Story Title:Harry Potter and Time's Mistake

Chapter Title:Running From Home

Author:Jessica (Jess88)


Rating:K+ for minor swearing


Disclaimer:JKR owns everything.

Author Notes: I have decided to completely rewrite the first few chapters of this story to make it stronger, and I realised that Harry being beaten up by his cousin made him seem weak. Hope you guys like this!

Summary:Harry somehow gets sent to 1981. He stays with someone who knows his parents very well. When he sees his parents, he tries to keep his mouth shut about the future, but Lily has secrets and she plans to use them… When the time comes to go to his rightful time, something happened that shouldn't have…

The night brings horrors to many people, but it also brings peace to others. A person's true feelings are revealed to the conscious mind, even if the person does not wish to admit them. They are scared to face the reality of the world, trying so hard to build their own utopia. They often forget what is happening around them, but life has to go on and eventually everyone must face the truth and their fears.

Harry Potter enjoyed the peaceful feeling that the night brought, the air was warm, and it left him feeling calm and helped him release his held back frustration at the lack of communication with his friends and godfather. Harry did understand why his friends were not saying anything important in their letters because the chance of Voldemort, or any Death Eaters intercepting the owls. What made him feel so frustrated was Dumbledore allowed Hermione and Ron to be together while he was trapped at the Dursley's. He also wished that his godfather would write more often than he did, it would make Harry feel less alone, and remind him that he had someone who loved him unconditionally unlike his relatives that were actually related to him.

Harry did not know when he was going join Hermione and Ron but if he did not leave soon, he was sure he would explode. He could of course always find them on his own but he was not allowed to use magic. Harry looked around and saw Dudley with his gang beating up Mark Evans again. Harry wanted to go help the little boy, but what could he do? He would end up dead if he went anywhere near Dudley and no one would care. Harry was about to turn around and head back to the house when he heard Dudley's friends getting closer so he jumped into the bushes and listened to what they were saying.

"Are you sure you can't find that Potter boy Big D? I would love a go at him, he wouldn't last ten seconds!" Piers was saying.

"My dad kicked him out hours go, I hope he's gone for good, he's nothing but a freak." Dudley replied.

"Nice, I still hope to get a go at him; he was a blast to beat up in school." Adam Rivers said.

Harry did not want to stick around and slowly crawl away from the bushes but his foot got caught in the branches and started to shake it, Dudley and his gang heard the noises and walked towards the bushes and saw Harry on the ground. Harry got to his feet as fast as he could, jumped away from the bushes, running as fast he could to get away from Dudley's gang. He ran two blocks before he looked back behind him while still running causing him to run into one of his aunt's friend's husband causing Harry to stop. Harry was happy that none of his children were Dudley's friends.

"Alright there Harry, who are you running from? Come on let me take you home"

"No thanks, I'd rather be out here, then back at my so called 'home' Mr. Sprint" Harry said as he started to run again but Mr. Sprint grabbed Harry's arm gently, causing Harry to stop.

"Harry, you didn't answer my question" Harry was about to answer when he heard a shout from behind him. Mr. Spring and Harry both looked to see six teenagers running towards Harry. Mr. Sprint pulled Harry along the street and into his house. Dudley's gang ran to the house and banged on the door screaming for Harry to get his ass outside. The boys refused to stop harassing the house so Mr. Sprint called the local police about the disturbance. Harry smirked while Dudley was being arrested. he knew that Vernon would pound him later when he found out. Mr. Sprint looked at Harry and told him to sit down, Harry did as he was asked and looked at the man.

"Harry I want to know why they were chasing you"

"The leader of that gang is my cousin who has hated me his whole life, and so do his parents."

"Did they ever abuse you in any way?" Mr. Sprint asked, Harry didn't answer and looked at the floor. Mr. Sprint took that body posture as a yes. "What did they do Harry, and be honest with me, I may not know you very well, but I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to help you." Harry nodded. He started out by saying that he was abused and hated ever since he was taken in by his relatives, he always wondered why they took him in if they hated him.

"My parents were killed when I was a year old, the only thing I know is that they were killed in a car crash, they didn't give me a bedroom until I was eleven and they even locked me in for an entire month, because I got upset that I was not allowed to be a part of a get together with my uncle's client. I don't go to school but if anyone asks they tell them I go to St. Brutus's."

"The school for boys that have committed crimes and deemed unsafe in society" Mr. Sprint asked horrified. "Harry, this needs to stop, you need help, I will contact the police that arrested your cousin and tell them everything, you cannot stay there any longer, come on let's get in the car."

Harry nodded, as he got up, he knew he was lying about his school and his parents but it he had to hide the fact that he was a wizard, and he knew the muggles wouldn't be able to find any records of him at any school anyways, so the police would be right to assume that his relatives don't allow him to attend school, and when they check the house they will find the locks on his room, Harry hoped that his relatives would finally get what they deserve for abusing him.

When they got to the station Vernon and Petunia were driving up, at the same time. Vernon saw Harry walking across the car park he sped the car up and drove straight to Harry, who moved out of the way as fast as he could but not fast enough. Vernon smiled while Petunia was screaming. Harry lay on the ground unconscious, Mr. Sprint ran to him while a few police officers ran out and were calling an ambulance on their radio, they ran to Harry while Vernon drove the car away from the station, happy that Harry was injured, of course he forgot that Dudley was in jail in that moment and went to his sister's to celebrate.

The ambulance came a few minutes later and rushed Harry into it and drove off. Mr. Sprint went inside to make a statement and told the police everything Harry had told him. They were shocked at what he said, but they couldn't do anything until Harry told them himself and no one had any idea when that would be.