Professor Charles Xavier was sitting in Cerebro scanning the mutant population around the world. Jean Gray was also with him standing very still and quiet.

"This is what I wanted to show you Jean" said Xavier, zooming in on Australia "in western Australia there is a mutant I cannot get a image on, nor can I read its mind."

"But that's impossible, unless its Magneto" said Jean.

"I know" replied Xavier "I don't think its Magneto, I think he would want to stay low for a while, but I want you and Storm to go and find it and persuade it to come to us so we can figure out what's happening. All I can figure out is its location. I don't know weather it old or young, girl or boy, dangerous or harmless. Just be on your guard".

"We'll get ready straight away" said Jean.

Later that night, Jean and Storm left Xavier's school. The X-Jet rose out of the basketball court and flew in the direction of Australia.

Early the next morning the X-Jet reached Western Australia.

"What's the location the professor gave us?" Asked Storm.

"The person is near the state capital, Perth. More near the outback though" replied Jean.

Jean typed the directions into a computer on the Jet and set off in the direction the computer told her to. Very soon they reached the Australian Outback and passed many large farms.

"Australia's farming is really different from America's" said Storm looking at all the sheep and wheat.

"This place needs some rain" said Jean.

"Yes, but if there is too much rain it may cause floods" replied Storm.

"This is where we stop" said Jean pointing to a small farm. She lowered the X-Jet and they both stepped out.

"It's really hot here" said Jean who was sweating already.

"That's because Australia is the second driest place on earth but we're lucky, we came in winter" explained Storm. They both walked up to the small house. Jean knocked on the door. They heard some shuffling inside and a middle aged man opened the door. He was unshaven and had a large pot belly. He seemed drunk and when he talked his voice slurred.

"Wha' do ya wan'" he asked, swaying a little.

"Err, we are looking for a person we think is in danger" said Jean.

"Wha's this person look like?"

"We don't know, all we know is that they are a mutant" said Jean. The man looked confused.

"You know?" said Storm, "mutant, strange powers?"

"Ahhhhh" exclaimed the man "she's ova there" pointing a sheep shearing shed "she's doing' her chores". With that he staggered back into the house and slammed the door.

"That was extremely rude" said Storm.

Jean and Storm walked in the heat towards the shed. Passing along the way they saw a failed of sheep grazing. They walked into the large shed and started looking around.

"Hello?" called Storm. Storm and Jean saw a figure in the corner shoveling sheep manure into a wheelbarrow. As they got closer they saw it was a teenage girl about the age of 17 with very white skin with her black hair tied into a ponytail.

"Hello?" asked Storm. This time the girl turned around and stared at them. She was wearing black work pants, black tee-shirt and black boots. They stood in front of the girl and Jean extended her hand.

"Hi, I'm Jean Gray and this is Ororo Munroe" referring to Storm "but everyone calls her Storm". The pale girl wiped her dirty blistered hand on her pants and shook Jean's hand. Jean got a flash of the girls past, all of it was pain and abuse. Jean gasped at the pain she felt.

"I'm Dawn Martin" said the girl "what is your business here?"

"Are you a mutant?" Asked Jean.

"Sadly, yes I am" said Dawn.

"We have come to believe you are more special than others" said Jean "Professor Charles Xavier has a machine that can see every person in the world, mutant or not. He can see their image and read their mind, but he cannot see your image or read your mind. He can only see a light in your place."

"What do you want from me?" Asked Dawn

"We want to take you back to our school for gifted students and run some tests on you, with your and your father's permission of course" said Jean pointing to the house.

"Oh, he's not my father" said Dawn "he's my foster father. I don't know who my mother and father are."

"We might also be able to help you find them" said Storm.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I don't think I will be able to" said Dawn and she continued shoveling. Only then did Jean and Storm notice the huge bruises on her arms and neck, even some cuts.

"How did you get those?" Asked Storm, pointing to the injury's. Dawn stopped for a second.

"Working" said Dawn quickly, she picked up the wheelbarrow and started towards the house.

"You got them from you foster father, didn't you" said Jean. They had reached the house and Dawn started tipping out the manure.

"I'm sorry Ms. Gray but that is non of your business and I urge you to leave soon, there's a storm coming" said Dawn. Dawn went up to the house and stopped on the verandah.

"Why would I believe you anyway, perhaps you're the ones trying to hurt me" with that Dawn went inside the house and slammed the door.

Jean and Storm were not going to leave without Dawn so they stayed the night in the X-Jet. As Dawn said a storm started. When it was raining heavily. A voice started shouting in the house, rising and falling during the hours as did the storm. Above the noise of the storm both Jean and Storm could hear the sound of breaking glass and furniture inside the house. Around midnight the door opened and a body was thrown out. It was Dawn. Her foster father came after her and started yelling.

"You brought them here, didn't you?" He kicked her body down as she struggled to get up "DIDN'T YOU?" He kicked her again and again. Storm started to get out of the Jet to help Dawn.

"Stop there" he said "if you come any closer I'll keep kicking her". Storm stayed in her position. He still kicked her until he stopped and yelled

"You can sleep in the shed tonight and I don't care about you anymore, you can die for all I care" her kicked her bloodied body once more then turned and staggered toward the house. Dawn lifted a shaky hand up to him. The rain suddenly fell faster and heavier until it started to peel the paint off the roof of the house. Dawns foster father turned around and started yelling again.

"Stop it Dawn, I mean it, or I'll kill you" the rain came down even harder. The foster father walked to the side of the house and picked up a metal pipe. He started towards Dawn again.

"I told you to stop Dawn, put down your hand" He had reached Dawn now, he lifted up the pipe and brought it down on Dawn. She fell to the ground once more. The rain was light again, not heavy and hard. He walked away and after a few feet turned around again, Dawn had her hand pointed at him again her palm facing him.

"I told you..." Then a great jet of water that shot itself from Dawns palm. It was so strong it flung her foster father back against the door, it gave way and he fell inside the house. The jet of water smashed the windows and the front of the house started to collapsed in. Dawn fell down again exhausted. She slowly pulled her body up and slowly staggered to the shed. The rain was beating down on her and thunder and lightning crashed around. She stopped for a second swaying slightly then started walking again but the she collapsed. Storm and Jean ran out into the pouring rain to help Dawn. She was unconscious. Jean lifted her up with her powers and they took her into the X-Jet.

When Dawn opened her eyes she was in what looked like a hospital room that was until Jean came into the room.

"So, your awake" she said. Dawn tried to move her lips but she hurt too much.

"Try not to move. Your foster father had injured you very badly. He's bruised nearly every part of you and I can't count all your cuts. Your in America now, in Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. We had to take you or you would of died, please forgive us. Please try to believe we want to help you. Its already been a few weeks since what happened, please try to rest, you have still a lot of healing to do." Jean then injected something into Dawns arm and everything around her went black. In Dawn's dreams she kept on seeing what she did to her foster father. Part of her said "That was mean you shouldn't of done it" and another part of her said "He deserved it, he would of killed you anyway". Right now Dawn believed she was a cruel person.

When Dawn next awoke she felt much better. When Jean came to check on her Dawn said she was feeling much better and she would like to go home.

"I'm sorry Dawn, you can't go home. You can leave when you get a proper education at this school."

"But I don't want to be here, who's going to look after the farm, what about my foster father?" Complained Dawn.

"Your foster father beats you Dawn we had to take you, it was either leave you to die or bring you to a better place" said Jean "here are some clothes" Jean dumped some clothes on the end of her bed and left the room so she could change. There was a knee length black dress with long sleeves. She put it on, then she put on the black boots that always gave her bad blisters. She looked at herself in the mirror and brushed her medium length black hair. She steeped into the hallway where Jean was waiting.

"I'm going to show you around the school" said Jean "ending in Professor Xavier's classroom. We will meet your new room mate as well and also could you please call me Professor Gray or just Mrs. Gray. I'm going to be one of your teachers now."

They started walking down a hallway.

"Don't you have better things to do than show a new girl around the school?" Asked Dawn.

"I feel as though I ow something to you, Professor Xavier let me have the day off anyway" said Jean.

Jean explained the whole place was a huge mansion that had been converted into a school for mutants by Professor Xavier. All the students learnt how to control their powers and also learnt normal subjects they would in school like English, Science and Art. Jean said that she and her husband, Cyclops or Professor Scott Summers, were two of the first people to be taught by Xavier. Jean showed Dawn into a classroom full of teenagers Dawn's age. Storm was teaching the class something. Jean walked to the front of the classroom, Dawn followed carefully, feeling awkward. The teenagers were all aware of Jean and Dawn now.

"Attention everybody" said Jean "this is Dawn Martin" pointing to Dawn "she's new here and I want you all to make her feel welcome". Everyone was staring at Dawn.

"She'll be joining your classes tomorrow" continued Jean. The bell went and all the students packed up.

"Rogue" said Jean "come here please."

"Yes, professor?" Asked Rogue

"Rogue, Dawn is going to be your roommate with Multi, Sarah and you. Will you please help her settle in?" said Jean

"Yeah, sure professor Gray" said Rogue. Rogue saw how awquard Dawn felt.

"Its okay Dawn, its really easy to fit into this school. I'll show you around and everything" Rogue said.

A teenage boy walked up to Rogue.

"Time to get to our next class Rogue" he said

"Okay, Bobby, see you soon Dawn" Rogue left with Bobby. Jean showed Dawn places around the school and they ended up in the gardens. Jean was explaining all the outdoor activities when Jean suddenly stopped.

"Um, Dawn" said Jean pointing at Dawn's feet. Dawn was standing on a pond on top of the water.

"Sorry" said Dawn stepping quickly off but instead of blushing a pink colour, she went paler.

"You don't have to be sorry of your powers" said Jean, "what are your powers anyway?"

Dawn avoided the question.

"I'd rather not say" she said, "but I have multiple talents. I seem to get more powers if I ignore them. My foster father realized this as well, that's why he made me work so hard, and with me working he had nothing to do, so he drank. He thought my powers would stop growing, but the work I did didn't include using my powers so they kept growing. I had to stop my powers growing somehow. So each night I refilled the lake near our house for the sheep".

"Don't worry Dawn everything will get better soon" said Jean

"I have a feeling they won't" sighed Dawn.