Story Title:Harry Potter and Time's Mistake

Chapter Title:Headquarters and Hospitals

Author:Jessica (Jess88)


Rating:K+ for minor swearing

Ships:None in this chapter

Disclaimer:JKR owns everything.

Summary:Harry somehow gets sent to 1981. He stays with someone who knows his parents very well. When he sees his parents, he tries to keep his mouth shut about the future, but Lily has secrets and she plans to use them… When the time comes to go to his rightful time, something happened that shouldn't have…

The ambulance came a few minutes later and rushed Harry into it and drove off. Mr. Sprint went inside to make a statement and told the police everything Harry had told him. They were shocked at what he said, but they couldn't do anything until Harry told them himself and no one had any idea when that would be.

Harry was obviously in a lot pain when he came to conscious when he was lying in bed at the closest hospital to his neighborhood, when he opened his eyes he was happy to see that none of his relatives were in the room at the moment and he hoped that they wouldn't visit at all. Although he would have liked any of the Weasley to come and visit but they probably didn't know he was in the hospital in the first place. He could just image Mr. Weasley going crazy over all of the muggle devices in the room, which made him smile. He tried to move his body but it was too painful so he stayed on his back looking at the ceiling until someone came to see him.

Nymphadora Tonks had followed Harry when he left the house to the park then to the muggle's house, and saw his cousin get arrested. When she got to the station and saw Harry get hit by the car, to say she was horrified was an understatement. Tonks had rushed back to Headquarters for the Order and rushed to tell Molly Weasley who contacted everyone who did not work at the Ministry of Magic. Tonks had rushed to the Ministry and sent notes to all employees within the order, telling them to rush to Headquarters as soon as they could without causing a ruckus. When everyone had arrived at Grimmauld Place, Albus Dumbledore stood up, which made everyone stop talking and look at him with confusion.

"Who called this meeting and why?" Dumbledore questioned the rest of the Order. Tonks stood up and told everyone that she had been watching Harry throughout the night.

"He was kicked out of the house so he went to the Muggle Park close by. As he was leaving he saw his cousin gang and made a run for it, while running he ran into a muggle who took him to his house. The boys ran to the door and banged on it until the police showed up and took them away, Harry and the muggle soon followed the muggle police to the station. As Harry was walking across the car park, he was hit by his uncle's car that was speeding towards him. His uncle drove off immediately after that, Harry is now in the muggle hospital, but I have no idea what condition he is in." Tonks informed everyone as they all had looks of horror on their faces.

"I told you fourteen years ago that the muggles were horrible, but did you listen? Of course not because you believed that they would take him in and love him. Never once did you ever go and see how he was yourself, it's no wonder he still trusts you the way he does." Minerva McGonagall snapped at Albus who didn't know what to say. Molly Weasley was of course next to yell at the headmaster. It was only when Sirius Black decided he wanted a turn did Albus put a hand up to stop the madness.

"Alright I made a mistake placing Harry with people who abused him, but right now we need to focus on Harry. We need to get into the muggle hospital and see his condition. If I know anything about muggles, they won't let anyone in except for family; we need to stage two parents to get in. I prefer that someone with muggle knowledge go and see him which is why I am asking Remus and Nymphadora go." Remus and Tonks nodded. The order talked about Voldemort as well as the ministry interfering at Hogwarts.

Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny had seen the order members coming in quickly and in huge numbers were curious what had happened. Fred had got his extendable ears and were all were listening to the meeting with horror. Their brother had been a hit by a car and was in serious condition. The four teenagers wanted to help Harry in any way they could but they also knew that the order would not allow that at all. Fred and George looked at each other thinking that they would be able to trick Tonks and Remus into letting them come. Of course the twins had no idea that they would be trying to trick someone who they considered an inspiration.

When Tonks left the kitchen Fred and George rounded on her but she only sighed. She told them that they were too young to get involved but the twins kept bugging her until Remus stopped them, only to have Sirius help them out which caused Remus to snap at him.

"Padfoot I've had enough of your bickering! We are not in school anymore, it's not like we can run around like we used to."

"Did you say Padfoot?" Fred asked Remus with wide eyes,

"Yes that his nickname, he got it in school from James and I when we learn what his animagus form was. I am Moony, James Potter is Prongs and Pettigrew is Wormtail or should I say Scabbers." Remus told the twin boys.

"So you four are the ones who made the map? How did you do it?"

"Yes we did make the map after we became animagus, we did a lot of research and put our magic into a piece of paper, it became in handy. James used to use it to spy on Lily all the time, of course she never found out about that. How do you know about the map?" Sirius asked them with interest.

Fred told them that in their first year they got in trouble with Filth and when he left his office because some Slytherin cursed two first year Hufflepuff, we went into his draws and found the map among a lot of other cool stuff. It took us a month to get the map to show up but once we figured it out it helped us get away with a lot of stuff. We gave it to Harry in our fifth year because he wasn't allowed to go to Hogsmeade."

"That was a foolish thing to do when a convicted murderer was running around the school. I took it from him when I found out he was using it."

"I resent that Remus! I'm a puppy; I would never hurt a fly!" This made everyone laugh.

Remus and Tonks left Headquarters to make their way to the muggle hospital that Harry was staying at. Before they entered the hospital they made sure that their story was the same so that none of the muggles got suspicious. Tonks told Remus that she better do most of the talking since she had more experience with muggles then he had and he nodded. The pair walked into the hospital, found the guest services, checked in as social workers then found Harry's room. The pair found Harry sleeping in a bed with a few different cast on his body, his right leg and arm were both broken, two bones on his rib cage were also broken. A nurse came in a few minutes after Tonks and Remus; they told her they were social workers for Harry's case regarding his abusive family. Harry's doctor updated them on Harry's injuries and how he was healing.

Petunia and Vernon Durley are currently sitting in Marge's living room with Margre across the room sitting in her favourite chair.

"So let me get this straight, Dudley got arrested because of something that the prick did?" Marge questions her brother. Vernon gives her a nod, not trusting himself to speak as he knows it's only a matter of time before the police arrest him, which he hasn't told his sister about.

"That's not all Marge, I got my revenge, you see the boy was walking to the station, and when I saw him, I hit him in my car, got him real good too cause he wasn't moving when I drove off." Vernon says to Marge, in a happy tone.

"You committed a crime in front of the police station? You IDIOT! The police are going to arrest you for that, and you WILL go to jail for this, you are also going to lose your job, and lose dad's company over an act of revenge!" Marge yells at Vernon and it causes her dog to growl at him too. Just when Vernon was about to answer there was a ring at the door. Marge sent a glare at Petunia and Vernon before answering it.

"Vernon Dursleyyou are under arrest for hitting your nephew with your car." Vernon put up a good fight against the cops but in the end they managed to arrest him and take him in.