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"Angel Lantis! Angel Lantis!" Angel Sally ran to meet up with him in the middle of the quiet hallway, her panicked voice reverberating in all four corners. Angel Lantis stopped, and let the woman reach him.

"Why the hurry, Angel Sally?" he asked, trying to swallow the growing lump on his throat. Just seeing the normally calm Angel like this makes him want to panic too. It was just a month after he returned to Heaven, but for him, it felt like years since he last held and saw Hikaru face-to-face. Sure he was always down on Earth to observe her and guide her, but it was not enough. He wanted to touch her and be with her, but he knew he have to wait for the time that she will be ascending to Heaven and be an angel as well. So to keep himself from obsessing about Hikaru again, he accepted Pluto-sama's challenging mission of helping a trapped medical mission in the wilderness of Utopia. He was on the mission for at least a week, so he was far behind on the news on Heaven. And the moment he stepped his feet in Paradise, here was Angel Sally, about to give him a bad news.

"Are we under attack by Devils?" he asked again, thinking about Devil Nova.

Angel Sally shook her head and looked searchingly at his face, "No. It's about Hikaru. She died a couple of minutes ago," she said softly.

Angel Lantis felt him self go numb. But then, his tension was replaced with relief as his face broke into a sweet smile, "Finally! We can be together for eternity!" he exclaimed.

Angel Sally's face slowly broke into a smile as well, as she hugged her fellow angel briefly before releasing. "I thought you would take the news differently, but I guess Pluto-sama doesn't have to worry about anything. You just wait for your Princess; Angel Emmanuel was down there to fetch her anyway. They'll be here any moment now," she said, and then she dashed out of the hallway and into one of the Heaven's gardens that will take her to the room of Pluto-sama.

"Hello, Lantis-kun," a voice greeted behind him. Before he had the chance to turn around, a pair of slender arms went up on his waist and was hugging him tightly, "I missed you so much, and it's only a month since we last saw each other,"

He smiled serenely, and touched the arms with his warm hands. "I missed you too, and our separation felt like eternity," he answered. When he turned his head, his eyes met happy red ones, and his smile even grew bigger.

Then he bent down and the redhead looked up, and their lips met.

"Finally, we are together in eternity,"

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