AN:This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, incidents, and dialogue, except for incidental references to public figures, products, or services, are imaginary and are not intended to refer to any living persons or to disparage any company's products or services.

Team Possible

Early Morning: Middleton USA.

'Ring-a-ding-dong' The UPS man waited patiently for someone to open the door. He kept waiting. 'Ring-a-ding-dong'.

"I'm coming. Keep your shirt on!" Finally Ron answered the door.

"Package for a Mr. Rufus." The UPS man smiled.

"What the? Rufus! Package for you buddy!" Rufus came bounding down the stairs, and leapt onto Ron's shoulder.

"Whasit? Whasit?" Rufus asked in his squeaky half voice.

"I need someone to sign for this." The man handed Ron the clipboard and pointed to line 23.

He scribbled his signature. "What is it?"

"How should I know? I'm just the delivery guy." He gave Ron the box and Rufus ran down his arm and started to sniff the box.

"Cheese!" Rufus exclaimed, a huge buck toothed smile on his face.

Ron opened the note attached to the box and read it. "Man…'Thank you for helping rescue my precious Llamas' How come you get all the good stuff Rufus? I helped save those stupid horses too you know."

"I have another package for you out in the truck sir. It was too big for me to carry." Ron followed the man out to the delivery truck and watched as his gift was unloaded. "Sign here please. Have a good day."

Ron's reaction to opening his gift was as one would expect. "Booyah!"

Middleton High

Kim and Ron were at their lockers getting ready for Chemistry. He was telling Kim all about the wonderful surprises he received that morning."…then after Rufus got his cheese I got this rocking new computer gaming system. Booyah! Score one for the Ron-ster."

"And this was for what again?" She seemed slightly put off that she hadn't received anything.

"From that guy who's horses we saved."

Kim looked at him funny. what horses?' "Horses? You mean Llamas?"

"Llama, Horse. What's the difference." No wonder he was failing so many classes.

"I wonder why I didn't get anything."

"Maybe he knew that you only take favors in exchange for your help."

"Probably. So when can I see this new system of yours?" She was happy for Ron. He was finally getting recognition as a member of Team Possible.

"Come over after school and I shall school you in the ways of 'Hack-N-Sack 3923'."

Ron's Room

"Rufus we're back! Where are you buddy?" Ron looked around for Rufus, he wasn't in his habitat.

Kim noticed the half empty box of cheese. "Look at all the cheese he ate. He's probably sleeping somewhere."

"Yeah probably." Ron tossed her the controller. "You ready to do some losing?"

57 games of 'Hack-N-Sack 3923' later.

"Come on Ron. One more game please?" She gave him her 'Puppy-dog-pout'. "I promise I'll try and let you win this time."