Magical Diaries

Disclamer: Digimon belongs to its respective owners. Magusmon is mine.

Prologue: Dream

by: Magusmon

I don't remember much during my imprisonment, just an sense of... grey. A

foggy half-sleep, inwhich half-formed images and semi-forgotten memories

float by. But I do remember my awakening. A flash of light, a warm glow,

a sense of purpose: to protect and defend.

I awake.

End Prologue


Auther's Notes: I know this is very short, but please bare in mind this is

my first story. Constructive criticizum and praise only please, flames will

be use to warm me on those cold winter nights.


Level: Adult

Attribute: Variable (same as opponent)

Type: Wizard

Family: Unknown

A Attack: Artic Wind - 450

B Attack: Spirit Flame - 400

Defence: 400

Devolution: Magimon

Evolution: High Magusmon