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Shadowed Tears

Chapter Two: The Mission.

When Raenef awoke he found himself in a cold, damp chamber made of stone. He was chained to the wall, alone. His only company was the small mouse that seemed to have lost its way back to its hole, and the only sound he could hear was the steady drip drip drip of water against the stone floor.

It must have been night outside, because Raenef could see pale moonlight reaching out towards him.

Looking around, he realized that this was the same cell he had been in the last time. This must be the same castle...

The Castle of Shadows.

The door slowly creaked open, and Raenef's attention snapped to the body framed in the doorway.

The man who stood there towered above Raenef. He must have been 6"6, with cold dark eyes and long, tangled black hair that tumbled past his shoulders. When he stepped into the soft glow of the moonlight, Raenef saw that he wore a menacing smile.

And in his hand was a knife.

/ oh Eclipse... / Raenef whispered in his mind / how will you save me from this?/

++Meanwhile back at the manor++

"What the hell do you mean they took him?!" An angry shout rang across the courtyard. The shout came from Chris.

"What the hell do you think I mean?" The returning shout came from Eclipse, who was pacing up and down the now destroyed balcony.

"How could you have allowed this to happen?" Chris asked angrily, "You swore to protect him, you-"

"I TRIED to protect him!" Eclipse roared back. "Do you think that I wanted this to happen? Do you believe that I hold no feelings towards Raenef whatsoever? I-"

"ENOUGH!" The shout startled both the screaming males, and they turned sharply to see a very flustered Eurtis staring at them. "No one is at fault! What matters now is that we get Raenef back safely."

Eclipse nodded, his previous anger gone. "We need a plan."

/ I'm coming, Raenef... /

++ At the Castle of Shadows ++

Raenef let two silent tears roll down his cheeks as the giant man left the room. He was covered in bleeding cuts. Still chained to the wall, he let his head hang loosely down, resting on his chest as he sobbed quietly.

Blood dripped from a gash on his forehead and rolled down his cheeks, mingling with the tears.

His entire body was covered with gashes, along his arms, his legs, his face...

But that was not why he cried.

/ I need you, Eclipse... /


The sun had barely risen in the pink sky when Chris, Eurtis and Eclipse mounted their horses. Swords lay in sheaths, knifes in pockets, every spell that they had ever learned fresh in there minds.

/ I'm coming... /

"Let's go." Eclipse ordered, turning his grand horse sharply around. He swished his black cloak behind him, and took the reigns in his hands...ready to ride.

To rescue.

"Where are we going now?" The question came from Chris.

Eclipse abruptly turned his head to face him, his expression grave, his eyes cold. "One guess."

They rode back to the Castle of Shadows.


Raenef had stopped crying. Now he stood in silence, his legs aching, wishing to sit. His wounds had stopped bleeding; dry blood had coated them over.


The door swung open, and Raenef's head shot up, fearing that the giant had come back for another beating.

But it was not him.

Instead, he saw the man with the cold blue eyes that had kidnapped him. The man who had forced him to watch as the little girl died.

The man smiled his cruel smile, and walked in, allowing the door to swing shut behind him.

"Hello, Demon Lord." The man said, a taunting smile playing on his lips.

Raenef refused to meet the murder's cruel eyes. He cast his gaze downwards, staring at the stone floor.

"I suppose you know why you are here..."

A question that intrigued Raenef. Why was he here? What value was he to them? The girl was dead. All they wanted was her money.


Raenef shook his head. "I-" his voice cracked "I thought you j-just wanted her m-money. W-what does this have to d-do with me?"

"Keeping quiet, eh?" The man questioned. He sauterned up to Raenef, and placed his hand underneath his chin, forcing him to look into his eyes. "Or perhaps...you do not know?"

The man turned around and stepped forward, his back to Raenef. "Either way...I will get what I want. Until then..."

He whipped around, striking Raenef hard across the face. Raenef could taste the blood...it filled his mouth.

"Suffer quietly." The man finished, and then walked out the door, leaving him alone once more.

Raenef spit the blood on the ground, unwanted tears filling his eyes again. Why was he always so weak?

A crack of thunder sounded in the distance, and the cell was suddenly filled with the pounding of rain. Drops, blown inside by the wind, landed of Raenef's face.

The sky was crying.


Rain drummed down hard on the three determined riders. Thunder roared and lightning flashed, eliminating the sky. Against the glow of the lightning, Eclipse could make out the silhouette of a Castle in the distance.

"We must not turn back!" He shouted behind him, above the rumble of thunder.

They pressed onward.

/ I'm coming... /

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