Cast: Ana Setzer- Sara Polley Michael Powell- Jake Weber Kenneth- Ving Rhames New Jersey- Ryan Reynolds Hunter Powell- Jimmy Bennett Utopia/Mary- Jessica Simpson Terry- Kevin Zegers Nicole- Lindy Booth Sara- Lori Cardille John- Terry Alexander Capt. Rhodes- Joseph Pilato William McDermott- Jarlath Conroy CJ- Michael Kelly Steve- Ty Burrell Monica- Kim Poirier

Well, it's over, I really can't believe it's taken me a year and almost two months to finnish, with what started as just a one chapter short story. It's been a lot of me racking my brain, watching different films to get ideas and lots of spell check, that yes as my readers know...didn't work half of the time.

I would first like to apologize to my readers that my final thoughts couldn't be the 100th chapter I've been trying to reach this past year, but something seems to wrong with my computer and fan fiction isn't the easiest thing to load chpaters for when you have 99 of them all ready saved, it's been causing some problems so I guess I should try and fit everything I can in this last chapter, I'm sorry once again.

How I came up with the idea for biggest fear was I just found fan fiction around the time Dawn of the Dead was first released in the spring of 2004. I had never written before but my whole life I had been a true blue fan of the 1978 original, I always wished there was a book out there that showed pretty much a whole epic of events and bad timing for a small group of people trying to survive. The summer before hand I had just finished reading Stephen King's The Stand, I was so blown away at how he was able to write at least nine leads that came from different points of America, and how they all came together all because of pure faith.

I'm not that big of a fan with remakes in fact that dick head Michael Bay (gave the green light to remake my favorite movie of all time...The Hitcher) needs to be stopped, I like his films but he killed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I mean no remake is as good as the first, and yeah try and make it different...but at least look as if you care, such as The Thing (1982) which was a remake from the (1958) films A thing from another world, or Dawn of the Dead (2004) I mean don't remake the same such as they did with Psycho (1998) and did an awful job casting...just stick to the same backbone and put some throught into it...that's at least what they did with the remake of Dawn of the Dead, and the acting was what drew me in...I thought the actress that played Ana was outstanding, and all the way till the end she had be thinking how awful everything was for her, and how unfair it ended up being for her when she had to leave on the boat...what would her life be life afterwards? The ideas started coming so I wrote them down.

I always thought the ending of the movie was the best scene, I loved how fast paced everything was while they were all running out together, it reminded me of that Stephen King movie where the trucks come to life and they all need to run to the docks. I loved how everything changed when you found out Michael was bit, His acting with Ana was outstanding and I always felt bad that he had to stay behind and shoot himself while she watched.

It showed that Ana was strong enough to let go, and it showed that Michael cared about Ana enough to stay behind.

So I wrote the first half of the story more as a drama, Ana and the others all alone on the island trying to start over, but the loss and heart break that she went through she after everything that had happened, she was going to have to live her life without him.

The baby idea came from a friend, I thought it was a good enough idea and might spice things up since inside Ana's mind she had this Illusion that Michael did come back to the island with them and died on it, and that they had slept together a second time, the fear of thinking that her unborn child might be infected, let me use the 50/50 chance of it all, much like in the Fly (1986) another good remake, it showed the what if? And fear behind it all.

I really had no idea if I was going to make the baby infected or not, but I went the lighter way and made her son (Hunter) come out healty and fine.

So I played around with them raising the baby together on the island, but then it hit me one night, where the hell was I going with it? I loved horror...then way wasn't I writting a horror?

The idea of keeping Michael alive came from two different sources, the first one being a dream I had right before Christmas, I dreamed that the actor who played Michael shot himself but was looking up at the sky thinking..."Hey, I'm not dead." The it switched that he was in this underground bunker that looked out at the bay and there was a man and a woman with him talking about how they have to wait until night to go looking for food.

I was unsure about that idea since it was so far fetched, but I asked a friend of mine and they gave me the idea to keep him I took the easy way, I mean come on, you get bit by a killer zombie, and shoot yourself in the head! You have to be lucky.

In my dream the man and woman in the bunker looking after Michael looked older, maybe around their late fifties. I wanted a pair that could fight back easy and group up with I thought about who could play them...

Utopia/Mary was easy enough, I mean Jessica Simpson is beautiful and reminds me of the type to only be a fighter if someone else was there to take on the hard blows. Sure she isn't high art and acts dumb on that TV show she has, but she's got a great face and seemed perfect for me.

I waited for casting New Jersey for a while until I saw Blade Three over a friend's house who downloaded it. I love the Blade films and anyone who hasn't seen the third yet, I'm telling you right now, go out and rent it as soon as it comes out, trust me it's worth it!

Ryan Reynolds was just another face in the crowd for me, In fact I love the movie Van Wilder, but Blade three changed my out look on the dude, he kicked ass and someone he fit the person Jersey would be played I put him in it. In fact I'm starting a Blade three story that has almost the same elements as Biggest fear, it isn't gonna be as long...but I hope some of my readers will enjoy it.

I then knew I would write two different stories at once, back on the island, and back at the camps (which I got the idea from Dawn of the Dead 1978, and the remake of Night of the Living Dead)

But something needed to happen, so I got the soldiers to come in and pretty much shatter everyone's life out on the island.

Ana being beaten like that was not fun to write, but just around that time I saw Day of the Dead for the first time in what seemed like years so I did a short cross over, which explained the reason why Rhodes acted like such a dick in the film.

I wrote back and forth and then slowly started to plan how everyone would meet together, It was hard and I'm sure I messed up more then once, but that type of thing is hard to write, most of all back when I had four different endings in mind...(email me if you wish to know what they were.)

I took a darker turn to the story and tried to show how everyone was a fighter, and how the island would be the last setting in the movie.

Killing Ana off was hard, but I wanted to show how if Ana did it, so couldn't Michael...and how he had to keep going for his son and count himself lucky enough that he was able to see her one last time before she died.

I was also going to kill New Jersey off closer towards the end, I wasn't until I was writting chapter 99 that I knew my readers were just startting to like him, and how down beat that would end up being if after everything he went though he just died.

In fact in one of my endings, the one I was this close to keeping, he took part in the story more and ended up saving a few people's lifes and died in the arms of someone on the beach.

But I knew I wanted everyone who was on the island to be at peace and not look at death as if it was something sad, in fact I wanted everyone to know that everyone who had died in the course of this story were now at peace and wanted them to restart and enjoy life for once.

I thought that it was good that I made people close and gave everyone a reason to keep going and live on.

Yeah I know it was sappy, but I thought it took a lot of work and thinking to end up letting the people in my story be happy for once and have the feeling of being safe.

I might do a spin off in another year, come on guys shoot some ideas, tell me what you like! But right now I'm putting my eye sight on a few other projects I've had in mind since I finnished this one.

I'm going to write in novel form, An American Werewolf in London. In fact that's going to be my next project, so look out for it and I hope you enjoy it.

The other project is based on the movie Blade three, I all ready have the plot outlined in my head all ready, and I think that one might get posted sooner then American Werewolf In London since it's going to be shorter.

So I'll be startting projects as soon and I can and I hope you look out for them. It's been hard work writting Biggest fear (trust me 99 chapters wasn't easy when you have a computer that won't let you get to the chapter page on fan fiction) But I reached my goal and I'm happy with everything.

My fans really kept me going, most of all...

moulinrye : Buddy what can I can, it's been awsome, your wrote some really great reviews and you kept me going, thanks for being such a fan and I'm really glad your enjoyed it. For your last review tell me what your thought of the over all story and cast. I would love to hear what you had to say...also keep kicking ass on your stories and I'll keep reading them. Thank you so much.

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For everyone else who posted a review, thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed the story. Please look out for my other projects and I'll make sure I'll look for yours.