'I should have told you this five years ago,' said Dumbledore, pacing around his study, 'but I feared that you would not understand it.'
Harry cast his mind back several years and a sudden picture, like a movie, vaguely appeared in his head – this exact time of year, but in the Hospital Wing, with Dumbledore by his bedside:
'...Alas, the first thing you ask me, I cannot tell you. Maybe one day, when you are older...'
Dumbledore suddenly interrupted his thoughts. 'Remembered, have you?'

Harry looked up and saw Dumbledore gazing into his eyes, from where he stood. Fawkes, his pet phoenix, seemed to have the same look of concern in his golden eyes.
'Y-you mean about why Voldemort wanted to kill me? Why are you telling me now? Of all the times you could have told me -'
'I am telling you now, because this information links up with the mysterious behaviour of Fawkes's brother.'
Harry remembered all the fires that the phoenix had caused... 'But... how?'
'On the night of your parents' deaths, I had noticed that Fawkes's brother was missing. Apparently, he had been loitering very unfortunately around Voldemort's father's grave, where the Death Eaters had been having a reunion. This foolish phoenix had attempted to feast on a large snake – Nagini. 'Now, Voldemort isn't too fond of losing his few cohorts, and was instantly very angry – Voldemort has a short temper – so he had cursed the little bird. Fawkes's brother sheltered in the first house he could find, which was unfortunately yours. 'Voldemort followed the bird all the way, and, Voldemort, believing the bird to be yours, attempted to kill you and your family. The curse has lived on in the bird's body, just like the curse scar has on your head. Though confused, Fawkes's brother managed to make it to Hogwarts.-' Dumbledore paused suddenly as the scent of smoke filled his nostrils.