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She slowly ran her brugh through her shoulder length blonde hair, looking at herself in her mirror as she did so. When she put the brush down gently onto her night table, glass shattered down stairs. Applying her purple eyeshadow slowly, she was reconsidering what she was about to do. She found a website of trains that pick up kids who ran away. She was hoping to get a spot on that train, just to go out and find something new, away from the noise of her uncle always yelling at her aunt and cousins. When her parents died in a car accident 3 year before, her aunt (her dad's sister) promised to take good care of her, and raise her the best she could. She never pays attention to her. The empty gym bag layed on her bed, unzipped. How cold was it going to be in the train? What if she didn't get along with anyone? There was a knock on her door; her cousin barged in without waiting for an answer. "Hey Stacey," her cousin Caleb greeted her. She turned around to look at her cousin, her best friend. He knew something was wrong. Sitting down on her bed, Caleb stared at the back of his cousin. Her short top showed off her small tattoo on her lower back, of a flower with barbed wire around, the triangle of the begining of her thong was peaking out of her micro mini skirt. "Stace, babe, why is your gym bag on your bed?" Caleb asked laying down on her pillows. "I'm running away. I can't take this anymore, C. Your dad treats me like shit, your mom neglects me, and she's breaking a promise she made to my parents. You don't break promises, espically to dead people." She took a deep breath before she continued, "I just have to get away. I know your parents don't love me, so I'm running away. I'm out of here." She threw a hoddie and a pair of jeans into her bag; Caleb watched his cousin packing her things, saying nothing. She turned around to look at him, her washboard stomach in full view. "When did you get your belly button pierced?" Caleb asked her. "I dunno, like, a year ago." She threw in her underwear, bras, more jeans and shirts into the gym bag. "That'll last me a bit," she thought out loud. "Don't go." Stacey looked at her cousin, he had tears in his eyes, letting a couple run down his cheek. "Stace, just think about it. You're leaving school, you're leaving your friends, your job, for fucks sake Stacey, you have a schlorship for cheerleading. Are you willing to give that up?" Stacey glared out her window for a bit, looking at the outside world and what's coming up for her. When she turned around to face her cousin, he wasn't holding back his tears. He got up to give Stacey a hug. "Your like my sister, man." She put her head on his shoulder, savouring the hug for every second its worth. She finally managed to pull away from his strong grip. "Stacey, please don't leave." With one last look at her cousin, she grabbed her bag and escaped from her bedroom window. Without looking back, she was going to start a new life.

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