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When we left the two lovebirds...

"Eclipse." Raenef said suddenly, and Eclipse turned sharply.

"Yes, my liege?" He asked.

"You never answered my question. What makes me different?"


Shadowed Tears

Chapter 7: The end.


Eclipse drew in his breath sharply. This could be it. This was his window, his chance. He could tell him everything he felt, everything he wanted, he had wanted for so long...


He couldn't. He could never tell Raenef how he felt. He must resist. He must get out of there, quickly.

He mumbled that he had to get Master Raenef's food, now, and rushed to the door, turning the door knob...


The door slammed shut in front of him. Raenef had wobbled across the room, and reached the door before he could make his escape.

Slowly, Eclipse turned. He found that Raenef was much closer than he had expected. His blue eyes penetrated Eclipse's dark ones as Eclipse looked down into them.

/ Look away. / Eclipse told himself. / just look away; tell him you have to go. LOOK AWAY! / But he found himself unable to do so.

"I-" He stopped. He couldn't go on. Oh, dear God, how was he going to get out of this one...?

Raenef stared up at him, waiting for an answer. There was something in his eyes. Was it...hope? Longing?

Certainly not. Eclipse mentally slapped himself for getting his hopes up. He was nothing to Raenef, especially not...that.

Eclipse tried again to pull his eyes away from the entrancing stare of Raenef's. He knew, however, that he was fighting a losing battle.

"Eclipse?" Raenef asked his voice almost...strained.

Finally, Eclipse was able to tear his eyes away from Raenef's. Immediately, they looked at the floor.

/ Perfect. Now you look ashamed. /

Eclipse snapped his eyes back up to Raenef's face.

/ Do it. Just do it! / He whispered in his mind.

But, before he could make a move, a small trickle ran down Raenef's forehead.

A small trickle of...blood?

Yes, one of Raenef's cuts had opened again, a nasty cut over his eye. Raenef slowly brought his hand to his head, and then looked at the blood on his fingers.

Quickly, Eclipse sat him down, and tore of a piece of his robe, dabbing the cut with it.

Raenef smiled slightly, bringing his eyes to meet Eclipse's as he dabbed at his cut. Eclipse finished the job quickly after that, and stood up; ignoring his desire to, once more, tell Raenef everything.

Raenef brought himself off of the bed, smiling slightly at Eclipse, who murmured something about the food. But again, Raenef stopped him, with the same question.

"What makes me different from the others, Eclipse?" He asked softly. "What makes me so important, that you would die if I did?"

/ I love you. I love you! Say it! /

"What makes me different?"

Eclipse brought his eyes to the ground. "Nothing. Nothing makes you different..."

Raenef, too, looked at the ground, and nodded. "I-I didn't think there was anything."

What was that in his voice? It was not the same thing as before...there was something else...No, it couldn't be disappointment...

It couldn't be.

Eyes downcast, Raenef turned away from Eclipse.

Before he knew what he was doing, before he could think, before he could stop himself, he felt himself reach out and grab Raenef's arm.

Raenef spun around, half because Eclipse had grabbed him; half...it almost seemed...willingly.

Eclipse brought Raenef to him, their lips connecting. Eclipse expected for Raenef to pull away, to ask what he was doing, what was wrong with him. What he did not expect...

Was to feel Raenef kiss him back.

All of Eclipse's desires all the want that had been inside him so long poured into Raenef. And, although Eclipse did not know it, Raenef felt the same way.

When they finally pulled apart, Eclipse watched Raenef's face carefully. His eyelashes fluttered open lightly, a confused look settling across his face.


Eclipse's heart sped up, leaping into his throat. Oh, God, what had he done...?

"Of course, my liege, I do not know..."

"Eclipse," Raenef said, smiling shakily, "No, I can't be who...you want me to be..."

Eclipse said nothing, but watched him silently, waiting for him to continue.

Raenef broke Eclipse's grasp, and turned away.

"I can't be this evil Demon Lord..." he whispered, "And I'm sorry, I really am...But, I knew that...all along...and now that I know, that I'm part God, and part Demon, Eclipse..." He took a shuddering breath. "I can't be like the others...I'm sorry, Eclipse, but I can't help but cry, and apologize, and..." He turned to face Eclipse. "And love..."

Eclipse took a step towards him, wrapping his arms around him. He looked into Raenef's eyes, and knew that Raenef understood...that Eclipse loved him.

"I guess..." Raenef whispered, "I guess that makes me a failure..."

"No, Raenef..." Eclipse whispered, and for once, he did not use his title.

"That makes you a success."


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