D20 Modern: Shadow Tides Rising Chapter 1

Hi everyone out there who took the time to read this. This is my third fic I've put up. I figured this one kind of fit in the Dungeons and Dragons category, and those who play the DnD game should be able to appreciate it so that's why it is where it is. That, and D20 Modern is based off of DnD so it all works. This is more of the Urban Arcana campaign though. Anyways, this should be fun to write and will have a little bit of everything so read on. As long as people review I'll update my story. On with the fic! (This will be a story told from 1st person of a character loosely based on me. He's different from me in that he can cast spells)

Well, I'm just your average guy. Or I was until one day I discovered something. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Tyler Adams. I'm a 20 year old male (or I was 20 years old when it all started), brown hair, blue eyes, good with computers, not with people. I've always been interested in fantasy. Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, what have you. Little did I know one book would turn my world upside-down. On my 20th birthday I went out for some fun with a few of my friends. We ate some food, watched a movie, and then we disbanded.

I saw a little hobby store on the way home so I went inside. There was man running the counter of the run down store. He was maybe 30 years old, and in great shape. "What you got?" I asked.

He smiled. "How about this" he said, pulling out a mammoth tome (in other words, a really big book).

I just cocked an eyebrow. "Um...How about something in my carrying capacity?" I responded.

He laughed and just pushed the tome across the counter in my direction. It wasn't titled, was at least a thousand pages long, and weighed around 15 pounds. It was really big. I flipped to the first page, which had some kind of runes on it. I couldn't make out any of it. Still, I was compelled to buy it. I closed it and asked "How much?"

"Ten dollars" he responded.

I gawked at him. "Ok" I answered. I handed him a ten dollar bill and he put the tome into a thick paper bag. He deposited the ten in an old cash register. I took the bag and left. As I stepped out and walked a few steps down the road I realized I never got a receipt (I like to keep track of that sort of thing) so I turned to find a vacant lot where the store once was. I saw a small green piece of paper lying on the ground. I walked over and picked it up. It was the same ten I handed to the man. I pocketed it and hopped in my car, heading home to contemplate what had just happened.