D20 Modern: Shadow Tides Rising Chapter 3

Hiya. Here's Chapter 3. Oh, I forgot. Here's a disclaimer. I don't own the Wizards of the Coast company which owns D20 Modern and numerous other things, and some of the events I plan on putting up have already been thought up by Wizards and are actually in the D20 Modern book so just so you know, and please don't sue me Wizards. I do, however, own my characters that I invented, including Tyler and June. That said, on with this fic.

June gawked at me. I had just finished the part about what had happened today. "Told you" I said. I hadn't left out a single detail; the book, the magic, and the goblins. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. She pulled up in front of my office.

She finally spoke. "Um...Should I pick you up after work?"

"That's all right" I said, smiling. "I can take the subway back. I'll call you when I get home. See you later!"

She stared as I got out of the car. She looked like she wanted to call a psychiatrist. I just smiled back. "You ok?" she asked, genuine worry in her eyes.

"You think I'm crazy, right? I'm fine. You're late enough as is. Get going!" I answered, still smiling.

"If you say so" she said. Suddenly the word "late" hit her. "Oh my gosh! I've got to go! If you don't call me I'll kill you! See you later!" She backed out after I shut the door and drove off. I smiled inwardly and walked in to the office. This was going to be a long day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I walked out of the office. A flirtatious colleague wouldn't leave me alone, everyone wanted to know where I was, and I barely got an ounce of work done. I rode the subway back to my house and decided I would catch up on my calls and such after I called June. Speaking of her I thought. She had been really worried about me. I wonder? Maybe I'll go somewhere tomorrow with my friends; or just her. I shook my head. What am I thinking? I've got to go.

I walked over to the phone and stopped. I was about to pick up the phone but the book caught my eye. I starred at it for a second, and then felt compelled to read it. I ran over and pulled the book open and began to read. I read for about an hour, getting through a few pages before I hit a point that I couldn't read anymore. I started paging through. Any other pages after that last one I couldn't read. I closed the book and suddenly realized that I had promised to call June.

I jumped up and ran over to the phone. As I went to pick it up it rang. I stopped and just starred at it. One ring; two rings; three rings. I picked up the phone and heard June on the other. She wasn't happy. "Tyler!" I heard from the phone. I was holding it away from my head, but even still it was painfully loud. "You didn't call!"

"I can explain!" I interrupted, staying well away from the earpiece. She was silent for a second. I carefully put the earpiece to my ear, only to have my eardrum broken.

"I'm waiting!" she yelled. I think I felt my ear bleeding. For a good- natured nurse she can definitely yell I thought. I carefully put the earpiece up again, ready to pull it away, and told her what had happened. Actually, I stretched the truth a little.

"There was a lot of traffic and it took me longer than I thought to get home" I said, trying to sound truthful.

"You took the subway" she reminded me.

"What I meant was the subway was busy and I couldn't ride until the next subway."

"You ride the least busy subway in the city. You ride it so things like that don't happen" she reminded again. I broke down instantly against the overwhelming odds that were June.

"All right, I was busy at home"

"Doing what?" she asked, a tinge of irritation in her voice. Under that I thought I heard worry.

I paused then answered sheepishly "Reading a book."

"Reading a book?" she asked, more irritated than worried now. In fact, the worry in her voice was gone. She was now mad.

"You promised you'd call and you don't? And it was over a book?!"

"Not just a book, I explained this morn..." I began before she cut me off.

"You must be joking!? You think I believed that?! You must think I'm crazy...or stupid?!"

"I was telling the truth!" I yelled back. I have always had this problem of getting mad when people call me a liar when I'm not (not that I haven't lied before). She went silent for a minute.

She began to laugh a little; then a lot. She tried to speak between breaths "S-Sorry, I c-can't h-help it!" I sat there confused.

"What's so funny?" I asked, irritation showing into my voice. She started laughing a little less and then stopped.

"Sorry, I just think it's so funny when you get mad!" she said, still quite amused at my apparent anger. I still sat there, thinking of what she had said. She thought I was funny? And again, why do I care?! While I was pondering this she spoke again. "So, if this is real, can I see it?" I was surprised.

"I guess so. When can you come over?"

"How about tomorrow after work?" she volunteered.

"I guess that would be fine" I said. I get to be alone with June. But why do I care?! "Great, because I've all ready told everyone else and if you don't mind they'll be over along with me tomorrow!" Never mind, I wouldn't be alone with June; dang it. But why do I care?

"Great" I said, a little overly dull. She sounded surprised on the other end. "Sorry" I said cheerfully. "I didn't mean to sound glum there. Can't wait until tomorrow!" She laughed again.

"Bye" she said, still laughing. I hung up the phone. I was still smiling and walked over to the answering machine and pressed the "New messages" button. A mono-toned male voice came through. "You have forty-three new messages. Message one..." I sighed. This is going to take awhile.

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