from behind Grimlock and shot a cluster bomb in his back. The Dinobot came down with roar of pain. He then quickly transformed into his robot mode and fired his double-barreled rocket launcher at Skywarp. He activated his flight boosters in time and dodged the oncoming rockets again. "Why do you even try Grimlock? You're only delaying you're inevitable demise." He then opened a wide communication saying, "Skywarp to Decepticons. Evacuate the area. I'm about to activate the bomb and blow this place to bits! Astrotrain, get over here and pick up Thrust and Blitzwing. Ramjet, Devastator. Retreat from combat. We'll regroup around Earth when we prepare to return to the Nemesis." He ended transmission.

Astrotrain received Skywarp's message and made his way to the opening made by him and the others. He then transformed into a space shuttle and opened up his back hatch. "Come on you guys! Get the lead out!" Thrust picked himself up and walked into Astrotrain. Blitzwing came out of the escape pod room with a big hole in his lower chest and tumbled over into his triplechanger ally. "Sheesh, what happened to you? Don't tell me that little Autobot was too much for you." Thrust laughed as he saw the damage Blitzwing took. He looked back at his comrade and growled, "Zip it!" and Astrotrain then took off, away from the space station.

Back in the command center, Bluestreak had picked himself up from the floor and fired an ion-blast at Skywarp. It hit Skywarp's feet, knocking out his boosters and caused him to come crashing down. Bluestreak caught him and snatched the bomb from his hand. He then suddenly saw that Skywarp had already activated it and it was set to blow in one earth minute. He also noticed one of the escape pods had been launched and was far outside of range of the station. He turned on escape pod camera mode and saw the form of a little Bumblebee. "Bumblebee! He's been launched out of the ship and is making his way to Earth now. We've got to get to the pods and follow him." Grimlock turned to his friend, "Yes, no want to get caught in explosion. Let's go." As they were making their way out of the room, Skywarp had gotten up and fired a cluster bomb at the door way. It collapsed, trapping them all inside. "Hah! See you in oblivion Autobots! I'm outta here!" Skywarp said confidently, knowing the fact that his teleporter would ensure him a quick escape. He had however unwittingly sparked Grimlock's anger, "You no go anywhere!" He leapt up and attempted to land on Skywarp to stop him. Bluestreak threw the bomb out of his hand and grabbed Grimlock's leg, "No Grimlock! We have to leave! Now! Before it's too..."

KABOOM! In huge, red explosion, Autobot space station 3 was gone. Bumblebee saw it safely from his escape pod, calculating all the number of sparks* lost on that station. Including two of his best friends. He crawled up into a corner of the pod and laid there, wishing that someday there would be no more death. Praying to Primus* that the Decepticons would someday surrender to the Autobots. But that is just a stupid dream, he thought to himself. For in world of the Autobots, there would always be Decepticons. And if there will always be Decepticons, there would be war. So he sulked as his escape pod made its way to Earth, but not to North America where the Autobot's head quarters was. It was gradually making its way to the other side of the world, in a country called Japan. And by landing there, he would introduce them to something unimaginable. Beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your wildest imagination! They are...

The Transformers!

*To all of you not familiar with Transformer terminology, I would be happy to translate. First off, time is measured differently then our time. A cycle is 8.3 minutes. Secondly, a spark is technically what you would call a Transformer's soul. And finally, Primus is the god of all Transformers, just to clear that up for you.