Sailor Moon meets the Transformers

Episode One: Autobot Soldier Comes out of the Sky

It was a cool summer night; the world was at peace for the moment. Amy was sleeping over at Serena's house for the night. Amy was busy looking through her telescope she brought with her. Serena however was just reading manga she had purchased just that day. "I don't see what's so interesting to see through that thing Amy," Serena said, "It's not like there is any trouble around. And if there was, we and the other Sailor Scouts could handle whatever it maybe."
Amy replied looking out of the telescope, "I know Serena, but I just like to do it for fun." But what she was really thinking was, those stars seem so peaceful from far away, but up close, they seem so troubled. As she looked back into the telescope, something caught her attention. As she refocused the lens, Amy could see what appeared to be a large, flaming meteor!

As he came through the Mesosphere, Bumblebee's circuits were rattling. Something had gone wrong with the escape pod he was in. According to its computer, the escape pod would soon explode just a mile and a half above the surface the planet. "Probably from the combined force of the station exploding, and the walls of the pod burning here in the atmosphere. Like nothing else could've gone wrong today." He said sarcastically. The only way he could survive is if he opened up the hatch of the pod and jumped out the minute before the pod exploded. He quickly attempted to open the door of the escape pod, but to no avail. Bumblebee wasn't the strongest of Autobots, but he was one of the most resourceful. He then pulled his particle beam gun from out of his built in holster and set it to liquefy. He then began to melt the hinges of the door off. As it began to completely give away, Bumblebee kicked the door out. He then checked the clock of how long it was until the pod would explode, reading only one astrosecond, (8.3 earth seconds). Without hesitation, he leapt out of the pod.
"Ok, now I just got to transform and..." he said as was about to shift into vehicle mode. But then suddenly, the pod exploded a second before it was supposed to, sending Bumblebee flying and plummeting towards the ground.

Through the telescope's lens, Amy could see the strange meteor explode in a fiery inferno. But what she really saw before it exploded, was an almost human figure seeming to have come out of the side of the meteor and jumping out, then being sent falling faster from the explosion.
She called Serena over, "Serena, come take a look at this!" Serena quickly got off her bed and walked over to her friend. As she looked through the lens, she too also saw the strange figure hurtling towards the ground.
"What is that?" Serena asked her friend hesitantly. Amy replied, "I haven't the slightest idea, but it appeared to come right out of the meteor I just saw before it exploded."
"Explode?!" The blonde asked in shock. "
"Yes, I know. And the meteorologist reported that they're wouldn't be any sign of a meteor shower." Serena then looked back into the telescope and saw the figure fall somewhere in the public park. "It looks like it," Amy said, "but I think it could be that something you were talking about just now." Serena sighed, "I guess were going to half to investigate tomorrow huh?" Amy nodded. "Aww, I had plans tomorrow! I'll go call Raye."

Bumblebee was very lucky that he survived.
"Just my luck." Instead of falling to hard earth and smashing into a bunch of pieces, Bumblebee had fallen into a tree and had got caught in its many branches. As he pushed the broken branches aside and leapt down onto the ground, he checked his current status by opening up his chest to see if anything was broken.
"Oh great!" he said annoyed, "My transform circuit is busted! Now I can't transform into vehicle mode!" He attempted to transform, but to no avail. Only his legs seemed to go together, but then quickly separated. "It must have been from either Blitzwing's blasts or the shock of the explosion. Man I wish Ratchet or Wheeljack was here. Hey, that's it!" he yelled excitedly. He then closed up his chest and pushed a hidden button on his arm. What he was expecting to happen was that his small radio transmitter would appear, so he could then call Autobot headquarters for a rescue party. Unfortunately, the panel opened, but quickly retracted back into his arm.
"Blast it! My radio's broken too!" He then sat down and started to think of his options. Hmm, what a drag. It is obvious that I'm not in North America. The foliage here seems to be different. I must be on some other part of the Earth. I don't have a jetpack, or any sort of ship. I can't transform to keep myself hidden and I can't call the others for help. I guess I've only got one option. I've got to find the ocean and see if I can swim to the others. Maybe I'll run into Seaspray or Powerglide on a routine patrol. It's my only shot. Then he checked his energy levels with a monitor hidden in his arm.
"I have enough energy to probably make it to the ocean, but not enough to get there and then swim. I'll have to shut myself down for the night to conserve it. Well, hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day." So then, Bumblebee laid back on the tree he had been in and pressed a button on his arm. Then, the blue light of his eyes faded until it became just a dim glow.

It was the next day in the park; all five of the scouts were altogether, after Serena called them all the night before. Most of them were ready to confront whatever danger was about, except Serena who did not have any sort of skill as a heroine whatsoever.
"So, you're sure that thing you two saw last night fell here in the park?" Raye asked Amy.
She replied, "Yes, I'm pretty sure the thing that came out of that meteor before it exploded. Then again, it probably wasn't even a meteor, maybe something more dangerous."
Lita, clenching her fist confidently, "Well whatever it is, we'll be sure it doesn't get a chance to do whatever it intends to do!" The other girls nodded with her, but Mina said, "But what if it isn't dangerous? What if it's something different than anything we've ever faced before?"
"We won't know until we find it Mina," Raye said, "okay scouts, lets split up and go find us a space case!" All five of the girls took off in separate directions, determined to find the strange alien that fell to Earth last night.

Mina had just made it to the part of the park where the most trees had been planted. She liked to see the flowers on the trees bloom from the branches. However, she was still determined to keep searching the park. But she didn't have to look far, for she suddenly tripped. As she picked herself up she said, "What could've trip... oh my gosh!" What she had tripped over, was a steel leg! Then as she looked over to her left, she saw that the leg was connected to a humanoid, yellow robot. Its chest had a strange red face on it and its head had a set of small, yellow horns. "This must be what fell out of that thing Amy and Serena saw last night." She said as she began to touch the robot. It was just a little bigger than her, but was relatively human sized. Then, as she touched its arm, its eyes lit up bright blue!

"Aaaahhh!" was the first thing Bumblebee heard when he came back online. When his optics had completely been activated, he saw the noise he heard came from a young, human girl, backing away from him cautiously. She had beautiful, long blond hair which was tied with a big red bow. She was unlike anybody Bumblebee had ever seen before. He stood up, showing her that he was just about her size, but about a ten or twenty inches higher or so. As he approached her, he said, "Uh, hello. Are you alright?"
The girl just responded, "Stay away!" Bumblebee sort of retreated backward, but he didn't give up. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He didn't have any idea what would happen next.

Mina had no idea what to make of what was happening. The robot was alive and talking, but wasn't doing anything hostile. Still, she thought, it could just be trying to lull me into a false sense of security. So, not to take any chances, Mina began to pull from her coat pocket her star transformation stick so she could change into her Sailor Scout form.
Then she raised her stick high into the air and shouted, "Venus Star Power!" Mina was then enveloped in a bright, luminescent light. The robot in front of her shielded its eyes as she began to change. As the light faded away, Mina was wearing a bright orange dress and skirt. The robot looked back in shock and said unnervingly, "What happened? Are you... okay?" It gawked as it saw Mina after her transformation. She then lifted up here index finger in the air and shouted, "I'm better than okay, I'm Sailor Venus! And you're in big trouble!" She then lowered her finger and it began to light up brightly.
The robot looked at it and said, "What's that?" Venus smirked and said, "It's my... Crescent Beam Smash!" As she shouted the last part, the bright ball expanded and was fired straight at the robot. He quickly jumped out of the way to the side. Instead, the energy blast smashed into the tree he had been laying on, breaking it straight in half! As that happened, Serena and the others had arrived a few feet from Mina and watched as the tree broke. They all yelled to Mina, "Watch out! Mina!" Mina however was just paralyzed with fear, her mind racing with the thought, how could it end like this? Just as she closed her eyes, waiting for everything to go black, nothing happened. When she opened her eyes again, she couldn't believe what she saw. The robot she had attacked had caught the tree like a baseball bat! It then took the tree trunk and carefully set aside, away from her and the girls.
It then walked over toward Mina and said, "Are you hurt, anywhere?" She simply shook her head no. The robot laughed, "That's good! I was worried you would've gotten crushed!" It then looked over towards the other girls that had appeared and said, "Are you friends with her? I think she's okay." He then looked at Mina and smiled, "Well, aren't we going to introduce ourselves to each other?"
While Sailor Venus was still surprised by the sudden act the robot had done for her, Raye was not so convinced, "Wait a minute robot! What do you mean introduce ourselves?"
The robot only winced and said, "Well, as I have heard, it is a custom of earthlings to introduce themselves to others they have not yet met. If you'd like me to go first, I'd be more than happy to. I'm..."
But Lita interrupted it, "No, that's not what she means. She means how do we know you're not trying to trick us?" The robot looked back at her confused as ever.
Amy motioned the others towards her and whispered to them, "I think this thing may actually be friendly like its acting."
Raye and Lita still looked skeptical, Serena however agreed, "Yeah, I mean it just saved Mina's life. It couldn't dangerous if it did something like that."
"But Serena, don't you remember how many enemies we've had that first acted like that? We could be falling straight into another trap like that." Raye replied.
Amy recurred, "But do you remember that some of those enemies soon became good? Maybe this robot is already good."
Lita just then had an idea, "Well, we'll see about that. Let's take him back to Serena's house and ask him a few questions."

Just because the girls were all whispering, didn't mean Bumblebee couldn't hear them. And although it was understandable in some cases, but in others it wasn't. When ever he or the any of the other Autobots had saved a human's life, they trusted them without a doubt. These girls must have very strange lives, he thought to himself. But whether it made sense to him or not, he complied with what the human called Mina asked him next.
"Um, would you mind coming with us to ask a few, um, questions?" she asked uneasily.
Bumblebee just smiled back and quipped, "Only if I can ask you some too."

Once Venus had changed back into her normal self, the girls and the robot tried to sneak in the back way of Serena's house. By covering the robot in a circle made by them, they kept it down not to cause suspicion by Serena's family. Finally, they had all reached Serena's room, the robot barely fitted through the door. When they came in, they had woken up Serena's cat guardian Luna.
The black cat immediately saw the yellow robot and shrieked, "What is that thing? Serena, girls, I demand to have an explanation!"
The robot also was surprised, "Whoa! I didn't know cats could talk! Wait till I tell Wheeljack and Perceptor." His smiled grew even gleefully wider.
Amy cleared her throat and said, "This robot is what we found in the park Luna. We brought it here to ask it a few questions."
"Yeah, and I've got a question for it. What's your name? Mine is Mina." She said as she approached the robot.
It smiled, "Oh, well that's rude of me. I forgot to tell you my name when you turned me back online. My friends call me Bumblebee and I'm an Autobot." The robot then showed off the red face symbol that was on its chest.
Serena smiled, "Bumblebee? Aww, that's such a cute name for a robot. I'm Serena and that's my cat Luna." She said as she pointed to the black cat on the table. It stood up and gave a little bit of a curtsey.
"And my name is Amy; it's really nice to meet you Bumblebee." She said with a handshake gesture, which the little Autobot gladly accepted.
Raye sort of showed a bit of a smile when she said, "I'm called Raye."
Lita however feeling a little bit more trusting said, "And I'm Lita. It's nice to meet you."
Bumblebee laughed, "Boy, this day sure is a lot better than what happened yesterday. I'm glad I met you girls."
Raye then switched back to her interrogating mood, "Well, were still not sure about you. For our first question, what are you and where do you come from?"
"I told you I'm an Autobot, from the planet Cybertron." He said, but only got a bunch of blank looks. "Autobot?" and "Cybertron?" were all he got as reactions. Bumblebee thought to himself, this is weird. I thought all humans knew about us. Oh well. He then opened up his chest and began to rummage through it. He then pulled out what looked like a little portable TV, but it had an Autobot symbol on it. He then set it down the table next to Luna.
She pawed it a second, "What is this thing?"
"It's a special prerecording on the history of Cybertron and the Autobot's war against the Decepticons." All the girls and Luna looked at him in awe as he activated the device and played what would be known as the telling the Transformer's story.

The prerecording started, showing an image of a huge, metal planet. "Eons ago, Cybertron was a planet composed entirely of metal populated by sentient robots, living in peace and harmony," the recording said as an image of several robots walking through the streets of golden cities. All of them were looked very happy, going about their own business. Suddenly, a huge explosion appeared and several of the robots were seen flying across the city. "Then, one day, the Decepticons were created. Unlike their peaceful counterparts, the Autobots, the Decepticons wanted power and conquest of the universe. And they wanted to start by seizing control of Cybertron. As the recording played on, the girls could see the utter chaos and death that had befallen the Autobots. They saw them vaporized, torn and blasted apart by the superior fire power of the Decepticons, not even showing the slightest sign of compassion towards their victims. "Not designed for combat, the Autobots were left with few choices. One choice was to be destroyed. Two was to surrender to the Decepticons, or three; to abandon the planet forever." Images of Autobot shuttles leaving the planet could be seen as other Autobots gave themselves up to the evil robots. Then, an image of Autobots working in a laboratory could be seen as the recording said, "For many years, the Decepticons ruled over Cybertron in tyranny. But, some of the surviving, more rebellious Autobots started to secretly create new ways to combat their evil overlords. Soon, they led daring raids and attacks on Decepticon strongholds with a new technology called transforming, where the Autobot could take the form of another object or creature as a disguise." The next image was of several Autobots changing their shapes and becoming high tech artillery vehicles. They fired onto the Decepticons, destroying them as they had destroyed some many of their own. "Through this act, the two factions started the first Cybertronian War, which raged for over a thousand years. Through this first war, the Autobots won and ruled for many years. But, in time, the Decepticons copied the technology of transforming and led a counter strike, starting the second Cybertronian War. All of this raging battle, the energy of reserves of Cybertron became vastly depleted." Soon, the girls witnessed the golden cities turn to silvery gray, as the Autobots and Decepticons continued to battle on. Dozens of towers fell as they were blasted by opposing sides.

"Sometime during the second war, two new robots arrived to claim leadership. First, the evil Megatron was created, secretly under the cities of Cybertron. Through his schemes, he quickly became leader of the Decepticons and led them to control nearly all of Cybertron. That is until the next Autobot leader would arrive. At first he was a gentle robot, known as Orion Pax, who was killed by Megatron himself. Then, a robot named Alpha Trion, the oldest Autobot of them all, rebuilt Orion as a new robot called Optimus Prime," the recording said as it showed first the form of a large white robot with a huge fusion cannon on his arm and menacing look. The next image however was of giant, red and blue robot, which looked like a gentle yet a strong being. "Bearing the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Optimus Prime laid his elite team of Autobot fighters against Megatron's own equally strong Decepticon Armada. The two soon grew up to be each others sworn enemies and rivals. But, by the end of the second war and the beginning of the third, Optimus realized that there was no way either side would win with such a low supply of energy. So, Optimus and his Autobots set off on a scouting mission to find new reserves that they could hopefully harness and recycle." The recording showed Optimus and several Autobots, including Bumblebee, prepping their shuttle's controls as it finally took off Cybertron. Then, a sinister looking shuttle took off right behind them and got right next to the Autobots. "But, Megatron had heard of this plan and led his Decepticons to attack them while in space. The resulting battle knocked the Autobot's ship into Earth's orbit, until it came crashing down into the side of a volcano with both Autobots and Decepticons aboard." The girls all watched in awe as the ship crashed into the volcano. It then changed, as though time had spun forward towards the present day. "The Transformers stayed embedded in the volcano for over four million years, reawaking in the year of 1984. The resulting eruption reactivated the Autobot's computer Teletran1, which then immediately began to search the Earth of new life forms and vehicles. The resulting images allowed Teletran1 to rebuild both the Autobots and Decepticons from the new design models," it said as images of the computer's instruments retooling the Autobots and Decepticons bodies into the forms of planes and cars and other things as well. "In no time at all, Megatron began to attempt to conquer the planet Earth and steal its precious energy resources. But Optimus Prime and the Autobots foiled them many times, making the third Cybertronian War spread to the planet as well. To this day, the two factions have waged battles that even led them back to their home planet of Cybertron. And so their battle continues, through out the galaxy."

As the recording ended, the girls were nearly taken back at what they thought before. Knowing now that this little Autobot, this Bumblebee was living nearly a nightmare of a life even before the Moon Kingdom was created. As Bumblebee put away his recording, Luna asked, "Well, if you are an Autobot, where are these um, Decepticons?"
Bumblebee's smile changed into a look of grimace, "They're... they're everywhere. They're on Cybertron, Earth, and spread all over the galaxy. They're always terrorizing us the most. That's why I landed here. We had set up several space stations to patrol the different parts of the galaxy with, but they must've found out somehow. They attacked it and destroyed, along with a lot of my friends. I was the only one to survive." He looked down, the cheerful figure he once was now gone. "And even I think that its we Autobot's fault that the Decepticons are around here in the first place."
Mina looked at him confused, "Why do you think that? From the looks of things, wouldn't it be the Decepticons' fault?"
"No, that's not what I mean. I'm saying..." Bumblebee cut himself off short when a beeping came from his arm. He opened up the hatch on it and took a good look at what it was detecting. And when he saw it, he couldn't believe his optics! Bumblebee then stood up and walked over to the window to look outside. The girls, confused, followed him and also looked out the window up in the sky. There they could all see three figures flying very low and close to the ground. One of them looked like a robotic version of a grasshopper, its yellow antennae and eyes twitching about. It had long, chromed wings and large back legs. Another figure resembled a rhinoceros beetle; it had a silver horn moving around, feeling the air current around it. The last of the trio looked like a big stag beetle, its giant pinchers opening and closing like it was ready to snatch its prey. All three were firing what appeared to be laser blasts at the people on the streets below. The bystanders fled in panic as the ground exploded from right underneath them. The robotic insects all laughed manically, as they continued to head down the road.

The girls were all shocked in horror as they turned to Bumblebee, who looked as though he had been paralyzed by fear. Mina asked him, "Are those?"
He looked back at her and said, "Yes. Those were Decepticons. Three of the worst at too. I'd love to hear your story..." He then opened the window and jumped out of it, drawing his gun from his holster, "But I've got some roaches to stop!" He then ran down the street as fast as he could, following in hot pursuit of the three robot bugs.
As they all watched Bumblebee valiantly follow the Decepticons, Amy said, "But he's just one Autobot."
"Yeah, and even one of those Autobots in the video couldn't even stand up to two Decepticons. He'll be killed!" Lita exclaimed.
"No, we've got to help him!" Mina said, after what he did for me, he deserves it. Raye nodded and Serena sighed, there go my plans for today.

The Isikari dam was just recently built. It was said by the Japanese government to soon be able to produce enough energy to store for over several decades, until today. They scientists and staff flee as they hear and see the explosions all around the plant. They can be seen rushing to their cars and speeding away from the dam as fast as they can. And the cause of all this are three, evil little Insecticons. Kickback, Bombshell and Shrapnel all laugh as they watch the humans flee in terror before their attack.
"Well, getting the humans out of the way was simple enough, wasn't it?" said the rhinoceros beetle known as Bombshell.
Kickback, a grasshopper robot laughed, "Yeah, too bad they're leaving so soon. I was hoping to have so more fun with these flesh-bags." He then fired two blasts at some of the fleeing cars with his antennae.
Shrapnel growled, "Restrain yourself Kickback! We are here to feed, not to play! Play." As he said this, Shrapnel transformed from a stag beetle into a menacing robot. His horns were now protruding over his shoulders revealing his head. As he changed, so did the others. Kickback's body twisted as his wing straightened and insect mouth opening up to show his face. Bombshell's horn shifted upwards, showing his big evil grinning face plate.
Bombshell replied to Shrapnel's complaint, "Yeah. We should've chosen our allies more carefully. The Decepticons haven't found any rich and powerful energy resources in over an earth month! We found this dam by ourselves, so..."
"So we should reap the rewards for our suffering. Suffering." Shrapnel ended Bombshell's thought as he headed over towards the main generator of the dam. As the turbines whirled around and around, Shrapnel giggled, "All this energy, I can feel it! The scent of its power is so divine. Divine." He then transformed back into his insect mode and followed the cord that came out of the main turbine. It leads the Insecticon right to the energy collector, where the electricity was stored when it was created from the rushing water turning the turbines. He then jumped onto generator, gnawing a hole in it. He then turned toward his comrades, "Bombshell, Kickback. Hurry. The energy is ready to be devoured. Devoured."
"Alright!" Kickback rejoiced, as he transformed back into a grasshopper and flew over toward the generator. Bombshell followed and transformed while in mid air. As they landed on the generator, all three Insecticons began to eat a way at it. Kickback scratched his way in with his front legs and began to slurp away at he energy inside. Bombshell stuck his horn inside it and drained the power from it away. All of them were delighted as the cool energy made its way past their mouths and into their circuitry.
Kickback sighed, "A little heavy on the neutrons."
"But the electrons are so delicious. Delicious." Shrapnel cued as he continued to suck the energy from the reactor. But as they were eating, suddenly a bolt of energy hit the generator and caused the Insecticons to be knocked around. As they stood up, they saw their attacker. A little yellow Autobot with his pistol in hand, ready to attack again. Bumblebee!

"Alright Insecticons! I'm giving you all one astrosecond to clear out here before I have to get serious!" He was pointing his gun straight at them, his finger ready to pull the trigger and hopefully blast them apart. However, he still was nervous. Great, of all the Decepticons to attack here, why did it have to be the Insecticons?! They outnumber me three to one, and they can also create duplicates of themselves, putting me at even greater disadvantage! Not to mention the fact that I'm still in bad shape from Blitzwing and the fact that I can't transform to beat them. But if I just give up, who'll beat them? I've got to try.
As the Autobot stood there, Shrapnel and the others laughed, "You defeat us? You are a fool Autobot! Bot." Shrapnel then fired a grenade at Bumblebee from his pinchers. The grenade collided with his chest, sending him flying backwards. As he attempted to get up, Kickback had flown and turned around. He then used his huge grasshopper legs to kick Bumblebee in his face, sending him across the field of the dam parking lot. Bumblebee roused up and brushed away the dirt that was on him when he was sliding across the pavement. But, he couldn't see the blasts coming straight at him. They all hit him at the same time, one in his left leg, one in his right arm and one into his chest. He fell down onto the ground, propping himself up with the gun in his hand. He saw as the three Insecticons circled around him, all of their weapons fixed on him.
"And fools like you deserve to die!" Bombshell cackled, "Insecticons, ready, aim..." Bumblebee thought to himself, looks like I'll get to see Bluestreak and Grimlock after all. "Fire!" But just before the Decepticons blew their victim away, a flaming ball came right at them, enveloping them in a big, fiery sphere.
As the fire died down, it could be seen that the Insecticons were still alive, and really ticked, "Who dares do this to us? Us." Shrapnel growled.
"Stop right there you robotic roaches!" said a female voice from behind them. As they turned, they saw five females in strange dresses. The lead one shouted, "We're the Sailor Scouts! Sailor Moon!"
"Sailor Mercury!"
"Sailor Mars!"
"Sailor Jupiter!"
"Sailor Venus!"
The lead one shouted again, thrusting her hands outward. "We fight for justice and against evil. And in the name of the moon, we will punish you!"
The Insecticons for a moment were at a loss for words. Then they all began to burst out laughing, not manically but in hysterics. "Oh man, I'm with you now Kickback! These flesh-bags are funny!" Bombshell cried.
Kickback replied, "What did I tell you?"
"Yes, this is truly a hilarious moment. But now is the not the time for games. Games." Shrapnel said as he changed emotions and fired a grenade over at the Sailor Scouts. All of them quickly jumped out of the way as it exploded right behind them.

"I take it that they weren't really intimidated by us Serena." Sailor Mercury said timidly.
"We'll just have to get serious! Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" Sailor Venus then fired a sphere of energy at the Insecticons, which then exploded and flew the evil insects flying. "Okay, now where is... Bumblebee!" She gasped as she saw Bumblebee lying on the ground, looking like real slag. All the scouts rushed over to help their new Autobot friend. "Are you alright Bumblebee?"
The Autobot looked up at Sailor Venus who was helping him up, "Oh, hey Mina. Nice to see you."
Venus looked shocked for a moment, "But... how do you know it's me and not someone else?"
"Well, my scanners can detect that you have the same physical properties as Mina, and you just told me you are Mina." He said cheerfully.
"Oh, yeah." Then Sailor Venus looked back at the Insecticons who were just picking themselves up from her last attack. "That didn't even scratch them! What are those things?"
"Decepticons, that's what. And some of the worst kind." Bumblebee replied, "They're called the Insecticons. When they were reactivated, their identical computers adapted them for life on earth by turning them into insects. They can devour energy from almost any substance on this planet."

As the Insecticons transformed, revealing how menacing they looked, Shrapnel growled, "You dare interfere with the Insecticons? Perish humans! Humans!" Shrapnel then leapt up into the air and fired a ball of steel from his grenade launcher gun. The ball then separated into several razor sharp spikes, hurtling at the Scouts and Bumblebee at an accelerated rate.
"Quick, scatter!" Bumblebee shouted, as he and the scouts ran in different directions to avoid being sliced by the spikes. He then took his gun and fired several shots at Bombshell and Kickback. The two also jumped up and soon, all three Insecticons were floating in mid air.
Mercury gasped, "No way! How can they do that?"
"All Decepticons come with a special component that allows them to fly. The Insecticons are just showing it off." Bumblebee told her as he tried to shoot each one down. They all simply moved to the side to avoid the blasts and laughed.
"You truly are a fool Autobot," Kickback said, "and for that you shall be terminated." He then fired high energy bullets from his sub- machine gun at Jupiter below. She screamed, thinking she would get torn to shreds. Instead, Bumblebee quickly ran over, picked her up and ran off.
She looked up at him and then noticed his shoulder had bullet holes in it. "You're hurt... because of me."
"No problem," he replied cheerfully, "it's only an exostructurial wound." He then set her down and jumped as high as he could, into the air. Although he couldn't fly, what he did was kick Shrapnel in the back, sending him flying down onto the ground below. He then grabbed hold of Bombshell, shaking and tossing vigorously to try to get the Autobot off him. "Okay girls, take him! I've got my hands full up here!" he shouted to the Scouts below as he kept his hold over Bombshell's face and at the same time blasting Kickback in his chest.

"You heard him Sailor Scouts, get him!" Sailor Moon yelled. Shrapnel had just gotten up when he saw all the girls ganging up around him.
Mars was the first to try her luck, "Mars Fire..." she brought up her fingers pointed to her forehead, where a little ball of fire appeared. Then, the tiny fire shot up and spiraled around and grew bigger as she said, "Ignite!" The fire ball then came crashing down on top of Shrapnel, covering his entire body in flames. The scouts thought that Mars had actually got him, until they heard his annoying laughter coming from the flames.
As the fire died down, Shrapnel could be seen unharmed, chuckling, "You humans are quite amusing. That was a marvelous flame attack. Attack"
"Maybe he needs to chill." said Mercury, as she brought up her hands as blue, watery looking ball appeared, "Shine Aqua Illusion!" She fired the ball at the Insecticon, encasing him in frozen ice. Unfortunately, his imprisonment began to shake, and soon he cracked the ice, causing it break in a thousand pieces.
"I'm starting to grow bored of your feeble attempts at my destruction. Destruction." Shrapnel sighed.
Sailor Jupiter was growing very annoyed, "I've had it with him!" She then started to generate electricity all around her body. This got Shrapnel's attention.
"Oh, the power, yes that's it! Give me it, give me your power! Power!" The Insecticon yelled. Bumblebee heard this and looked down. He saw Jupiter charging up what appeared to be...

"Electricity! No Lita, don't do it!" He shouted to her below, but she couldn't hear him. Bombshell then bucked Bumblebee off his back, sending him crashing down into the ground. As he got up, he looked in horror at what Jupiter was about to do.
"Supreme Thunder Crash!" Sailor Jupiter then fired her ball of concentrated lighting at Shrapnel, who was eagerly awaiting it.
"Yes!" He bent over halfway; pointing his head in the direction of the lighting was traveling in. It collided with his pinchers, sending a rush of electricity through his body. "Yes, yes, yes! You have sealed your own doom! Doom!" he cackled, as the electricity died down. He then flew high up into the air, firing blasts of lighting from his palms. The lighting caused the girls to scatter everywhere. The lighting was so powerful, it ripped up the concrete of the parking lot. Bumblebee had picked himself up and saw as the Insecticons were following Sailor Venus, who was completely cornered.
Shrapnel yelled, "Now you will see what happens to those who stand in the way of the Insecticons! You will be the first! Goodbye Sailor Scout! Scout!" He then charged up another lighting blast in his hands and fired it at Venus.
The other scouts yelled to their friend, "Mina!"
Bumblebee quickly ran and shouted, "Mina, no!"

To be continued...He