Ana sighed as she lazily dragged her index finger along the sugar crystal sand.

Within minuets a soft breeze picked up and the sky started to turn a hint of pink from the sunset coming up in a half an hour or so. Ana felt the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up all at once.

She then raised her head and looked around the part of her beach...yes "Her beach." That's at least what Kenneth called it since whenever he was looking for her she always seemed to be sitting in this very same spot.

This part of the island curved a bit...almost into a bay and the rocks around it, half in and half out of the water seemed to looked like a light color of white...Ana thought they all looked like sea turtles that were slowly crawling up to shore when they all froze in that very same spot.

Ana leaned back against the trunk of the palm tree and closed her eyes, trying to make this tossing turning feeling in her stomach go away.

"Why did you leave me..."

Her throat became tight and hot salty tears started to pour down her cheeks...she had tried to get a handle over this for the part few weeks...but nothing could ever make this nightmare go away...every moment she was in pain and alone.

Just then she checked her wrist watch and saw that it was getting late, all ready the sky was starting to dim and she felt like the air had cooled off.

"Kenneth is going to want to start to fire pits soon...better get going."

She thought as she used her hands to wipe away the tears...she took a deep breath and then stood up and brushed the sand off her pants.

She then started to walk up the trails...she took the longer one because she didn't want any of the others to see she had been crying.

As she walked she heard her sandals click on the dirt tracks, The smell of the island was all around her...a sweet ocean smell she used to have back when she was younger and went out to the beach...the smell of fireworks and suntan all seemed to come back to her as she headed back to the camp.

But pain struck her heart day after day...the others had become very worried about her well being and gave her nervous looks and tried to be extra careful about what they said in front of her.

Kenneth tried to tell her things were going to be okay now...much like the words that were spoken to her back on the dock...but it all seemed so much like a lie.

How could she go on now?

They all tried talking to her but it just wouldn't go away...she tried her best to pull away from the heavy deep pain that she was in right now...but it never stopped.

She then scanned the cliff that overlooked the bay...the trail had gone up a hill and she had been walking for awhile.

She looked over the bay and the island of jungle around it and could life still be going on when such a good life was lost?

"Maybe I should just jump?, See what happenes when my body goes spedding down towards the sharp rocks bellow."

"Maybe then the others once they found my body the next day...bloddy and floating in the shore sand...they might know how much I was hurting?"

Ana sighed and tears formed in her eyes again

"Maybe we both should of died back on the dock...maybe."