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Of Angels and Demons

On the supposedly mythical planet of Theaea, which was quite real, creatures that a parent told ones child about at night as a story truly existed. From Unicorns, Centaurs to even Nymphs and Satyrs, the magical creatures existed in the sister planet to earth that none had truly ever seen. On this planet were two dominating species, the Angels and the Demons. Angels were free to roam the heavens and the ground of Theaea but the Demons were banished to live underground, permitted to come to the surface only at night. It was dreadfully unfair but it kept the fragile thread of peace intact between the two hostile races. To interact with the other was strictly taboo. For years the world existed that way, before an Angel and a Demon would make the people question the principles on which their lives were built….. And so it begins.

The Demon Lord walked across his castle grounds in the moonlight, green eyes taking on a tint of silver from the glow. Angels were more on the beautiful side whereas Demons had more of a rugged handsomeness. With a trim body, jet black hair, olive skin and a tall frame, the Demon Lord Dee was well respected and sought after; many Demons, men and women alike, seeking to gain a high title by marrying him. Dee sighed and plucked a peach from the grove he was currently walking through, his sharp fangs piercing the skin of the fruit, making the juice run down his chin. He continued to walk into another grove, one made up of magical trees that came alive on the night of a full moon. He had the trees all around his expansive property, a safeguard of sorts. Dee extended his deadly talons when he heard a groan come from above him, whirling around to face the intruder only to find an Angel caught in one of the trees.

"Well well Verona, what have you got there?" The tree lowered the Angel to Dee's level, keeping a poisoned branch around his torso. The Angel had dirty-blond hair and an amazingly beautiful face, even with it contorted with pain. Tall and fit with the arch Angel insignia on his white jacket sleeve, the Demon found himself intrigued as to why the Angel was in his garden. "Let him down Verona, I'll take him back with me. Thanks anyway." The tree waved its branches in response, slipping the Angel into Dee's open arms. Cradling the limp body under the neck and knees, the Demon held the Angel close to his chest, heading back up to his castle.

The castle was cast in darkness, Dee preferring the light of the moon to act as a guide rather than spoil the effect and light candles. Walking up the black marble staircase, he still held his burden stopping before one of the many doors on the second landing. Nudging it open with his foot, Dee placed the Angel down onto the black silk sheets covering the bed, the silver canopy and the glow from the moon casting an ethereal aura about the Angel. The Demon motioned with his hand to close the curtains and pointed a finger at the candles lining the room, lighting them. He then conjured up hot water, salve and bandages, carefully removing the Angel from his clothes and applied the salve to the slight puncture holes in his stomach after cleansing the small wounds with hot water. Tenderly wrapping the bandages around his fit torso, the Demon finished bandaging up the Angel, leaving him in his boxers and slipping him beneath the silk sheets.

"You're going to feel like shit in the morning; the barbs from Verona will give you a mother of a headache and will rob you of most of your body heat. Hmmm, well we don't want you to freeze to death during the night, not until I find out why you are on my property." The Demon whistled, a large panther with purple eyes walking into the room at her master's calling. "Airi, I want you to stay with him give him your body heat but under no circumstances do you eat him. Oh and make sure he doesn't try to escape or get up." Airi growled and licked Dee's hand lovingly before jumping in bed and curling up next to the unconscious Angel. Dee scratched her head before blowing out all but one candle, closing the door softly behind him. Walking a few more doors down the hallway, Dee entered the guest room, since the Angel was occupying his room, and sighed heavily. He collapsed onto the bed fully dressed before musing himself to sleep over the fallen Angel sleeping in his bed.

The Angel woke up the next morning, head throbbing painfully and shivering uncontrollably. He had little memory of what happened and looked around to find himself in some sort of castle. Turning his head to the right he found a rather large black cat staring intently at him with purple eyes flecked with gold. A little intimidated, Ryo tried to get up only to have a large paw push him back down onto the bed, a warning growl emitting from the cat's throat. Heeding the warning, Ryo laid back down, taking his aching head in his hands and groaning, tears slipping from his eyes at the unbearable pain. Sensing the Angles extreme discomfort, the cat jumped off of the bed and padded out of the room, what little warmth Ryo had left went with her. Soon the panther came back, followed by a quite handsome Demon with mussed up hair and sleepy green eyes, dressed only in silk black pajama bottoms. The man yawned and stretched before padding over to the Angel's bed, glancing at the quivering man in his presence. The Angel stared up at Dee, who placed a hand over his eyes producing heat through the fingertips in contact with the man's temples. The acute pain subsided and Ryo sighed in relief, still cold but glad the discomfort behind his eyes had gone away.

"So would you mind telling me why you were wandering around in my garden last night?" "C-c-cold. S-s-so c-c-c-c-old." Dee smirked and leaned back on the bed sheets, glancing at the Angel out the corner of his eye. "That's the poison from the tree you got caught in; it will most likely be awhile before you fully recuperate. By rights I should have killed you like any Demon would but I am curious." Dee looked at the shivering Angel once more before deciding to act out of character and take further pity on him. Rolling his eyes the Demon slipped into bed next to Ryo, making the Angel gasp and scoot away from him in the expanse of black sheets. "I'm not gonna rape you or anything, you said you were cold and my body temperature is twice as high as yours." Ryo thought about it and nodded, retracting his wings into his back while Dee grasped the shaking Angel's arm and spooned his body against Ryo's. Heat engulfed the Angel and he sighed as his teeth stopped chattering, falling back into a much needed slumber in seconds. Still very groggy from waking up so early, the Demon soon followed suit, making quite an unusual picture with the fair Angel in his arms.

/ Well, I wonder what people would say if they saw this…/ Dee looked down into his arms to see the Angel resting peacefully, a hand curled next to his face and the other resting on his tummy. Dee couldn't help but admire his grace and beauty, feeling something stir within him with every glance. The Demon got up, leaving a flame aura behind to engulf the sleeping Angel so he would stay warm while he was gone. Closing the door behind him with a click, Dee walked into the current room he was staying in to shower and change out of his pajamas. Heading over to his stereo set, he put on Pete Yorn a soothing music artist that calmed his nerves considerably. Satisfied with the song "Committed" Dee grabbed some clothes and laid them on the bed before heading to the shower, letting the lukewarm (he is a Demon after all) water cleanse his body. Stepping out of the shower ten minutes later and deciding to ignore the slight stubble coating his face, Dee donned his clothes then turned to the song "Just Another" and sat down in a nearby leather chair. / I have a freakin Arch Angel in my home, and he probably wont be leaving for another two weeks. To top it off I have a party two days away that I can't afford to cancel. Jeeze this just can't get any…..Wait, every time someone says that, it always does so blah. / Dee groaned in frustration and threw a pillow over his head, losing himself in the music surrounding him.

Ryo awoke to the melodious sound of a guitar and a soothing voice drifting from down the hall. Yelping in surprise when he found himself to be 'on fire' he calmed down when he realized that it wasn't doing any harm to him. Feeling slightly better, he tested his wings only to find that he could barely lift them, sapped of most of his strength. Finding that he was able to walk as long as he held onto something, he laboriously made his way towards the music cracking the door a bit to peek inside. He found the Demon sitting in a chair, long legs hanging over the side in form fitting black jeans. His face was hidden by a pillow and he had a red zip up shirt on, a beater underneath it. Ryo heard the muffled sound of the Demon Lord singing along with the music and was surprised that it wasn't punk rock or something loud and profane. Ryo felt himself getting tired from standing at the door and turned around to head back to his room, the long hallway seeming even longer than it was before to his exhausted body.

"Feel free to pass out, cuz you're going to if you try to walk down that hallway." Ryo spun around a little too fast and found himself in the Demon's steadying arms, a blush tinting his cheeks at the rugged handsomeness before him. "By the way, you still haven't answered my questions." The Angel swallowed hard, afraid that the Demon would kill him over the answers that he was bound to give, especially in his weakened state. "Come, you can sit in the chair, I will have a maid bring up breakfast." Dee assisted the Angel to the chair he was occupying not to long ago, and sat on a couch facing him. "Now, who are you and what were you doing wandering my grounds?"

"My name is Arch Angel Ryo McLean and I was sent to investigate as to why a Demon has a castle above ground. I got a late start and didn't make it to the castle before dark, so I didn't see the trees that surround the castle." The Demon considered this information before coming to the conclusion that it wasn't a good enough reason to kill such a handsome being, Angel or not. "Well I'm not going to give that information up easily but my name is Dee Laytner, as you can see I am a Demon lord and just so you know you're stuck here for about two weeks. It will take that long before you recover enough to fly, well effectively anyways. If there is a problem with that then you can walk your way back up to heaven but I don't know if that will work quite as well." Dee laughed sarcastically before pulling the bell rope next to the couch. Soon a pretty young Demon girl who looked about twenty stepped into the room heading over to her master. "Sylvia, bring some breakfast upstairs, continental if you please for the Angel, the usual for me." The maid nodded and exited the room as silently as she entered; if she was surprised to see the Angel in the room she didn't acknowledge it. "Some days you will feel great and others you will feel like death warmed over, it's just the erratic hold of the poison, depending on your immune system."

Sylvia came back with a tray which she set on the low table, setting up the food before handing the Demon lord a glass of red wine. Dee nodded his thanks and kissed the maid lovingly on the cheek. With a smile the girl left, Ryo giving him a funny look afterwards. "Your having an affair with your maid and you drink wine for breakfast?" Dee snorted almost choking on his wine in the process. "Hardly, she is way too young for me, I may not look it but in fact I am nearly one thousand years old. She was left on my doorstep so I took her in and gave her a job, more like a daughter figure. I'm having a birthday party two days from now; in fact I really don't know what I'm going to do with you yet. And as for the wine, a glass a day keeps the doctor away and down here in the underworld my friend; you definitely want the doctor to stay away." Ryo chuckled, surprised that Dee was nearly one thousand, although he didn't look a day over twenty-seven. Ryo took a plate of fruit and a bagel, settling back in his chair to munch on the food. Dee finished his wine before picking up a black pill, popping it in his mouth and washing it down with a glass of water. Deciding not to ask questions, the Angel kept his silence, keeping his queries to himself.

As Ryo finished his breakfast, he felt sleepy again and poorly concealed a yawn that threatened him. The Demon chuckled and held a hand out to the Angel, helping him up off of the chair and draping his arm around his own shoulder. "I told you that you would feel like your on a physical rollercoaster, let's get you back to bed." Ryo could only yawn in response, feeling as if he hadn't slept in days and grateful for the prospect of a soft bed. Upon reaching Dee's room, the Demon laid the now sleeping Ryo down onto the bed, drawing the covers over his body. On impulse Dee brushed the dark blonde bangs away from his face and ran a hand lightly down his cheek, softly pressing his lips against Ryo's for a fleeting second before pulling back. Appalled at what he had done and just how right it felt, the Demon quickly left the room closing the door with a soft click behind him. Hearing the door close, the Angel opened his eyes and pressed a hand to his lips, barely believing that the warmth that was there just seconds again had been supplied by the Demon Lord. What shocked him most of all was that his heart was racing and his skin was tingling, the Demon's aura still surrounding him. / I was just imagining things, as if a Demon would take any true interest in an Angel, besides mauling them beyond recognition. Or maybe he plans on keeping me here, as his lover!? I've got to get out of here, and fast. / Ryo slowly went back to sleep, while Dee stood on the balcony, musing on how things could get rather complicated, very quickly.

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