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In the world of Rune-midgard, monsters that lived upon the world as Plagues as its soul can turn into the magical socket know as "The card". This card has different property depending on which monster's soul that was bound to the card. Though some cards are easily to find or rarer to possess, many fighters of the rune Midgard remained their great desire to obtain them. Now, the soul within the card became popular to the adventurer. It being sold throughout the Midgard, yet only few sacrificed themselves to hunt down the monster to obtain the cards. On this day in the desert city of Morroc, Merchant S. the Alchemist (Pseudonym for privacy) has been waiting for someone to arrive. The city filled with merchant presenting their goods and weapons to those who wished to purchase them. S. had been waiting for someone to arrive, someone who he dealt his card's business. As the sun continued to rise above the heated sky, the strange looking girl approached him with small cards on her hands. Her long hair was gray as ash as the thief cloth floated against the morning wind. The girl appeared to cover her head with the pirate bandana.

"Care to buy Yggdrasil leaves?" asked Merchant S. to the thief in front of him.

"Not really," she said, tossing out two "Drop", one "Elder willow" cards, and one "Agonip" card to the ground, lying next to the box of red potions. The merchant examined the cards for a moment and spoke.

"I'll give you 100000 Zenys for this," said the merchant, put his hand into his bag for the Zenys.

"120000 Zenys and the old blue box," snapped the thief, demanding the merchant to meet her paid. She continued. "Or if you don't want to give away the box…at least give me something! May be the discount!"

"You can't get anything you want, Narsia. Beside, you still owe me for an old blue box and a violet box you opened."

"But that's because a slotted full plate and three slots trident are useless! You can't charge me on something I couldn't use!"

"Those things cost only 200 Zenys," said the merchant, tricking the naïve thief to give up. After all, he still needed her. If it weren't her who opened those boxes, he wouldn't earn enough Zenys to pursue his second carrier as the alchemist. For S, it is always good to trick someone as long as he got what he wanted. The thief looked at him and sighed in disappointment before she turned her defeated face at him and spoke. "Give me 100000 Zenys…I'm suppose you are right."

As the merchant gathering his Zenys, two little ants, Andre they called, crawling out from the thief's sheath before they ran back to the sheath when Narsia looked at them, Although they were bound to her Damascus, they're something appeared to get some fresh air, causing everyone to attempt killing them for a rough elunium. Merchant S. tossed the bag of Zenys as the thief caught it on the midair.

"Nice doing business with you," said the alchemist as the thief left, heading to the kalfa staff for the teleport. Sooner or later her experience will overcome her profession, forcing her to go for her carrier jobs. Tough quest will be ahead of her but her profession as the card hunter will not be over, for the journey of the card hunter had just started….

A/N: Don't expect the quick update on this…I will continue this when I up my char to job 50 and earned new class, but anyway, I hope you lt.