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Chapter One: Kidnapping

The pounding on the door was deafening. It rattled his insides, his very soul. His heart shook...no, he had no heart...

"What do you want Eclipse?" He screamed through the door. He could hear the falter in Eclipse's breath when he heard the anger in his normally sugar voice.

"Only to make sure that you are alright, my Lord." Came the response from the other side of the door. Raenef could hear the concern in his voice, and now it sickened him. He did not deserve such kindness. Not from Eclipse.

"Well I'm not alright!" He shouted back, and then whispered softly "Just let me alone..."

"It wasn't your fault Master Raenef," Eclipse answered softly; "It was not your fault."

"It was!" Raenef yelled back, his voice chocked by tears. "She died because of me..."

++a night ago++

The silver-blue light shown down from the moon, and washed across the courtyard of stone. Raenef made his way across the barren place silently, praying that Eclipse and the others had gotten out alright.

Had it only been two days ago that they, Raenef, Eclipse, Chris, and Eurtis had been locked in this hell? The worst thing was that they were not alone. No... A girl was with them. A young girl, only five, with soft blonde curls and bright blue eyes. Chris's cousin, come to stay with them at the palace for a week. A girl born to wealth, it was because of her that they were there, that they had been kidnapped.

Or so they thought...

Raenef crept across the grounds of the huge castle, making his way to the cell that the girl was in. He quietly slipped through the doors of the castle and walked silently across the marble floor, stopping to peak into each door, making sure she wasn't in there.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A voice came from behind him, and he spun around.

A dark haired, fair man with cold blue eyes stood in front of him. A small smile played across his lips. Raenef could only guess that he was the one that brought them here.

"Did the puppy get out of his cage?" The man continued, his tone making Raenef uneasy. "No matter," he continued, "you're just in time to watch the show..."

With that he led Raenef into the door on their right, a door that he had not yet looked in. Raenef gasped when he walked in. The room was magnificent. A high, dome ceiling slanted over them, lined with windows. Marble floor, red rugs, roses.

But that was not why Raenef gasped.

Standing on a levitated part of the room was another man. He had cruel, steely green eyes and greased back brown hair. In his hand was a small dagger, not yet stained with blood. And in his other hand was a small girl, with blonde curls...

"No!" The scream ripped out of Raenef's throat, and he threw himself forward towards her, but the first man held him back, and nodded to the man with the knife.

"Proceed." He whispered. His tone was awful ... Full of pleasure. He was enjoying this.

"Come to see your friend die, boy?" Asked the man on the stage. "Very well then..." He lowered the knife to her throat.

Every spell he was ever taught escaped Raenef's mind at the moment. But it was no matter. The room was bewitched ... There could be no magic done there.

The girl screamed and writhed in the man's tight grasp as the cold steel touched her throat.

"Stop!" Raenef screamed, fury welling inside him, pouring out of him in the form of tears. "She's only a girl! Stop! BASTARDS! Stop..."

The deed was done. She fell to the ground with a thud, blood coursing down her small body.



It was then that Eclipse, Chris, and Eurtis had crashed through the windows, saved him. But he did not deserve to be saved...

"RAENEF!" The shout that came through the door startled him from his thoughts. It was Chris. "She was my cousin. You couldn't have done anything, Raenef! You couldn't have! She was as good as dead."

Tears began to flow down Raenef's face as he stumbled over to the door, and flung it open, meeting three very flustered persons.

"Raenef..." The murmur came from Eclipse.

Raenef stumbled sideways, blinded by tears, and hit the wall, crying. He slid down it, his small body shaking with sobs. It was Eclipse who rapped his hands around the crying boy, whispering to him that it would all be alright...

++two days later++

Raenef made his way down to the courtyard. He slowly unpeeled an orange as he did, throwing the peel behind him. He leaned out over the balcony, the breeze catching on his face.

Eclipse walked up behind him silently, smiling. "Hello, my Lord."

Raenef jumped. He had not heard Eclipse come. / just once, I wish he would call me Raenef ... /

Eclipse stood silently by Raenef, watching as the sun rose in the distance. The breeze caught his black hair, and it blew over his shoulder, his majestic face held high against the wind.

Yes, he loved Eclipse. He always had.

But there was nothing he could do about it. Eclipse's only feelings for Raenef lay in his devotion to his "master."

Master. What a crude word.

"Master Raenef..." Eclipse murmured, turning to face him. Something in Eclipse's voice caught Raenef's attention. "I need to tell you-"

But his voice was cut of by the explosion. Rocks and shards of glass from the window near them flew rapidly around. Eclipse covered Raenef with his body.

"What...?" Raenef murmured, staining to see around Eclipse.

Another huge explosion threw Eclipse off him, and into the wall. Raenef felt himself being lifted off the ground, and into the air. Turning to see who it was that held him; he saw it was the same man that had held him as he watched the little girl die.

"You..." Raenef whispered, for a moment forgetting where he was.

"Raenef!" The shout came from below him, and he craned his neck to see Eclipse stumbling to get up, blindly searching for him.

"Eclipse!" He screamed, and watched as Eclipse turned towards him, his eyes widening in shock ... And fear.

"Raenef!" He shouted as Raenef was pulled back onto what seemed to be a flying animal... no, it couldn't be a dragon ...

The man with the blue eyes shoved a cloth over his mouth, whispering, "Sleep now ... "

"Eclipse ... " He whispered.

But his words were lost in the wind.

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