Title: "Mortal Visions"

Author: ShadowFox (Shado-Fox)

Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Chapter 2

Agent2: Then beauty, don't you say anything? Did the tiny cat lose her claws?

His air is superior; he takes pleasure holding Shalimar to his mercy.

Shalimar struggles to free herself of this iron hand and to inhale some gulps of air. The physical difference between her and him is enormous and in spite of her capacities and her supernatural strength, she is not of size. Already she begins to see small stars dancing before her eyes, the oxygen makes her weak, she is very close to becoming unconscious... all her ardour dimmed and the struggle stops quickly when a sort of numbness comes over her. Suddenly the pressure slackens and she fells on the ground, coughing and trying to get her breath back. She raises her eyes to see her adversary's mass, shrivelled up and moaning, spread before her, her look is troubled but after some winks she sees the child... standing... before his mother. Her look meets his and she feels a current browsing her. She straightens herself, shaky again under the effect of the oxygen lack. She approaches the child and kneels before him. Behind her the noises of struggles resound. She can hear the crackle of the electric bows of Brennan, whining of the agents who were hit, the voices of her partners rise of all part. They won the fight; the woman and the child are safe. She cannot leave the child's eyes, so blue, so enthralling eyes, she has the impression that he hypnotizes her and she remained there, without moving, facing him. The child stretches the hand and touches the cheek of the feline, finely, tenderly, in a way saying thanks to her... thank you to have risked your life to help my mother and me. Air seems to be immobilized between them and Shalimar cannot look away of his eyes. She feels Anna's interrogative look on them but she can't divert his eyes. The small hand remains calm on her cheek, it feels like a sort of current between her and him, a flux of emotions that she doesn't manage to canalize. She has the impression that he communicates with his eyes and she wants to say something to him when a violent discharge in the back is getting her focussed on the child that she tries to protect. Now The link is broken and she is becoming aware of her surroundings. The agent that she had sent earlier to ground stood up and sent her a stroke of tasers, nearly paralyzing her. She turned around on her back to face him She is satisfied to see that he has a bleeding nose but what frightens her on the other hand is the presence of a small ball of fire in the hollow of his hand...she admits to herself that she made a mistake by having remained there without making sure. The pain in her back is fast but her fingers seem to react to her orders, her capacities of recuperation fortunately allow her to get over a stroke like this quickly

Agent3: You see what you did to me!

The fury vibrates in the agent's voice whereas he wipes the blood that drops of his nose and that he sends it on Shalimar. His eyes shine anger but also of a pleasure gleam when he sees the spark of fright in the look of Shalimar who has her eyes nailed on the ball of fire.

Agent3: A feline hey? Don't you like fire, are you? I must confess that is nice!

He rolls the sphere of fire in his hand and follows the movement of the eyes of the young woman, who is hypnotized by his small game. Shalimar attempts to recover and try to stand up. Anna caught her son and pulled him away from the stage, far from the agent that apparently intends to have fun with the feline. Shalimar moves back slowly, the eyes always nailed on her biggest phobia, she moves back again as far as reaching the wall. Distraught, she turns the head from one side to the other to see that she is surrounded by old rusty cans and in front of her, fire enlarges, enlarges again and approaches her, nearly recovered all her sensations in her arms but the fear paralyzes her again better than the current that browsed her body a few minutes earlier. Further away, Brennan comes to free himself of the two agents that wanted to beat him, seeing in the corner of his eyes, his friend's blonde manes. He needs some seconds to measure the gravity of the situation and to see that Shalimar could not face the mutant manipulating fire alone in order to try to come out of the species of lethargy in which she seems to be glued, he calls her:

Brennan: Shalimar! Hold on!

While hearing the sound of her friend's voice calling her, Shalimar diverts the eyes of the fire ball to meet the anxious look of Brennan. She sees him preparing a ball of electricity; her head faces the shuttle between the hand of Brennan and the agent's hand, wondering who will be the fastest. The agent that also has discerned the movement of Brennan, intensify his ball of fire and throw his arm forward to project it on the feline and at that very moment the electric bow of Brennan strikes him and send him flying farther. Shalimar, although seizes by her visceral fear of fire, is projected herself on the side, towards one of the rusty cans... Brennan jumps to his friend when an explosion rejects him behind. He falls again on the back and must protect himself from the remnants that fell over him. Astounded by the shock, he doesn't immediately comprehend what just had happened. The dust rises before him and he doesn't see more then one meter. He hears the footsteps of Emma and Jesse and then Adam's who come running in his direction. Emma kneels before him; he sees it but has too much pain to understand what she says, the noise of the explosion was violent and his ears didn't finish cashing the shock again. With his eyes he follows Emma's hands that applies a handkerchief on his forehead, when she withdraws it he sees blood all over. His mind functions to slow, again under the shock. He hears some sounds, of the words... Shalimar... Adam asks where Shalimar is.

Suddenly he tries desperate to stand up and feels Adam's hands on his shoulder to prevent that. He discerns the pain that radiates exactly in this shoulder then. He turns his head but doesn't see Jesses anymore. He tries to stand up once again but he can't, the shock of the explosion shook him indeed. Emma continues to wipe off his face, which is now totally covered with blood from his forehead. He hears the stones rolling, the screams, the calling. He hears Jesse's voice calling Shalimar. The dust is getting away and the surroundings are getting clearer... Panic comes over him again, in waves at the same time as he becomes aware of the pains that cross his body.

Adam: Don't move Brennan! You are wounded on your head and the shoulder, but maybe you have other injuries, it is not necessary to aggravate them!

Jesse: Adam!

Adam raises his head and looks at Jesse. He stand up slowly, a shade passes in its look... a shade that doesn't escape Brennan.

Brennan: Where is Shalimar? She was over there when the explosion occurred! She was against the wall! Where is she? I want to see her! Shalimar!

He fights to stand up in spite of Adam's recommendations. He arrives there after some tests, dizziness takes him but he holds on. Emma raises and restrains him for falling. Adam already joined Jesse.

Jesse: Adam...

He cleared the remnants that regained a hand...a man's hand... the hand of the fire mutant manipulator who was in front of Shalimar... Jesse starts looking wildly under the remnants again, because the man that he has just found died and he doesn't like the idea that Shalimar lies there too under the remnants and that she can be...dead...

Brennan: She was closer to the wall, Jesse

Brennan approached and the stupor, the fright paralyzes him. He remains to see the dangling arms of Jess to work away the stones that formed the wall of the building. Sudden a lightning of panic crosses and makes him react, he jumps to the last place where he had seen his friend and starts digging with his good arm... he digs quickly, faster and faster , the emergency of the situation pressing him. At this place he doesn't find anything. Nothing at all, not a trace from the feline. An odour floats in the air. An odour of gas. He watches more attentively and turns toward his friends.

Brennan: These are cans of gas! He sent his ball of fire on cans of gas!

The anger sizzles in his eyes as sparks. Just before the impact, he remembers he saw his friend projecting herself on the side... can be that... He jumps over the remnants that spread on the right of the point of impact and starts looking, to dig, to clear the pieces of concretes and prisons, again.


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