Author Note: Alright, here it is. THE FINAL CHAPTER. It's a quickie, but I think you may like the ending. This was a fun fic to write, and thank you to everyone who reviewed, espically Ayda and JohnCenasgurl. You guys reviewed pretty much every chapter I wrote and it ment a lot to me. So thank you sooooooo much!


The train pulled to a complete stop. Everyone's stuff was packed; the train was awaiting for eight new people. It's been a year since the eight strangers all met on the Runaway train, all starting a new life.

"I'ma miss you," John mumbled into Stacey's hair as she sat on his lap. Stacey leaned back so her neck was resting on her shoulder.

"I love you," she told him, giving him a small smile. John leaned his head down, and placed a kiss on her lips.

Over on the other side of the train, Adam had his guitar out, playing it for Gail, Amy and Dawn. Mark and Shane were in their last deep conversation.

"Why did you come on here?" Shane asked Mark. Mark gave him a smile and looked out the train window.

"Oh shit," Mark said, shooting up from his seat. "Yo, I can't go out there. Cops are everywhere, they're after me! Someone blew my cover...Oh fuck Shane, help me out!" Mark started to pace back and forth, and quickly realized it was only him and Shane left on the train.

"Mark, calm down, k? Calm down, breathe. What do you mean, 'blew your cover'? What did you do?" Shane questioned Mark, walking slowly off the train with him. Once they got off, the cops surrounded Mark.

"You are under arrest," a cop told Mark, "for raping a young Gail Kim." Mark threw the cop off of him, and brought out his gun that he kept tucked in his belt.

"Come on cop," Mark encouraged. "Shoot me. I know you got the guts. COME ON!" A gun fire was blasted; Mark quickly fell to his knees, and layed on the concrete, unconsicous, and dead.

The End

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