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When we left them:

Eclipse sobbed silently to himself.

"Wake up, wake up, wake up..."

Then he felt a gentle squeeze.

His hand was still in Raenef's.


Shadowed Tears

Chapter Six: Awoken

Eclipse's eyes slowly made their way to Raenef's face.

His eyes were open.

They were blurry, yes, but open. Raenef was not focusing correctly at first. He blinked rapidly, clearing his sight. When his vision was clear once more, he focused his large eyes on Eclipse, who was looking at him with a mix of confusion, joy, and pain.


Raenef slowly pulled himself up, and made his way clumsily to Eclipse, groaning in pain. He untangled his hand from Eclipse's hand, and suddenly through his arms around the taller demon, crying.

"I...didn't know...if I had saved you..." He whispered into Eclipse's hair.

And Eclipse, for the first time in front of his master's waking eyes, cried.

For the last weeks it seemed that all he truly did was cry. But those tears, they were slow, silent tears that fell down his cheeks quietly.

Now, as he wrapped his arms around his little master, he truly cried. Sobs escaped him as they had not done in hundreds of years.

He clung tightly to Raenef, sobbing onto him, wetting his cloak with tears. Raenef did the same to him.

"I..." Eclipse whispered into his ear, "I didn't think...you were going to live...What would I have done...If you had died?"

Raenef pulled back from him the confusion in his eyes drowning in unshed tears. "You would have found a new master, like you have done before. What makes me different...Eclipse?"

Eclipse was saved from having to answer this question, however, because a flustered Eurtis burst into the room, followed closely by Chris.

"Eclipse, we can hear you crying from downstairs. Wha-" She stopped, however, upon sight of Raenef, who was now leaning back on the bed.

She had stopped short in her stride to Eclipse, and Chris ran into her, falling onto the floor.

"Raenef..." She whispered, completely unfazed.

By Chris, at least.

She did seem completely fazed by the boy in the bed. Raenef wiped his cheeks on the back of his robe, and gave a shaky smile.

"Hey...guys..." He said quietly.

Chris, who had picked himself off the ground, was now staring at Raenef with the same shock and confusion that Eurtis was.

"What?" Raenef asked, somewhat shakily. "Why...why are you looking at me like that...I can't have been out for that long..."

When the two did not answer in return, he looked quizzically at Eclipse.

"It has been...three weeks, my liege."

"THREE WEEKS?" Raenef yelped.

The three nodded their heads quietly.

Raenef sunk back on his pillows, completely astounded. "Three weeks..." He murmured again.

"Eclipse," he said suddenly, "What happened? How did it all end? Did I...did I kill him?" He whispered.

Eclipse turned to him, a sudden interest in his eyes. "Yes...but, my lord, how? I did not teach you the dark shooter."

Raenef's bleary eyes trailed to the floor. "I've been teaching it to myself for awhile now. I was scared..." He looked up, and met Eclipse's eyes. "I didn't want anything to happen to you."

Eclipse's eyes stared into Raenef's, his brow furrowed.

Neither was aware of Eurtis dragging Chris, who was looking quite confused, out of the room.

/ He didn't want anything to happen to me? / Eclipse wondered. / But am I not just a burden, an unwanted servant to him? /

As though he was reading Eclipse's mind, Raenef cast his eyes downward once more and whispered, "You're more than a servant to me, Eclipse..."

Eclipse gave a rare smile. He knew he had to get out of that room. If Raenef carried on like this, Eclipse would tell him everything he felt...


Quickly, Eclipse turned and walked to the door, murmuring something about Master Raenef needing food.

"Eclipse." Raenef said suddenly, and Eclipse turned sharply.

"Yes, my liege?" He asked.

"You never answered my question. What makes me different?"


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