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Angel Lantis walked briskly down the long stretch of white clouds. In his left hand he clutched a feathery white paper. He had received a note just a few moments ago, that the God ship Pluto wanted to see him the very moment he receive the note. So here he is, on his way to the God's quarters.

As he neared the Deity's chambers, the gates opened and a blinding flash of light shot out. But his eye's lens thinned and his eyelids slid down, making it possible for him to see through the light. He made his way to the throne and bowed down in front of Pluto.

"Pluto-sama, you wish to see me?" he asked politely.

Pluto motioned his left hand for Lantis to sit as a fluffy couch materialized behind him, while on the God's right hand, he held a tobacco.

"Konnichiwa, Lantis-san," he smiled then paused, "That's the way of greeting in your land, 'ne?" he added.

Lantis smiled and nodded, "Hai, Pluto-sama. We greet that way in Japan,"

Pluto nodded too, then turned serious. "I know you're quite surprised to receive a message coming from me, Lantis-san. Well, to cut the chase, I want you to go back to Earth, specifically to your homeland Japan because I wanted you to guide a lost soul. Come, see her," he said, then tapped his foot on the ground and a round glass appeared behind Lantis.

Lantis stood up and went to Pluto's side. After a few moments, the screen zoomed in on a beautiful redhead talking to a more beautiful blue-haired lady. Beside the blue-haired was a green-haired fellow with a fascinating crisscrossed scar across his left cheek and a thin scar running across the bridge of his nose. Lantis found the redhead more enchanting than the blue- haired, but the cigarette tucked between the redhead's delicate fingers disturbed him so much, as well as the sneer on her face.

Pluto pointed a finger at the redhead. "She's the lost soul I'm talking about, Lantis-san, Shidou Hikaru. She joined a bad crowd since the day that she stepped her foot on Shikigoku College, and that was what had become of her. She learned every trick in the book; smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, dope, stealing, picking up fights, you name it. And what was worse was that her mother did not know all of these changes ever since her father and three elder brothers died at the Civil War six years ago. She had changed from the sweet, demure Hikaru to a tough, enemy-of-the-world gangster that you are seeing now,"

Then the Deity turned to him with grave eyes, "So Lantis-san, will you be willing to join the rough life of human in order to save a fellow being?" he asked.

Lantis looked one more time to the redhead. This time, the green-haired fellow has left, and she was with her blue-haired friend. They were walking down a hall when suddenly, a brunette kid bumped into the redhead and the redhead immediately punched the kid in the gut. The blue-haired friend just laughed and even kicked the kid at the butt before they proceeded on their walk. He found himself gritting his teeth and clenching his fist, before he turned to Pluto.

"With pleasure, Pluto-sama. I'll do everything I could to save Hikaru," he answered in the same grave face and serious tone that the Deity Pluto has used.

Pluto's face broke into a smile, and he clasped Lantis' back and produced a bowl of white liquid in front of the angel.

"Very well, Lantis-san. And your mission begins the moment I transfer you to Earth,"


"Nova! Come out from there and talk to me!" Lucifer shouted among his herds of devils. After a few moments, a pink-haired vixen in black spandex suit came out and kneeled in front of him.

"What is it, my Lord?" she asked.

Lucifer crossed his arms across his chest and puffed on the tobacco on his mouth. "You'll be sent to Earth again to keep the misguided Shidou Hikaru misguided, understand? I heard that an angel would be sent down to Earth to help the Earthling change the courses of her life, so I want you to go up and continue to mess with the Earthling's life, got that?"

Nova once again bowed at him, "Yes my Lord. I'll be going as soon as I can," she said, and then she disappeared once again in front of him.

"You better bring that soul here, Nova, because that's one soul that I can't afford to lose to that blasted Pluto," he muttered to himself before he stood up to go to his private room.


Hikaru glanced one more time on her vanity mirror before stepping out of her bedroom. It was another school day, and she was already dressed for the day. Umi promised her a ride to school, so she was up early because Umi hated to wait.

"Ohayou gozaimasou, 'Kaa-san!" she greeted cheerfully, planting a sloppy kiss on her mother's cheeks.

Her mother turned her head from the frying pan to smile at her as she plopped on the kitchen table.

"Ohayou too, Hikaru-chan. Had a good night's sleep?" her mother asked.

She nodded, and hungrily spooned a newly cooked pancake and a French toast on her plate. "Yup! Always!" she answered back.

"You're going to school early?"

She nodded again. "Hai. Umi's picking me up, and she hates to wait so I woke up specially early today,"

Her mother nodded too. "If you say so. By the way, Hikaru-chan I'll be arriving home late, so please cook yourself your dinner,"

"What about you?" she asked, interrupting her bite on her third pancake.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry about me," her mother answered. She was already on her fifth pancake when she heard Umi's car park in front of the house, followed by a honk. She quickly gulped down her juice and kissed her mother good-bye. "Ja ne, 'Kaa-san! Take care"

"Ja ne, Hikaru-chan! You take care also, and have fun today!"

"I will!"

She grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and dashed out from the house and into Umi's open car. The moment her rear touched the seat, Umi stepped on the pedal and the car lurched forward.

"Ohayou, Umi-chan!" she greeted good-naturedly.

Umi just smirked at her as she turned the car on the corner, "Cut the stupid –chan, Hikaru! It's so very childish, and if someone heard you calling me that way, what will happen to my reputation?!"

Hikaru laughed and punched the blue-haired lightly in the arm, "Quit it, Umi! I know you too well, my dear friend! Even if you're that tough, you still like to be called like a pet or some close friend in private! So don't act as if you don't like me calling you 'Umi-chan'!" she retorted.

Umi snorted, but a blush was visible on her white skin, "Okay, okay! But stop calling me like that in public, hear me?"

Hikaru nodded and kept her gaze straight ahead. Umi glanced at the redhead and cleared her throat, hoping to get the redhead's attention. She was not disappointed.

"Hey, Hikaru?"

Hikaru raised an eyebrow that indicates Umi to continue.

Umi cleared her throat once again before getting off of her chest the question that has been bugging her, "Do you...I mean, aren't you...aren't you making any friends at school? You know, other than me, Ferio and the gang?"

Hikaru blinked. Her eyes were wide as she looked at Umi, who has her hair hiding her already red face. "What-what do you mean, Umi-chan?" she asked stupidly.

Umi muttered a curse before answering the flustered redhead, "Never mind," she mumbled.

The redhead continued to look at Umi, but she nodded and returned her gaze at the road, "Whatever you say, Umi-chan. Sometimes, you're really weird, so much like 'Kaa-san," Hikaru stated.

"Shut up," Umi muttered.

When they reached the University's parking lot, Hikaru immediately unbuckled her seat belt and turned to Umi.

"Domo arigatou gozaimasou for the ride, Umi-chan! See you this lunch!" she said cheerfully.

Umi smiled at her, "Nandemo nai. Anyway, you're on the way so I decided to pick you up. Oh, and don't forget our appointment, so I won't be seeing you this lunch but at 3 in the afternoon. Ferio and I will pick you up in your class," she answered.

Hikaru nodded and got out the car, "Then you'll not be going to your class today?"

Umi had that smile that Hikaru know so much, "You bet. Ferio and I will be preparing for this afternoon's event,"

"Initiation?" there was anticipation in Hikaru's voice.

"Initiation and dope,"



"Goddammit, Umi, give me more! This is so great!" Hikaru laughed loudly, her voice echoing through the large room of Umi's basement.

Umi laughed as well, and handed a freshly packed marijuana to an already 'high' redhead. "Help yourself. Ferio, darling, can you please keep Hikaru from getting too high? We still have to send her home in one piece," she said. Her eyes were already red from the amount of drugs she took in, but since she's been doing drugs ever since she and Ferio dated steadily, she's much more experienced. After all, Hikaru was a new user.

Ferio grinned and got the marijuana from his girlfriend. He leaned to Umi and pressed his lips tightly to the cerulean beauty's before handing the drugs to Hikaru.

"Are these new, Ferio? Because I'm telling you, man, I never felt like this before from all the drugs you and Umi were feeding me on!" Hikaru exclaimed, transferring the marijuana to a thin foil before passing it through a lighted candle's flame. Then she inhaled the smoke coming from the foil and she swayed a bit at the intensity of the drugs that rushed through her system.

She shook her head a little and looked up at Umi and Ferio's waiting faces, and then she looked around the basement of Umi's huge house. There were at least 15 more or so college students scattered down at the basement, some doing drugs, other drinking vodkas. This is fun!" she exclaimed again. She scooted over to where Umi and Ferio sat and slapped the two at the knees. "This is great! Really great! I hope you'll be able to bring in more stuff like these, Ferio!"

Ferio flashed a smile again and playfully shooed the redhead away as he leaned in closer to Umi's waiting lips. "Yeah, yeah, I got the picture! Now, go away! Maybe you should go to Rei's group; they're also checking out that new drug you're raving about, and let me and Umi have a little privacy here in our corner!" he raised his eyebrows raised up and down mischievously.

Even through her murky mind filled with smoke, she got the message. She smirked at Umi, and patted the girl's knee once again before standing up. "Gee, will you two get up on your room and have a lot more privacy? You're going to be a distraction here," she teased, watching as her best friend turned a bit red.

Ferio laughed, and before she truly turned her back, she saw Ferio's lips descend down on Umi's lips and they kissed passionately amidst the pot session.

She shook her head and headed over to where Rei, Reka, Reina and Ichiro huddled. "Hey guys, can I join you?"

Rei raised his head and smiled at her. She really liked him a lot; in fact, a lot more than she liked any other guys she's friends with, save Ferio. But that's the borderline. She liked him a lot, but only as a friend. In their gang, it's kind of an unwritten rule to spare your fellow gangster of some romantic interests or else you're out. The only exception was Umi and Ferio's relationship, because after all, Ferio was the founder of the group, and he can do whatever he pleases to do.

Reina made way for her, and she sat between her and Reka, who were already down on their fifth round of marijuana. "What are you talking about?" she asked, getting the package of drugs from Ichiro's outstretched hand.

Rei perked up and looked interestingly at her, "We were planning to rob that nearby convenience store before dawn, at around 3 in the morning. What do you say? You wanna come?"

Her face brightened, and she looked around the small group, "Sure! I've never robbed anybody in my life, unless you count the various thefts I've been doing with Umi and Ferio at the lockers at school," she said, clearly interested and excited.

Then her face clouded over and she stole a glance at Ferio and Umi, who were already down on the floor while their lips were still locked tightly around each other's. "But shouldn't we tell of this to Umi and Ferio? I mean, after all, they are the leaders of this group, you know what I mean?"

Reina nodded. "Yeah. We're going to tell them, of course, after they're through with each other," she said meaningfully, and a chuckle was heard among the group.

Hikaru tore her eyes from the couple and looked around the group, "Any plans on how we're going to rob the store?" she asked.

"We're going to enter through the back door. Every store has that, because our own store has a fire exit at the back door. So anyway, we'll be entering through the back door, and wear bonnets and huge jackets that will throw the lookers off our real built. We're not bringing any gun, only knives, and I'll take care of the cameras," Ichiro explained.

Hikaru grinned. She shook her head and grabbed the bottle of Colt45 beer from the ice chest nearby. "Okay guys! Let's start planning and roving the area!"


"This will be totally fun and exciting!"


At age 20, Shidou Hikaru was already on her second year at Tokyo University, where she was taking up BS Medical Technology. She was in the same classes with her best friend Ryuuzaki Umi and Fujuiwara Ferio, except for Organic Chemistry and Philosophy.

She was known throughout the school as a troublemaker, as she picks up fights whenever and wherever she wanted. And if there was any trouble, be sure to find Hikaru, Umi and Ferio or any of their gang members in the middle of the mess. The only thing that kept her in school was the realization that she was smart. Although she isn't studying as hard as others were studying, as their course was very demanding, she never failed an exam nor received a mark lower than 2. She often comes to school unprepared, but once their professor asks her something, she'll be sure to answer something too. It's just too bad that ever since she was in high school, she was already in Umi and Ferio's bad crowd.

She diverted her loneliness from losing her father and older brothers into joining the toughest, deadliest gangster in her high school, the 'Dark Devil' gang headed by Fujuiwara Ferio and Ryuuzaki Umi. Umi befriended her, and that's the start of her new personality. From a sweet, demure, always- smiling redhead, she became tough, hard and sneering lady, always on the go to fight, steal and do drugs.

Yes. At the tender age of 15, she learned to do drugs and steal. Ferio's older brother was their supplier on their drugs. Umi taught her to smoke, drink alcohol, steal, take in drugs and other pills, and all sorts of earthly pleasures she was once forbidden to do.

But although she has turned into a hooligan she still keeps in mind the one moral lesson her mother pounded on her head ever since she started puberty: taking care of her virginity. She never let herself be caught up on one- night stands, unlike Umi whom she suspected was not a virgin already. But anyway, that still didn't keep her from making Umi her very best friend in the world. After all, Umi was the one who helped her through the roughest times of her life, and taught her to be tough and strong and stand on her own two feet.

Her best friend, Umi, was a product of broken home. Her parents separated when she was only 13, and that shattered the cerulean-eyed beauty's illusion that her family was picture-perfect. A few months after the separation, her mother brought another man in their house, and that's the last straw. Umi started rebelling, picking up fights everywhere to vent out her pain and frustration in life. When she was in her eight grade, she met Fujuiwara Ferio, a lonely lad who has a drug lord for a brother. She turned to him for support and he in turn turned to her for love and care. They helped each other, so they established a gang where they can do whatever they wish to do. Whenever they got in deep trouble, Ferio's brother was always there to pull them through and save their asses. Eventually, Ferio's brother started supplying Ferio the dope, and Ferio became the toughest 15- year-old kid in school.

She knows that what Ferio and Umi feel for each other was far from love. It was more of need, because they were each other's support system and ally. But then, Umi's having another supporter, she, Hikaru. Umi might not say it, but she feels that she's very important to Umi. It shows on the deeds, on the acts, on the subtle remarks Umi's making whenever the two of them were in private. Umi confides to her much more now than she confides on Ferio before. She knew all of Umi's troubles, pains, sufferings, and she knew that the Umi everybody else was seeing was only a hard, cold façade, because deep down inside, Umi's really lonely, scared and bitter. She only saw Umi break down and cry once, when the latter found out that the divorce on her parent's marriage was finally granted, and that was when she vowed to protect Umi in anyway she can and not leave the blue-haired woman. Whatever, wherever and whenever it takes.

She'll always be there for Umi, and she'll never let Umi down. That's the least she could do to repay Umi for all the good things Umi did for her.

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