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Susake pov.

I see the rain coming, but I do nothing. I ask myself way? Did I do something wrong to have this to happen. Is there no longer hope to stop this fighting. So many, so many died here in this hell hole place. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see nothing, even that I in front of it. My childhood dreams and goals (even new ones) are gone and not coming back. Now I see the blood on my hands and that I spilled, but it seems to go on until my death. I look down, his book in the ashes and the dead. It reads one the page that I on open to; "With all my hopes that drive to the level am at and more. Some times I feel like a feather in the wind. 'Nothing' is really down or up. As time stands still. No sound likes crying or laughing. And then the sounds start up again. I can hear them say 'Stop dreaming!' But my dreams and hope are all I got in this life and the world. For a person who has nothing, but still feel rich in life is truly happy. Only a few people care and there are gold to me. All I need is a place to stay and some food, then I'll be happy all my life and have some one to see me as who I am."

I was crying but no one seen me cry. The rain-wash it all way. Now I see that that even that I caused him pain, still he care so much, as friends and never gave up. I see him on the ground covered in blood, but he is still. His life is all gone. Then some one says "Sasuke what happen?" All I can say is "I tried, I tried," and nothing more. No one does talk to me after that, nor did I talk to them. We all loosed ore friends herein this hellhole, god forsaking place. My best friend will until the end and I never told him that I loved him (I will tell anyone). We left home with 26, now going home with 13.

The End Guess who he likes. Please no flames This is my first fic P.S. I know I can't spell!